“The First Step to Optimizing Your Brain is Imaging your Brain, seeing where your Brain is really at” 

– Chris Wyllie, The Game Changer

How Do you Know Unless You Look? 

Stop guessing and Get a Clear Picture of Where your Brain is really at.




1) What is it? 
QEEG Brain Mapping is a Precise form of Brain Imaging, which measures the functioning of your Brain in real time, millisecond by millisecond. The Brain Mapping measures the electrical activity and brainwaves of over 20 cortical surface brain regions, as well as the connectivity, coherence and function of deeper brain networks. In essence, THE BRAIN MAP SHOWS THE FUNCTIONING OF YOUR BRAIN LIKE A MAP OF THE WORLD, across the frequency spectrum. Thus it is a major part of The Neuro-assesment to see where your Brain is at mechanically, neuro-chemically and electrically, and shows where any imbalances may be.

The Brain Mapping provides a precise visual of 1. Brainwave Activity of Surface Brain Regions and a Visual Representation of the Activity of your Brain across the Frequency Spectrum (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, High Beta).

With a Brain Map of your Brain, we can see how to Precisely and Most Effectively Optimize your brain with Neuro-technologies, Brain Training, Neurolinguistic Programming & Neuroplasticity Exercises, Brainpower Nutrition, LifeStyle Hacks, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Qigong, Tai Chi & Other Bio-Optimization Modalities. 

Each Brain is unique and with a Clear Picture of your Brain, we can design a Customized Neuroplasticity Protocol that is uniquely tailored for your Brain & Body’s Needs.

2) How does it work? 
A “super-hero” elastic EEG cap with 22 sensors is placed on the scalp, and the sensors are connected to the recording device. A special conductive gel is squeezed into each of the 22 sensors in the cap and software measures the electrical activity in the brain. This method is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). The results show the brainwave output of each brain region in real time. After a 3 minute Recording Eyes Open and 3 Minute Recording Eyes Closed, the QEEG Brain Map is computed.

3) Why is the QEEG Brain Map a critical part of your Brain Optimization Process?
We all consume foods, and some take supplements, medications and do activities for health and wellness. The Question is, how do you know whether these are helping or hurting your brain? How do you know that these things are really what your brain needs? Truth is you don’t. This is why the Brain Mapping is critical to show where your brain is really at, and what your brain really needs to function optimally. Did you know that there are over 6 different types of ADD, and that each is represented with a drastically different Brain Functionality? So, Brain Optimization work needs to be personally tailored to what your brain needs, and thats what the Brain Mapping allows us to do. See where your brain is at, so we know what protocols are going to be best for you. 


  1. Surface Cortical Brainwave Activity of 22 Brain Regions in real time, showing BRAIN VOLTAGE, revealing any specific imbalances in any of the brain regions.
  2. Full MAP of your Brain’s activity across the Frequency Spectrum, and how the frequencies and power are distributed through different regions of your brain and any specific imbalances.
  3. COHERENCE – the connectivity and communication between brain regions. Showing either “HYPER-COHERENCE” meaning the brain is “Locked In” or HYPO-COHERENCE, meaning the brain is failing to connect. Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Addictions, Behavioural Rigidity, Worrying, Stress are often associated with hyper-connectivity between particular brain networks, resulting in a lack of neurological flexibility.
  4. BRAIN SPEED – Phase Lag. Showing the degree of “lag” of communication between brain regions
  6. The functioning of Deeper Brain Networks, identifying the ones that are most dysfunctional.



The QEEG Brain Mapping provides a clear analysis of the functioning of your brain, revealing, Mechanical balances/imbalances, Brain Voltage, Brainwave Output of Surface Brain Regions, Neurochemistry, Connectivity & Communication etc. 

The Next Step is a Customized Neuroplasticity Game Plan to Optimize Your Brain, which may include one of more of:

  1. Neuro-Technology Brain Training – with Neurofield PEMF & Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is designed to give your brain immediate feedback of its activity so that it can re-wire and balance brainwave output. With training, your brain learns how to control and balance its brainwave activity automatically. Neurofield uses PEMF to activate and entrain specific brain regions simultaneously using customized protocols designed to balance your brain (protocols are designed based on your brain mapping).
  2. Neurolinguistic Programming & Neuroplasticity Exercises- methodology that optimizes your thinking processes using specific processes and exercises, that re-wire both your conscious mind and unconscious processes to create powerful behavioural change. Neurolinguistic Programming leverages the power of Neuroplasticity, and the ability to use the Mind to create powerful changes in our brain and body.
  3. Brainpower Nutrition – customized nutrition game plans to balance neurochemistry and brain function, by supplying the fundamental raw materials and brain building blocks your brain needs.
  4. Customized Nootropic, Nutraceutical and Tonic Herbal Regimen 
  5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 
  6. Qigong & Tai Chi
  7. Bio-Optimization Technologies.

Brain Mapping

QEEG Brain Mapping Results from Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Intuitive & Titanic Entrepreneur, Billinda Pita

“It would take way too long to describe my brain (eyebrows raised and winking with a grin…you really don’t want a glimpe inside my head) however, I learned that my brain actually shows signs of some physical and emotional trauma which makes a lot of sense considering my health crisis of 2007, car accident in Nov 2014, abusive realtionship of 20+ years ago where I took way too many blows to the head and the emotional grieving of the death of 3 people I love so dearly within the last 9 years. My brain showed room for improvement in connections that in some places overfired and others underfired. I also learned that the interventions I used in between the maps was IMPACTFUL. I don’t feel concerned about the map or the findings. I found it so interesting to get inside my own head.


– I found it beneficial!
– Emotional and physical trauma stays within the body. Sometimes cellular, sometimes it changes your brain. No matter how you look at it, it’s best to deal with physcial and emotional issues as they come in and learn to let go when you can. This means checking in with your inner world and checking in with your body on a regular basis. This means having compassion for yourself and others and forgiveness as well.
– We have neuroplastic brains and bodies and souls…we can always change course, we can always create new paths and pathways.
– I leave this experience more grateful for my past, my present and my future.
– Knowing that I’ve done so well with my brain and body in it’s current situation, I’m excited like heck to see just how far I can expand and optimize.”

Thank you so much for sharing your experience Billinda you are the best!

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Matt shares his Deep Trance and Brain Optimization Experience with The Game Changer. Matt has been diagnosed with Dyslexia.

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