Emotional & Spiritual Mastery 1: Lighting up your Life

Have you lost the sunshine in your life? 

Has your world been flipped upside down to a dark, cold place of gloom, doom and misery? 

Do you feel stuck or have you been struck by a disease like Cancer, Alzheimer’s or Heart Disease? Have your kids been struck by a Neurological Condition like Autism or ADHD? 

Does the forecast for your life seem to be all rain and showers?

All human beings experience and succumb to feelings of depression, misery, fear, sadness, dejection, despair and many different cancerous feelings. These common negative emotions can dig us into a deep hole very fast, and climbing out can seem virtually impossible. Many people are struck so hard and drilled down so deep by diseases like cancer, and mental illnesses like Depression, that they can’t see any light at all. You can tell these people that there’s light and hope, or you can be told that there’s light, but if in your mind’s eye you don’t see any light, you simply won’t believe it.

However, what do we all know follows every thunder-storm and rain shower? A beautiful rainbow. But to see the rainbow we need to be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. We have to step outside the house of our comfort, and step into the wilderness of our imagination and natural energetic power, to see the light which will brighten and enlighten our lives. Within all darkness lies light. Within the darkest, most powerful thing in the universe, The Black Hole, lies infinite light energy and power to create universes and thus create life.

Ultimately, we all seek to elevate ourselves and our lives to a happy, healthy heavenly place. The feelings, the emotions, the experiences, the touch, the sounds, the thoughts, the connection, the significance is what we’re all after. Some people pursue money to get there. Some people try to achieve, achieve, achieve, and accumulate as many accomplishments as possible so that they finally feel significant to others, and feel significant to themselves. Some people pursue heavenly human experiences by dedicating themselves to helping someone else, a son or daughter, who’s health and happiness, is the key to their heavenly kingdom.

But no matter what, on your journey, not all days will be bright skies and sunshine, inevitably the rain, thunderstorms, showers and bolts of lightening will steal the sun for periods of time. These storms can be extremely turbulent and escalate into hurricanes. For most, at the worst of times, these storms are overwhelming. In these torrential times, you may lose your job, lose a loved one, have your son or daughter diagnosed with a Neurological disorder, which a doctor says your kid will battle their entire life, or you may be struck by a disease like Cancer. To the energy-depleted person, the weak-minded, the darkened and dulled soul, these thunderstorms are devastating and too much to deal with. Having lost all their power, these people put their health and their life into the hands of someone else, perhaps the Oncologist. These storms can easily destroy you if you’re not careful, prepared and have the awareness, energy and brainpower to navigate these waters and keep your ship afloat. The solution to sailing through torrential times is remarkably simple, but not easy. As soon as you know the solution, the destination where you need and want to be, and have the roadmap and tools to get you there, then the only thing you need is PERSISTENCE. 

But unfortunately, most don’t have a clue about the destination they want to go to, nor a map of how to get there, nor the vessel that can withstand the waves, storms and blows that they’ll inevitably confront on their journey.

I’ve committed myself, and I’ve committed to you, to help you architect the ultimate vessel: A Super Brain, a Beastly but Beautifully Graceful Body, Universal Consciousness & MasterMind Mindset and Transformative Life Energy. Through all my blogs, books, speeches and videos I help you clearly and accurately identify the heavenly place you want to reach. I then shine a light on the different routes to get you there.

But the one thing, that determines whether you get struck and stuck in the storm that life throws at you and whether you’re able to keep your ship afloat no matter what, is your level of Energy and thus Persistence. To have the Persistence you require the Energy

Most people only have one of the two pieces. Most people work hard, persist and dedicate lot’s of time and energy, but don’t have a clue where they are headed, where they want to go and how they could possibly get there. So their hard work will usually just lead them astray. On the other hand, some people see clearly the destination they desire, but don’t have the energy, hard-work and persistence, and perhaps don’t have the tools to most effectively get to their destination. On top of this, given all the things they’ve tried which haven’t work and all the failures these people have already experience, they just don’t have what it takes to persist with anything.

No matter where you are at in your life, bright blue sunny days or if the world is pouring down on you, the key point you must know is that Mother Nature is relative, she works in rhythms, she brings positive and negative, highs and lows. Yet, underlying the relative nature of all of mother nature’s operations, is an intelligence, a creative process, a reason, that when you see it, allows you to see the light no matter how dark things get. If you can see it, and work with mother nature, extreme darkness can bring extreme light.

“The trauma and drama can be your ticket to Nirvana.” 

But you must understand that for the sun to shine brightly and feed and fuel tremendous life, beauty and bounty on earth we need the rain showers, the thunderstorms, the difficulty, doom and gloom to activate our super-human powers and allow for the full rainbow of our consciousness and creativity to emerge.

And if we’re prepared, if we are persistent, and if we educate ourselves, we can move to the right place at the right time, to see and become the beautiful rainbow that follows every torrential rainstorm. But if you’re inside the house of your comfort, inside the walls of your beliefs and captive in the bricks and mortal of the current system, deep in the dumps, you will not see the light. You will continue to believe that the light doesn’t exist, the cures don’t exist, the experiences and destinations just aren’t possible, and so will only read, learn and know the books that “the house” gives you. 

But no matter how much “the house” infiltrates your mind, there’s always something in you that is your get out of jail card, which no one can take away. There is something in you that can see through and transcend the walls of the house.

The key to be free is Life Energy.”

Life Energy is what creates and connects you to what others have called The Spirit or The Source

Mother nature is rhythmic and operates through patterns and processes. For every human being, there is a pattern and process to consciously creating and connecting to our sub-conscious higher source of intelligence. In fact, we can open the doors for our big mind to shine through our conscious mind, bringing infinite insightfulness and intelligence to the counter of our conscious mind. By leveraging the pathways that mother nature has created we can consciously lead ourselves on the fastest, most exciting and most enlightening path to our heavenly place.

I have personally experienced what the development of Life Energy can do for a human being to tap into extraordinary happiness, health, and creativity. Abilities I wasn’t born with, and never had, nor wielded my entire life. Out of all the streams my life could flow, I’ve consciously worked my way to this steady stream of constant never-ending improvement and development of Life Energy. For you to truly know, you must experience.

I’m sure many of you have been to spiritual circles, energy circles or met a Qigong Master, Tai Chi Master or a Monk, or even people in Business who just blow you away with how happy, positive, bright and loving they always seem to be. For these people it seems like the sun is always shining. Most of us, observe those people and think that it’s got to be fake, right? 

How could people be so freely happy and loving. How could people be so caring and genuine? It has to be fake, what do these people really want from me? Right? 

When I was started on my journey 5 years ago, and started putting myself in new environments and meeting new people that’s what I definitely thought … it seemed like a lot of B.S. to me and I was very skeptical.

How can every day be blue skies and sunny for these people? That isn’t how nature works, right? There are always thunderstorms, rain-showers and lightening, yes? So many people get struck by lightening and BOOM, get cancer, suffer a heart attack and die, why would these people be any different? The natural scientist in me wasn’t convinced …

So like any good scientist, I put this possibility to the test. For the last five years, I committed to practicing and pursing the Masters in Qigong, Tai Chi, TCM, Philosophy, Neuroscience and Nutrition to see if I could make myself shine so brightly and become so strong that I would become impervious to the thunderstorms and showers that life would inevitably throw at me. I consumed the highest energetic tonic herbs, foods, superfoods and brainpower nutrition, while practicing qigong, tai chi, and exercising and meditating (occasionally super-charged with brain-technologies) judiciously every single day for the last 5 years.

Through this process something very interesting has happened to me …

A force has emerged, a light has been turned on, waves of new thoughts, new ideas, new emotions have drifted into my life, and these tides keep rising. I feel this unlimited reservoir of life energy fuelling me every single day, fuelling me every single time I write, every time I think, every time I want to create something in my life. This energy animates all the dreams I’ve always had and brings life to them. It puts these dreams in motion. It is as if a match has light my candle, and now the flames seem to glow, radiate, lighten and brighten my entire world. This is a level of power you need to experience to fully understand and then wield to do good in the world.

As I’ve mentioned in the Energy and Magnetism Blog, this Life Energy creates a Magnetic Field, a protective atmosphere that shields you from negative influences, harmful weather, harmful events, harmful rays of energy and people, just like the Earths atmosphere. Through the process of generating Life Energy two very interesting things happen. First, the weather forecast in your life dramatically changes. Now virtually everyday is blue skies and sunny. The rain showers, and weather have shifted away from you and is blocked, by your jet stream of energy. The rain and showers will fall elsewhere. However, occasionally there will be a storm, and even a thunderstorm. Yet, the second important change, is that, now you never get caught in the storm. If there are bolts of lightening, they don’t hit you. For example, if someone is getting fired at work, its not you – you’re energy is too strong, too protective, and brings you out of danger. With this life energy, diseases like Cancer and mental illnesses like Depression can’t strike you, because they are fundamentally low-energy disease states. These diseases don’t exist at this higher energetic dimension. Energetically, and thus mentally, physically, emotionally, you’re too smart and too strong that if you get the inklings of any impending storms, you immediately remove yourself from danger. Over-time this energy will open up your third eye, and you will feel the gravity and weight of things, events and people before they happen. This is a physical phenomenon which can be built and strengthened.

This is the enlightenment and empowerment that enables a human being to optimally thrive in any environment and immediately adapt to whatever life throws at them. Storms and dangers will inevitably come because mother nature is always correcting the imbalances, especially the imbalances that modern man has created with agriculture, industrialization, and now the technology BOOM. Through these storms and self-correcting processes, it is the strongest, most resilient, most adaptable human beings who will survive and thrive. The people who take action to build their life energy and elevate themselves to a level of health, strength, smarts, creativity and courage to experience and explore the full universe of our highest human possibilities, emotions, values, and intelligence, will be the ones who discover and Master the beauty, bounty, simplicity and complexity of life.

Radiant Health, or what Ancient Chinese Wisdom calls “Health Beyond Danger” is within your reach.

Why settle for a C or D, when you have a clear path to straight A’s?  No matter what your genes, no matter what your past, you can change and create the forecast for your future. Your diagnosis right now, is not the prognosis, the forecast of how your life will play out.

Following this blog will be several blogs on how to protect, prevent and prevail over energy deficiency diseases like Depression, Concussions, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Autism, and prevent you from getting struck by these diseases in the first place. The keys and combinations to unlock, unleash and un-limit yourself are here.

The game is changing …

“We, the new, the nameless, the hard-to-understand (the game changers) … we require a new end also a new means, namely a healthiness, stronger, sharper, tougher, bolder, and merrier than any healthiness hitherto. He whole soul longs to experience the whole range of hitherto recognized values and desirabilities, and to circumnavigate all the coasts of this ideal “Mediterranean Sea” who from the adventures of his most personal experience, wants to know how it feels to be a conquerer (a Master) and discoverer of the ideal – and likewise how it is with the artist, the saint, the legislator, the sage, the scholar, the devotee, the prophet, and the Godly Nonconformist of the old style; – requires one thing above all for that purpose, great healthiness – such healthiness as one not only possesses, but also constantly acquires and must acquire, because one continually sacrifices it again, and must sacrifice it! – And now, after having been long on the way in this fashion, we argonauts of the ideal, who are more courageous perhaps than prudent, and often enough shipwrecked and brought to grief, nevertheless, as said above, healthier than people would like to admit, dangerously healthy, always healthy again, … we have a still undiscovered country before us, the boundaries of which no one has seen, a beyond to all countries and corners of the ideal known hitherto, a world so over-rich in the beautiful, the strange, the unquestionable, the frightful, and the divine, that our curiosity as well as our thirst for the possession thereof, have got out of hand – Alas! That nothing will any longer satisfy us!” 

– Friedrich Nietzche, Joyful Wisdom 


*** All content on The Game Changer Blog is directly extracted and used from Chris Wyllie’s Published Books. No content from this blog may be copy, re-used, or re-produced without the express written consent of The Game Changer.

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