Health Benefits of Coconut Oil – See Why its Key for Brain Healing & Brain Health

A food that’s proven to boost brain function & memory, increase energy, stimulate fat-burning & weight loss and quell your appetite, ALL IN ONE? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well a food with these amazing benefits actually exists. Let me introduce to you one of MY FAVOURITE Super-Brain Foods: COCONUT OIL. And not just any coconut oil, Silkenny’s Organic Coconut Oil, the smoothest, best-tasting coconut oil on the planet. Believe me when I say SILKENNY is the Best of the Best, I’ve tried and tested the brain-enhancing effects of tons of coconut oil’s in myself & thousands of clients with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs and Brain Maps over the past decade. 

Why do you want to ADD high quality coconut oil to your diet? Coconut Oil increases your energy levels & promotes fat and weight loss at the same time – helping you achieve the two most common goals: Better Brain Function (Focus) and Weight Loss.

What about Coconut Oil makes it so special for the Brain?

Well lets face the facts. Our Brain is one might energy hog! Our brain accounts for just 2% of our bodyweight but consumes up to 25% of our total energy intake. Thus it takes a lot of energy to power a human brain.

Now whats the first thing to suffer when you’re energy deprived? You’re highest level thinking & cognitive functions.

Thus the more usable energy we can supply to our brain, the greater its capacity to do work, aka, “think” “focus” “make good decisions”. 

Whats the fundamental energy currency of the cell called? ATP.

Now here are some basic biology facts: 1 mol of a carbohydrate produces 36 ATP vs. 1 mol of fatty acid produces 147 ATP. Fatty acids provide over 4X the energy to the brain at the cellular level. This is in part why higher-fat & even ketogenic diets are very effective to boosting brain function and cognition. They provide the brain with more energy. As Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse says, beta oxidation of fats helps you re-establish optimal ATP stores.

So it turns out its not a simple 9 calorie (fats) vs. 4 calorie (carbs) story.

Not only that coconut oil helps to maintain the health of your myelin sheaths and promotes myelination of the brain. Myelin is the fatty coating around nerves that both insulates nerves and promotes electrical signalling. Myelin is made from ketone bodies, which are broken down fatty acids. So, more healthy fats helps to maintain myelin health in the brain, thus boosting your:

  • thinking speed
  • focus
  • memory
  • resilience to stress
  • ability to relax, calm & clarity. 

The benefits go on and on … 

For middle aged women, coconut oil is a staple recommendation for me. Combined with increased iodine intake, coconut oil & other healthy fats help to promote the myelination of the female brain, thus reducing Brain Fog, Focus, Memory & heightened emotional stress issues that women typically experience pre, during & post menopause. The Loving Libido Mocha is the perfect recipe for you women. 

Coconut Oil speeds brain healing post concussion, TBI or any neuro-degenerative inflammatory conditions (i.e. Alzheimers). I recommend and use Coconut Oil as part of my Concussion protocols as well as protocols for Autistic Kids, children with Epilepsy, and other neurological conditions because it limits damage from glutamate excito-toxicity. HUGE.

Coconut Oil is ideal for the kids. Mom’s, you know that when your beautiful baby was born he or she was unable to walk, talk & perform precise motor movements during the first months of their life. Not only that most babies come with extra “chub” – subcutaneous fat all over their body. But then in the years ahead your cute baby starting walking, talking & became thinner too. Where did the fat go? Take a guess. THE BRAIN.

You see babies are born with their brain “UN-MYELINATED” that is the myelin has yet to fully form & develop around the nerve sheaths. Hence the babies brain can’t perform precise movements. However, as the brain becomes myelinated these abilities develop.

Thus in any child where there are alterations in Speech, Language, Focus, Fine Motor Movements, I recommend increased consumption of healthy fats like coconut oil. And Coconut Oil is the perfect fat for any developing brain 0-27 years old, to boost speech, motor movement, focus & cognition across the board. Even focus & executive function for students in school!

Finally to top it all off, Coconut Oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and is very effective in helping to clear out pathogens from the Gut. You’ve probably heard by the now, that Gut Health is key to Brain Health.

At this point you’re probably already sold on the benefits of Coconut Oil for yourself and your kids, so

How should you Use it? 

  1. In Brain Beverages & Smoothies 

I use Coconut Oil in my Loving Libido Mocha, I recommend you put it in your Bulletproof Coffee in lieu of Butter (which is what I do currently because I’m focused on getting as ripped as possible), with morning Protein Smoothies (i.e Collagen Protein + Coconut Oil + Berries + Cacao Powder). 

     2. Cooking – Coconut Oil is Stable at High Heats unlike vegetable oils. 

     3. On Foods (on veggies with bit of salt, with rice etc.)  

     4. Topical Applications for Skin Health. 

How I Use Coconut Oil:

  1. I use Coconut Oil to stay lean & ripped while building strength and muscle. Coconut Oil helps keep my metabolism and fat-burning very high. I use it in my morning Brain-Beverage which I drink first thing to fuel mental focus. Lovin Libido Mocha or Coffee with Coconut Oil. 
  2. I drink a Brain-Beverage usually Coffee with Organic Coconut Oil before my Speeches & Seminars to ensure my Brain has tons of fuel to set my brain on fire during the seminar. Coconut Oil also keeps me satiated during a 2 hour talk. In my speeches I do many LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS, brain-optimization techniques, #Hypnosis, #NLP, which require high-level thinking on the fly, and thus tremendous brain energy.

Now you probably can understand why Coconut Oil is a staple in my diet and why I recommend it to every single one of my clients.

In my practice I constantly experiment & test different products both with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs as well as observations of symptomatic improvements in my clients. No other coconut oil compares to Silkenny when it comes to taste, texture, and brain-enhancing results. Silkenyy is a high vibration coconut oil that is way better than the stuff you get at Costco & other grocery stores. 

Fuel your brain with the best coconut oil today. At The Game Changer, with Brainpower Nutrition I’ve been able to get the very best deals for you on Silkenny Coconut Oil which you can Buy Now. 


Dr. Jack Kruse,


Perhaps you’ve had difficulty with focus, concentration, learning & sleep but can’t pinpoint why?

Or maybe you’re a high achiever and just want to add a few brain-hacks to put your brain’s performance over the top.

Now you may have heard that EMFs from WIFI and Cellphones are bad for you. I’m going to show you exactly what EMFs do to your brain. However, once I share with you the dirty details, you like me, still probably won’t get rid of your cell phone.

Why? Lets face it – technology is very addictive for good reasons. Our cell phones are money-makers, daily planners, computers, and provide instant connection to friends, relationships and opportunities to market ourselves – all in one.

Not only that, you probably have friends who smoke, over-eat, and do drugs, and “KNOW” the dangers & health risks of those behaviours but do them any-way? Ahhh yes, every smoker & person who does drugs can tell me the negative effects, but they keep sticking those things in their mouth anyway.

So obviously I’m not just going to list the damaging effects that EMF does to your brain, because that won’t change anything. But what I will do is give you solutions you can use to protect your brain.

But first lets get the dirty details and the facts straight.

Just so you know, I have personally tested the effects of EMF from cellphones on brain activity using EEGs and QEEG Brain Maps. I even went as far as to rule out expectancy & placebo effects, running randomized controlled trials where the participants we’re unaware of whether the cell phone was on or off, and unaware of the purpose of the experiment. The results were SHOCKING:

On EEGS with a cellphone up against the ear within 3 minutes I noticed:
1. 300% increase in BETA brainwave activity
2. 3 Standard deviation decrease in Theta Brain-Wave Activity
3. Effects were localized – meaning the only brain region affected were the local brain regions where the phone was placed against the head.

These results makes sense when we consider what EMFs have been proven to do to the brain:
EMFs have been show to:

1. Increase Calcium EFFLUX and excito-toxcity – and activation of the brain stem – putting the brain into a more “fight or flight” stressed state. This explains the increased Beta brainwaves and decreased theta brainwaves. Moreover, calcium efflux is what triggers Apoptosis – brain cell suicide. Hyper-excitation of brain cells can lead to anxiety, headaches, migraines, brain fog, ADHD type symptoms & sleep issues.

Your kid can’t focus? It may just be the electromagnetic environment thats the problem! Our brain entrains to the external frequencies we are exposed to.

2. Causes Cellular Dehydration – EMFs dehydrate brain cells. When brain cells lose water, magnesium levels decline because magnesium is hydrophilic. If you have any doubt stick a steak in the micro-wave for several minutes and see what it does to it. Excessive EMFs can lead to neuromuscular problems, cramping, tightness & increased risk of injury.

3. Causes Leakiness of The BLOOD-BRAIN-BARRIER (BBB) – Allowing neuro-toxins and metals to accumulate in the brain. Hence the coincidence of technology explosion since 1990s and increased prevalence of neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism, ASD, ADD, Dyslexia and other learning disorders.
Check out Dr. Allen Frey’s research on EMFs and Brain Activity.

4. Degrades Myelin and Brain Cell Membranes
Women are at even greater risk than men to the dangers of EMF because the female brain is LESS myelinated. This makes the female brain electromagnetically more sensitive than males. The female brain needs to be more sensitive to the environment to know whether conditions are conducive to reproduction. This may also be why women experience higher rates of autoimmune conditions such as MS, a condition in which the myelin of the peripheral nervous system is altered. Myelin is the protective sheath around nerve cells, much like rubber around a wire. With the myelin degraded, the system starts to short circuit, the result is motor, neurological and cognitive dysfunction.

Key Fact: 50% of brain cell membranes is made up of DHA. EMFs & biological stressors deplete DHA.

5. Alters Dopamine & Reward Based Circuits. Technology inventors must have knew a thing or two about how the brain works. Cell phones easily hi-jack and hyper-activate the dopamine-reward system hundreds if not 1000s of times a day. Not only that, your kids frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until age 25, thus they don’t have the cognitive power to NOT get addicted or emotionally impacted by technology.

If you’re like me, you don’t want anything holding back your brain’s performance. There’s just so much to do, and productivity is key. So here’s how to protect your brain’s performance:


1. BRAIN PROTECTION TECH – EMF Defenders – Attachable Device to your phone, tested and proven to reduce and even negate the harmful neuro-excitatory effects of EMF.

I was skeptical at first, I didn’t believe it could work … really a little device for your phone can actually get rid of the harmful EMF effects from your cell phone? I wasn’t buying it … but then I decided to test it … I did baseline EEGs … we saw the shocking changes the cell phone had on over-exciting the brain … then we put the EMF Defender on the cell phone … and guess what?
Even with the cell phone against the subjects head, their brain activity went back to NORMAL!!! Right away! So of course I then tested 2 other people to be sure. And lo and behold I got the same results. The EMF Defender completely neutralized the EMF effects.

So of course I immediately put one on my phone and got a bunch for my friends and family.

What they’ve reported is reduced fatigue & brain fog, better focus, better sleep and while feeling less stressed even after using their cell phones for most of the day.

I recommend you get an EMF defender for your phone and your kids phones as well. Compared to the cost of elevated stress in the brain, lack of focus, lost learning, the EMF defenders are a cheap, easy brain-hack.

2. Increase Magnesium Intake. Specifically Magnesium Threonate which helps the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

3. Reduce Mental Stress & Re-balance your Brain Function – NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Neurofeedback. Therapeutic Brain training & Mental Enhancement is very subjective, high-skill work that is very dependent on the skills of the Practitioner.

4. Higher Fat Intake – especially Organic Coconut Oil & MCT Oil. More energy supplied to the brain = greater capacity to do work. Fatty acids provide close to 4.5X the energy levels to the brain as opposed to carbohydrates.

5. Increase DHA intake.

6. Grounding – ground multiple times during the day to dissipate negative EMFs and bring your brain/body back into Alpha balance. Every hour, go outside for a few minutes barefoot on the ground, even in the winter.

Optimizing your brain is about, protecting and minimizing the negative effects of harmful influences such as EMF as much as strategies to enhance performance.

Better Brain Protection equals Better Brain Performance.


Work of Allen H. Frey,

Are you Stuck? How to Program your Brain to Un-Stuck Yourself.

Every person deals with “Stuckness” at some point in some area of their life … read to get “Unstuck”.


Do you want to “UN-STUCK” yourself?

“Don’t Stop. Keep Your Brain Moving Forward”

– Chris Wyllie

As I explained to a client in session this morning, we could take a Monk who’s meditated in the mountains for years put him in the real world situations like in the middle of New York City, and you can bet he’ll go “Holy Shit” and experience stress and stressful responses just like every other human being. The difference is he won’t stop and stay in that state, nor worse, think and plan from that state.

His brain has created a new baseline, new default mode operating system, to easily bounce back into RELAXED, FOCUSED states of awareness from endless hours of meditation, which dissipates “entropy”, and produces a very “high signal-to-noise” ratio (very quiet, little noise brain). Thus his perception and thoughts are very clear, focused and precise. Do you have to spend hours and years quieting your brain? No, neuroplasticity research, technologies and innovative approaches can remarkably speed the process.

What you need: FUTURE FOCUS “You don’t see the future, you create the future” 

When looking ahead its important to just keep your eyes open to see past problems so you keep moving forward. Moreover, flip the sequence. Rather than seeing your present problem (stuck feeling, stuck ideas, situations/decisions etc), and then trying to see beyond it and get to whats beyond it, leap ahead into the future, access DESIRED state/results/desired future life and way of being first and then move back in time and see the problem. And ask, how is this going to get me where I want to go? You may find contemplating the problem or analyzing “the steps you’ve been stuck on” is not necessary for you to start creating your future. And so perhaps you can begin to put the steps to developing the skills/abilities to get where you want to go in front of you in place of where the problem used to be. The point is this: rather than your brain firing off the same micro-circuitry and producing the same “stuck” feelings, thoughts, behaviours … you first engage your frontal lobes by thinking ahead to the future of the direction/destination of where you want to go … and then process the “problem” in light of the perspective of where you want to go. Thus problems/stuckness “familiar” state will be neuro-associated with different perspective/direction.

The point is to engage your frontal lobes to re-route a new response rather your brain activating the same neural pathways again and again due to habit. The brain is plastic & so the more you change your sequence of thinking and the more new thoughts, feelings, brain regions “fire together” they will begin to wire together, and thus your brain will change.

SWITCH SEQUENCE:  from  PRESENT PROBLEM —> FUTURE   to   FUTURE DESIRED STATE  —> to Problem (move backwards in time, see problem in light of desired future). 

“The Problem with Problems is people stop.”

In fact the problems wouldn’t bother you unless there was some awareness internally of what was beyond them. So even when people tell me consciously “they can’t see their future …” … I know thats not true … its just a case of their conscious mind doing one thing, and their unconscious doing another. So when you say, “I’m stuck I can’t see my future” or you say “I could never be happy”, I know that you have those future ideas and happy feelings you’re just pushing them away, its my job to get you to bathe in it.


The problem isn’t that you feel anxiety, guilt, anger, stress, worry, the problem is you stop there. Keep moving forward!

Are you stuck with a particular state, idea, feeling? Again, the problem is you STOP. You let the idea, external situation, lack of focus stop you from moving forward, and you go into the same state and with the same feelings. Its your brain, it will run wild, it will be muddied by life, its your job to CLEAN it, CLEAR it, FOCUS it and consciously bring into awareness DESIRED STATES & RESULTS, that your unconscious can automate to take you where you want to go. This is all about building new habits at the neurological level.

Key Point: Allow room to move into the unexpected, the unknown, novelty is what lights up your brain. You perfectionists I’m talking to you. If you have to “see” everything perfectly planned out in advance, your future will be limited to what your conscious mind can see, and you’ll be cutting your unconscious mind, your BIG MIND, off from working and creating wonderful things above and beyond what you know now.

If you’re having difficulty imaging, seeing, creating … its not “a big deal”, don’t get stressed about it!!! Its just let that you’ve let your creativity muscles, your dreaming muscles become weak and rusty. Its time to get your RIGHT BRAIN back in the game again, just like you did as a child, when there were no limiting beliefs or “stuckness” getting in the way. PLAYING, PRETENDING, RANDOM VARIATION, is the essence of learning. Children go to extremes, they go to the extremes of their reality to begin to build mental differentiations, between whats possible and not possible. They test limits, and if you’re a parent they test your limits don’t they??? 🙂 You should test your limits as well!

What do children do differently? Children don’t have to compare incoming data with their experience, nor limit their PRESENT LEARNING & FUTURE LEARNING CAPABILITY with past limitations/experience.

As adults “we take for granted our limitations” … we think “well I just can’t do that …” … how do you know? Inevitably we let past ideas/experience limit us in the present, as opposed to just spontaneously trying FULLY like children.

You tried once and didn’t do good? How about if you used a strategy that would work or try another way? Point is you don’t know unless you go out and TRY!

Its time to get back to that heavenly holistic learning creative dreaming state – via hypnosis, NLP, meditation, energy practices – qigong yoga etc.



  1. Adult Brain – Neocortex – frontal lobes, dissociates from the present, and goes into the future to set DESIRED DESTINATION / DIRECTION / and makes a plan of where you want to go. (predominately left brain).
  2. Child Brain – Right hemisphere, Super-Learning Child-like heart space passionate learning, trial and error, random variation, spontaneous learning, play pretend imagination, associated and fully present with experience.


Let that state be re-routed to produce a new neuro-cortical, neurochemical, energy, “feeling response”.

What if anger propelled you to be more intensely focused and catapulted you into motivation? 

What if worrying led you to become curious? 

Instead of “it shouldn’t be so difficult … or “why is it so difficult?” … go “it is difficult, how can I enjoy this and make it as good as possible?”.

Everything worthwhile will be more difficult than worrying, watching T.V, eating crappy food.


Think ahead and step inside of a future situation that used to give you stress.

Build 2 mental movies:

  1. One in which you STOP and get Stuck in the same “feeling” and response.
  2. One in which your focused, calm, determined & resilient. (See FUTURE FOCUS below).

Step inside one movie and let the other fade.

Your brain has just been on high speed for so long. Slow things down, bring those unconscious processes into conscious awareness.

Think thoughts, and DECIDE where you want your brain & body to take you.

NOT JUST ONE DECISION – our thoughts consciously and unconsciously have to keep activation the same micro-circuitry to produce the same behaviours.

Every time you worry you are making a decision to worry – even if its unconscious.

Every time you procrastinate, you are making a decision to procrastinate. Every time you “don’t decide” you are deciding to not decide.

Every time you pick up a cigarette you’re making a decision even if its unconscious … if you’re saying to yourself … “I shouldn’t be doing this” … and your conscious mind is going in one direction and your unconscious going in another (picking up the cigarette) … well you’re out of alignment. One part of your brain is going one way and another part going another. Thus you aren’t going to be like a rocketship launching towards your future and the things you want. You need to align yourself and build new habits at the neurological level so that all parts of you are headed where you want to go.

It starts with one decision at a time. And, first and foremost, MAKE THE BIG DECISION – Where do I want to go? and what person do I want to be? 

FUTURE FOCUS is what pulls you through the present. Future Focus allows you to make better decisions in the present to get you through whatever difficulties you currently face. 

I remember in seminar Dr. Richard Bandler talking about the survivors of WW2, and concentration camps, individuals who went on to build remarkable businesses and success for their families afterwards.

Here is inside the thinking processes of the survivors as described by Dr. Bandler which I share with you to my best recollection: 

“The whole time in the concentration camp I was thinking about what I was going to do, and where I was going to go when I got out, and how great I was going to make my life. The entire time I was designing the store I was going to make, where it was going to be , what I was going to make, the kinds of customers I’d serve, how I was going to treat my customers etc…” 

So rather than STOPPING and being in touch with the horrible feelings and horrible circumstances at the time, the ones who did survive, went ONE STEP FURTHER, and used those feelings to become highly focused on WHERE THEY WERE GOING TO GO IN THE FUTURE.

The PURPOSE, the DIRECTION & DESTINATION of where you want to drive to in the future, will teach you how and where you need to drive now (decisions in the present).

You can’t drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror, or just being in touch with the present, you need to let the FEELINGS, STATE, EMOTIONS of where you are GOING touch where you are NOW!!!

Most people go “well if I lose 10 pounds I’ll feel more confident and motivated”“if I get this business deal and more business I’ll be happier” …and so external things need to happen for you to feel internal state. Which just sets you up for disappointment, when things happen differently than you expect. You need to step inside the FUTURE feelings and internal state, and let that drive you to accomplish external things. Flip the sequence for success. This applies for many things. If one sequence doesn’t work try the opposite.

So the problem isn’t that you have bad feelings, the problem isn’t that you have stress, its that you stay there too long. Let that stress propel you forward.

What if every time you got frustrated it, led you to get curious, then become filled with desire and then GO FOR IT? (This is called chaining states in #NLP … neurologically what we are doing is activating specific neural networks individually, connecting them sequentially and then streamlining them into ONE UNIT, so that they fire in unison and automatically).

*Curiosity is a fundamental human state in which we did our best learning. Curiosity carries us to try things and so find out what works and what doesn’t. By detecting difference, we build more precise neuro-differntiation of brain maps in our brain and so acquire greater precision and skill. What drives this process of learning? Curiosity. The curious, holistic, action-oriented right brain, that just tries things via “Trial and Error”, and so produces rapid, spontaneous learning. Randomness and variation, enhances the brain’s ability to pattern information, streamlining holistic unconscious learning into routine, automated programs in your left brain “aka building new routine behaviours”.

So you probably know what you don’t want, but question is what do you want to do instead?

MAKE the big decision … and then consistent decisions one by one … slow down your brain … get ACTIVE take control of your thoughts … thoughts can make your stomach sink or give you goose bumps …  and all the while keep asking yourself “is this behaviour going to take me where I want to go?” … if the answer is no … shift your state and behaviour into a way that will.

Quickly, over time, you can build a new default mode operating system, new baseline, stabilize behind new feelings and build new neuro-associations and neural networks that propel you automatically towards the things you desire. Thus you can quickly learn to focus and relax like a monk, while getting to each the fabric of human emotions and pleasures that give life spice and variety.

The result, you get to BUILD THE BRAIN YOU DESIRE.


Chris Wyllie

647 688 2216

Has your Brain Blinded You? Deep Dive into the Brain & Psyche … CUT YOUR “Reasons”. GET MORE “Results”

Has your Brain Blinded You? 


PRINCIPLE #1: The Brain, Seeing, Perception is PURPOSE DRIVEN.

When you buy a brand/model of a car suddenly you start seeing them every where. Its not like they just magically appeared out of no where, they were there all along. Its just YOUR BRAIN has now made it PERSONALLY IMPORTANT and so makes every one of the same cars pop out for you.

YOUR BRAIN IS A PATTERN-SEEING, MEANING-MAKING purposeful machine … you won’t see it unless your brain has a PURPOSE to show it to you …

If you’re looking for “why” things are wrong with you … or why your held back, stuck, limited, your brain will show you as many patterns/reasons as it can operating under that PURPOSE … but if you’re looking for what works, what you want, your brain will show you every pattern to useful in helping you to get there.

The Universe is infinite and so is your brain. The patterns and possibilities, are limitless, and so consciousness necessarily has to FOCUS & ILLUMINATE specific information, while filtering out the rest to guide present/future action. The patterns you see are a function of YOUR PURPOSE. Consciousness is what gives you the power to get behind the wheel of your brain and consciously program YOUR PURPOSE and WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.

What you see and experience will be guided by THE PURPOSE you program in your brain, which will determine the patterns of information you see and therefore what you’re able to do.

Start from the very beginning, start out thinking WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. You can get your brain to FOCUS ON, BLOW UP, ILLUMINATE anything, so what kind of person do you want to become? What purpose do you want your brain to make big, bright, and shiny in your mind?

As, Dr. Richard Bandler says “Think on Purpose.” And it is beyond that, you see, feel, experience, behave, believe, on purpose.

Question is, is that purpose leading you to live an epic life? 

Lets Dive Deeper into the Brain & Psyche today …

CUT YOUR “Reasons”. GET MORE “Results”

The human psyche is drawn to create reasons and rationalizations to justify our behaviour be it what we’ve done, what we haven’t done, why we we’ve gotten where we are etc. Really these reasons are created to justify our limits, failures, inaction, hesitation, insecurities … often we have a tendency to feel separate “alone” “unique” in the way that we, quite bluntly, are “messed up” unlike any one else … the reasons/circumstances unique to you … this is especially true during dark days we feel this “dissociation of being” …. I know I’ve been there … however when you’re truly succeeding in getting results there is in fact, no reason to create reasons, rather you just go after experience and create the results themselves, fully associated, harmonized, connected to life – in the zone.

By definition, when worrying, rationalizing, explaining things you are “out of the zone” – perhaps this is why many coaching/therapeutic paradigms produce limited results – the aim of CHANGE WORK is to teach the client how to ACTIVELY develop more precise control over their brain, mind, body, behaviour, decision-making so that THEY can decide and drive where they want to go, and develop the required skills/abilities adaptively on the fly.

So this begs the question is do you look at the mountains in your life and figure out all the reasons why you haven’t climbed them or why you haven’t crossed that bridge yet or let go of the past … do you seek to clarify such reasons and justification?

or do you look at all the potential mountain tops, cut the crap, PICK A TARGET, AIM YOUR BRAIN & BODY towards, ask yourself what skills/abilities am I going to need to get there create an initial route like programming your GPS, and getting on with the climb already??? All the while asking yourself, “how exquisitely, efficiently and enjoyably can I get to the top?”

Procrastination, Hesitation is in fact a decision … those of you who keep waiting for time to close in you to focus your thoughts … FOCUS THEM NOW … you know what any therapeutic change is going to do … its going to bring YOUR DESIRES/PURPOSE IN SIGHT “INSIGHT (sound familiar?), and give you a new perspective (on all the past problems) and new sense of direction.

Do you need to spend 100s of hours and $1000s of dollars going to therapies to reach such a level of consciousness? NO.

But you may have bought into the intellectual, theoretical stuff … PRACTICALITY … if your results don’t match your theory, your theory is dead wrong …

Not to mention all that time people spend putting things off … they could be doing the next new things … you could not only be climbing one mountain … you could be skipping across the top of many.

But none of use were taught this … from day one … the school system, our parents … they pointed out every thing we did wrong … from day one our brain has been trained to look for “WHATS WRONG” … as human beings we’re great at noticing mistakes … unfortunately the more you look for whats wrong the more you’re brain will find reasons why.

I am talking about something different … I am talking about using your brain for what it was designed to do … TO IMAGINE CREATE MOVE TOWARDS BUILD & MANIFEST REALITY … to see the world better than it is now, and then make it so. Our human brain is the underlying technology of human evolution. Its time you start using yours more wisely.

You are a PROCESS not a thing. Your brain is a process, not a thing, that is always growing 10000s new neurons and 100,000s of new neuro-cortical connections each day based on your mental experience and activity … its time you get right to BUSINESS … Designing the Destiny of your Dreams, and bringing that into focus …

You could be from Africa, you could be Asian, you could be from Antartica, with whatever circumstances, conditions that surely influenced the way you are as a person … but if I took you and diligently taught you the skills, strategy and mental approach to learning how to play hockey … anyone from any background (baring extreme exceptions) could learn how to play. Really your past, and even your genetics doesn’t matter … and has little reflection on WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF AS A HUMAN BEING … it will only limit you if you let it continue with reasons … forget reason … lets be rationally unreasonable … AIM BIG, DREAM BIG, and GO AFTER IT BIG, not tomorrow, not 10 days in the future … NOW, this moment, today. Not lets wait until tomorrow … well tomorrow you could have been doing some else new!!! … NOW, the present which is your present each moment.

In fact, consciousness is unbounded timeless infinite. You don’t need to be just in the now, “Be Ahead of the Now” … be one step ahead of the game, see things coming, plan ahead … go into the future … pick the person you want to be (be unreasonable) and let that guide your actions in the present … without DIRECTION … PURPOSE your brain will flop all over the place …. there are no value judgments, opinions, theories in your unconscious … its purposeful … so DIRECT, ACTIVELY, its your BRAIN USE IT FOR A CHANGE!!!

So do you really what to spend these precious moments focused on why you haven’t taken the steps to become the person you wanted to be, such that time runs out on you … its simple reason why you haven’t succeeded?

  • You weren’t READY
  • You didn’t AIM
  • You didn’t FIRE (give it your all)

That can change TODAY …

You can look at a car that isn’t driving properly and list all the reasons why it isn’t working right to explain why you haven’t driven where you want to go or you could just look at, see “what needs work” fix it and get on with driving towards your dreams.

As Dr. Bandler eloquently says “it ain’t a toaster if it don’t make toast.” Science is designed to make things that WORK. Your brain works … just perhaps not in the DIRECTION you’ve wanted it to … FOCUS … comes from clarifying, brightening, focusing your dreams (sure it won’t be clear … because you probably haven’t spent much time doing it and practicing … yet many worry for hours upon hours – the brain is USE it or LOSE it). We all have it as children but quickly its stomped out of us … get back to that RIGHT BRAIN … HOLISTIC … ASSOCIATED … GO FOR IT BRAIN STATE …

Your brain can make patterns out of anything justify anything which patterns do you want to see? The ones that have led you to where you are or the ones that are going to lead you where you want to go?

We all are PATTERN SEEING MEANING MAKING MACHINES … thats fundamentally what the brain does … patterning is how we learn (something becomes important to us – like we get a new car, suddenly your brain POPS UP all the same cars and you start seeing them … the cars we’re there the entire time … its just now your brain is pointing it out to you …) … Now it’s the job of your consciousness to direct and choose the patterns that you were going to see in your life.

So DREAM BIG … get READY (get into expanded altered states of consciousness … step inside of elevated states of being of immense motivation, passion, inspiration), AIM (focus your brain on where you want to go) … FIRE (COMMIT!!! Easy, hard no matter what go after it).

You got the brains USE IT!


Chris “The Brain Man” Wyllie 

To Build a Super-Brain & Super-Brain Performance work 1 on 1 with Neuroplastician, Chris Wyllie: Call: 647 688 2216

Want more Brainpower? Don’t be Left Behind. Get your Right Brain for the Right Job.

Don’t be Left Behind. Get the Right Brain for the Right Job. Game Changer.

“What humans fear most, the unknown, is precisely what will make your brain come alive. Brain-hack your left brain’s rigid routines by launching forward into the unknown, for the unknown, novelty, will bring you back into the super-learning state of heightened right hemispheric activation so that you can rapidly and unconsciously learn information just like a child. Paradoxically, the wiser one becomes the more youthful they become with their mind and learning. Don’t be left behind in habit, use the right brain, for the right job.”

– Chris Wyllie
*** See personal commentary below.

Time for some BRAIN-HACKING … hmmm, what do you think is the number one human instinct?

Sex? (you may wish )
Food? (for some of you this may be true!!! Need to re-program a food compulsion anyone?)

What do you think the #1 human instinct is?

ANSWER: To make things FAMILIAR.

Your brain will unconsciously respond and do whats familiar – this includes freezing in fear, pumping you full of adrenaline and anxiety before public speaking events, (name your bad habit) etc.

Did you know that your brain can fire unconscious automated programs up to 10 seconds before you’re consciously aware of it??? Thats why I you may be saying to yourself … “well it just happens” … “I just get anxiety” … “I just keep going into the same state” … “my brain just keeps doing X” and you are exactly right!!! So we need to back up a bit and reprogram your brain’s unconscious response, to make new automated programs more FAMILIAR!

The brain is designed for efficiency, to make things familiar, and turn those thoughts, behaviours, responses, into motor programs that run unconsciously “aka without you having to think about it”. For example, handshake, walking, language sayings, dancing, driving, martial arts (once you get to a certain level of mastery) or getting anxiety in situations and in response to triggers automatically etc.

The right hemisphere is activated by NOVELTY, new information, new experiences, new contexts and is neurologically made up of longer, more random neuro-cortical connections. The right hemisphere processes information holistically. The information and learnings then become consolidated in the left-hemisphere as the brain begins to “hone in on” specific patterns and makes “categorizations” and “generalizations” about the world, about others and about ourselves to guide future behaviour. The left hemisphere thereafter will activate to produce the habitual, routine behaviours to make things energy efficient and “easier for you” … but not really …

Well I do EEGs and QEEG BRAIN MAPs of clients who’s brains’ are stuck in routine, habitual ways of being (anxiety, hesitation, fear, depression, lack of focus etc.) … I can see the left hemisphere is totally hyperactive and the right hemisphere has minimal activity.

So within minutes, I begin having client do things with their brain they don’t normally do, and quickly you can see the right hemisphere activating … so clearly we all need novelty, we all need to get into the unknown … but, before that, we need to go back one more step otherwise your left hemisphere will just project your existing patterns of beliefs, model, and ways of being into that unknown … “its always been that way, so it will always be that way”“my past causes my future” … which to anyone who knows that the brain is A LEARNING MACHINE at its root is complete non-sense … no ladies and gentlemen if you find yourself limiting your future … thats just your routine left-hemisphere trying to keep you in your “comfort zone”. Break out of it!!!

Thus, you need to re-program what your brain is looking for from the outside. How? By thinking, seeing, PURPOSEFULLY, AIMING your brain in the direction you want to go!
Ask yourself, not the “things you want” but what kind of person do I want to become? What would be the most exquisite manifestation of my talents, skills, abilities and what would I be doing? And move towards that purposefully.

So before you jump into the unknown, keep in mind the direction you want to go with your life, and allow for periods of TRIAL and LEARNING, random variation, so that your brain can acquire more experiences and information to become more sophisticated and begin to make connections between “seemingly” un-related things.

Thus a SUPER-LEARNER will some times just say “f*ck it” and try completely new random things with no intention … and other times will launch into the unknown with a PURPOSE to see and seize the strategies, information and skills that will launch you like a rocketship to being the best you you can be.

“Remember, the brain loves whats familiar but learns from DIFFERENCE.”

The greater the differences, and the more you move back and forth between difference, the greater the skill, distinctions and control over your brain you will build. Neuro-differentiation builds precise skill.

You really don’t have time to fool around …

In the brain its GROW or DIE. There are particular receptors that if stimulus is absent will signal neuron death but if the signal is present will signal neuron growth (p75NTR).

I don’t know about you, but losing my neurons isn’t cool with me … I think of that possibility and my brain says “no freaking way!!!!” … I’m going to keep my brain in a GROWING SUPER-LEARNING STATE!!!

So here are some BETTER BRAIN questions to keep yourself in Super-Learning Mode:

  1. Whats one area of my life I can try something new in?
    What are some things I’ve never done, never even considered to learn, read about or do? GO DO SOME OF THEM!
  2. What are some things that you didn’t think you could do when you were younger that now you are doing? What are some things now that you don’t believe you can do but you really can? Go test and find out!!!
  3. In what areas of my life am I projecting past limits into my present and future performance? Where am I being too serious? Too tense? Where can I lighten the heck up?
  4. What would be happening if my performance was effortless, if I felt joyful and performed at my best in these areas of my life? What would that look like, feel like, sound like?

… I could keep going … but that is plenty until the next time …

Keep Changing the Game by Optimizing your Brain,

Chris “Super-Learner” Wyllie

*** This the older and wiser one gets, the younger they become is a principle exemplified by geniuses, gurus, who are light, joyful, humous and radiate child-like energy. This transformation to a youthful brain, mind and body may underlie the “return to heavenly state” principles that underlie Qigong, kung fu and many practices designed to en-lighten the body back into its heavenly state here in earth form.

Children are literal, your big mind is literal, ask a child how to enlighten oneself, they may very well answer “Light the heck up!!!” I’m with you, I’ve become way to serious about a bunch of crap, and my rigid left brain past habits can start to creep back – question is how quickly do you bounce back? In fact, trying new things, bouncing back is what I’ve made FAMILIAR with my brain. What type of resilient response to adversity do you want to make more familiar in your brain?
#neuroplastician #neuroplasticity #brainbalance

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What is Neuroplasticity? How does your Brain Work? How can you Rewire Your Brain?


I’m often asked, what the heck is a Neuroplastician?
What do you really do?
How does the Brain Work?
How can you help people?
Is there hope for my brain?


What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the property of the brain that allows the brain to change its structure and its function in response to activity and mental experience (including sensing, perceiving, motor movement, mental rehearsal, imagining, thinking, trance, meditation, Neurolinguistic Programming, hypnosis, focused awareness, Qigong, exercise etc.).

As well external energetic stimulation and modulation (electrical, magnetic, light, sound, oxygen) can also change the function and structure of the brain to turn on brain circuits that activate mental processes. For example, I can used PEMF to activate and entrain executive function and motor networks in the brain, and thereby make the client feel “more motivated” and “action-oriented.” Activating and creating plastic change in your brain’s circuitry, alters your mental experience. Moreover, by using #NLP and hypnosis, in addition to external stimulation, I can simultaneously activate brain and mental circuits, re-wire the existing brain circuits, activate dormant brain circuits and build new brain circuits.

“Neuroplastician”: Scientists and clinicians at the forefront of discovering and explaining the laws and uses of neuroplasticity.


1. YOUR BRAIN IS LIKE AN ANTENNA: Your brain constantly receives and transmits energies, and converts them into electricity which produces your stream of thoughts, activities, behaviours. However, unlike your radio which is a machine, and fixed, your brain is a dynamic transducer which shapes and is constantly being shaped by external and internal experience. Mental experience can switch certain genes ON or OFF!!!

2. Sensing, perceiving, thinking, motor activity all occur HOLISTICALLY and simultaneously in the brain. The brain is a COMPLEX DYNAMIC ORGAN that uses different assemblies of brain regions to perform specific tasks. Moreover, each individual uses different neurocortical pathways to perform specific tasks like reading, memory, walking etc.

3. MUSICAL ORCHESTRA – imagine each of your brain regions as different players in a band, which play their instruments at a certain tempo, tone, volume, rhythm which in unison produce the “song” or “consciousness” you experience. Now even if one brain region is damaged, other players, other brain regions can learn to take over the functions lost.

4. BRAIN DIVISION – Right Brain processes Novelty experiences the world Holistically in Context. The Left Brain isolates and focuses on parts, categorizations, routine thoughts, behaviours.


Localizationism, the idea of “one function, one location” was born based on observations that when particular brain regions were damaged mental functions were lost. It was assumed that the mental functions were processed only in those particular locations in the brain. For example, speech in Broca’s area.

There is a tendency for certain cortical areas to process certain mental functions.

Rather than “one function, one location” particular brain regions are involved in modulating particular functions. A cable wire going into a television is involved in producing T.V. show that you watch, in that, if the wire is cut you won’t get the T.V channel. But you wouldn’t say that the wire itself produces the Television Show. Rather the wire is part of a unified circuit, that includes, the satellite, television, digital cable box, electricity source, that together produces the Television show you watch. In the same way specific brain regions are part of an assembled brain circuit that functioning together produces specific abilities – speech, memory, executive function etc. Now if that part is damaged or stops working, you may temporarily lose the mental ability such as speech, until you train other brain regions to integrate into the circuit to perform the lost ability. Thus, creating neuroplastic change in the brain.


1. “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Thoughts, feelings, behaviours that are activated simultaneously become wired together in the brain. Ex: if every time you get a biological craving and/or are stressed and you drink wine, or smoke cigarettes the wine/cigarettes will become neuro-associated with the stressful thoughts & feelings.

2. “Neurons out of sync, fail to link” – speech, memory, learning problems are often caused by lack of synchrony somewhere in the neural assembly. Ex: Visual and Motor cortex dis-connection for memory, and reading, and hyperconnection of auditory cortex, leaving a dyslexic child trying to “sound out” the words every time which is unreliable, especially for a language like English. Synchronize optimal neuronal assemblies to perform the task at hand. For example, a good memory requires strong visualization skills & synesthesia.

3. Use it or Lose it!!!

4. Competitive Plasticity – in the brain its “WINNER TAKES ALL”. Brain circuits are constantly competing for real estate in the brain. Brain circuits that are more frequently activated than other circuits, will become strengthened and expand their brain maps while the others weakened, and thus be more easily activated in the future.

Most people practice worrying, doubting, procrastination, depression, anxiety, fear so frequently that their brain plastically becomes better and better at these things and the brain maps for those mental processes become stronger, faster, more easily activated. Flip the switch and start to use brain plasticity to your advantage …

Stay tuned for upcoming #BRAINPOWERBREAKTHROUGH books with everything you need to know about how your brain works and the science of neuroplasticity, and how you can use your brain to control your state, emotions, behaviours and create lasting changes in your life.

Why haven’t you heard about neuroplasticity? 
1. Belief that the brain is an unchanging machine, made up of genetically hardwired circuits that could not change. This fails to integrate all the breakthroughs in epigenetics. Technologies like fMRI and QEEG Brain Mapping can show functional and anatomical changes in brain function in real time as a result of changing mental experience.
2. Lack of technology to precisely measure brain plasticity
3. Dogma dies hard. Confuse Map for Territory. Projection of machine like paradigm on all brain problems.

1. NEURO-ASSESSMENT – See where your brain is at – functional brain imaging, QEEG, neuro-cognitive assessments etc.
2. NEURO-REPROGRAMMING – Modulate, Balance, Synchronize Brain Circuitry via #NLP, #HYPNOSIS#Neurotechnologies
3. NEURO-ENGINEERING – Designing the Brain and Mental & Physical Abilities you Desire. In other words, how to become the most Epic SUPERHERO YOU!
Leverage the Power of Neuroplasticity to Build a Better Brain Now! Take your Brain Function & Performance to the Max!

Change the Game & your BRAIN to your maximum advantage

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Education = Freedom. When you learn how your brain and how your mind works, you can understand not only “why you are the way you are” but also “how to get yourself where you want to go”. Whether thats more focused, calm, resilient, determined, creative, you name it!

Join me for a Free #BRAINPOWERBREAKTHROUGH seminar Oct. 19th, 2017 in which I reveal leading Brain Technologies, Strategies, and Information you can use to build a better brain, and do LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS with members of the audience with #Neuroplasticity processes such as #NLP to help you overcome things like anxiety, excessive stress & worry and increase focus within minutes.

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“I would recommend Chris and his program to anyone who has a child or who themselves, have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Concussion or any other Brain related Disorder or Problem. It has been turned out to be less expensive and more effective than the money we have spent on psychologists and counselors, as well as the other more expensive neurofeedback programs out there. Thank you Chris and keep up the good work! You are making a difference one brain at a time!”

– Susan Sethi


Hope for Those in Distress:
A Must Read for The AUTISM COMMUNITY & Brain Enthusiatics

Elliot is sent to The Game Changer HEAD-QUARTERS for Brain Work (more photos & video to come):

Yesterday I worked with a 16 year old Autistic Boy, who the government has dubbed as “The Worst Case” they ever seen. This is a boy that the government spends thousands of dollars on, who receives 2 to 1 care at all time (two professionals for him), and a young man who’ve “experts” have given little hope to.

In fact, the situation is so difficult that the Autistic Boy is unable to live with his mother.

Yesterday the journey began, and I’m hoping that through our work we can bring Elliot and his mother back together again.

DAY 1: Elliot came in for his first QEEG Brain Map & Neuroassessment yesterday. Coming in he was very uneasy, with very unstable motor activity and a fierce look in his eye that would scare most, and was a sign of the neurological, physical and emotional discomfort he was in.

Having worked with myriad severe cases of Autism, myself and the team were able to put Elliot at ease and keep him focused on the mission of our work – Bringing his mom and him back together.

So we got Elliot “capped up” and recorded his EEG. I had to scale the measurement of his brain voltage up by 10X, a sign of the astoundingly high voltage, and energy in Elliot’s Brain.

Why do we see this in Autism? Nerve cells are designed to carry electrical signals, with the myelin sheath’s playing a key role in insulating nerves and carrying electrical signals. In autism, it seems the white matter is compromised, and the wires are less protected, meaning that sparks fly, and there are major discharges of energy just like an “EXPOSED WIRE”. So the brain is remarkably “inefficient” and signal transmission in the brain is compromised. Thus, brainpower nutrition to build up myelin and brain cell membranes is key.


As you can see from the left there are some extreme imbalances in Elliot’s brain.

Here are the KEY CHARACTERISTICS of THE AUTISTIC Brain, which in Elliot’s Brain are particularly pronounced:
1. EXTREME DEFICIENCY of ALPHA – Alpha is the “gear-shifter, set point of the brain, the Neutral between fast and slow”. Alpha brainwaves are a sign of Synchrony, Balance, Harmony. Alpha is associated with Relaxed, Focus. In the Autistic brain, there is “no balance point” or “set point” its either buzzing with extreme fast activity (excitoxicity), or slow-wave activity, which puts a lid on higher cognition.

Lack of synchrony and poor signalling in the Autistic brain, and deficiency of Alpha is a hallmark of Autism. It is my belief that the higher electro-magnetic frequencies that have been introduced in the last 25-30 years, have contributed to HYPER-ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY, and a hyper-excitation of the brain, thereby altering brain development & “flipping particular epigenetic switches” that lead to altered brain protein production, and brain growth factors, such as BDNF, which is prematurely released and hence the Autistic brain, is more “globbed together” – as seen in Hallmark Characteristic #2.

Now many forms of Brain Training and Neurofeedback are inadequate for treating Autism, because the “Autistic Brain” has never “fully balanced itself”. Thus it requires stimulus and training to develop a new balanced, stable set point.

Thus the Neurotechnologies & Neurofeedback training that I implemented with Elliot after the initial brain map, we’re designed to activate and entrain Elliot’s brain to slow-wave frequencies such as Alpha, so that the brain could begin to come into balance.

2. EXTREME HYPER-COHERENCE – Look at Beta, and all the Red Lines in the “COHERENCE” section. What this shows is Elliot’s brain is essentially “LOCKED IN” and the brain regions hyper-connect when his brain is in Beta. So when Elliot is told to do something or focus on something, the brain regions and cortical pathways are “STUCK”. Hence, the behavioural rigidity, thought rigidity, physical rigidity. This is also why Autistic children are “HYPER-SENSITIVE”, because external stimuli activates their ENTIRE BRAIN! Imagine the brain as compromised as many different individual brain regions or computers or nodes, that communicate with each other. In Elliot’s brain these computers are constantly talking to each other and can’t hang up the phone!

In essence, the “HYPER-COHERENCE” locking in of the brain is a characteristic sign of a brain that is HIGHLY STRESSED biologically. It also shows that there are clear deficiencies in the neurotransmitters serotonin and oxytocin (oxytocin administration to Autistic individuals has shown to improve symptoms). Serotonin and oxytocin are the stress vaporizing neurochemicals, that help with pattern recognition, new learning and boost neuro-flexibility. Precisely what the autistic brain needs.

Hyper-Coherence and HALLMARK #3, Extreme Excitotoxicity related to Hyper-Glutamate Activation. In the brain Glutamate is the “Gas Pedal” and “GABA is the brakes”. The Autistic brain is all gas pedal and no brakes, and thus language, behaviour and cognition is largely uncontrolled. So one important key with interventions is to balance GLUTAMATE / GABA. This impacts speech, behaviour and cognition. The brain needs a certain level of inhibition for the signal to be transmitted clearly and efficiently.

3. EXTREME EXCITO-TOXICITY – observe the RED, HYPER-DOMINANCE and EXCESS of Beta and High-Beta, fast wave frequencies in the brain. This reflects underlying excessive calcium-efflux, calcium afflicting out of cells due to biological stress, which is hyper-activating neurons and in the long-run can lead to accelerating brain cell death.

Thus reducing this hyper-inflammatory, stressed, excito-toxic state is paramount.

So after Elliot’s initial brain map I implemented the following BRAIN-BALANCING INTERVENTIONS:
1. 20 minutes of Brain Training with Neuro-Technologies, specifically the Neurofield.
2. I gave Elliot a cocktail of Brain Balancing Nutraceuticals including Magnesium Threonate, L-theanine, High DHA Fish Oil

And within 10 minutes look at how significantly Elliot’s Brain balanced!!!

After the interventions Elliot was noticeably calmer, his body more “still” and relaxed, the tremors had subsided, the stressed, fierce look in his eyes softened, he was more patient, co-operative and gentle with his mother! All which are incredibly promising results!!!

Now after seeing Elliot’s brain, assessing and working with him we are going to be implementing a FULL BRAIN PLASTICITY Program with Brainpower Nutrition, Neurolingusitic Training, Neurotechnologies, and other therapies to help bring Elliot to a state of balance as quickly and gracefully as we can.


The government, and many universities such as McMaster will be watching, so the time is now to put all this incredible Brain Plasticity Information, Research and Knowledge to work to completely change the game for this young man, for his mother, and for the entire Brain and Autistic Community.

Stay Tuned Everyone!

The earlier you start training and accelerating the development of the brain, the better the results! Check out the fun we have at The Game Changer working with young autistic kids!

Sincerely, �

Chris “The Brain Man”

“I would recommend Chris and his program to anyone who has a child or who themselves, have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Concussion or any other Brain related Disorder or Problem. It has been turned out to be less expensive and more effective than the money we have spent on psychologists and counselors, as well as the other more expensive neurofeedback programs out there. Thank you Chris and keep up the good work! You are making a difference one brain at a time!”

– Susan

THE FAST FRONTAL LOBE FIX – Fixing your Brain’s Filter to Overcome Anxiety, Indecision, “Stuckness”


FIXING A FAULTY FILTER – How to OPTIMIZE YOUR BRAIN’S FILTER to Overcome Anxieties, Indecision, “STUCKNESS” & Be Laser Focused.

What do Depression, Anxiety, OCD & Procrastination have in common? 

What common issue do Autistic individuals and Entrepreneurs who are “STUCK” share?

The Answer: 


In this Article I go into full detail of the mechanics of how the Brain & Mind work specifically in cases of:

  1. Indecision, “Stuckness”, Procrastination – A common problem among entrepreneurs, business professionals and students 
  2. Mental & Behavioural Disorders like OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Excessive Worrying, Anorexia/Bulimia
  3. Neurological Conditions like ADD, AUTISM 

I also dive deep into:

  •   High Performance, FLOW States & How to Architect your Genius and Creativity 

For you high performers, in this article I will teach you how to hack your brain for optimal learning, focus, productivity & performance. You can gain insights that will take your game to the next level by observing what happens in the brain when it dysfunctions – so pay attention and find the key learnings in all the sections.

I created this article for both true BRAIN-HACKERS, and professionals, teachers, therapists, doctors and coaches to provide you with new insights about how the brain works, and how to develop precise control over your brain. If you want to learn the mechanics of how to optimize your own brain, and the brain function of your kids, clients and patients this comprehensive article is worth the read. A little time upfront developing a deep understanding of your brain, will streamline your success down the road. Lets get to it … 

The primary function of your BRAIN is as a an ANTENNA and FILTER.

You can leverage these properties of your brain to learn faster, think clearer, overcome anxiety, procrastination and “stuckness” and take more decisive action. I will show you how. From school to smarts to exquisite success in business this article, I lay out the strategies to program your brain for optimal motivation, decision-making, and success-driven behaviour. There are TWO EXTREMES: your brain’s filter may be under-active resulting in Autism, ADHD, Procrastination, “STUCKNESS” OR over-active resulting in OCD, Depression, Addictions & Self-Sabotaging Behavioural Habits.

However, whether you’re the CEO of Google or you’re a child with a learning disability, the fundamentals of optimizing the mechanics of your brain function are the same. The person with Depression, is not all that different than the Executive or Lawyer who has Anxiety, nor is the child with Autism all that different from the Entrepreneur who’s “STUCK” with indecision and procrastination. Let me explain so you can see where your brain is at … 

You can easily leverage the properties of your brain to ARCHITECT YOUR OWN GENIUS just like Einstein and Tesla did. In fact, Tesla was born with his senses so blown wide open, he received so much un-filtered sensory input it almost drove him crazy! Yet, in todays fast-paced information age, we face the opposite problem, our brain “shuts off” and is dulled to hyper-filter out information and sensory input as a protection mechanism in the face of the tsunami of stress and information. This cuts you off from your genius and creativity. But not to worry, you can quickly dis-inhibit your brain and begin opening the doors to perception & creativity with specific brain practices. 

How does your brain really work?

Just as an infinite amount of written language can be produced from a finite 26 letters in the English language, your brain has trillions of neuro-cortical connections and can generate an infinite number of things from one idea or thought. The GENERATIVE capacity of your brain allows for an infinite number of possibilities from just one thought, picture, internal voice or feeling. The human brain is designed to imagine, plan and create new realities. This is the power of our consciousness to organize and bring coherent structure to energy and information to create new realities we imagine in our minds. We are designed to see the world the way it’s not and then make it so. The brain is the ultimate LEARNING, CREATIVE, GENERATING MACHINE.

However, the brain not only GENERATES and CREATES, it also DELETES. Do you think “STUCK-NESS” is too much or too little deletion? 

The answer is BOTH. Some people constantly run thousands of scenarios all day long, and can never narrow down and focus their thoughts. Others become hyper-focused on one thing, one outcome, one scenario, one problem and can’t see past it. Same label “stuckness”, but two different processes occurring in the brain, and thus the brain training should be unique in each case.  

Now in order to prevent sensory & information overload, your brain takes the incoming information, energies & sensory stimuli in the universe and REDUCES and FOCUSES it into specific things. This narrowing of focus enables us to function more efficiently in the specific realm of the world we are aware of, but also closes us off from everything beyond our model of the world, that which our brain has blocked off. The Filter enhances efficiency but can lead to rigidity & block us from creativity. See below. 

For instance, the brain takes the combination of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations and REDUCES it to emotions,“I’m feeling Sad … I’m feeling Mad … I’m feeling Frustrated …I’m feeling Determined”. The FRONTAL LOBES play a key role in deleting the stimuli and sensory input our brain deems unimportant, and cognitively evaluating the combination of thoughts, feelings, sensations happening from moment to moment. What one person labels as anxiety, another may label as excitement. Each brain filter works differently, thats why being a brain specialist and optimizing each individual brain is so much fun.

When the brain doesn’t FILTER and REDUCE information effectively, you end up with schizophrenia (hallucinations, disconnection from reality), impulsivity (inability to regulate thoughts), ADD (inability to focus on task at hand), emotional volatility (difficulty regulating emotions), Indecision & over-thinking (mind races in loops), behavioural inflexibility (hyper-active filter) and neurological conditions like Autism (sensory overload).

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re not focused and lack clear business and marketing plans, the problem is your Frontal Lobes aren’t focusing your talents and skills, into clear, images and value for you to communicate to clients. The lack of business clarity is a reflection of the lack of clarity in your brain. In which case, Brain Training to strengthen your frontal lobes for focus, motivation & decision-making is key.

SPEECHWhen you speak your brain activates the word you’re thinking of and many other words which sound the same, and others which have similar meanings, simulataneously. The filter, the frontal lobes, then DELETES those other words, and focuses on the specific word you express. For example, the word: CAUGHT. When we think of “CAUGHT” other words are activated, like “Cot”, “Faught”, “Taught”, “Taut”, “Catch”.  Your Brain deletes these other words and you express CAUGHT. When the FILTER falters it leads to speech impediments like Autism, in which speech is muddled. The frontal lobes play a key role in regulating the activity and input from the auditory, visual and kinesthetic cortex.

KEY POINT:  In the brain everything is happening all the time. The nervous system is THE ANTENNA which receives incoming energy and stimuli, and the cortex, specifically the Frontal Lobes, DELETES most of it and tunes our mind to a specific IDEA, WORD, OR STREAM OF THOUGHTS – just like the radio channel.

If your brain is fuzzy, and you’re indecisive and unclear, and one part of your brain is saying one thing, and another saying something different, and you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions, your Brain isn’t tuning into a SPECIFIC, CLEAR CHANNEL. Implement FAST FILTER FIX BELOW. 

As mentioned, your brain perceives an infinite amount of sensory stimuli, and actively blocks most of it to prevent our conscious mind from being over-loaded. This narrowing of focus allows us to more efficiently pattern and act on the information we perceive to be important. Psychoactive drugs like LSD shut down the FILTER, and so heighten the range of sensory input and energy that we consciously access. The input was always there its just in your normal state of consciousness your brain was blocking it out. Our brains have a baseline level of LATENT INHIBITION, which is how inhibited our brain is to prevent neurological overload. The more technology, social media and information overload you’re exposed to, the more your brain increases its Latent Inhibition – this is a major problem for entrepreneurs and students working under high stress, as it dulls creativity. Media, news, television, all these features of the modern world shut off our brains. So not only is fake light, and EMF bad for the brain for the reasons Neurosurgeons such as Jack Kruse document, here is another insight as to why its so harmful for your cognition & creativity. 

Optimizing your creativity and genius requires that you doors to perception in your brain, which can be achieve with Neurolinguistic Programming, Meditation, Hypnosis, Brain Qigong, being in nature, martial arts, tonic herbs and natural nootropics, which all decrease the brain’s latent inhibition. Thus dis-inhibits your brain and heightens your awareness by, loosening your neurological FILTER so that you access more information, energies, and expansive states of consciousness. Follow the GENIUS GUIDE below to architect your genius.


Your brain is constantly bombarded with smells, sights, sounds and tastes but constantly, but only a tiny fraction actually reaches consciousness. Only 0.0001% of all the visual impressions that reach the retina of the eye are forwarded to the brain’s visual centre and most never reaches consciousness.

As a result of this natural PROTECTION MECHANISM against SENSORY OVERLOAD, the more we are bombarded with EMFs, fake lighting, information, stress, excitatory foods (especially processed foods), the more our brain raises its baseline rate of inhibition, blocking us off from more and more sensory input. This dulls creativity, which is exactly what we see in kids who use technology 24/7. This is a deeper neurological understanding of WHY fake, excitatory foods, like processed foods and processed sugars are kryptonite for your brain – they inhibit your brain in the long-term.

Latent inhibition is your brain’s ability to block information out of consciousness. LSD reduces latent inhibition and expands consciousness. Too much technology raises latent inhibition and so decreases our consciousness. Too much input over-burdens consciousness and therefore causes us to lose focus. Studies show sharp increase in consciousness in students who took a break from technology. And as I’ve seen on QEEG Brain Maps, qigong, meditation, NLP, brainpower nutrition, all markedly reduce latent inhibition and thus heighten focus & creativity. All the above re-calibrate and re-attune your senses. 

As mentioned, geniuses like Tesla, have very low levels of inhibition, and so their brain perceives a vaster array of energies, electromagnetic fields and sensory input, and states of consciousness facilitating greater creativity. Its much easier to architect new ideas and innovations without the “breaks being on in your brain”. In todays world, the reason people are only using a small fraction of their brainpower is because their brain has been “blocked and inhibited”, by the stressors, information & our lifestyle.

THE GENIUS GUIDE  – An Introduction

How to Unblock & Unlock The Magic in your Brain. (book to come). 

1.  MEDITATION– decreases the multiplicity of focus of attention, which at first increases Prefrontal Activation, heightening FOCUS & narrowing of thoughts usually on ONE THING, breathing, mantra, relaxation etc, and then“Turns Off” the filtering Frontal Lobes as the neurons habituate, dropping you down into deeper, less inhibited, states of consciousness where you access more of the information in your brain and unconscious mind. Meditation decreases the sheer amount of stimulation your brain is exposed to, thereby reducing your brain’s baseline rate of inhibition. Meditation is the perfect pit stop. All super-quantum computers need to be cooled in a dark room. Your brain is an even more miraculous super-computer which requires the same cooling and rejuvenation.

2.  TONIC HERBS –  Ginseng, Reishi, Goji, Cacao activate the full neuro-symphony by raising brain energy and neurotransmitter levels like Dopamine, Serotonin and beta-endorphins, balancing your brain, body and immune system. More balanced brain chemistry focuses an under active filter, and relaxes an over-active filter. Email to book a consult for what you need to balance your brain chemistry.

3.  HIGH INTENSITY EXERCISE (HIIT) – Highly Focused, Intense periods of Exercise forces your brain to engage your entire body’s resources to perform the task at hand. Over time, this trains your brain to focus at a more intense level, and access more of your neurological and energetic resources, to perform at a higher capacity when you work. Thus training you to operate at your peak brainpower when you work. HIIT raises dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which increase clarity, focus and cognitive flexibility. Did you know that Tesla was prescribed a daily exercise regimen to help stabilize his brain function? 

4.  MARTIAL ARTS and FINE MOTOR EXERCISE – Learning a Martial Art and Fine Motor Movements like Tai Chi, at first requires tremendous Frontal Lobe Activation and Conscious Focus. Over time, “the movements are automated into your body and procedural memory” into motor programs that run unconsciously and don’t require thinking. Thus Tai Chi becomes a Moving, Qigong, Meditation – when done properly. Thus, exercise over time allows your frontal lobes to decrease in activity, “take a break” allowing your filter to loosen, and the unconscious processes in your brain to take over. The result is you start to synchronize more with the universe, feel more balanced and flow like water and flow with “The WAY”. IN THESE HEIGHTENED FLOW STATES PERFORMANCE BECOMES EFFORTLESS. This makes it easier to access flow states in all areas of your life, such as when working in business. Building the neurological machinery in one area of your life, you can use to perform better in others.

Also repetitive movements like running help to trigger flow states, by repeatedly activating, thus habituating neurons, so that they shut off, giving you access to neuro-cortical pathways not regularly accessed during waking consciousness. Hence, “the Runner’s Trance.” 

5. BRAIN TRAINING & NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING – With Neurofeedback your brain receives immediate feedback of its own activity, helping you learn to consciously control your brainwaves for heightened Focus, Memory, Creativity and performance. Neurotechologies like QEEG brain training, Neurofield & Neurofeedback are effective for re-wiring the brain. Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis are important for optimizing your thinking processes, unconscious processes & automatic neurological motor programs aka “Your Habits”. The foundation of Neurolinguistic Programming is learning to use your mind in specific ways to be more motivated, more focused, and make better decisions to get the things you want, while eliminating the limiting beliefs, fears and past blockages that were getting in your way. Neurolinguistic Programming is best done by another person to you. As a student of Dr. Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP, I’ve learned the true, genuine Neurolinguistic Programming.

Back to how your brain works … 

As mentioned, your brain takes all the ideas and possibilities floating around in consciousness and DELETES the majority of these and focuses on something specific – this is the final task of the frontal lobes. The Frontal Lobes bring this information into conscious awareness. The same is true of your radio. Your Radio’s antenna accesses all the FM and AM channels simultaneously, but the information and music you hear, is from the specific channel you’re dialled into at that moment. What happens when your brain flips all over the place and can’t stick to a clear channel? ANXIETY, INDECISION, BRAIN FOG! Like a radio, your brain filters and deletes the information input of the other stations, in order to play the music clearly from the one station – the station playing at any given moment is akin to your conscious mind. Yet, you should know that your brain is the whole antenna, which is always accessing the entire range of frequencies. YOUR FILTER MAY JUST BE MAL-FUNCTIONING, in which case you may be tuned into a fuzzy frequency or the wrong channel, or you can’t STICK TO A CHANNEL (ADD!). DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, OVER-THINKING, WORRYING ALERT!!!

A second clear picture for you is that your brain works just like a google search. When you think or ask a question, your brain sorts and searches through the trillions of neuro-cortical connections, to activate particular neural networks. These neural networks are connected to many related pathways. Just like a Google Search, your conscious mind ACTIVELY SEARCHES  and “PULL UP” specific information as well as related information to what you searched from your unconscious. Your brain hierarchically shows you the closest matches. Once you’ve chosen a specific website or domain, the other options are deleted and you go straight to the website you’ve chosen. Just like surfing the WEB.

Consciously and unconsciously your brain is always running, like a car engine. Networks like your “DEFAULT MODE NETWORK” (DMN), which generate your sense of self, are always running. The DMN includes parietal lobes, which examine your relation to your surroundings, visual centres which process visual input, and your auditory cortex which connects to sounds and memories. The Frontal lobes then FILTER, DELETE, and FOCUS your conscious mind on what you believe is the relevant information. In Autistic kids I observe hyperactivity of default mode network, but poor frontal lobe regulation inhibiting clear distinctions of what is “self vs. other”, for example. This is why Autistic kids, rarely close their eyes as they lose, “their sense of self” when they do so. However, with brain training I’ve gotten autistic kids to the point where I can get them to relax, close their eyes and do all kinds of learning neuro-plasticity work.

Fixing a Faulty Filter

Working with tons of autistic kids, I see the tremendous activity going on in their brains. Their inability to consciously communicate their inner thoughts and ideas, precisely with language, may be caused by poor frontal lobe function, resulting in an inability to FILTER OUT AND FOCUS on specific information. Hence, speech comes out as a jumbled mess.

Its important to note that there is a difference between language reception/comprehension and language production pathways. So even though your child may yet to be speaking clearly, be very careful what you say to them. It all gets in, even though it doesn’t all come out. We understand language before we produce it.

NEUROLOGICAL BACKGROUND: Generally speaking, in Autism, the developing fetus is exposed to a stress response which activates the mother’s immune system. This can be caused by an infinite number of stressors, such as infection, EMF, biologic stressors which hyper-activate the mothers immune system which then attacks fetal brain proteins and leads to premature mass release of BDNF Brain Derived Nerve Growth Factor. This causes the entire cortex of the developing brain to glue and glob together”. As a result, the entire brain links and fires at the same time whenever one part is stimulated. This is why autistic kids are SOOOO sensitive to stimuli, because each sensory input activates their entire brain, and results in over-stimulation. Unfortunately under stressful conditions, what fails to happen in the developing brain is the precise specialization of the local brain regions like the prefrontal cortex. A major part of brain development is that each brain region becomes highly specialized to perform the specific tasks its designed for. For example, the frontal lobes play a major role in Language, Speech, Cognition & Decision-Making. In Autism many centres of the brain like the prefrontal language centres do not fully develop their full degree of specialization as in normal kids. So neuroplasticity training is necessary to develop the precise specialized function of specific brain regions, and deeply develop stronger neural networks, across brain regions that control language, speech, motor function, coordination and cognition.

Since the frontal lobes FILTER and DELETE, in the Autistic brain there’s tremendous activity, but the frontal lobes, don’t fully filter that information to enable the child to specifically FOCUS ON and thus EXPRESS one idea, one word, one thought coherently at a time. Autism may be tied to a poor NEURO-CORTICAL SPECIALIZATION and thus require very precise Neuroplasticity training, just like you can read about in Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, “The Brain’s Way of Healing”. 

In my work with autistic kids I see clear differences in how they spatially represent and access information, which I notice by the way their eyes move, and body orients. What may be perceived as lack of eye contact, and difficulty communicating, may just be a difference in how autistic kids spatially represent and access information in their brain.

As mentioned above, as it related to language, before we say any word, we think of the word, and in the process our brain generates all potential words that sound similar, and has similar meaning- taught, caught, fought, told, tout. The brain deletes those other words, and focuses on one specifically. This is the job of the Frontal Lobes, to take language which is generated unconsciously and then express specific words, ideas, thoughts. 

THE BRAIN’S FILTERING FUNCTION is exemplified by the Classic Case we learn in Neuroscience – that of Phineas Gage.

Phineas Gage, was working on a railroad and had an iron rod go through his frontal lobes. After this incident he experienced extreme personality changes, as he now had NO FILTER to control the emotional shifts. With his frontal lobes destroyed he was left with no filter to delete the waves of emotional activity, and personality fluctuations going on in head. We all get mad, and there are all times, where we want to, “curse, fight and tell people off”, but our frontal lobes regulate that internal activity, and select something more appropriate to say. Thats when the frontal lobes are working well of course. (IMPULSIVITY ALERT!) When the frontal lobes aren’t working right, we don’t filter and speak language optimally. In fact, the frontal lobes don’t fully finish developing until age 25-27 which is why adolescents, teens and young adults are prone to impulsive behaviour – their frontal lobes, they’re FILTERS, are not fully developed. They’ve yet to fully develop their ability to DELETE inappropriate behaviours and so are more apt to act impulsively.

At the same time, for individuals with learning and language disabilities, the filtering abilities of the brain are off which is why they may produce word salad, jumbled speech etc.

The more you or your child is prone to impulsive behaviour, the more brain training for their frontal lobes they need, with Neurofeedback, Neurofield, Neurolinguistic Programming & my own proprietary Neuroplasticity Protocols.


If you’ve taken psychoactive drugs like LSD, you know that they open the doorways to perception, enabling you to see colours, energies, fields you don’t normally. They do this by shutting down the filtering mechanisms in the brain. Thus giving you access to more of your unconscious activity and a larger spectrum of sensory stimuli. This can be very useful for allowing you to experience more than you normally do and thus expanding your model of the world. However, the most effective way to open the doors to perception is with the doors to perception. This can be done with hypnosis, NLP, meditation, qigong etc. 

MEDITATION and TAI CHI are extremely effective in shutting down the normal FILTERING AND DELETION MECHANISMS of the brain, thereby allowing you to access more of your brainpower. In fact, with meditation, and tai chi (moving meditation), the repetitious, rhythmic movements, and rhythmic breathing lead to a “calming & TURNING OFF” of the deletion mechanisms in the brain, expanding your ability to tune into energies and information in the universe. With meditation and tai chi, repeated activation causes the frontal lobes to habituate, “turn off”, thus you access deeper dimensions of emotions, memory  and unconscious activity and sensory input from the auditory, visual and kineasthetic cortices. This is why meditation and tai chi, are profound for expanding your energy, consciousness and creativity.

SCHOOL SYSTEM ALERT: unfortunately our school system’s hyper-analytical focus on rote, pure left-brain learning, causes hyper development of THE FILTER and DELETION mechanisms of the frontal lobes. Since learning is all frontal, “it’s there for the test and then its gone”. Worse this approach cuts us off from our CREATIVITY. The result is the creative juices, the passion, the expansion of our children’s minds and the way they think, narrows and becomes rigid, as opposed to rich and fluid. WE NEED TO TEACH KIDS IN A WAY THAT THEIR BRAIN LEARNS BEST. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE NEED TO TEACH KIDS HOW THEIR BRAIN WORKS, & HOW LEARNING WORKS, SO THAT WAY THEY CAN DISCOVER THE BEST WAYS THAT THEY LEARN.

We should teach kids how to expand their brain’s capabilities to become good at art, math, science, english, all the fundamental fields, so that they really can discover what they’re passionate about. Instead of specializing and narrowing, we should be expanding the range of expertise that students develop.

So what would be the key upgrades to the School System?


  1. More Physical Activity – increases Neurogenesis, thought coordination & cognition
  2. Focused Relaxation – In states of relaxation, inhibitions, and hyperactive frontal activity are reduced, and thus fears, anxieties and learning impediments start to dissolve, and creativity is heightened.
  3. Application & Whole Brain ActivityArt, Music, Engineering – Reward & Application raise Dopamine, as it gives students a purpose and motivation for learning.
  4. Teach Kids SUPER-LEARNING – teaching kids how their brain works, and how to optimize learning, memory, focus, creativity. 


  1. Deliberate Focused Concentration – Uninterrupted Full Focus on the task at hand – be it reading writing learning homework etc. Blocked periods of time, no distractions. 
  2. Brain Training – Neurofeedback & Neurofield – proven to be as or more effective than medication for improving focus and concentration
  3. Dopamine Boosting Brainpower Nutrition – Ample healthy fats, protein, and Brain Specific Nutrients, Superfoods and Herbs
  4. Neurolinguistic Programming – increase your control over your mind and thought processes.
  5. High Intensity Interval Exercise – short intense bursts of exercise, boosts endorphins and dopamine
  6. Focused Meditation – Taoist meditation focus on one point, drop into Emptiness for deep regeneration.
  7. Brainwave Entrainment & Music to access Super-Learning States before & during Study’s.


How to FREE A HYPER-ACTIVE FILTER in cases of Depression, OCD, Over-thinking, Hesitation, Lack of Focus, Inaction

Depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, are cases of EXTREME FILTERING by the brain, whereby the brain filters out much of the sensory stimuli and experiences and hyper-focuses on something specific – often a negative traumatic experience, person or behaviour. When it comes to depression, depressed individuals often have happy, positive feelings and experiences just like regular people, but their brain FILTERS out and DELETES these good experiences and instead focuses on bad memories, bad pictures, bad movies with the bad feelings attached to them. In the case of PTSD, the brain hyper-focuses on one specific memory or a stream of related negative memories. With these experiences blown up so big and intense, and such powerful adrenaline & kinaesthetic response it can cause the rest of their life and regular life to seem, “dull, drab and unmoving”. In extreme depression, the brain hyper-focuses on remembered bad experiences or constantly plays out negative scenarios happening in the future. I work with tons of these types of clients and every little thing, they’re constantly analyzing themselves thinking, “what if this happens …”, “what if that happens …” and run all kinds of scenarios where they see bad outcomes playing out. It’s bad planning. These individuals are so busy in their head that life passes them by.

In these cases, Neurolinguistic Programming is very effective for changing the focus and direction of the brain. Balancing brain neurochemistry simultaneously is critical in order for to facilitate greater mind control, and link these mental changes across the full spectrum of brain states.

Obsessive Compulsives similarly are zeroed in on specific behaviours and things, which constitutes the obsession and the compulsion is the need to act on it. You may obsessively worry about stressors, fears, anxieties, judgments of others, in which case your brain filters out good possibilities, and instead focuses on a few specific possibilities, usually bad ones, which your brain may be making BIG, BRIGHT, and CLOSE in your mind, thus creating bad feelings in your body.

THE KEY: The problem isn’t that you’re obsessing, the problem is that you don’t have the control to turn it ON and OFF and aim your obsessions. You should be able to put the things you want into the obsession machine in your mind, and go after them with absolute compulsion. Bruce Lee and every great athlete and entrepreneur is obsessed with mastering their craft.

HYPOCHONDRIAC ALERTFINE TUNE YOUR BRAIN – Realize that every obsessive loop, has an ending point at which point the loop re-sets. Obsessives and hypochondriacs who wash their hands tens of times, reach a point in each loop where they turn the water “off”. This is the point at which you as the practitioner need to create a new loop which connects to the end of that loop, as opposed to the end of that loop just triggering it to start over again. These fine mechanics are key. 

How do you know when to turn the water off? Do you get a certain feeling? What changes in your mind and body just before you turn the water off? These are the kinds of questions I ask clients to enable them to consciously access and begin controlling these unconscious automated processes, which is just a habit that a person has practiced thousands of times and thus neurologically become very good at.

OCD ALERT!  People with OCD are looking for COMFORT. What they need are to be taught more effective ways to feel comfort. With NLP & Brain Training I teach them how to relax and feel comfort. Neurologically OCD is tied to several neurotransmitter imbalances, specifically with GABA and Serotonin. GABA is “the OFF button” for the brain and serotonin increases neuro-flexibility and sense of calm and comfort. See this Brain Map, and red lines of HYPER-COHERENCE that show how the brain of a person with OCD is “locked in”. This is correctable with Brain Training.



Remember, being obsessive isn’t a bad thing, and in fact, is a very good thing WHEN ITS AIMED & CONTROLLED IN A USEFUL DIRECTION. Titanic entrepreneurs are obsessed with learning and innovating in their business. And if you’re a smart man, you’ll be obsessed with loving, caring and making your wife happy!

The problem is that most people don’t know how to:


Anorexics and Bulimics do what they do, because they feel they’re eating is the only thing they can control. But yet paradoxically its out of control because they can’t turn hunger ON and OFF. Every ON switch needs an off switch – ESPECIALLY IN YOUR BRAIN. 


“The most important ability for human beings to develop is the AWARENESS and ability to PAY ATTENTION to their brain and senses, and be able to shift their brains state at will. To turn Motivation, ON AND OFF, turn excitement ON and OFF, turn relaxation ON and OFF, turn stress ON and OFF” 


Indecision, hesitation and procrastination, occur when your brain goes in loops and loops, and often your brain is constantly running scenarios without a clear EXIT point to connect thinking to action. Ultimately the product of our thoughts will be some feeling and action. 

Like a mathematical model, your thinking processes have an initial TEST (an initial place to start. i.e. you see a business AD and then start to think about your business), then an OPERATION (thinking processes) and then a final TEST (often which idea feels the strongest) and EXIT (point at which you move into action). Your thinking processes need to have a final TEST and EXIT, otherwise the operations and scenarios keep playing out in your mind and nothing ever gets done.

You need to learn how to be more precise with THE OPERATIONS of your brain, make sure you’re using the right neuro-cortical pathways and thus THINKING PROCESSES for the task at hand. Then you need a strong FINAL TEST, which generally will be a strong feeling, that a particular action is most appropriate for the situation.


1. Keep THE OUTCOME you want in mind, so that way you can TEST which thoughts & ideas will most effectively get your there. 

2. Use the appropriate thinking process for the task at hand. Making your business plan for the next year should be a different & more elaborate system, than motivating yourself to get to the gym. The mental processing you use should MATCH the complexity of the task. We  are notorious for making things more complicated than they need to be. Like diet, nutrition, exercise etc. 

You need to strengthen your brain’s ability to filter our the garbage and focus on the fastest, most efficient routes to success. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is what hones on our brain into solutions to “LOCK IN” and “SAVE THAT ONE” and keeps our mind focused on the target that we want to achieve. When dopamine is low, our brain tends to run wild.

High levels of dopamine are critical when learning, especially science. I read tons of journals, articles and books, and most of the information is garbage, so I don’t assimilate into my brain, but I’ll find the few golden nuggets of wisdom that make it worthwhile. Much of the information on the brain and science, especially on the internet is questionable, so you need a strong filter, that like on a computer puts most of the non-sense into the garbage bin and the gems of wisdom, you save and elaborately file and encode in your memory.

Dopamine increases pattern recognition, planning, executive function, and attention. The Prefrontal Cortex is the thinking part of our brain, which evaluates ideas, scenarios and then make decisions about what to act on. When Dopamine levels are high, we are very action-oriented towards what we want. This is because DOPAMINE, helps to increase the FOCUS of our thoughts on specific targets. When dopamine is low in your brain you become indecisive and your thoughts run in loops with no EXIT.  DOPAMINE is a key to DECISIVE ACTION. It strengthens your Brain’s Focusing and Filtering Abilities. DOPAMINE = FOCUS. The genius guide & strategies above all raise DOPAMINE! Do them!

The other key neuro-chemical, to “FREE” a HYPER-ACTIVE FILTER, and increase cognitive flexibility for OCD’s, the Depressive’s, and those who feel “Stuck” and “Blocked” is: SEROTONIN. Meditation, Weight Lifting, Tai Chi, Sunlight and Super-Brain Beverages like the Loving Libido Mocha, all raise Serotonin. Cacao is a fantastic serotonin booster that increases brain flexibility. The Loving Libido mocha helps with OCD, Depression and excessive worrying. I serve all kinds of these brain beverages to my clients.

Taking control of your brain is the essence of Neuroplasticity! We are the one being on this planet, that can actively PROGRAM, the PROGRAMMING of ourselves. By changing the way you think, and how you use your brain, you change how the neuro-cortical pathways wire and fire in your brain. Moreover, with precise brain training you can change the brainwave frequencies your brain regions resonate at when they do fire, and create deep lasting changes in the unconscious process that drive your behaviour. You can WIRE YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS, to be “in the zone” across all areas of your life and across all states of consciousness.

Reset your brain’s automatic. Science shows that your brain fires a fraction of a second before we become conscious of our thoughts. The brain “primes us” for behaviour. It is this magical interval between brain activation and our behaviour where we have the opportunity to re-wire our brains SET-POINT. This is where the POWER OF CONSCIOUSNESS comes into play and how you can use your mind to change how your brain “Automatically” fires and responds to situations. You can re-wire fear to determination, hesitation to wanton “GO FOR IT”, anxiety to relentless tenacity.

In fact, Design Human Engineering (DHE), is a course taught by my mentor Dr. Richard Bandler, which is an evolution of NLP. The foundation of which is teaching you how to develop precise control over your own brain, to expand your thinking. Expanding your brain’s thinking capacities starts with learning how to consciously control the form and modalities in which you think. For example, when we feel certain feelings, those feelings have particular properties or sub-modalities. These components include location, pressure, speed, temperature, directionyou need to learn how to consciously control and manipulate these variables. Feelings are not “just things that happen to you”, they are neurological activity, which our brain evaluates and labels, “fear, anger, happiness”. You can learn to consciously take control of your feelings.

Developing precise control over your brain, starts with learning to control each individual variable, each sub modalities of your thinking while holding the others constant – thereby helping you develop greater precision over the elements of your brain.

The variables of our mental processes boil down to five representational systems, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory, olfactory.

The three major representational systems we think in are Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. For example, we imagine scenarios playing out in our mind (visual), we hear internal dialogue playing in our mind (auditory), and we feel certain feelings, for example, anxiety, butterflies in stomach before big events (kinesthetic). Now its not you are a “visual” or “auditory” person, these are just the representational systems that our brain uses to inform our conscious mind of what we’re thinking. They are the form & structure of our thoughts.

We use all three representational systems all the time, although we each have a tendency to use one particular system more than others, this is your dominant representational system.

Now each representation system will have certain properties. Visual thoughts, will have variables like size, shape, location, distance, brightness, associated (looking through your own eyes) /dissociated (looking at yourself), colour/black & white etc.

For auditory processes, the variables, will be volume, tempo, pitch, rhythm, location, among others. Kinesthetic processes, will have a particular location, speed, size, pressure, temperature. These are the variables of your thinking.

Like a mathematical equation, the sequencing and combination of the variables will lead to a different mental formula, and its PRODUCT -> ACTION. By developing precise control over each variable and then starting to combining different variables together, you will begin to find the best combinations for motivating yourself, making decisions, goal-setting, and creativity. This is where the fun of experimenting and pimping out your brain begins, and optimizing other people’s brain as a brain specialist. Manipulating and developing precise control of these variables in their mind are what geniuses like Tesla and Einstein did naturally, and are in fact highly learnable skills.

Let me give you an example for Practice:


Think of an absolutely wonderful memory with a good feeling associated with it OR think of something your really, really want – like that Brain, that Body, that Life you Desire! Its time for you to step inside that optimized you.

As you think of the memory or what you desire, you’ll get a feeling that you will feel is the strongest in a particular part of your body. This constitutes the location of the feeling. In addition to location this feeling will have many properties to it like, movement, spin, speed, pressure, temperature, soft/hard. How does the feeling move in your body? Does it move up, down, clockwise/counterclockwise through your body?  How about pressure, is it a strong, intense feeling or a light feeling? 

Now hold all the other variables constant, and move the feeling forward in your body just a little bit, does that feel better or worse? Then bring it back.

Learn to control each component one by one, by changing one component at a time while holding all the other variables constant. For example, as per above, change the location of the feeling, move it up, move it down, move it forwards and backwards, and see which location you like best. As you experiment, certain directions and locations will feel better than others, and in doing so, you’re learning about how your brain works, and what makes it work best. Precise practice will lead to precise control. 

Now lets work on the VISUAL. Think of that wonderful memory, pull it up in your mind and see it now. Notice is it a slide (a still picture) or a movie – a series of slides playing out? Can you turn the picture into a movie? Can you hold the movie still at the most wonderful moment? 

Next, hold everything else constant and start to control the size of the happy memory. Make it smaller, than make it bigger, and continue until its panoramic and its beaming down on you.

The more you deliberately activate those neurocortical pathways in your brain, the stronger they become and more easily you can access and control them. Practice does make perfect in the brain.

In summary, your BEHAVIOUR, which is the result of what you think and feel, is the product of Brain Mathematics. While the mathematics are complex and we aren’t always aware of all the variables that are working in our mind, the process for developing conscious control over your brain is simple. With highly focused concentration you can both extend the range of each specific variable and expand the range of variables in your mind, in which you think. 

Ultimately, the Output of your BRAIN’S MATHEMATICS are YOUR ACTIONS – what you actually do. Thereby the greatest test of the effectiveness of your brain function, is how you’re performing in your personal and professional life.

Are you highly motivated? Are you feeling purposeful, passionate, happy? Are you executing your dreams? Are you getting things done exquisitely and efficiently or are things long and laborious? 

To get more motivated, I recommend your paint a new picture on top of that happy memory, a picture of the OPTIMIZED YOU that you want to become. See yourself acting, being and doing all the things you want to be able to do. Be as precise and make it as detailed as possible. Keep adjusting the picture/movie, the size, the location, the focus, until it becomes something you DESIRE and are pulled towards.

As you can see the variables of our consciousness, how we think and the activities of our brain, can be represented with mathematical equations. By identifying these variables and understanding how our brain works, we can extend the range of each of the variables in our mind (adding new dimensions to our thinking – moving from 2D visual to 3D visual to 4D), as well as extending the range of the variables we think in, to generate more possibilities for our life, behaviour and consciousness,  while simultaneously building a better, faster, more efficient, more expanded BRAIN – NEURO-PLASTICITY AT ITS FINEST.

Soon with math and science, we will be able to generate equations that represent the brain, consciousness and the universe, which enable us to better understand, predict and act in the universe. The ability to predict and go into the future is what our brains are designed to do.

And now you know that your brain is a powerful filter, by strengthening the filtering capacities of your brain, you can start to program yourself to be happier, more focused, more motivated and more oriented towards success than you’ve ever been before. 

Ohhh don’t isn’t the power of neuroplasticity just magical?


We all know that stress is bad for our health, but do you have any idea of how damaging emotional & relationship stress is to your brain? Can you imagine what years upon years of intensifying emotional stress does to the mechanics and chemistry of your brain? 

In a court of law its easier to prove physical abuse thats blatant, but may emotional and social abuse eat away at your brain in a more insidious manner over time and thus constitute a more severe form of abuse? This is in fact what I’m seeing in my private practice, doing full Brain Imaging. 

In this article I share the story and results of Brenda, a client of mine, to raise awareness of the damaging effects of emotional stress in relationships, marriage, and in the workplace, and empower women both in personal and professional settings to say “NO!” to abuse, and take control of their brain. If you are a women reading this, the results are indisputable, and I highly suggest you implement the recommended Neuroplasticity Dopamine Boosting strategies outlined in this article below, for improving hormone, energy, vitality and fertility levels, brain health and function, cognition and creativity and protecting against Alzheimer’s and Neuro-degeneration. Protect it or lose it!

I have worked with Brenda for over a year, and this last QEEG Brain Mapping of her brain shows just how serious emotional stress is and that it’s equally if not more severe than physical stress and abuse.

This article will dive deep and give you the fundamental teachings of stress affects your brain mechanically and neurochemically, and thus your cognitive and mental abilities and physical ability. Before I give you all these details, which teachers, parents, lawyers should know, here are just a sneak preview of the ways Emotional Stress from relationships damages your brain: 


  1. Literally “SHUTS OFF” certain aspects of your brains functioning, increasing the latent inhibition, as protection mechanism, to the point where your brain literally SHUTS OFF memory, hearing, vision, and cuts you off from your nervous system. Brenda has had to wear a hearing aid, and practically lost her hearing and memory from this relationshipLOOK AT THE EXTREME BLUE IN THE AUDITORY CORTEX across Delta, Theta, Alpha – these are the slower way frequencies that the auditory cortex & limbic system are designed to resonate at.
  2. Stress rapidly DEPLETES VITAL NEUROTRANSMITTERS like Dopamine, Acetyl-Choline & Catecholamines which fuel focus, memory & higher cognition.  Also, DESTROYS MYELIN and “WHITE MATTER” leading to significant signalling issues. SEE BLUE LINES – HYPO-COHERENCE – means Brenda’s brain is not, “firing and wiring” together and is disconnected.
  3. Stress causes a TSUNAMI of HYPER-ACTIVATION of the Auditory Cortex and Limbic System, associated with mass cortisol and inflammatory cytokine release, which directly damages the Hippocampus, the major memory hub of your brain, and DECREASES NEUROGENESIS significantly (HUGE!!!). This Hyper-Inflammatory Response is precisely what we see on Brenda’s Brain Map. This also corresponds to external sense which have shut off, but her Mind and Auditory Internal Dialogue literally “SCREAMING AT HER!”, similar to what most people who are depressed experience. 
  4. Emotional Stress DESTORYS THYROID FUNCTION, HORMONE LEVELS & LEADS TO WEIGHT GAIN, BRAIN FOG & LETHARGY. Brenda’s thyroid and fat-burning ability have all been compromised. Inflammatory cytokines, produced by the liver directly shut off your thyroid and convert active T3 to inactive Reverse T3. The thyroid is the gas pedal that allows you to drive your FERRARI BRAIN.


As you can see emotional stress is in fact physical. It physically damages the victims brain. But take a look at the Post QEEG Brain Map on the right and see how rapidly and powerfully Brenda’s brain balanced after just short session of Brain Training Work. Let me explain HOW …

I had Brenda come in for a Brain Mapping this past Tuesday. It’s been several months since I did intensive Brain work with her. Over the past few months Brenda’s been going through a difficult legal battle with her ex-husband, “a monster from hell it seems”, who does everything he can to control and trigger her – from sending nasty messages, to messing with the process and on and on and on. For Brenda, this has caused her brain function to get more imbalanced, be more in a state of hyper-activation and excito-toxicity, leading to major memory, hearing, and focus issues, and dulling her creativity, senses and enjoyment with life. Just as I’m doing with Brenda, you need to protect yourself and re-wire your brain’s response from emotional stress too. See the increase in Red Hyperactivity in Beta and High Beta on the right QEEG Brain Map performed this Monday compared to the 2016 – particularly in the temporal lobes and auditory cortex where stress hits the hardest. 



2017 BRENDA'S BRAIN - After More Stress

2017 BRENDA’S BRAIN – After More Stress


In relationships we become used to particular ways of feeling, being and responding – we become tolerant of and familiar with stress. The brain is designed to make things FAMILIAR. Stress quickly becomes a habit the more people around you NEGATIVELY train your brain! This begs the question, what relationships are draining you and eating away at your brain that you need to let go of? 

As you read this article, and learn about the effects of stress on your brain, ask yourself, what do I want to get out of this article? What information do I need for myself? And then how can I use this to create healthier relationships? When you learn with your purpose in mind, your brain will focus on finding the information you need – and your memory will work a lot better too! So no need to worry and ADD TO YOUR STRESS!!!

Whatever its to empower yourself in business relationships or stand in your power in a personal relationship, remember to use your brain and think on purpose and don’t let your response and how you think and feel be at the mercy of others. TAKE ACTION. Build up your brain in advance and inoculate yourself to stress. Strengthen your control over your brain. Here’s why:

Once our brain has experienced traumatic physical abuse it creates major defence mechanisms and unconscious blockages to protect us from accessing those experiences again. The memories are so emotionally potent that our brain immediate disassociates and blocks us from accessing it. The pain is too overwhelming and so our brain “turns it off”, with good reason (psychologists listen up!)

However, emotional and social stress, rather than being a “CANON BALL” like physical abuse, is like boiling a frog in hot water, slowly and progressively boiling the water hotter and hotter over-time. In fact, this over-heating increases the baseline sensitivity and activation of the alarm centres in the amygdala and auditory cortex, progressively causing smaller and smaller things to trigger emotional stress in you. More and more you begin to constantly “hear the abuser’s voice louder in your mind”, and “see their harmful actions clearer and clearer, and closer and closer” … which fries your nerves and leaves them chronically in a state of “HYPER-ACTIVATION”. In essence, the stress chemicals accumulate, and the brain never shuts off or calms down, as seen by major deficiencies in the slow-wave frequencies like Delta, Theta, and Alpha, on Brenda’s brain. Over-time this destroys sleep, memory, relaxation, spatial abilities, focus and sensory acuity, and drains the brain because the brain needs to drop down into these slower frequencies to regenerate proteins and neurotransmitters. Moreover, in order to get deep sleep and regeneration, which facilitates growth hormone release, anti-aging, fat burning, and autophagy we need slow delta brainwave sleep. For efficient memory consolidation, and organization of neuro-cortical pathways, our brain needs to drop down into “theta dominant states” between 4-8Hz.

Information encoding and memory consolidation occur at different frequencies, in different networks in the brain and when the brain is operating at different speeds.


The brain needs sufficient excitatory neuro-chemical firing, specifically glutamate to stimulate long-term potentiation and new learning. Too slow, low voltage, Blue Brain (seen on QEEG) frequently is diagnosed as ADD. When processing information, the brain adds tons of information “to the cloud computer of our brain” and then later on will slow down into slower wave states in which, the bits of information in your brains cloud computing system, are systematized and organized into memory, which occurs in states of Alpha and Theta. The emotional and memory centres are designed to resonate between 6-9HZ when functioning optimally.

In a state of hyper activation, Beta and High Beta, the state in which Brenda’s brain is living, she’s constantly “ON” high speed receiving information, but her brain isn’t going into the right states where that information can be coherently organized into memory. Thus things mentally for her seem cloudy and new information, new people, new faces, and conversations don’t seem to stick. 

Brenda, remarked to me that her creativity has been “dulled” and she’s been having issues finding her passion, her drive and her direction for herself personally and with her business. Specifically, Alpha brainwave levels correspond to how synchronized and balanced mechanically and energetically our brain is. When our brain is producing ample ALPHA, we feel, “in the zone”, “on our game”, “in the flow”, “energized and on point” since in Alpha synchronizes our CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS MIND. I train people’s brain to be “in the zone”, relaxed and focused across all areas of their life. All the neuro-chemicals, and “nootropics”, like Dopamine exist in your brain, you just have to learn how to consciously “TAP” the compound pharmacy and mix your own cocktails in your brain – SEE DOPAMINE BOOSTERS BELOW.

When your brain’s ALPHA brainwave output is high, your conscious and unconscious fully align, and this is when you feel, “balanced”and all parts of your brain feel like they’re moving in the same direction. With deficiencies in Alpha, often it will seem like there are ropes pulling you in different directions and one part of your brain will be battling with another, leading to “stuckness”, “frustration”, “feeling disconnected”, “off purpose” and your brain running in all kinds of loops. Sound familiar? 

As seen on hundreds of Brain Maps, Brenda’s an example, emotional stress, de-synchronizes the brain, decreasing your memory, creativity, ability to visualize, and feel connected and associated with what you are doing (all of which require lots of ALPHA brainwave activity). Stress can also cause your brain to dissociate you from your experience, and so you’ll be going through the motions, but “not be present” and start to forget things, like “what you were doing did 10 minutes ago”, or “why you’re in a certain room of your house”as Brenda has remarked. Another consequence is you’ll feel un-motivated and lose your sense of pleasure and enjoyment of activities since you’re not “IN THEM”, experiencing them directly. Stress cuts you off from your nervous system. This response is appropriate in particular areas, such as dissociating us from harmful memories of abuse or trauma to protect us, but the brain has a tendency to generalize this protection mechanism, and so the more stress you face the more you become dissociated from all aspects of your life. The result is motivation, memory and enjoyment of life all suffer.


Your brain has BASELINE level of INHIBITION, to prevent sensory and information overload. Geniuses and highly creative individuals naturally have a very low level of inhibition, and in fact, many geniuses have, like Tesla had, such a low level of inhibition that the overload of sensory input can drive you crazy. However, unlike Tesla, most people have overly inhibited brains as a result of excessive stress, work demands and information overload with technology, social media etc. Stress inhibits the brain, which for a highly spiritual, intuitive person like Brenda, has cut her off from her full creative, intuitive abilities. Thus dis-inhibiting her brain is key to heightening her spiritual and intuitive abilities, creativity and ability to “Tune In”. As emotional stress amplifies over the course of an abusive relationship, the brain raises its set-point level of inhibition, as a protection mechanism. In Brenda’s case, her brain turned up the inhibition to the point where her brain turned her hearing off, and she recalls telling her ex during their relationship that she, “couldn’t hear him anymore externally …” which is true. Her brain has blocked off the auditory sensory input, which you may have experienced where the abuser is a yeller, screamer, and authoritarian. Unfortunately the abuser may take this “inability to hear” to abuse the victim even more. For the lawyers, the evidence is in the Brain Map, look at the excitatory activity in the temporal lobes of Brenda’s brain in High Beta.


Stress decreases the sensitivity of your senses and your precision over them. This can specifically decrease our kinaesthetic feeling and connection with our body, “dulling” the feeling and inhibit orgasms during sex.

Stress shuts off the brain in particular ways and in others turns it on so loud its screaming!


Holy Stress Response

Holy Stress Response

As you can see by the major spike in Brainwave Amplitude across the auditory cortex and frontal lobes, at 34 seconds, this huge stress response in the brain was generated by “just the single thought of her Ex”, igniting an ENTIRE TSUNAMI of Cortisol, Adrenaline and Stress Chemicals in the brainOver time, with your brain bathed with cortisol, the chronic elevation causes hormones to flatline, quickly bringing adrenal fatigue, lethargy, tiredness and thyroid issues. The problem is the WAVE Stress Response doesn’t stop, as we see with Brenda. This swiftly “fries” and destroys brain cell membranes. This is evidenced by the “wiring” and “connectivity issues” in Brenda’s brain represented by the blue lines, which identify “hypo-coherence”, or poor connection. This means that the brain regions are active and talking but are not in sync and firing in unison. The wiring issues are between critical networks which connect Prefrontal Cortex executive centres which control executive function, language, decision-making, and auditory cortex regions which play a role in speech and language reception and memory. As a result, Brenda has experienced, language issues, clearly expressing herself and getting the words clearly out of her brain. Not to mention to poor wiring issues between, occipital lobes which modulate visual input, with frontal lobe regions which impact our cognition, resulting in a poor ability to visualize, imagine and see clearly plans and ideas for the future. Thus if you’re a COACH, working with a client like Brenda can be frustrating, when you don’t know that her brain regions aren’t firing properly to perform the tasks at hand. THE RESULT: There will be major difficulties with motivation and goal-setting, since a brain that is stressed, and “inhibited” will be unlikely to venture into an unknown future that can’t be seen clearly.

THE GOLDEN ROOM DARKENED – Emotions are intimately intertwined with memory. In fact, emotions are the fabric of memory. Our limbic system, our mid-brain processes both emotions and memory. Over time, constant emotional stress leads to chronic elevation of cortisol, which leads to damaging excess excitatory activation of temporal lobes and specifically, the memory centre, the hippocampus. This leads to a phenomenon where clients will hear, “Screaming Internal voices in their head”. 

Foggy Brain – Stress also leads to a rapid depletion in neurotransmitters such as Acetyl-Choline and Dopamine, which is evidenced by the poor connectivity and coherence in the brain, and significant phase lag (brain lag – meaning very slow neural signalling speed just like a computer that lags).

The Stress Dis-Connect – Stress damages the “White Matter” and myelin sheaths which conduct nerve signals and insult nerves. As a result, signalling issues in the nervous system develop, such as poor balance, poor sensorimotor function, degeneration of hearing, extreme sensitivity to environmental stressors and energies, and very poor procedural memory. 

Fat, Tired, Weak – Emotional stress leads to chronically elevated inflammatory cytokines and chemicals produced by the liver, which shut down the thyroid (convert T3 into reverse T3), and thus lead to weight issues, brain fog, energy issues, poor focus, memory and cognition. 


You’ve seen and heard the BAD SIDE of Stress, well here’s the GOOD OF THE SIDE!!!

Your brain is a remarkably plastic, constantly changing dynamic organ! The science of neuroplasticity shows how powerfully and quickly the Brain responds and re-wires in response to Brain Training.

Specifically for Brenda, I am SOOO excited because I’ve never seen a brain that shifts and responds so powerfully to “How she is Thinking”With a little Neurolinguistic Programming, some Trance work, and Neuroplasticity Exercises, I’ll train her to develop conscious control over her brain and unconscious processes in no time. This is evidenced by the major Brain Voltage and Power changes in her Brainwaves by having her shift what she was thinking. For example, Brenda called in her Spirit guides, and thought of powerful, joyful energy and her brain immediately responded – now my job is to teach her how to consciously control her brainwaves across all states of consciousnessand start to teach her how to take precise control over her, auditory, visual and kinaesthetic thinking in her brain. This is where the Neurolinguistic Programming and Neuroplasticity work comes in and what I love doing the most!  

Before I give you the STRESS BUSTING plan to follow, here is: 


Stress not only has a mental and emotional component it also has a significant neurobiological component. Stress depletes vital neurochemicals, and neuro-hormones like Dopamine.

So after seeing Brenda’s Brain Map, and figuring out the underlying neurochemical imbalances I designed and gave her a cocktail of Brain Nutrients and Nootropics to balance her neurochemistry – The result was her Brain completely balanced across the entire frequency spectrum within minutes.



Stress increases glutamate release, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter, and progressively results in glutamate receptor hyper-sensitivity. This can result in tinnitus and ringing in the ears, chronically elevated “brain pain”, headaches, migraines, physical pain increased sensitivity to foods, excito-toxins like additives, colourings in food (eating out can be dangerous!), and increased sensitivity to weather changes, EMF and changes in the environment. You become a sensitive canary! Not to mention internal dialogue becomes so revved up, “its like your mind is screaming at you …” and internal dialogue may be very unsettling. GABA, the brain’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter is Glutamates’ antagonist. GABA inhibits neurons. In the brain faster is not better, like most speed, ritain and amphetamine junkies would like to believe. In the Brain BALANCE EQUALS BRILLIANCE. Your brain runs to fast, and speed doesn’t come out properly, information doesn’t stick. We need to proper space in between nerve cell firing, just like we need the proper space and breathing in between speech (autism alert!). This is achieved by balancing glutamate and GABA levels.Stress fries the brain and rapidly depletes acetylcholine. The result is you can quickly become a worry wort and worry about everything! And boy do I see that in my practice! People who run scenarios in the mind all day worrying about dying, germs, facing their boss, you name it! 

ACETYL-CHOLINE – Your Brain Foggy & Slow? Feel like there’s a blanket on your brain?

Acetylcholine controls how fast neurons fire and thus brain speed, memory, motor function, boosts CREATIVE IQ, decreases worrying (those WORRY WARTS who are too busy worrying, they don’t live at!!!).

In the Parietal lobes, acetylcholine is released increasing alpha waves bringing us “in the zone” into relaxed focused states enhancing, information processing, analytical thinking, spatial reasoning, logical and mathematical thinking. Genius’ like Einstein had hyper-development in the Parietal lobes fuelling creative thinking, reasoning, intuitive abilities and imagination, all associated with high acetylcholine levels.

Acetyl Choline is also a building block for myelin, the fatty sheaths that insulate the nervous system and conduct electrical signals. More Myelin equals more insulation, greater capacity to hold and carry electric charge, and thus better communication in the brain and clearer thinking. When acetylcholine is depleted, “sparks begin to fly”, like an exposed T.V. wire, resulting in signalling issues, such as brain fog, motor issues and your mind going blank mid-conversation.

Lecithin and choline also help to metabolism fat, and are used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, high cholesterol levels and liver disorders. Since we can see with Brenda’s QEEG brain map and EEG recordings, stress does to hyper-activate the auditory cortex and hippocampus, deteriorating it, thus increasing risk of alzheimer’s.

Thus Brainpower Nutrition, Pasture Raised or Organic Egg Yolks, Wild Fish and Seafood, Grass-Fed Beef Liver, and green vegetables like Broccoli are critical because they are loaded with acetylcholine.



DOPAMINE – Get your Neurons Firing & Wiring Together

Finally, DOPAMINE. Dopamine is the perhaps the brain’s most important neurochemical. Dopamine enhances Brainpower, Mood, Motivation, Focus, “Pleasure and Reward”, Brain Voltage, Brain Speed and Cognitive Energy. It is the brain’s “gas pedal” neurotransmitter. When dopamine levels are high groups of neurons fire together at high speed – the brain clicks. When dopamine is released, neurons “fire and wire” together. Thus dopamine is critical to learning and forming new, strong neuro-cortical connections. Which for Brenda is mighty important.

When dopamine rises, your brain says “Save that One”. Dopamine increases pattern recognition and key to planning, forethought, focus, executive function, attention. Dopamine is responsible for your Mental Bandwidth – your Brain’s RAM and Working Memory Power.

So how to re-build, re-wire and replenish your brain with all these vital neurochemicals? 



by The Game Changer 

  1. Movement – especially High Intensity Exercise (which someone who’s body is stressed should only be doing in short, intense bursts like 10 minutes of exercise in total until hormones are fixed), and fine motor movements like TAI CHI, QIGONG & Martial Arts
  2. Meditation – results in increased regeneration of frontal lobes, by increasing Alpha and Theta brainwaves, during which neurochemicals and catecholamine levels replenish
  3. SUNLIGHT – amino acid tyrosine, the precursor of Dopamine, is a light-activated molecule. Nothing raises dopamine and makes us feel better, “happier” and more joyful than the sunshine! Brenda was just in Hawaii! In any settlement packages, there definitely should be VACATION money to allow the victimized individual plenty of time to go to a tropical location for some healing and dopamine replenishment! You lawyers listen up!
  4. BRAINPOWER NUTRITION – Balanced Superfood Integrated Way of Eating combining:
  • Ample DHA & Iodine rich SEAFOOD, which is loaded with brain-specific nutrients such as zinc, iron, selenium, B12
  • TONIC HERBS & SUPERFOODS – Goji, Schizandra, Ginseng, Cordyceps and tonic herbs which modulate and adapt the immune system (speed or slow it up as needed! You don’t need to think about it, just consume them and the foods which are medicines will do the work!) Tonic herbs and superfoods are best consumed in BRAIN BEVERAGES which combine fats (to increase delivery and assimilation of brain nutrients across cell membranes), and superfoods (the medicinal foods) for a delicious, nutritious, satiating meal. WATCH THIS & MAKE THE LOVIN’ LIBIDO MOCHA!
  • GO GREEN – Ample Raw Vegetables & Juices – Anti-inflammatory high photonic power from the sun. Drink Sunshine. WATCH & MAKE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY JUICES HERE.

5. BRAIN TRAINING – Neurofeedback. Neurolinguistic Programming – optimizing the software programs of the mind. By expanding your mind’s capabilities with Neurolinguistic Programming you build new neuro-cortical pathways and stimulate neurogenesis.

*** All of these dopamine boosting strategies counteract the accelerated brain cell death and depletion in BDNF (brain derived nerve growth factor) caused by stress by increasing neurogenesis (brain cell growth).

*** ALZHEIMER’S ALERT One of the main reasons why emotional stress can contribute to Alzheimer’s and neurodegeneration is that it speeds the rate of brain cell death and slows the rate of brain cell growth, specifically in the memory hub, the hippocampus where neurogenesis occurs.

So for Brenda I gave her a cocktail that included Magnesium Threonate (a form of magnesium that acts on the cerebral spinal fluid) which enhances GABA production, Acetyl-Choline Boosters, including phosphatidylserine and CDP choline, as well as a few other nootropics, which within minutes completely balanced her BRAIN, raising DELTA, THETA and ALPHA brainwave production, while reducing the excitatory BETA and HIGH BETA activity.

For permanent change, I will be doing intensive Brain Training with Brenda, combining Neurotechnologies, Neurolinguistic Programming & Trance Work (to wire in the changes in both her conscious and unconscious and give her precise control over her brain & unconscious processes across different brain states), Brainpower Nutrition (to provide the raw materials to build up the brain & boost neurogenesis), and QIGONG & Tai Chi (to boost her Qi, hormones and stimulate neurogenesis). Stay tuned for the results of this full-out Neuroplasticity Brain Optimization Program.

I have only just begun to share with you the wide ranging effects of emotional stress on the brain, and while this article is rich brain-buzzing science and information there is so much more to learn and experience.

Now most get overwhelmed with science and information but thats only because they’ve forgotten to keep their purpose in mind. While reading and perhaps re-reading this article, ask yourself, What do I want to get out of this article? What information do I need for myself? 

See when you learn with your purpose in mind, your brain will focus on finding the information you need.

Whatever you’re purpose, remember to use your brain on purpose and never to let the actions of others eat away at your brain. TAKE ACTION. Build up and strengthen your brain. Inoculate yourself to stress. Strengthen your control over your brain. Train your brain to move towards the things you want, not away from those you fear.

Remember, its you’re brain, and how you build it, and how you use it is up to you! Make it the best brain and the best life you can!

PROTECT & OPTIMIZE YOUR BRAIN NOW with The Game Changer Proprietary Neuroplasticity Process email: or call 647 688 2216


The Game Changer – The Leader in Brain Education & Optimization


“After spending 20 years in a highly toxic relationship, I came to Chris for17634355_10158562317770074_5318275926493972667_n help to bring myself back to a normal state of health. For years I tried everything to improve how I looked, felt and functioned, but to no avail. Even though I ate a healthy diet and exercised, I was exhausted all the time and suffered from asthma, food sensativies and brain fog. The problem was not what I was doing for myself but how I was being treated. Thanks to the work Chris and I have been doing together, I feel like I have come out of a coma and back into the world. The asthma is gone as well as most of the food sensativies and I feel energetic, vibrant and centred and with a strong sense of self worth that will never allow me to go back into another relationship like that one. After a particularly trying week (three months actually) with my ex, I felt myself slipping back into a scattered and tired state of being. Chris mapped what was going on and worked on my biochemistry: I feel like I have bounced back to better than ever. I feel this is because of the cellular memory of healthy higher states of functioning we have already worked to create within me. I don’t know where I would be right now without this technology. Much heart felt gratitude Chris!”




I work with lots of Autistic individuals, as well as many professionals suffering from stress, anxiety, focus & memory, sleep problems.

As seen on the QEEG Brain Map, below, these imbalanced brain states coincide with deficiencies in ALPHA in the brain, which indicates POOR COHERENCE, SYMMETRY & SIGNALLING in the brain, meaning the brain is NOT CONNECTING WELL. This creates, learning difficulties, and problems with Focusing, Memory, Language, Communication and Behaviour. All symptomatic areas of improvement for Autistic Children. Not only that, Professionals and Business Executives working under high stress conditions, exposing themselves to heightened levels of EMF also develop similar brain imbalances.

Here is a Facebook Video showing my WORK balancing and optimizing the STRESSED, ANXIOUS Extrepreneur Brain.


Here is a research paper, that identifies one of the major culprits that is subtly destroying the signalling & function of your brain.

ACTION ITEM: Minimize your exposure & your kids exposure to man-made EMF. This includes cellphones, iPads, Televisions, Fake indoor lighting, WIFI, being inside. As much as possible, get outside and connect to the earth and to the sun to restore COHERENCE to our Brain and Clarity to our Mind.

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