Want more Brainpower? Don’t be Left Behind. Get your Right Brain for the Right Job.

Don’t be Left Behind. Get the Right Brain for the Right Job. Game Changer.

“What humans fear most, the unknown, is precisely what will make your brain come alive. Brain-hack your left brain’s rigid routines by launching forward into the unknown, for the unknown, novelty, will bring you back into the super-learning state of heightened right hemispheric activation so that you can rapidly and unconsciously learn information just like a child. Paradoxically, the wiser one becomes the more youthful they become with their mind and learning. Don’t be left behind in habit, use the right brain, for the right job.”

– Chris Wyllie
*** See personal commentary below.

Time for some BRAIN-HACKING … hmmm, what do you think is the number one human instinct?

Sex? (you may wish )
Food? (for some of you this may be true!!! Need to re-program a food compulsion anyone?)

What do you think the #1 human instinct is?

ANSWER: To make things FAMILIAR.

Your brain will unconsciously respond and do whats familiar – this includes freezing in fear, pumping you full of adrenaline and anxiety before public speaking events, (name your bad habit) etc.

Did you know that your brain can fire unconscious automated programs up to 10 seconds before you’re consciously aware of it??? Thats why I you may be saying to yourself … “well it just happens” … “I just get anxiety” … “I just keep going into the same state” … “my brain just keeps doing X” and you are exactly right!!! So we need to back up a bit and reprogram your brain’s unconscious response, to make new automated programs more FAMILIAR!

The brain is designed for efficiency, to make things familiar, and turn those thoughts, behaviours, responses, into motor programs that run unconsciously “aka without you having to think about it”. For example, handshake, walking, language sayings, dancing, driving, martial arts (once you get to a certain level of mastery) or getting anxiety in situations and in response to triggers automatically etc.

The right hemisphere is activated by NOVELTY, new information, new experiences, new contexts and is neurologically made up of longer, more random neuro-cortical connections. The right hemisphere processes information holistically. The information and learnings then become consolidated in the left-hemisphere as the brain begins to “hone in on” specific patterns and makes “categorizations” and “generalizations” about the world, about others and about ourselves to guide future behaviour. The left hemisphere thereafter will activate to produce the habitual, routine behaviours to make things energy efficient and “easier for you” … but not really …

Well I do EEGs and QEEG BRAIN MAPs of clients who’s brains’ are stuck in routine, habitual ways of being (anxiety, hesitation, fear, depression, lack of focus etc.) … I can see the left hemisphere is totally hyperactive and the right hemisphere has minimal activity.

So within minutes, I begin having client do things with their brain they don’t normally do, and quickly you can see the right hemisphere activating … so clearly we all need novelty, we all need to get into the unknown … but, before that, we need to go back one more step otherwise your left hemisphere will just project your existing patterns of beliefs, model, and ways of being into that unknown … “its always been that way, so it will always be that way”“my past causes my future” … which to anyone who knows that the brain is A LEARNING MACHINE at its root is complete non-sense … no ladies and gentlemen if you find yourself limiting your future … thats just your routine left-hemisphere trying to keep you in your “comfort zone”. Break out of it!!!

Thus, you need to re-program what your brain is looking for from the outside. How? By thinking, seeing, PURPOSEFULLY, AIMING your brain in the direction you want to go!
Ask yourself, not the “things you want” but what kind of person do I want to become? What would be the most exquisite manifestation of my talents, skills, abilities and what would I be doing? And move towards that purposefully.

So before you jump into the unknown, keep in mind the direction you want to go with your life, and allow for periods of TRIAL and LEARNING, random variation, so that your brain can acquire more experiences and information to become more sophisticated and begin to make connections between “seemingly” un-related things.

Thus a SUPER-LEARNER will some times just say “f*ck it” and try completely new random things with no intention … and other times will launch into the unknown with a PURPOSE to see and seize the strategies, information and skills that will launch you like a rocketship to being the best you you can be.

“Remember, the brain loves whats familiar but learns from DIFFERENCE.”

The greater the differences, and the more you move back and forth between difference, the greater the skill, distinctions and control over your brain you will build. Neuro-differentiation builds precise skill.

You really don’t have time to fool around …

In the brain its GROW or DIE. There are particular receptors that if stimulus is absent will signal neuron death but if the signal is present will signal neuron growth (p75NTR).

I don’t know about you, but losing my neurons isn’t cool with me … I think of that possibility and my brain says “no freaking way!!!!” … I’m going to keep my brain in a GROWING SUPER-LEARNING STATE!!!

So here are some BETTER BRAIN questions to keep yourself in Super-Learning Mode:

  1. Whats one area of my life I can try something new in?
    What are some things I’ve never done, never even considered to learn, read about or do? GO DO SOME OF THEM!
  2. What are some things that you didn’t think you could do when you were younger that now you are doing? What are some things now that you don’t believe you can do but you really can? Go test and find out!!!
  3. In what areas of my life am I projecting past limits into my present and future performance? Where am I being too serious? Too tense? Where can I lighten the heck up?
  4. What would be happening if my performance was effortless, if I felt joyful and performed at my best in these areas of my life? What would that look like, feel like, sound like?

… I could keep going … but that is plenty until the next time …

Keep Changing the Game by Optimizing your Brain,

Chris “Super-Learner” Wyllie

*** This the older and wiser one gets, the younger they become is a principle exemplified by geniuses, gurus, who are light, joyful, humous and radiate child-like energy. This transformation to a youthful brain, mind and body may underlie the “return to heavenly state” principles that underlie Qigong, kung fu and many practices designed to en-lighten the body back into its heavenly state here in earth form.

Children are literal, your big mind is literal, ask a child how to enlighten oneself, they may very well answer “Light the heck up!!!” I’m with you, I’ve become way to serious about a bunch of crap, and my rigid left brain past habits can start to creep back – question is how quickly do you bounce back? In fact, trying new things, bouncing back is what I’ve made FAMILIAR with my brain. What type of resilient response to adversity do you want to make more familiar in your brain?

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