Transforming Your Body – The Best Form of Exercise, How to Build Your Bones & Turn Around Arthritis & Autoimmunity

With so much information on how to get slim and trim, why is it that people have such difficulty losing weight and transforming their body? 

Why may you look great on the outside, but be destroyed in the inside? Are you setting yourself up for an early death with the way you’re exercising? 

What really is the best form of exercise? 

Are the right forms of exercise the key to building strong bones, and energizing and balancing your immune system? 

In this blog post I reveal the most powerful ways to develop both internal and external power to transform your body, and help you lose weight and feel great. I draw on my experience training olympic athletes and working as a personal trainer helping some people lose over 100 pounds in as little as 6 months, and on all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired as a Disciple of the Shaolin Temple, to give you the simple, but infinitely powerful process to building a better body.

First, I explain the optimal type of exercise you should be doing, and then show you how to re-build and repair damaged shoulders, elbows, knees, ligaments and tendons. Whether you’re a pro athlete or causal tennis or baseball player, I teach you the fundamentals to strengthening your entire body – tissues, tendons, ligaments, muscles and building bones. In the process, I explain why people shrink and lose bone density with age, and succumb to osteoarthritis and other autoimmune conditions. Following this, I give you the simple solutions to build your bones and ligaments and build a better immune system. Implementing the exercises and protocols I reveal below, many of my clients are quickly turning around autoimmune conditions and arthritis.

Finally, at the very end I share with you an infinite piece of wisdom, which is the key to infinite power. This is the secret of the universe. 

So … 

What Type of Exercise should you be doing for your Brain, Body & Longevity? 

When it comes to health, longevity, cognition and personal power, the life energy in your vital organs is absolutely critical. A problem with nearly all conventional exercise approaches is that they only emphasize the external movements, and often breakdown rather than build-up your vital organs and inner power. Most people are simply stressing themselves out more with the way they exercise.

We’ve all seen those people, who with the very best intentions, spend hours upon hours on the cardio machine and look exactly the same, year after year.  So rather than stressing a body that is already inflamed, swollen and overwhelmed with stress with more time on the elliptical machine, which is only going to raise cortisol levels, inflammation and swelling even higher, perhaps we should do things that work.

The optimal way to exercise to increase your power and life energy is the proper balance between developing internal and external power. Tai Chi & Qigong are huge for building Internal Power. Yoga is beneficial as well. What we need in this world is more internal power, not more external power.  With the rates of Autoimmunity, Arthritis and Cancer, already skyrocketing what we don’t want to do is completely plough through our stem cells by depleting our vital organs day after day with an imprudent approach in the gym. How do most people get through their work outs anyways? With huge amounts of caffeine, pre-workout drinks and other energy drinks which completely destroy your internal engine over the long-term. Not to mention they completely fry your brain … more on that to come.

When it comes to exercise, you have to balance breaking down the body, with building up your internal organ power.

In our world we are tight, tense and stressed enough, simply stressing and tensing the body more is not a good idea.

Conventional physical fitness is all external. This is why Cross-Fit Athletes and Body Builders, and other types of Athletes may look externally fit, but are internally broken down, sick, acidic, and depleting their organs. There is a reason why body-builders, and NFL players die young.

Looking at nature and using her as our research assistant, the same relationship occurs in stars. Stars that shine brightly with higher-energy blue light die faster. On the other hand, Red Giant Stars last for trillions of years. Likewise Weight Lifters and NFL players who act like blue/white stars die younger, since they burn through their life energy much faster.

The key is not to take away a person’s high-energy and light, but to always be moving back and forth between periods of shining and burning as brightly as we can, like a Blue Star, and periods of building and storing potential energy to keep our bank account of energy high, keeping our star shining brightly for a long time.

I absolutely love cross-fit type work-outs, they are invigorating, primal type exercises, but as we said, what is missing is the development of internal power. I not only want to perform at my very best, I want to sustain this high-level of performance throughout my entire life. I don’t want to be a vegetable when I’m 60 years old and die when I’m 65. Are you with me? 

So Stacking the Deck we want to do Cross-Fit and Tai Chi, Sprinting and Yoga, Weight Lifting and Qigong. Running and Meditation. Also, follow extremely intense weight lifting sessions with with a complete emptiness meditation afterwards, to consolidate all the energy and let your nervous system re-wire all the patterns of activity you stimulated during your work-out.

Likewise, when it comes to your job and work, work with full intensity for 4 days of the week, and then build in a rejuvenation, creative day with message, meditation, tai chi practice, creative thinking, and big-picture brainstorming.

From extreme relaxation springs extraordinary power, and from extraordinary intensity springs complete relaxation. The key is to not waste any time in the middle.

Kinetic energy (movement) builds Potential energy (stored energy), and by building Potential Energy (meditation) more powerful Kinetic Energy will manifest. It’s a self-fulfilling cycle either for the better or the worse.

As mentioned, we need to build both internal and external power. The extreme in the opposite direction of the conventional western approach would be some groups of Monks who only meditate, and perform no vigorous, Yang-type activities, and so their physical bodies become very weak. Mind, Brain, Body, Spirit, it’s all one, so you should never neglect a particular aspect of your being, otherwise it will be a weak link in the chain, which will continue to hold you back. 

A Philosophy of Tai Chi is to “defeat a thousand pounds with four ounces”

But first you need to build a thousand pounds of power. This is why moderate amounts of extreme HIIT and weight lifting is recommended. Extreme Yang creates Extreme Yin. 

This is how you generate energy – moving back and forth between kinetic energy and potential energy. Exercise is important to create Kinetic Energy, which can be stored as potential energy.

The more Stored Potential Energy, the more High Intensity Exercise you can Do.

I always recommend to elite athletes and people who exercise to perform a meditation immediately after working out to consolidate the energy they created. There is a window of time immediately after your work-out where the energy gains from your meditation are highest. Wait to long, and you lose some of the energy to the environment. You want to store it.

Weight Lifting is important because proper toning and external strength must be developed alongside internal power. Or if you prefer, you can do the extreme Yang Qigong Exercises like the Tiger Claws or 8 pieces of silk to develop external strength and muscle tone, instead of weight lifting. (see The Game Changer Work-Out Video & the Increase Your Focus. Heal Your Body Video on Youtube). 

To summarize, Extreme Yang Exercises are when you are moving and expelling energy with full force. Extreme Yin Exercises are when you are storing and accumulating potential energy. The more silent and still your body and mind, the more energy you accumulate during the Extreme Yin phase.

How do Tai Chi & Qigong completely transform your Joints, Tissues, Tendons & Spine?

The youthening, rejuvenating and decalcifying squeezing and twisting of the spine and joints with qigong and tai chi, liberates energy flow throughout the entire body. These circular and spiral movements break up stagnation in the body and flush out scar tissue and calcification. Squeezing and twisting your muscles has a similar effect of twisting a dirty washcloth – it cleanses and drains away toxins, clearing out your lymphatic system and cleansing your cardiovascular system.

Also, Tai Chi and Qigong are like DW40 for your joints, spine and ligaments, and keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

The KLEENEX trick.

Taught to me by my Sifu (Master) Paul Ng. 

Grab a kleenex, and if you yank it, you’ll see that it’s easily ripped. But when you twist and twist the kleenex, it becomes strong and difficult to rip. The same result occurs with twisting your body with tai chi and qigong. Over time the twisting and turning movements completely transform your body, making it become extremely strong and powerful, building tendon, ligament, organ power, and ultimately building Chi  “Life Energy”. This is far different than weight lifting. Ultimately with practice, the energy will begin to flow through your body with lightening speed, and your senses, reflexes and movements will move at the speed of light. Using Qi energy, a Tai Chi Master can completely disable any person, no matter how big in one shot. Of course, this power can be used for good or bad. To heal or harm. Yin and Yang. Of course, we want to use this power to first heal our body’s and then help heal others.


If you’ve been doing lot’s of steady-state cardio, cutting calories, you may have been relatively successful losing some weight. But the problem with this approach is that you have no freedom, no room for error. Rather than restricting, we want to build, enhance and upgrade your engine, so that your metabolism is much stronger and you burn through energy more easily.

Right now your body and metabolism may be the equivalent of a Honda Civic, and your gas tank capacity may be 50 litres/13 gallons.

Instead of continuing to run with your Honda Civic, and perhaps throw in nitric oxide with stimulants, pre-work-out drinks and chemical nootropics to get by through your work-outs, what you want to do is upgrade your engine by trading in your Honda Civic for a Ferrari, which has 12 cylinders and a 120 litre/33 gallon gas tank.

The main reason you want to do this is because with the bigger gas tank you can put in more fuel without gaining weight. You can eat more without gaining fat. With the Honda civic any fuel you put into your car beyond 40 litres will result in gas spilling out or in your body, causing fat to over-flow in the liver and then accumulate on your waist. With a Ferrari Gas Tank you have up to 120 litres of room in your tank, and so do not have to worry about fat over-flowing. You can have a piece of cake for dessert at a party without feeling guilty. The ideal approach to eating increases your body’s capacity to give you more leeway, and doesn’t decrease it, like most diets do. You always want to expand your threshold of control. And the person who has the body able to burn through excess food seamlessly, is not going to have to stress about calories or worry, which will only make fat gain worse. You can enjoy eating more!

I’m sure you know of those people who can eat virtually whatever they want and never gain weight. Well these people may simply have more efficient hormonal systems, and an increased metabolic rate so at the end of day and during the course of the night their body burns off all excess energy and calories as free heat. Seems almost unfair, yes? If you have always been envious of these people and love eating, you can finally become one of them. 

Above, I mentioned pre-workouts, stimulants and nootropics, which are essentially like putting nitric oxide in your brain and body. While they may give you a short-term boost, the problem is that in the long-term they fry your brain. Relying on chemicals and supplements is never a Front-Line strategy. Instead, want you want to do is implement the fundamental practices to completely transform your brain and body, so that your cruise control is way faster and more powerful than others Honda Civic brain’s’ & body’s even if they are on Uppers, and chemicals.

“Whenever there is a synthetic way, there is a natural way that is superior.”

– MasterMind 

Repairing Your Body, Building Your Bones & Turning Around Autoimmune Conditions like Arthritis 

In Qigong, different parts of the body are differentiated by how easy or difficult they are to repair. Some parts of your body are very precious – once you destroy them, you are at a greater disadvantage.

First, the Shoulders are Gold. Their health is very precious and difficult to restore, once they’ve been chronically damaged. Beware of tightening and destroying your shoulders with imprudent weight lifting. Your shoulders are involved in every body movement – walking, running, and getting up and down. Don’t be one of those people who throw on stupid amounts of weight on the Bench Press and are one of those “momentum movers”. For building muscle it’s all about the muscular contraction anyways, stimulating and tearing those fibres, with sufficient time under tension until you get to the magical final last rep before failure, when your body recruits all fast and slow twitch fibres as an emergency means to get weight up. For strength, speed and growth, you want to do a cadence (speed) of 5 seconds on the decline (eccentric), and explode on the concentric. For full muscular growth perform a speed of 5 seconds decline (eccentric), and 5 seconds on the incline (concentric). A sufficient amount of time under tension, and slow, controlled movement is what builds tremendous muscle, tendon and ligament power. This type of weight lifting increases your enzymatic ability to clear acid from your muscles and increases the speed and amount of and oxygen and blood that your heart delivers to your extremities. Contrary to conventional belief, weight lifting is fantastic cardiovascular exercise, especially when you lift weights in a controlled, intelligent manner.

While the shoulders are gold, and are the hardest to fix when damaged, the Hips are Silver and the Belly is Iron. Iron is the most common, and the easiest to fix and find. Shedding that belly, and building an Iron Tummy is the easiest. If you’ve always been searching for that six-packed, rest assured they are the easiest to find! Fixing your shoulders which are Gold is much more difficult.  If you’re an MLB level pitcher, or want to go to the big leagues, or are a tennis player or golfer battling shoulder and elbow issues, the Qigong exercises are tremendous at repairing and building your tendons and ligaments. Qigong and Tai Chi exercises flush out calcification and scar tissue in the shoulders, elbows, joints and spinal cord. When combined with specific herbs and brainpower foods which are extremely anti-inflammatory, healing and regeneration can be rapid. I used to be a baseball player and developed terrible rotator cuff issues. Now my shoulder is completely healed and stronger than ever. All the scar tissue and the clicks and clunks I used to have in my shoulder are gone. Doing Qigong exercises I’ve strengthened and lengthened my ligaments and gained an extra inch of height, going from 6’2 to now easily 6’3. A famous Tai Chi principle is that for every inch you lengthen your ligaments, you add ten years to your life. Just think, why do many WW2 veterans live long lives?  Perfectly erect posture. These veterans stand like a pine tree, and so don’t get brittle and worn down to the ground, like your typical bend-over grandma or grandpa.

As taught to me by my Qigong Master you want to:

  1. Stand like a Pine Tree
  2. Sit like a Bell
  3. Walk like the Wind
  4. Sleep like a Shrimp

As it relates to posture, why is it that people shrink with age? Why do bones and ligaments deteriorate with age for most people? Is calcium the key for bones or is there much more to the story? Do I recommend calcium supplements, or are they a really bad idea? 

The real reason why people shrink with age is because of 2 things:

1. Water pathway dries up – Bones are water. Bone density declines with age when your water dries up. By practicing qigong, tai chi and meditating, you nourish your water channel, and so increase bone strength and density. People talk about calcium for bones, which isn’t the main issue. The key is keeping your water pathway strong. The number one reason why bones and osteoporosis occurs is due to stress and inflammation, which depletes your kidneys and water channel. Bone is made up of primarily of Collagen (protein) and calcium appatite crystals. Stress un-zips and destroys collagen and causing acidic changes in the body which leach calcium out of your bones. 

For Bone Health: Consume lot’s of organic calcium from green vegetables, like wheatgrass and broccoli. One of the best sources of calcium are fish bones, such as those in sockeye salmon. Just think, look how huge and strong a cow’s teeth and bones are … what is the one thing cow’s eat that gives them their bone strength? 

        Green Grass, which is loaded with calcium.  Lot’s of green grass and spring water is what creates “Qi”, life energy, which  will rejuvenate and strengthen your bones.

2.  Liver is Destroyed by stress. The liver is the element Wood, and is critical to the immune system and ligament strength. When our liver is week and broken down, our ligaments and tendons become weakened and we become susceptible to injuries, such as tearing a knee meniscus, rotator cuff, or elbow. Stress, inflammatory foods, inflammatory and reactive emotions, a stressful job and physically stressful environments with too much EMF, Wifi, Blue Light, all increase “FIRE” in the body and over-heat your heart. The excess stress burns up your liver and in the process destroys your immune system and ligaments. This is why in our modern world, as the stressors increase, the liver gets more and more destroyed and autoimmune conditions, arthritis and inflammatory gut problems all are skyrocketing. Wood is associated with growing stages of life. The beginning of spring and the beginning of the day are Wood periods. The Liver, Wood, represents the major organ channel which grows and develops our life energy. When our liver works well, we think critically and take charge of business, growing and expanding. If you feel stuck in your life, feel caught in vicious circles, or continue to wait for the breakthroughs that never come,  it is due to a deficiency of Liver Energy. Like a strong rooted tree, when our liver energy is strong we feel rooted and growing upward and outward expanding our abilities. For people with weak livers, they will have joint and spinal problems. Just like a tree, without a strong liver, you won’t have a strong trunk. Ultimately, decision-making is major ability that deteriorates when your Liver energy is weak. 

I’m sure you can re-call many instances how difficult it is to make decisions when stressed. Also think of all the bad decisions people make when stressed. 

With that said, the key to Brain and Bone Health is a strong Kidney Water Channel and a Strong Liver Wood Channel.

The Qigong and Tai Chi exercises are extraordinary at building the these vital organ channels. The kidneys and the Liver are two main detoxification organs critical to longevity. 

Implementing the Qigong and Tai Chi Exercises, which build internal bone and ligament power, many of my clients are beginning to turn around their Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. (See The Game Changer Work-out video or simply perform any of the Qigong and Tai Chi exercises you’ll find in any of my videos.)

To Summarize The Main Bone Builders:

  1. Greens – organic calcium
  2. Seafood – fish bones
  3. Mineral rich Superfoods like Chocolate – rich in magnesium, zinc, vital to bone growth.
  4. Bone Broths and Seafood Broths
  5. Qigong & Exercises
  6. Meditation.

Lastly, to answer the question on Calcium: I do not recommend calcium supplements at all. Calcium is an excretion, an end-product once an organism has calcified and died. You want to consume organic calcium, with all the other critical bone minerals like magnesium and phosphorous in foods like green vegetables, green grasses, and seafood.

Finally let’s end with a piece of infinite wisdom … 

The Universe is infinite … why?  Motion. Isaac Newton said that an object in motion will stay in motion. For this reason for human beings to thrive we must be in constant motion. The worst thing we can do is sit still as we do in our modern life. We always want to be moving to maintain the movement, and keep the energy flowing through our body. Importantly, in life each day we want to be moving onto new and better things, continuing to grow and expand. The universe expands and then contracts, and we want to sustain our growth and expansion for as long as possible. As soon as we begin to contract, regress and close ourselves off, death is right around the corner. 

But what about sitting meditation? In sitting meditation when the body is very silent, internally the energy begins to flows at lightening speed throughout the entire body. Of course, it is a process of accumulating and developing the energy, through meditation that will eventually increase the speed and healing power of your internal energy.

So in meditation when the body is externally completely silent, and your mind completely empty, the internal motion actually increases. The more you can relax your body and empty your mind, the more the energy will flow. This is also why the highest form of meditation is complete emptiness, completely letting go of the mind and body, so that you can connect and become one with the energies of the universe.  As a disciple of the Shaolin temple this is the type of meditation that I practice. From complete emptiness, your energies can synchronize with the energies of the universe, giving you access to all the energy and information that resonates in the universe. This is how you tap into ideas, insights and information and become a genius. It’s not by reading book after book after book. Yes reading, learning and acquiring information is important to provide the pieces of information with which your brain can work from. However, becoming a genius, a visionary, a creator and enlightened, person and acquiring true power and wisdom, only comes when you elevate your energies and ability to synchronize with the intelligence of the universe. Then you can drink from the reservoir of infinite intelligence.

From complete emptiness springs extraordinary power. Complete external emptiness facilities tremendous internal energy flow. Yin and Yang. This is why meditation is associated with longevity, and organ healing and immune, nervous system and hormone re-balancing. The more silent you become, the more success you will have. Meditation is a the most beautiful mental shower when done correctly. Refreshing your mind, rejuvenating your brain, enlightening your spirit and elevating your Life Force, complete emptiness Meditation is the consummate life-changing practice.

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