Are you Stuck? How to Program your Brain to Un-Stuck Yourself.

Every person deals with “Stuckness” at some point in some area of their life … read to get “Unstuck”.


Do you want to “UN-STUCK” yourself?

“Don’t Stop. Keep Your Brain Moving Forward”

– Chris Wyllie

As I explained to a client in session this morning, we could take a Monk who’s meditated in the mountains for years put him in the real world situations like in the middle of New York City, and you can bet he’ll go “Holy Shit” and experience stress and stressful responses just like every other human being. The difference is he won’t stop and stay in that state, nor worse, think and plan from that state.

His brain has created a new baseline, new default mode operating system, to easily bounce back into RELAXED, FOCUSED states of awareness from endless hours of meditation, which dissipates “entropy”, and produces a very “high signal-to-noise” ratio (very quiet, little noise brain). Thus his perception and thoughts are very clear, focused and precise. Do you have to spend hours and years quieting your brain? No, neuroplasticity research, technologies and innovative approaches can remarkably speed the process.

What you need: FUTURE FOCUS “You don’t see the future, you create the future” 

When looking ahead its important to just keep your eyes open to see past problems so you keep moving forward. Moreover, flip the sequence. Rather than seeing your present problem (stuck feeling, stuck ideas, situations/decisions etc), and then trying to see beyond it and get to whats beyond it, leap ahead into the future, access DESIRED state/results/desired future life and way of being first and then move back in time and see the problem. And ask, how is this going to get me where I want to go? You may find contemplating the problem or analyzing “the steps you’ve been stuck on” is not necessary for you to start creating your future. And so perhaps you can begin to put the steps to developing the skills/abilities to get where you want to go in front of you in place of where the problem used to be. The point is this: rather than your brain firing off the same micro-circuitry and producing the same “stuck” feelings, thoughts, behaviours … you first engage your frontal lobes by thinking ahead to the future of the direction/destination of where you want to go … and then process the “problem” in light of the perspective of where you want to go. Thus problems/stuckness “familiar” state will be neuro-associated with different perspective/direction.

The point is to engage your frontal lobes to re-route a new response rather your brain activating the same neural pathways again and again due to habit. The brain is plastic & so the more you change your sequence of thinking and the more new thoughts, feelings, brain regions “fire together” they will begin to wire together, and thus your brain will change.

SWITCH SEQUENCE:  from  PRESENT PROBLEM —> FUTURE   to   FUTURE DESIRED STATE  —> to Problem (move backwards in time, see problem in light of desired future). 

“The Problem with Problems is people stop.”

In fact the problems wouldn’t bother you unless there was some awareness internally of what was beyond them. So even when people tell me consciously “they can’t see their future …” … I know thats not true … its just a case of their conscious mind doing one thing, and their unconscious doing another. So when you say, “I’m stuck I can’t see my future” or you say “I could never be happy”, I know that you have those future ideas and happy feelings you’re just pushing them away, its my job to get you to bathe in it.


The problem isn’t that you feel anxiety, guilt, anger, stress, worry, the problem is you stop there. Keep moving forward!

Are you stuck with a particular state, idea, feeling? Again, the problem is you STOP. You let the idea, external situation, lack of focus stop you from moving forward, and you go into the same state and with the same feelings. Its your brain, it will run wild, it will be muddied by life, its your job to CLEAN it, CLEAR it, FOCUS it and consciously bring into awareness DESIRED STATES & RESULTS, that your unconscious can automate to take you where you want to go. This is all about building new habits at the neurological level.

Key Point: Allow room to move into the unexpected, the unknown, novelty is what lights up your brain. You perfectionists I’m talking to you. If you have to “see” everything perfectly planned out in advance, your future will be limited to what your conscious mind can see, and you’ll be cutting your unconscious mind, your BIG MIND, off from working and creating wonderful things above and beyond what you know now.

If you’re having difficulty imaging, seeing, creating … its not “a big deal”, don’t get stressed about it!!! Its just let that you’ve let your creativity muscles, your dreaming muscles become weak and rusty. Its time to get your RIGHT BRAIN back in the game again, just like you did as a child, when there were no limiting beliefs or “stuckness” getting in the way. PLAYING, PRETENDING, RANDOM VARIATION, is the essence of learning. Children go to extremes, they go to the extremes of their reality to begin to build mental differentiations, between whats possible and not possible. They test limits, and if you’re a parent they test your limits don’t they??? 🙂 You should test your limits as well!

What do children do differently? Children don’t have to compare incoming data with their experience, nor limit their PRESENT LEARNING & FUTURE LEARNING CAPABILITY with past limitations/experience.

As adults “we take for granted our limitations” … we think “well I just can’t do that …” … how do you know? Inevitably we let past ideas/experience limit us in the present, as opposed to just spontaneously trying FULLY like children.

You tried once and didn’t do good? How about if you used a strategy that would work or try another way? Point is you don’t know unless you go out and TRY!

Its time to get back to that heavenly holistic learning creative dreaming state – via hypnosis, NLP, meditation, energy practices – qigong yoga etc.



  1. Adult Brain – Neocortex – frontal lobes, dissociates from the present, and goes into the future to set DESIRED DESTINATION / DIRECTION / and makes a plan of where you want to go. (predominately left brain).
  2. Child Brain – Right hemisphere, Super-Learning Child-like heart space passionate learning, trial and error, random variation, spontaneous learning, play pretend imagination, associated and fully present with experience.


Let that state be re-routed to produce a new neuro-cortical, neurochemical, energy, “feeling response”.

What if anger propelled you to be more intensely focused and catapulted you into motivation? 

What if worrying led you to become curious? 

Instead of “it shouldn’t be so difficult … or “why is it so difficult?” … go “it is difficult, how can I enjoy this and make it as good as possible?”.

Everything worthwhile will be more difficult than worrying, watching T.V, eating crappy food.


Think ahead and step inside of a future situation that used to give you stress.

Build 2 mental movies:

  1. One in which you STOP and get Stuck in the same “feeling” and response.
  2. One in which your focused, calm, determined & resilient. (See FUTURE FOCUS below).

Step inside one movie and let the other fade.

Your brain has just been on high speed for so long. Slow things down, bring those unconscious processes into conscious awareness.

Think thoughts, and DECIDE where you want your brain & body to take you.

NOT JUST ONE DECISION – our thoughts consciously and unconsciously have to keep activation the same micro-circuitry to produce the same behaviours.

Every time you worry you are making a decision to worry – even if its unconscious.

Every time you procrastinate, you are making a decision to procrastinate. Every time you “don’t decide” you are deciding to not decide.

Every time you pick up a cigarette you’re making a decision even if its unconscious … if you’re saying to yourself … “I shouldn’t be doing this” … and your conscious mind is going in one direction and your unconscious going in another (picking up the cigarette) … well you’re out of alignment. One part of your brain is going one way and another part going another. Thus you aren’t going to be like a rocketship launching towards your future and the things you want. You need to align yourself and build new habits at the neurological level so that all parts of you are headed where you want to go.

It starts with one decision at a time. And, first and foremost, MAKE THE BIG DECISION – Where do I want to go? and what person do I want to be? 

FUTURE FOCUS is what pulls you through the present. Future Focus allows you to make better decisions in the present to get you through whatever difficulties you currently face. 

I remember in seminar Dr. Richard Bandler talking about the survivors of WW2, and concentration camps, individuals who went on to build remarkable businesses and success for their families afterwards.

Here is inside the thinking processes of the survivors as described by Dr. Bandler which I share with you to my best recollection: 

“The whole time in the concentration camp I was thinking about what I was going to do, and where I was going to go when I got out, and how great I was going to make my life. The entire time I was designing the store I was going to make, where it was going to be , what I was going to make, the kinds of customers I’d serve, how I was going to treat my customers etc…” 

So rather than STOPPING and being in touch with the horrible feelings and horrible circumstances at the time, the ones who did survive, went ONE STEP FURTHER, and used those feelings to become highly focused on WHERE THEY WERE GOING TO GO IN THE FUTURE.

The PURPOSE, the DIRECTION & DESTINATION of where you want to drive to in the future, will teach you how and where you need to drive now (decisions in the present).

You can’t drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror, or just being in touch with the present, you need to let the FEELINGS, STATE, EMOTIONS of where you are GOING touch where you are NOW!!!

Most people go “well if I lose 10 pounds I’ll feel more confident and motivated”“if I get this business deal and more business I’ll be happier” …and so external things need to happen for you to feel internal state. Which just sets you up for disappointment, when things happen differently than you expect. You need to step inside the FUTURE feelings and internal state, and let that drive you to accomplish external things. Flip the sequence for success. This applies for many things. If one sequence doesn’t work try the opposite.

So the problem isn’t that you have bad feelings, the problem isn’t that you have stress, its that you stay there too long. Let that stress propel you forward.

What if every time you got frustrated it, led you to get curious, then become filled with desire and then GO FOR IT? (This is called chaining states in #NLP … neurologically what we are doing is activating specific neural networks individually, connecting them sequentially and then streamlining them into ONE UNIT, so that they fire in unison and automatically).

*Curiosity is a fundamental human state in which we did our best learning. Curiosity carries us to try things and so find out what works and what doesn’t. By detecting difference, we build more precise neuro-differntiation of brain maps in our brain and so acquire greater precision and skill. What drives this process of learning? Curiosity. The curious, holistic, action-oriented right brain, that just tries things via “Trial and Error”, and so produces rapid, spontaneous learning. Randomness and variation, enhances the brain’s ability to pattern information, streamlining holistic unconscious learning into routine, automated programs in your left brain “aka building new routine behaviours”.

So you probably know what you don’t want, but question is what do you want to do instead?

MAKE the big decision … and then consistent decisions one by one … slow down your brain … get ACTIVE take control of your thoughts … thoughts can make your stomach sink or give you goose bumps …  and all the while keep asking yourself “is this behaviour going to take me where I want to go?” … if the answer is no … shift your state and behaviour into a way that will.

Quickly, over time, you can build a new default mode operating system, new baseline, stabilize behind new feelings and build new neuro-associations and neural networks that propel you automatically towards the things you desire. Thus you can quickly learn to focus and relax like a monk, while getting to each the fabric of human emotions and pleasures that give life spice and variety.

The result, you get to BUILD THE BRAIN YOU DESIRE.


Chris Wyllie

647 688 2216

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