Hope for Those in Distress:
A Must Read for The AUTISM COMMUNITY & Brain Enthusiatics

Elliot is sent to The Game Changer HEAD-QUARTERS for Brain Work (more photos & video to come):

Yesterday I worked with a 16 year old Autistic Boy, who the government has dubbed as “The Worst Case” they ever seen. This is a boy that the government spends thousands of dollars on, who receives 2 to 1 care at all time (two professionals for him), and a young man who’ve “experts” have given little hope to.

In fact, the situation is so difficult that the Autistic Boy is unable to live with his mother.

Yesterday the journey began, and I’m hoping that through our work we can bring Elliot and his mother back together again.

DAY 1: Elliot came in for his first QEEG Brain Map & Neuroassessment yesterday. Coming in he was very uneasy, with very unstable motor activity and a fierce look in his eye that would scare most, and was a sign of the neurological, physical and emotional discomfort he was in.

Having worked with myriad severe cases of Autism, myself and the team were able to put Elliot at ease and keep him focused on the mission of our work – Bringing his mom and him back together.

So we got Elliot “capped up” and recorded his EEG. I had to scale the measurement of his brain voltage up by 10X, a sign of the astoundingly high voltage, and energy in Elliot’s Brain.

Why do we see this in Autism? Nerve cells are designed to carry electrical signals, with the myelin sheath’s playing a key role in insulating nerves and carrying electrical signals. In autism, it seems the white matter is compromised, and the wires are less protected, meaning that sparks fly, and there are major discharges of energy just like an “EXPOSED WIRE”. So the brain is remarkably “inefficient” and signal transmission in the brain is compromised. Thus, brainpower nutrition to build up myelin and brain cell membranes is key.


As you can see from the left there are some extreme imbalances in Elliot’s brain.

Here are the KEY CHARACTERISTICS of THE AUTISTIC Brain, which in Elliot’s Brain are particularly pronounced:
1. EXTREME DEFICIENCY of ALPHA – Alpha is the “gear-shifter, set point of the brain, the Neutral between fast and slow”. Alpha brainwaves are a sign of Synchrony, Balance, Harmony. Alpha is associated with Relaxed, Focus. In the Autistic brain, there is “no balance point” or “set point” its either buzzing with extreme fast activity (excitoxicity), or slow-wave activity, which puts a lid on higher cognition.

Lack of synchrony and poor signalling in the Autistic brain, and deficiency of Alpha is a hallmark of Autism. It is my belief that the higher electro-magnetic frequencies that have been introduced in the last 25-30 years, have contributed to HYPER-ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY, and a hyper-excitation of the brain, thereby altering brain development & “flipping particular epigenetic switches” that lead to altered brain protein production, and brain growth factors, such as BDNF, which is prematurely released and hence the Autistic brain, is more “globbed together” – as seen in Hallmark Characteristic #2.

Now many forms of Brain Training and Neurofeedback are inadequate for treating Autism, because the “Autistic Brain” has never “fully balanced itself”. Thus it requires stimulus and training to develop a new balanced, stable set point.

Thus the Neurotechnologies & Neurofeedback training that I implemented with Elliot after the initial brain map, we’re designed to activate and entrain Elliot’s brain to slow-wave frequencies such as Alpha, so that the brain could begin to come into balance.

2. EXTREME HYPER-COHERENCE – Look at Beta, and all the Red Lines in the “COHERENCE” section. What this shows is Elliot’s brain is essentially “LOCKED IN” and the brain regions hyper-connect when his brain is in Beta. So when Elliot is told to do something or focus on something, the brain regions and cortical pathways are “STUCK”. Hence, the behavioural rigidity, thought rigidity, physical rigidity. This is also why Autistic children are “HYPER-SENSITIVE”, because external stimuli activates their ENTIRE BRAIN! Imagine the brain as compromised as many different individual brain regions or computers or nodes, that communicate with each other. In Elliot’s brain these computers are constantly talking to each other and can’t hang up the phone!

In essence, the “HYPER-COHERENCE” locking in of the brain is a characteristic sign of a brain that is HIGHLY STRESSED biologically. It also shows that there are clear deficiencies in the neurotransmitters serotonin and oxytocin (oxytocin administration to Autistic individuals has shown to improve symptoms). Serotonin and oxytocin are the stress vaporizing neurochemicals, that help with pattern recognition, new learning and boost neuro-flexibility. Precisely what the autistic brain needs.

Hyper-Coherence and HALLMARK #3, Extreme Excitotoxicity related to Hyper-Glutamate Activation. In the brain Glutamate is the “Gas Pedal” and “GABA is the brakes”. The Autistic brain is all gas pedal and no brakes, and thus language, behaviour and cognition is largely uncontrolled. So one important key with interventions is to balance GLUTAMATE / GABA. This impacts speech, behaviour and cognition. The brain needs a certain level of inhibition for the signal to be transmitted clearly and efficiently.

3. EXTREME EXCITO-TOXICITY – observe the RED, HYPER-DOMINANCE and EXCESS of Beta and High-Beta, fast wave frequencies in the brain. This reflects underlying excessive calcium-efflux, calcium afflicting out of cells due to biological stress, which is hyper-activating neurons and in the long-run can lead to accelerating brain cell death.

Thus reducing this hyper-inflammatory, stressed, excito-toxic state is paramount.

So after Elliot’s initial brain map I implemented the following BRAIN-BALANCING INTERVENTIONS:
1. 20 minutes of Brain Training with Neuro-Technologies, specifically the Neurofield.
2. I gave Elliot a cocktail of Brain Balancing Nutraceuticals including Magnesium Threonate, L-theanine, High DHA Fish Oil

And within 10 minutes look at how significantly Elliot’s Brain balanced!!!

After the interventions Elliot was noticeably calmer, his body more “still” and relaxed, the tremors had subsided, the stressed, fierce look in his eyes softened, he was more patient, co-operative and gentle with his mother! All which are incredibly promising results!!!

Now after seeing Elliot’s brain, assessing and working with him we are going to be implementing a FULL BRAIN PLASTICITY Program with Brainpower Nutrition, Neurolingusitic Training, Neurotechnologies, and other therapies to help bring Elliot to a state of balance as quickly and gracefully as we can.


The government, and many universities such as McMaster will be watching, so the time is now to put all this incredible Brain Plasticity Information, Research and Knowledge to work to completely change the game for this young man, for his mother, and for the entire Brain and Autistic Community.

Stay Tuned Everyone!

The earlier you start training and accelerating the development of the brain, the better the results! Check out the fun we have at The Game Changer working with young autistic kids!

Sincerely, �

Chris “The Brain Man”

“I would recommend Chris and his program to anyone who has a child or who themselves, have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Concussion or any other Brain related Disorder or Problem. It has been turned out to be less expensive and more effective than the money we have spent on psychologists and counselors, as well as the other more expensive neurofeedback programs out there. Thank you Chris and keep up the good work! You are making a difference one brain at a time!”

– Susan

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