About two years ago, I noticed my eleven year old son Tej, began to experience obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviours and generalized anxiety.  I immediately began sessions with a psychologist, he began yoga once a week, was put on natural supplements and even tried a neurofeedback program, all with little to no success.  I began feeling helpless and desperate to help my son.  One day, his naturopath suggested a neurofeedback program called NeurOptimal.  She said it was a far superior neurofeedback program because it allowed for the uniqueness of each individual brain and sought to correct any imbalances in the parts of the persons brain that may exist.  I found Chris on the internet and initially noticed his extensive knowledge of the brain as well as the NeurOptimal technology. During sessions, he was able to connect with Tej and discuss past traumatic events and how to let go of them before beginning each session. What happened after twelve sessions was nothing short of a miracle.  Tej started experiencing less and less anxiety and when he did, he was able to snap out it in a few minutes rather than allowing it to ruin his mood for the rest of the night.  I can honestly say that Chris and the NeurOptimal technology has changed our lives.  The three biggest benefits are that Tej has about an 80% reduction in anxiety. Second, when he has anxiety he is able to talk himself out of it relatively quickly.  The biggest change is that he is seems happier and more relaxed.  He is more social at school and seems to be making closer connections with his peers. This is especially important because Tej was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder when he was two.  I would recommend Chris and this program to anyone who has a child or who themselves, have autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, OCD or any other brain related disorder or problem. It has been turned out to be less expensive and more effective than the money we have spent on psychologists and counsellors, as well as the other more expensive neurofeedback programs out there.  Thank you Chris and keep up the good work!  You are making a difference one brain at a time!


– Susan Sethi