“Live with the fear, NOT IN FEAR” 

– The Game Changer

Our Brain’s have a predisposition to FEAR, to move away from things instead of towards. Fact, is you know food – berries, carrots – are still going to be there the next day, but if you take a chance at even the slightest inopportune time, we could risk getting eater by a lion or other predator. And so its perfectly understandable that TRANSGENERATIONAL NEUROPLASTICITY would promote such fear-based mechanisms.

However, as we evolve and our consciousness expands, we realize that there are elements of our brain and consciousness that can certainly override and re-wire inherent predisposition to fear, the basis of this neurologically is the Human Neocortex or Prefrontal Cortex. In fact, when we measure the Cortical thickness is this latest most highly evolved complex part of our brain we see that Monks, Meditators, Highly Successful Entrepreneurs have thicker neocortices. Specifically, in my own brain, I’ve mapped it and seen an increase in metabolic function and activation of my prefrontal cortex.

THE ESSENCE OF re-wiring our brain and fully developing the highest most evolved region of our brain, the prefrontal cortex stems from COMPETENCE and PURPOSE … from competence comes confidence, from learning comes freedom and from deep reflection and coherent consciousness comes DEEPER PURPOSE … and when you live with purpose, live with warrior spirit and passion … you live, train and give every fibre of your soul to what you do.

I just think of Shaolin Monks, Great Samurai’s … they have their purpose and mission, and live in alignment with that purpose and accept what comes … train and prepare themselves to the best of their abilities and then trust in the pursuit of their purpose.


1. COMPETENCE – consistently prepare and sharper your skills each and every day. No days off, no excuses, CONSISTENCY leads to COMPOUNDING COMPETENCE. What are specific disciplines and skills that you’re passionate about? What are specific skills you could develop and hone and earn an income from?

2. LEARNING leads to Freedom 

3. DEEPER Reflection Daily – 20 MINUTES OF DELIBERATE UNDIVIDED FOCUSED ATTENTION – whether it be 20 minutes of silent meditation, 20 minutes of Qigong or Martial Arts, 20 minutes of high intensity training, or 20 minutes walking meditation or jogging meditation.

Implement these three pieces consistently day after day and you will quickly re-wire your brain and strengthen your Prefrontal Cortex to expand your consciousness and your competence to stop living in fear and start LIVING. COURAGEOUSLY.

Want to Live like a Warrior, Train like a Warrior and Become a Warrior? BRAIN, MIND, BODY, SPIRITUAL WARRIOR TRAINING with The Game Changer
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