Has your Brain Blinded You? Deep Dive into the Brain & Psyche … CUT YOUR “Reasons”. GET MORE “Results”

Has your Brain Blinded You? 


PRINCIPLE #1: The Brain, Seeing, Perception is PURPOSE DRIVEN.

When you buy a brand/model of a car suddenly you start seeing them every where. Its not like they just magically appeared out of no where, they were there all along. Its just YOUR BRAIN has now made it PERSONALLY IMPORTANT and so makes every one of the same cars pop out for you.

YOUR BRAIN IS A PATTERN-SEEING, MEANING-MAKING purposeful machine … you won’t see it unless your brain has a PURPOSE to show it to you …

If you’re looking for “why” things are wrong with you … or why your held back, stuck, limited, your brain will show you as many patterns/reasons as it can operating under that PURPOSE … but if you’re looking for what works, what you want, your brain will show you every pattern to useful in helping you to get there.

The Universe is infinite and so is your brain. The patterns and possibilities, are limitless, and so consciousness necessarily has to FOCUS & ILLUMINATE specific information, while filtering out the rest to guide present/future action. The patterns you see are a function of YOUR PURPOSE. Consciousness is what gives you the power to get behind the wheel of your brain and consciously program YOUR PURPOSE and WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.

What you see and experience will be guided by THE PURPOSE you program in your brain, which will determine the patterns of information you see and therefore what you’re able to do.

Start from the very beginning, start out thinking WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. You can get your brain to FOCUS ON, BLOW UP, ILLUMINATE anything, so what kind of person do you want to become? What purpose do you want your brain to make big, bright, and shiny in your mind?

As, Dr. Richard Bandler says “Think on Purpose.” And it is beyond that, you see, feel, experience, behave, believe, on purpose.

Question is, is that purpose leading you to live an epic life? 

Lets Dive Deeper into the Brain & Psyche today …

CUT YOUR “Reasons”. GET MORE “Results”

The human psyche is drawn to create reasons and rationalizations to justify our behaviour be it what we’ve done, what we haven’t done, why we we’ve gotten where we are etc. Really these reasons are created to justify our limits, failures, inaction, hesitation, insecurities … often we have a tendency to feel separate “alone” “unique” in the way that we, quite bluntly, are “messed up” unlike any one else … the reasons/circumstances unique to you … this is especially true during dark days we feel this “dissociation of being” …. I know I’ve been there … however when you’re truly succeeding in getting results there is in fact, no reason to create reasons, rather you just go after experience and create the results themselves, fully associated, harmonized, connected to life – in the zone.

By definition, when worrying, rationalizing, explaining things you are “out of the zone” – perhaps this is why many coaching/therapeutic paradigms produce limited results – the aim of CHANGE WORK is to teach the client how to ACTIVELY develop more precise control over their brain, mind, body, behaviour, decision-making so that THEY can decide and drive where they want to go, and develop the required skills/abilities adaptively on the fly.

So this begs the question is do you look at the mountains in your life and figure out all the reasons why you haven’t climbed them or why you haven’t crossed that bridge yet or let go of the past … do you seek to clarify such reasons and justification?

or do you look at all the potential mountain tops, cut the crap, PICK A TARGET, AIM YOUR BRAIN & BODY towards, ask yourself what skills/abilities am I going to need to get there create an initial route like programming your GPS, and getting on with the climb already??? All the while asking yourself, “how exquisitely, efficiently and enjoyably can I get to the top?”

Procrastination, Hesitation is in fact a decision … those of you who keep waiting for time to close in you to focus your thoughts … FOCUS THEM NOW … you know what any therapeutic change is going to do … its going to bring YOUR DESIRES/PURPOSE IN SIGHT “INSIGHT (sound familiar?), and give you a new perspective (on all the past problems) and new sense of direction.

Do you need to spend 100s of hours and $1000s of dollars going to therapies to reach such a level of consciousness? NO.

But you may have bought into the intellectual, theoretical stuff … PRACTICALITY … if your results don’t match your theory, your theory is dead wrong …

Not to mention all that time people spend putting things off … they could be doing the next new things … you could not only be climbing one mountain … you could be skipping across the top of many.

But none of use were taught this … from day one … the school system, our parents … they pointed out every thing we did wrong … from day one our brain has been trained to look for “WHATS WRONG” … as human beings we’re great at noticing mistakes … unfortunately the more you look for whats wrong the more you’re brain will find reasons why.

I am talking about something different … I am talking about using your brain for what it was designed to do … TO IMAGINE CREATE MOVE TOWARDS BUILD & MANIFEST REALITY … to see the world better than it is now, and then make it so. Our human brain is the underlying technology of human evolution. Its time you start using yours more wisely.

You are a PROCESS not a thing. Your brain is a process, not a thing, that is always growing 10000s new neurons and 100,000s of new neuro-cortical connections each day based on your mental experience and activity … its time you get right to BUSINESS … Designing the Destiny of your Dreams, and bringing that into focus …

You could be from Africa, you could be Asian, you could be from Antartica, with whatever circumstances, conditions that surely influenced the way you are as a person … but if I took you and diligently taught you the skills, strategy and mental approach to learning how to play hockey … anyone from any background (baring extreme exceptions) could learn how to play. Really your past, and even your genetics doesn’t matter … and has little reflection on WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF AS A HUMAN BEING … it will only limit you if you let it continue with reasons … forget reason … lets be rationally unreasonable … AIM BIG, DREAM BIG, and GO AFTER IT BIG, not tomorrow, not 10 days in the future … NOW, this moment, today. Not lets wait until tomorrow … well tomorrow you could have been doing some else new!!! … NOW, the present which is your present each moment.

In fact, consciousness is unbounded timeless infinite. You don’t need to be just in the now, “Be Ahead of the Now” … be one step ahead of the game, see things coming, plan ahead … go into the future … pick the person you want to be (be unreasonable) and let that guide your actions in the present … without DIRECTION … PURPOSE your brain will flop all over the place …. there are no value judgments, opinions, theories in your unconscious … its purposeful … so DIRECT, ACTIVELY, its your BRAIN USE IT FOR A CHANGE!!!

So do you really what to spend these precious moments focused on why you haven’t taken the steps to become the person you wanted to be, such that time runs out on you … its simple reason why you haven’t succeeded?

  • You weren’t READY
  • You didn’t AIM
  • You didn’t FIRE (give it your all)

That can change TODAY …

You can look at a car that isn’t driving properly and list all the reasons why it isn’t working right to explain why you haven’t driven where you want to go or you could just look at, see “what needs work” fix it and get on with driving towards your dreams.

As Dr. Bandler eloquently says “it ain’t a toaster if it don’t make toast.” Science is designed to make things that WORK. Your brain works … just perhaps not in the DIRECTION you’ve wanted it to … FOCUS … comes from clarifying, brightening, focusing your dreams (sure it won’t be clear … because you probably haven’t spent much time doing it and practicing … yet many worry for hours upon hours – the brain is USE it or LOSE it). We all have it as children but quickly its stomped out of us … get back to that RIGHT BRAIN … HOLISTIC … ASSOCIATED … GO FOR IT BRAIN STATE …

Your brain can make patterns out of anything justify anything which patterns do you want to see? The ones that have led you to where you are or the ones that are going to lead you where you want to go?

We all are PATTERN SEEING MEANING MAKING MACHINES … thats fundamentally what the brain does … patterning is how we learn (something becomes important to us – like we get a new car, suddenly your brain POPS UP all the same cars and you start seeing them … the cars we’re there the entire time … its just now your brain is pointing it out to you …) … Now it’s the job of your consciousness to direct and choose the patterns that you were going to see in your life.

So DREAM BIG … get READY (get into expanded altered states of consciousness … step inside of elevated states of being of immense motivation, passion, inspiration), AIM (focus your brain on where you want to go) … FIRE (COMMIT!!! Easy, hard no matter what go after it).

You got the brains USE IT!


Chris “The Brain Man” Wyllie 

To Build a Super-Brain & Super-Brain Performance work 1 on 1 with Neuroplastician, Chris Wyllie:

chriswyllie@gamechanger.expert. Call: 647 688 2216

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