We all want the quick fix to help us get to sleep. Especially if you haven’t been sleeping well. Here is my advice. 


Optimizing your sleep requires that you implement smart strategies over the long-term. That said, I will provide you with the GO-TO foods that you can consume if you’re “in a pinch” and want to help yourself get to sleep. Sound good? Only thing I want you to promise me is that you’ll also learn the long-term strategies because those are what will really help you.

To improve sleep, we want to raise two specific neurotransmitters, Serotonin & GABA. In essence, Serotonin and GABA are the brakes in the brain and Acetylcholine and Dopamine are the gas pedals. Obviously at night and the way some brains work, we need a lot more “breaks”! 


  1. Dopamine Dominance During the Day, Serotonin in the Evening To Relax the Night Away. CARBS to raise serotonin levels. 

During the day I recommend eating more ketogenic to enhance mental focus. That is eating only protein, fat and greens. In the late afternoon / evening, thats when I’d recommend eating whatever carbohydrates you like. The carbohydrates will raise serotonin levels by promoting amino acid absorption, raising relative tryptophan levels in the blood. This will raise serotonin levels. 

This eating strategy is appropriate to optimize mental focus at work during the day. If you are an elite athlete or weightlifter an entirely different strategy applies.

Out of the neurotransmitters, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, GABA, which one do you think is the precursor to Melatonin? 


Did you know Serotonin is the precursor to Melatonin? 


Serotonin is the “good mood” “stress-vaporizing” neurotransmitter. Serotonin boosts feelings of optimism, self-esteem, security, relaxation, and peacefulness. Adequate levels of serotonin in the occipital lobes are necessary for delta deep wave sleep. Also, the more serotonin you have, generally the less sensitive to pain you’ll be.

Serotonin converts into melatonin. Raise serotonin in the evening and you’ll likely increase melatonin as well. Conversion of serotonin to melatonin depends on SAMe, which your body synthesizes from methionine, requiring adequate vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12. High levels of methionine can be found in eggs, meat, fish, sesame seeds, and Brazil nuts. Oysters, scallops and seafood are very high in vitamin B12. 


Superfood Cacao, raw chocolate, is loaded with serotonin and serotonin pre-cursors. 

Chocolate containing 85% cocoa has the most serotonin with 2.9 micrograms per gram, and chocolate containing 70 to 85% cocoa has the most of the serotonin precursor L-tryptophan, with 13.3 micrograms per gram, according to a study published in “Journal of Chromatography A” 


Smelling vanilla also increases serotonin. In fact, chocolate and vanilla is a match made in heaven. For your mood that is! Also, superfood Noni boosts serotonin and enhances the functioning of the pineal gland. Superfood Mucuna is high in both serotonin and 5-HTP and is a great anti-stimulant to consume alongside stimulants like coffee. An ancient shamanic beverage is a combination of Mucuna and Chocolate. Spirulina is also high in tryptophan. Reishi Mushroom also has very calming, balancing effects on the nervous system. Lavender is also a natural tranquilizing and stress relieving herb.
My Favourite Beverage:
The Lovin’ Libido Mocha
Add Mucuna & Cacao to the beverage for to keep your serotonin levels up.
The best good mood food beverage. Try feeling bad after drinking this!


  • Cacao (at least 70%, 85% minimum for maximum serotonin) 
  • Vanilla 
  • Noni 
  • Mucuna 
  • Spirulina 
  • Reishi Mushroom 
  • Lavender 

Ancient Insomnia cure – Raw Honey.

Honey is an ancient remedy for Depression. The Romans would consume it to increase happiness. Honey reduces brain inflammation, contains tryptophan and raises blood serotonin levels. If you are sleeping lightly, going to bathroom often and are restless in the night, your cortisol and stress levels may be out of whack. 1 tbsp of raw honey is a great way to relax the body.

Raw Honey.


An awesome sleep remedy is to consume Honey, with a calming herb like Chamomile and then a calming adaptogen like Reishi. Add a tablespoon of Almond Butter or Coconut Oil to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the night.


I prefer using foods to balance overall neurochemistry. As a short-term tool 

you can supplement with L-tryptophan. I’ve tried L-tryptophan with clients, all of whom reported terrific sleep. L-Tryptophan is converted to 5-HTP and then to serotonin. L-tryptophan the dose is 1000-3000 mg per day, taken on an empty stomach ideally in the evening before bed. Its something you can try in the short- term while you implement the healthy sleep strategies to build good sleep for the long-term.


Tryptophan is used by the brain along with B6, niacin, and magnesium to produce serotonin. Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral. 

Best natural food sources for Magnesium are: green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds

Niacin: chicken breast, fish, eggs, avocados, dates, figs 

Vitamin B6: eggs, walnuts, cabbage


Almonds, Walnuts and especially pumpkin seeds are high in tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin. Avocados, spinach and fish in general are high in tryptophan. 

Nuts and Tart Cherry Juice increase melatonin. As do Olive Oil, Tomatoes, cherries and walnuts. Ginger and Mangosteen also increase melatonin.


Bacopa is an ayurvedic super-herb has been used for centuries as a memory- enhancing, anti-inflammatory, relaxant. Research shows that Bacopa reduces stress and anxiety by elevating your mood and reducing levels of cortisol, which is closely linked to stress levels. Bacopa reduces cortisol, enhances antioxidant activity in the synapses, and increases plasticity and choline transmission. Bacopa also increases GABA and the effectiveness of serotonin, increasing serotonin uptake. Bacopa is great for students to enhance learning, memory and combat stress. Bacopa may also beneficial for those with epilepsy, anxiety, depression and memory problems.


For Athletes Tart Cherry Juice may help to reduce pain and thus improve sleep. In a study, runners given cherry juice experienced three times less pain during and after the race compared to those given a placebo. Tart Cherry Juice would also be a good evening choice for the elderly or anyone with arthritis and chronic pain. 

Tart cherries are naturally rich in melatonin, and contain a good amount of tryptophan and anthocyanins, two compounds that may help the brain create melatonin. 

Research shows that supplementing with tart cherry juice increases levels of melatonin and improves sleep quality and duration. 

Another study showed that Tart Cherry Juice was just as effective as Valerian at improving sleep. 


Consume Valerian as Tea or in a Supplement

Studies show that Valerian root helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Valerian root is often referred to as “nature’s valium”. Valerian is available as a supplement and can also be consumed as a tea. Valerian helps to raise GABA levels by inhibiting the breakdown of GABA in the brain. This is the same way medications such as Valium work. Chronic stress, anxiety, and insomnia are all associated with low GABA levels. Valerian also contains antioxidants which may inhibit excessive activity in the amygdala, the fear and emotional centre of the brain. Valerian can be used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. Valerian may also improve restless leg syndrome (RLS). 


GABA is the “OFF BUTTON” in the brain. GABA is your brain’s’ valium, the neurotransmitter of calm and relaxation. Adequate amounts of GABA are essential for memory, sleep, speech, language, emotional and mental stability. GABA boosters include Green Tea, with naturally occurring L-theanine, which increases Alpha brain waves, creating a Zen-like focus. Green tea does contain some naturally occurring caffeine, hence you may want to drink it earlier in the day. The effects of the caffeine are modulated by the L-theanine. Supplements like Magnesium and Taurine increase GABA. Foods like cherry tomatoes, and superfood Noni increase GABA, helping to vaporize stress and anxiety. Magnesium is a co-factor in GABA production. Foods high in magnesium such as green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, cacao (100% chocolate) will all help raise GABA levels. Speech, Anxiety and Sleeplessness often are associated with a GABA deficiency. 

Flavonoid, antioxidant rich foods like Resveratrol in chocolate, and anthocyanin in blueberries not only have anti-cancer and heart-protective properties, but also enhance GABA function. GABA boosters include apples, berries, citrus fruits, chocolate, tea and wine. Medicinal plants that raise GABA include chamomile, passionflower and valerian. St. John’s Wort and KAVA can also help raise GABA levels and therefore reduce anxiety and insomnia and increase relaxation. They can also protect against excessive norepinephrine, which can cause your mind to race around and around in circles. Magnolia bark is an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and has been shown to increase GABA levels.

Anti-oxidant rich foods enhance GABA function


  • Green Tea (earlier in day) 
  • Magnesium, Taurine, Vit. B6
  • Cherry Tomatoes 
  • Noni 
  • Green Leafy Vegetables 
  • Pumpkin Seeds 
  • Cacao (Raw Chocolate)
  • Blueberries, Tart Cherry Juice,  Cherries (rich in Flavonoids) 
  • Chamomile, Passionflower, & Valerian 
  • St. John’s Wart & KAVA 
  • Magnolia Bark 

Glutamine is a precursor for GABA. Therefore you can eat foods higher in glutamic acid. You want to also consume anti-inflammatory herbs such as curcumin, rosemary, ginger. Inflammation can disrupt the GABA-Glutamate Balance. I would not supplement with glutamine directly as this can elevate glutamate levels, the exact opposite of what we want. Especially if we are working with a child with autism, ASD and hyper-sensitivity. 

#1 SUPER-HERB. One of if not the #1 Brain & Gut Inflammation Reducing Super-Herb.
Whether you’re an elite athlete or have a leaky gut, Tumeric is one of the best at healing brain inflammation & gut inflammation. I’ve measured the effects of Tumeric on EEGs & Brain Maps.

Eat foods containing higher levels of glutamic acid per 100g

▪ Almonds, tree nuts (10.3 g.)

▪ Beef liver (6.5 g.)

▪ Broccoli (740 mg.)

▪ Halibut (7.9 g.)

▪ Oranges, citrus fruits (210 mg.)

▪ Spinach (680 mg.)

▪ Walnuts (5.4 g.)


Fermentation is known to increase GABA significantly. GABA derived from Lactobacillus has shown promising anti-anxiety effects. 


Potassium is also needed to release GABA. Sufficient intake of green leafy vegetables and greens juices is necessary. Insufficient green vegetable consumption, and over-consumption of salty inflammatory processed foods, no doubt is a contributor to excessive Glutamate, and GABA deficiencies. This can exacerbate sleep, mood issues and problems like restless leg. 

Magnesium, Zinc Vitamin B6, taurine all increase GABA. 

Low levels of GABA can contribute to a variety of health issues such as anxiety, panic disorders, depression (including postpartum depression), epilepsy, convulsions, stress, insomnia (especially waking with a racing mind or waking and not being able fall back to sleep), Tourette’s syndrome, muscle spasms, hypertension, emotional issues associated with premenstrual syndrome, dry skin and wrinkles.

Epilepsy and Seizures are associated with a GABA deficiency. Tinnitus is essentially a seizure in the ears, and is associated with a GABA deficiency. Chronic Pain is associated with a GABA deficiency.  

To reduce your risk of excessive glutamate stay away from any product that contains “Artificial” or “Natural Flavors” The words natural flavor or natural flavoring on a package typically means it contains MSG or some other excitotoxin, used to stimulate your taste buds and artificially intensify flavor. There may be nothing “natural” about these additives at all. 

I do not recommend taking GABA directly. Rather raise your GABA levels and improve your sleep with intelligent nutritional choices. 


Cannabis has long called the “giver of joy” and does raise serotonin levels. 

But marijuana depletes acetyl choline in the brain, which is why memory and brain fog usually ensue. Don’t smoke too much Dope, which depletes dopamine and acetyl-choline. Otherwise you might become a slow, unmotivated Dope. If you smoke marijuana ensure you replenish dopamine and acetyl-choline. Then you’ll remain neuro-chemically balanced and not suffer the common side effects.

Many people smoke marijuana because they have anxiety, stress or sleep problems. However, anxiety is a double-edged sword. Smoking marijuana may help you relax however it may also mess up your productivity and motivation. Since the majority of people motivate themselves via stress, by taking that away you can mess up their motivation. 

Something like marijuana is something I’d look at as a short-term tool. Something you can use in the short-term while you make intelligent decisions to fix your sleep for the long-term

Now you have some GO TO FOODS to help you sleep. Ready to learn everything you need to know about the brain to build the best sleep possible?

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Hello Everyone! Now I Lay You a Book To Sleep  

This article is excerpted from … The Book: SUPER-SLEEPThe “HOW TO” MANUAL to Optimize your Sleep.

Questions answered in this Article: 

  • What is the the #1 Ingredient for Long-Term Brain Health? 
  • We know sleep enhances learning but how? Magical Sleep Discovery.
  • Neuroscience of Sleep 101
  • #1 Brain Buster sleeping your sleep. What is it?
  • Mental Techniques to Optimize Sleep 
  • You’ve been Duped – Naughty Nursery Rhymes
  • Sleep Optimization vs. Sleep Hacking 

“Hush little baby don’t you cry … Chris is gonna teach you a lullaby … when you read this chapter … you will sleep better.” 

“Now I lay you a book to sleep … pray your brain & soul to keep … if you study it while awake, I pray the Lord your success to make.” 

“Twinkle, twinkle, your brain,

How I wonder what its sayin’.

Up above your thoughts to see,

I want the best for you and me.”

“Rock-a-bye problems, in your brain not

when my techniques blow, your brain will rock 

when bad habits break, your problems will fall 

and up will come your spirit hopes 

and all”

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP Better Now … don’t you need to? Don’t you want to? Wouldn’t it be nice to? When would tonight be the perfect time to get a goodnights sleep? 

Because sleeping really is so important isn’t? How important? Very very important. Let me tell you. 

What do you think is the most important factor to keeping your brain healthy and preventing neuro-degeneration? 

Yup you guessed it, SLEEP. My clinicians & astute observers, whats the first thing that goes in the toilet with neuro-degeneration & dementia? SLEEP. Poor sleep is the atomic bomb that destroys subsequent cognitive abilities. In lighter terms, poor sleep will drastically accelerate brain problems.

You’re going to learn some wildly fascinating facts about the brain and what the brain does during sleep.

Now lets say you’re a hot shot athlete and you’re not too concerned with losing your marbles, you just want to maximize what your brain can give you. Now whats the critical variable to accelerate your mastery and skill development? Yes, SLEEPING deeply, efficiently & seamlessly. Now.

How about recovery and healing? Yup Deep SLEEP.   

“Self-Help” guys talk about sleep like its a waste of time. I think nature is a little smarter than that. And so are you. 

Let me point out something for all of you. When does a human sleep the most? When we’re BABIES. What simultaneously is happening during this time period? THE BRAIN IS EXPLODING IN GROWTH. What else is happening? Well, can a baby walk talk and perform precise motor movements upon birth? No they can’t. Why not? The brain is not yet myelinated. Myelin is what coats nerves and enhances nerve cell transmission. 

So the period of greatest sleep duration is correlated with the most explosive brain growth and learning. Just a correlation? Hmmmm you’ll find out.

So you’re into bio-hacking or god forbid you’re a professional athlete, do you really want to be messing around with your sleep? Do you really want to be playing around with “gimmicks” and little hacks so you can sleep a few hours less? … Maybe not. In this HOW-TO manual, I differentiate “sleep optimization” and “sleep hacking”. I also identify for whom each strategy is appropriate. 

Now let me get to the hard truth of the situation. The aggravating stuff. You know, the stuff that happens way too frequently. A little reality check here. 

Don’t you hate it, when you plan to get a good nights sleep, you get to sleep early so you can wake up early, but then you go to bed and you’re just lying there … you can’t get to sleep and your brain just won’t shut off? That drives me absolutely nuts. What a pain. What a waste of time. 

Has this ever been you?

I’m also sure you’ve even had times where you worked so hard, and you were just so exhausted  and actually were too exhausted to even sleep. That ever happened to you? Hows that even possible? To exhausted to sleep? 

*Don’t worry I have very specific brain exercises for you to fix these issues.

QEEG Brain Map

Then you got the people who are sleeping, but they’re not really sleeping. Their brain doesn’t really shut off. Then you come to an actual brain practitioner like me, and I actually measure your brainwaves and we see your brain is not getting to that deep delta-wave sleep. Even worse you do have delta brainwave activity but its most prevalent during the day. In other words, your brain is asleep during the day and awake at night. Your brain activity is flip-flopped! Uh oh. Talk about your brain playing tricks on you!

Then there’s the people who can fall asleep, but can’t stay asleep. 

For the person who gets to sleep, but can’t stay asleep. I’ll tell you the problem in two lines. To fall asleep, their brain accesses a particular state (with particular brainwaves), and maintains this for a period of time.Then at some point the brain comes out of that state into another state (with different brainwaves). This is actually a fairly easy problem to fix. If your brain can access a state for an hour, then it can repeat the 1 hour eight times and do it for 8 hours. With a little savvy brain re-programming work of course.

Check this out. I know people that when they can’t sleep, they get up and watch T.V.! Absolutely ludicrous! Talk about the ultimate brain & mind screwing! Not only is it bad enough that you can’t sleep, now you got to mess your brain up even more!!! As you’ll learn blue light at night is a top brain buster. Turn it off. Keep it off. Do you really want to be telling your brain its the middle of the day in the middle of the night? The brain doesn’t have theories. All it senses are the electrical input & frequency it receives. Frequency is the language of the brain. 

The single dumbest thing you could do to mess up your brain.

And of course I have the clients who come in and tell me they’re taking sleeping pills and they still can’t sleep. So I ask them, are you sure they’re really sleeping pills? You sure they’re not caffeine? They go, “ohh yes I’m sure.” I go, well if you’re taking sleeping pills, and you’re not sleeping, perhaps they’re not doing their job.

As you’ll learn we have both the mental and neurological components functioning simultaneously. You can take a neuro-active substance (med, pills, drugs), and it’ll change your neurochemistry. This can take some of the “edge” off. However, if you don’t address the mental thought patterns, a person can take a drug, run the same mental thought patterns and make it so they can’t sleep while taking sleeping pills. This is exactly what happened to the person above. 

When you were a child, sleeping was something you did naturally and totally unconsciously. You didn’t have to think about it. You didn’t have to worry about it. You didn’t have to take pills for it. You were naturally wired to sleep easily.  Over time you developed problems that have stolen your sleep. We’ll clean those up. 

We’re going to need to consciously program your brain, so that sleep once again becomes an automated, unconscious process. Enter NLP & Neuroplasticity techniques

We’re going to do some anchoring. You see your pillow should be an immediate anchor for dropping into the most pleasant restorative sleep you’ve ever had. Not only that, your brain should have “OFF” buttons and “HOLD” buttons. Do you know how many problems would be fixed by just installing an “OFF” Button? Anxiety, worry, depression, OCD, insomnia, you name it! Go even further schizophrenia, paranoia etc. 

NATURE ALLOWED FOR HUGE NEURO-PLASTICITY. She made the brain an open slate primed to be wired and to adapt its wiring based on the environmental conditions it faces. 


You see, guys like Sigmund Freud, had all these cute theories about sleep. One of Freud’s theories is that sleep is a form of wish fulfillment, whereby dreams about snakes were somehow connected to issues with your fathers penis and so on. I believe that if dreams are fulfilling anyones wishes, they’re Freuds!!! The brain is literal, not metaphorical.

The brain will rehash and rehearse any bit and any part of the stimuli you’re exposed to. You could see a snake in a commercial on Monday and have a dream with snakes in it on Wednesday. If you’re interested in your dreams, what I’d look for is PREDICTIVE POWER. Test the information’s PREDICTIVE POWER. If you get information in your dreams that allows you to reliably and consistently make predictions about whats going to happen, then its useful. If not, then its just theories and psychological mumbo-jumbo. 

“The simplest answer is the content of your dreams is irrelevant unless it has predictive power.”


As you enter sleep, your brain reduces its production of beta waves which promote vigilance and conscious thought. The brain’s brainwave dominance shifts down to Alpha and Theta brainwaves as you enter the “hypnogogic” state. The hypnogogic state is something you’ve all experienced before. Its the state in which your thoughts become more lucid & mental imagery is enhanced. You know the state I’m talking about right? This can be measured on EEGs. Next, your brain drops down into deeper slower wave delta states which promotes deep sleep and physical restoration. Ideally of course! As your brainwaves change your unconscious and neurology begins to be no longer inhibited by your conscious mind. 

The above sleep stages are Non Rapid Eye Movement (non-REM) patterns. Very little dreaming occurs in these non-REM stages. In this third stage of Deep Sleep, this is where sleepwalking, enuresis, night terrors and para-somnias occur. Next we have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep accounts for about 25% of our sleep. This is where we dream. In fact, REM sleep is characterized by paralysis. Interesting isn’t it? This could be why its hard to “run” or “move” during sleep and why we feel like we’re moving in slow motion in our dreams. This can feel quite dreadful while you’re in the dream! Or at the very least this paralysis stops us from acting out our dreams, which can be a very good thing! 

What happens is during the day you learn activities, motor movements, thought patterns and are exposed to millions of stimuli. During sleep these networks are re-activated, and the neuronal firing occurs in reverse to re-set the neuron to fire even better the next day. This reverse neuronal firing during sleep was a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Bukalo and her team. I discuss it in the Brain Mechanisms of Sleep below. 

My theory is that during dreams many individual networks are re-activated and re-primed in this learning process, whereby neuronal networks that were used are strengthened and ones that weren’t are pruned away. Each of these neural networks is connected to particular fragments of information. During sleep these fragments are activated non-linearly and randomly, and somehow are weaved together into dreams. 


Dreaming is more literal than metaphorical. Think about it. You learn a new sport like tennis. During the day you hit 1000 foreheads. What’s going to happen while you’re sleeping at night? Don’t you go home and practice forehands all night during sleep? 

One of the martial arts I’ve learned is Wing Chun. When I first learned Wing Chun, that night I dreamed about Wing Chun and practiced my moves over and over again. There was no “hidden meaning” or wish fulfillment – other than wanting to be a white boy Bruce Lee of course! So theoretically you could say it was a form of wish fulfillment for my wishes at the time! My brain was literally re-processing what I learned during the day. 

More recently, I’ve focused on how naturally big and strong I can get. Its something I’ve never pursued. So I worked out and squatted. I hit some PRs (personal records). That night I worked out and squatted over and over again in my dreams. The weeks when I’m teaching seminars, such as an NLP Practitioner Seminar, each night when I go to sleep, I’ll be speaking and teaching in my sleep. Some times I come up with great new ideas too! 

I’ll be doing NLP demonstrations in my sleep. I’ll be hypnotizing people in my sleep. I’ll be generating new jokes in my sleep, new insights, you name it! There’s no hidden meaning about it. My pal, my unconscious, is getting some extra practice in to make me better, while my head is on the pillow. Thats what your brain is meant to do!!! Your brain learns patterns and then rehearses those patterns during sleep to make you better at them. Thats when you properly aim your brain and give it the chance of course! 

Not sleeping properly or trying to solve everything with your conscious mind or getting up in the middle of the night to watch T.V. or check your phone, thats when you’re cutting yourself off from the magic your brain can give you. 

Now lets say you watch a T.V. show. The T.V. show had aliens in it. Then you have a dream about aliens. Is there some hidden meaning about your “contact” with aliens, or was your brain simply re-processing a piece of information you were exposed to during the day? The most plausible explanation is the latter. 

For the most part, the content of our dreams is connected to what we were exposed to during the day. Thats it. Our brain is a learning processing machine. Our brain will chew on information in all kinds of random ways. In sleep time, dis-inhibited by conscious thought, our brain has a tendency to put things together in random, non-linear ways. 



From infancy to adulthood, we have been bombarded with sayings, cliche’s & rhymes loaded with vicious embedded suggestions in them. And we didn’t even realize it! No wonder fear is such a powerful driver for behaviour. Our only two natural fears are of loud noises and falling. But with the help of some bed time nursery rhymes we can install a whole lot more! Check out the kinds of things you were told as a child! Parents look at the embedded suggestions you may have given to your kids. But don’t worry, its not your fault. The same suggestions were given to you. 

“Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite poem” …. Muhahahha!!! 

Whats the presupposition? That there’s Bed Bugs and they bite!!! 

(Parent putting kid to bed) … parent looks in the closet and says, “No monsters in here” … then looks under the bed and says, “no monsters under here”. 

“No Monsters Under Here!”

Whats the presupposition? That there are monsters! What a cruel idea to put in a child’s head. 

Why do we do it to our kids? Because it was done to us! 

A teacher gets up at the start of class and says, “okay now kids, this is going to be a very difficult lesson today … but we’re going to get through it … because Calculus isn’t easy I tell you”? Yes when you teach it like that it isn’t!!! Why does the teacher do it? Because its how they were taught. Now back to the lullabies.  

Think about this Lullaby: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” 

What a great bed time embedded command to give yourself … “If I die before I wake”  …NOT!!!. Unfortunately, that suggestion just slips right into their brain. 

Lets look at this Nursery Rhyme one more time: 

“Good night, sleep tight

Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

But if they do, then take your shoe and

Hit them till they’re black and blue” 

Not only do we have to avoid these little creatures, when we encounter them, we got to take a dirty shoe to bed and then fight their ass! Great way to teach kids how to deal with conflict! 

However I do understand the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Lullaby. That got me thinking cosmologically at 2 years old. My fellow 2 year olds we’re focused on their next diaper change & sucking on female mammary glands, I was contemplating the etymology of the stars and the universe … hence why I always persuaded my mom to feed me outside so I could look up at the stars, and just wonder how they are … 

Hush Little Baby … check this lullaby out … now this is an expensive one for daddy I tell you!!! Must have been created by a woman! Look at this poem: 

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.

Daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird won’t sing,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns brass,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass gets broke,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a billy goat.

And if that billy goat won’t pull,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a cart and bull.

And if that cart and bull turn over,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won’t bark

Daddy’s gonna buy you a horse and cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down,

You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

Of course true to form, it wouldn’t be a good nursery rhyme without some violence and getting hurt … embedded command “horse and cart fall down”. Ohh but just wait and see what they do to the baby in the cradle! 

It gets even better ladies and gentlemen! Rock-a-Bye Baby hasta la vista little fella. 

“Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop 

when the wind blows 

the cradle will rock 

when the bough breaks 

the cradle will fall 

and down will come the baby

cradle and all” 

What cruel psychotic individual thought this one up? 

This is more my style. 

Rock-me baby, in the sweet spot 

when good feelings blow 

your brain will rock 

when bad habits break

the problems will fall 

and up will come your spirt hopes 

and all” 

“Now I lay you this book to sleep … use it wisely and so you’ll keep … sleeping deeply, sleeping well … sleeping beautifully, it’s so easy to tell” 


You can think about sleeping as a trance induction. There’s a state that when your brain enters it you fall asleep. Consciousness seamlessly fades away. Consciously you probably don’t know how or when that state occurs. So what you do is train your mind to induce that state and then you’ll fall asleep. I’ve provided a simple anchoring exercise below, to access that “lights out” state for consistently superb sleep. 


The hypnogogic state or “hypnotic state” is a state you enter into just before you fall asleep. This occurs while your brain slows down its faster wave, “beta wave” production and increases the production of slower waves, theta & alpha. So if you were wondering whether you’ve been in a hypnotic state before, the answer is YOU HAVE!!! Many times. This is a stark example! Hypnotic states are a naturally occurring phenomenon. You have driving trances, reading trances, day-dreaming trances, you name it. The hypnogogic pre-sleep state is perhaps the most common and important trance. 

As you enter the hypnogogic state, you’ll notice your thoughts become more lucid and vivid. In this state, mental imagery is enhanced and suddenly you may find yourself remembering past memories, or things you learned during the day in vivid detail. This state is like a jet stream to the programming of your unconscious mind. These alpha & theta states enhance memory which is why reviewing your school notes or important things you want to remember just before bed is a great idea. The hippocampus, the major memory hub for short to long-term memory conversion, has a natural resonance of 4-8Hz, which is the theta band. This is why children are such sponges for information – their brains’ produce tons of theta.


Whatever you learned and were exposed to during the day, your brain will chew on all night. One of the worst mistakes you can do is think of something “heavy” or something that bothers you before bed. I’m guilty of this myself. In my mind, I open up a topic I know is bothering me, and I get a terrible nights sleep because my brain keeps consciously and unconsciously processing it. Save it for when you can deal with it. 

Look, from time to time, bad things will creep into your head. This is where you want to visually and or auditorily, shrink down, white out or minimize those thoughts. I’m not talking metaphorically, I’m talking literally. You visually take this pictures, shrink them down and white them out. Don’t indulge it. You learned about the NLP Swish Patternwhich is much more sophisticated than you’ll read about online. The Swish Pattern is meant to be customized. You can create many different variations of Swish Patterns. How to know what to do? Well thats where the real skill comes in. Attend a Game Changer NLP Practitioner Seminar and/or Advanced NLP Training Course, to learn “the real mechanics of the Swish Pattern” and actually master them. 

That said, a simple sample of the SWISH PATTERN can do wonders before bed – especially if your brain has a tendency to “race”. That is unwanted thoughts keep popping up in your head. Wouldn’t it be nice if the things that popped up in your head were creative solutions, not thoughts keep you from sleeping? 


1. Pull up image of “Unwanted thought”. See it. Got it? 

2. Make an image of a “Desired Thought” to replace it. Think of a skill or new behaviour, something you want your brain focused on to practice all night long. 

3. PERFORM THIS NEXT STEP VERY QUICKLY – Pull up the unwanted thought & send it flying off into the distance, very fast. Shrink it in size the further it goes into the distance. All the way until its a tiny dot far away. Then see the Desired Thought flying on in, expanding and getting bigger the closer it gets until it pops up into the exact same location up big and close in your mind. DO THIS 3X VERY FAST. 

4. Random Question, What’s your favourite hobby? 

5. Deliberately think of the unwanted thought and notice what happens. 

“To Change a Habit you Mentally Create a Void & Replace it with something better”. Thats why drugs and medications only work for a period of time. They only “lessen” the unwanted mental activity, which over time can build back up. This is the case for sleep and sleeping pills. 


I remember Dr. Bandler saying that every brain should have an “ON” and “OFF” Button. Now unfortunately our brain doesn’t come with one. Its always running. Nor does our brain come with an “operators manual”. Also, every brain should have a “hold button”. Right so you got a multitude of things you need to do, the others should be on “HOLD” while you’re completing those tasks one at a time. Thats if you want to focus efficiently of course. When it comes time to sleep the task you’re completing is sleeping. 

Can you imagine how rich you would be as a practitioner, coach and/or therapist, if you could mentally install an “OFF BUTTON” in someones mind? Literally make it so they could shut off their mind whenever they needed to? Really thats all an insomniac needs. Thats what an anxious ant needs. AN OFF BUTTON. INSTALL AN OFF BUTTON. BOOM. SLEEP FIXED!!! ANXIETY FIXED! WORRY FIXED. Stress down, Well-Being Up. 


During sleep, information is consolidated and organized. More importantly the neuronal networks you’ve fired and stimulated are electrically re-primed. This is why whenever you’re studying or doing a project, I always recommend you get some sleep afterwards. It solidifies the neural connections and allows the brain to fire better after that period of rest. The result: your memory for that information will be sharper and your thinking clearer

If you get poor sleep, your thinking will be cloudy because the neural networks haven’t been fully reset. 

Glial cells are the ones that perform the brain’s housekeeping. During sleep, astrocytes, a subtype of glial cells, clean out worn out cells and debris. Without sufficient sleep you don’t get a proper glial cell cleaning. Over time, this could enhance your risk of mis-shapen proteins and other issues seen in for example, Alzheimer’s Disease. What happens is with “junk debris” still in the brain, it messes up the feedback provided to healthy neurons. 

If you don’t take out the garbage its going to rot in your brain. Makes sense, right? Astrocytes also help prune away un-necessary synapses thereby providing more cortical real-estate for stimulated synapses to be strengthened. 

At night, the brain enters these altered states which activate these physiologic processes to clear away the toxic byproducts of neural activity left behind during the day. These supportive glial cells are often called “the glue” of the nervous system. During the day, neurons “swell” and fire, and in the process become “oxidized”. At night, Dr. Bukalo and her team have shown that neuronal firing happens in reverse to “chemically reduce” brain cells.

Glial Cells “The Glue” of the Nervous System

As noted, astrocytes prune unnecessary synapses in the brain to refresh and reshape its wiring. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can send this astrocyte activity into over-drive, causing the brain to literally eat itself. 

Consistently burning out the midnight oil will burn out your brain. If the research is any indication, over time sleep deprivation will catch up to you. Thats obvious. 


  1. Neuronal Activity Fires in Reverse to Re-prime Neurons – During day firing occurs from cell body through axon to dendrite. At night this firing happens in reverse. 
  2. The Polarity of the brain reverses. Energy flows from Hind-brain (+) to Cerebral Cortex (-). During sleep this polarity reverses. Anesthetics & Strong Magnets work by reversing the polarity of the brain and hence “knocking you out”. 
  3. Astrocytes prune away un-necessary synapses 
  4. Micro-glial cells clear away toxic byproducts left behind from neural activity during day. 
  5. Brainwave production moves from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta across sleep states. 
  6. Brain enters both non-REM & REM (rapid eye movement) sleep states. REM sleep is when dreaming occurs. 
  7. Physical Paralysis during REM sleep. 


Its been a burning question, we know sleep is important, but why? We know sleep improves learning, but how? 

Brain researchers recently made an incredible discovery – during sleep and at rest the neuronal firing happens in reverse. This appears to reset the neuron and prime it learn new information

“During waking hours, electrical signals travel from dendrites — antenna-like projections at one end of the cell — through the cell body. From the cell body, they then travel the length of the axon, a single long projection at the other end of the cell. This electrical signal stimulates the release of chemicals at the end of the axon, which bind to dendrites on adjacent cells, stimulating these recipient cells to fire electrical signals, and so on. When groups of cells repeatedly fire in this way, the electrical signals increase in intensity. Dr. Bukalo and her team examined electrical signals that traveled in reverse from the cell’s axon, to the cell body and out its many dendrites. The reverse firing, depicted in this diagram, happens during sleep and at rest, appearing to reset the cell and priming it to learn new information” 

Neurosurgeon, Dr Jack Kruse, Energy and Epigenetics 9: Quantum Sleep

I know I’ve had the experience of speaking at a seminar all day long, and as the end of the day approached, I literally began to feel my neurons running out of electrical “juice”. That is I used up all their electrical charge and they didn’t have any left to fire. Now we know “how” and “when” the brain re-boots its electrical charge. During sleep and rest. 

Have you ever had an experience where your neurons rans out of juice? Many say that mental exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion. Now haven’t you also had the experience of being exhausted then taking a catnap or little sleep and when you woke up you felt surprisingly rebooted? Neurologically you now know why this is the case. 

Based on this research what would the brain doc prescribe? After any intense learning period or training session, a period of sleep and/or brain rest so your neurons can be electrically re-primed to fire again. Makes sense right? I showed this paper to one of my mentors, it blew his mind!

This is why cat-naps, a 15 minute meditation or a mind-less walk in the park after hours of work is a great productivity booster. To mentally function at your highest level your neurons need to be electrically re-primed to fire. Thats why I never understood those people who studied for 10 straight hours in the library or pulled all nighters. Thats remarkably in-efficient. 

Now you know – be it before a test or a competition, you need some sleep. Even if its just one sleep cycle (90 minutes) or two sleep cycles (3 hours). You need to give your neurones a chance to reset so they can re-fire. No neuron juice, no mental performance. 

  This is in fact how general anaesthetics work, they reverse the polarity of the brain. This facilitates sleep. 

What else facilitates this polarity reversal of the brain, and thus sleep? THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD. An increased magnetic field promotes sleep. As you learned, Dr. Robert O. Becker put a large magnet by a salamander’s head and it put the salamander to sleep. This is why humans sleep so well out in nature. 

If you have high level man-made EMFs interfering with the Earths natural EMF your sleep will be poor. Just think of when two waves collide on a beach, it breaks them up. The same happens with EMF frequencies. 



Most people’s problem is that they don’t exert physically exert themselves enough during the day. You see when you do even just 30 minutes of all out exercise, that mobilization of kinetic energy is going to promote a rebound effect whereby the body will be driven to restore that energy. How does the body do that? Via sleep. Intense physical exercise will promote deep stage sleep. I can’t wait to sleep after a big squat and leg days. The sleep is extra deep. 




If there was a MAGIC PILL for AUTISM this is it: THE BEACH



Timing is key. Morning sunlight exposure on the skin helps to synchronize dopamine and neuro-hormone release and promotes melatonin production at night. What do cells use to time their activity? Light. 

Both the presence and absence of light at the appropriate times are the key modulators for sleep. Light is the biological clock that tells our body what time it is. A metronome if you will. 

In the morning you want to get the sun on your skin. Sun-gazing is an ancient technique. You want to tell your brain its “Day-time” to promote neuro-hormone release. In the evening you want the absence of blue light to allow melatonin to be released in the pineal gland to promote sleep. 


COLD + GOOD DEEP SLEEP is the #1 Weight Loss Method 

During winter many animals such as bears hibernate. While hibernating these animals are in essence intermittent fasting, in a cold environment, while grounded and in deep sleep states. And guess what? In the spring, these animals emerge physically lean and sexually vigorous. During this hibernation immense mitochondrial and cellular repair occurs. 

During sleep growth hormone is released that helps you stay young and keep your body lean. During sleep your body is meant to be in a fasted state, burning off fatty acids, and repairing your mitochondria to keep your body lean. When you’re burning the mid-night oil and your circadian rhythms are off, you’re not going to get proper growth hormone release. Hence, if you’re trying to lose weight, your body will hold onto fat. If you’re an athlete, your body won’t maximize strength and muscular gains.



Research has shown, the EMFs stimulate the brain stem and keep it activated. Specifically, EMFs activate calcium-gated voltage channels. The hindbrain, cerebellum, is loaded with such receptors. Hence, environments high in man-made EMFs can keep the brain and body chronically activated and create “excito-toxicity”. The symptoms associated with such chronic hyper-activation include anxiety, insomnia, adrenal fatigue & exhaustion over time. 

So lets say you’re reading this and you live in an apartment in downtown Toronto or New York. Most likely you’re not going to get up and move, so how can you mitigate your risk? Note, if you have a son or daughter with autism and/or some kind of neurological condition, you absolutely should get them to a lower EMF environment. 

So how can you mitigate your risk? 

1. Magnetico-Sleep Mattress –  If you’re cut off from the earth’s magnetic field, you need to replace it in some way. A magnetico sleep mattress is something you can  put on top of your mattress, containing magnets, which will help your brain get into sleep states.  

2. COLD THERMOGENESIS – if your risk factors are high, in that you are electro- sensitive, then cold thermogenesis is a necessary addition. EMFs will hyper- stimulate neurons and cells, thus oxidizing them. Cold is the best way to dissipate and counteract this excessive entropy. 

3. High DHA, High Fat Diet – DHA is a fundamental component of cell membranes that promotes brain cell signalling. DHA also increases brain Dopamine levels. In a high EMF environment, dopamine levels will be lower. Hence you will be a slave to every little dopamine-booster, such as notifications on your phone and junk food. High DHA consumption both via seafood and supplementation is necessary in a more toxic environment. DHA will also improve alpha rhythms in the brain. Alpha promotes relaxed focus and well-being. Man-made EMFs destroy alpha rhythms in the brain. Hence the development of so many stress-related mental problems in the workplace. 

Moreover, you’ll need to consume tons of healthy fats which are loaded with electrons to keep dopamine levels adequate. Dopamine levels are a reflection of energy balance. Whenever energy levels are off, dopamine levels will be off and thus your focus, motivation and productivity will suffer. 

4. Find Nature – Even if its for only 20 minutes at lunch, get out in nature. Ideally ground your feet. This will help dissipate any excess EMFs your system has been exposed to. 

5. If you live in TORONTO or NEW YORK – embrace the cold. In a city you are in a even higher EMF environment. Many of my clients who’ve sustained Concussions and live in the city report that they’re headaches are worse when they’re in the city versus outside of it. This excite-toxicity can be mitigated. 

Just like a super-computer the “chaos” that builds up in the brain must be dissipated. Leverage the Fournier Effect in the Winter. To reduce brain inflammation, you cover your body up and leave your head exposed to the cold. This will increase energy flow to the brain. For example, go for a walk outside with your body bundled up and your head exposed to the cold. See Below. 

6. Brain Protection Supplements – We want to counteract the excito-toxicity and neuro-inflammation associated with EMFs. If you live in a city, Magnesium, Curcumin, and DHA, are fundamental brain supplements you should probably be taking. If you live in a city and suffer from headaches or a brain injury, these supplements are a needed bridge until you are back to 100%. 



I like to test Melatonin-Cortisol levels. Most people’s are flip-flopped. That is they have low cortisol in the morning, when they need it to get up and get motivated to go to work, and high cortisol in the evening, when they want to go to sleep. Either their body really doesn’t like them or their circadian rhythms are off. Its the latter. 

Off kilt circadian rhythms is why people are slaves to the coffee man. Its why people have to drag themselves out of bed. Low morning cortisol. The best way to fix that is synchronizing your sleep-wake cycle with the rise and fall of the sun. Of course as reasonably and realistically as possible. If you’re a night-shift worker and you’re thinking … “ohhh crap.” My response, “get a new job!” Or get a much much higher paying night job, so you only need to do it once or twice a week! 


Magnesium is an important mineral, that daily stress, caffeinated drinks and so on depletes. Magnesium is a co-factor in the production of GABA. Magnesium is very important for both relaxing and protecting your nerves. You can consume magnesium orally as a supplement. You can consume it via food – Cacao, pumpkin seeds, green-leafy vegetables (green leafy vegetables are loaded with chorophyll, which has a magnesium backbone). I recommend Epsom Salt baths which contain magnesium, for anyone with an over-stimulated nervous system. One of the reasons why Isolation Tanks are beneficial is that the water is loaded with minerals and magnesium. 




  • Stimulates the HindBrain 
  • Activates Calcium-Gated Voltage Channels 
  • Dehydrates the Brain & depletes magnesium levels 
  • Increases the leakiness of the BBB “Blood Brain Barrier”, allowing environmental toxins to take hold in the brain 
  • Problems with Man-made EMFS interacting with D-Shell Electrons in Transition Metals 
  • Change in Brainwaves – See below. 

What happens to a piece of steak when you leave it in the micro-wave? It becomes a piece of rubber.

A cell phone is a bi-directional EMF device. I never put it by my head. Nor should you. I’ve actually performed EEGs and Brain Maps, measuring baseline brain activity and then brain activity while a “live” cell phone is placed next to the head. In the subjects underlying brain regions I noticed an immediate increase in Beta & High Beta activity and decrease in slower-waves alpha & theta. Whats going to happen to you mentally when there’s increased fast-wave production in the temporal lobes? You’re going to feel emotionally stressed and anxious. Your Sleep will suffer.





For 5 years, I meditated every day, including before bed. I discovered some very fascinating and effective brain-wave and bio-energetic entrainment tracks. Tracks with the signature frequencies of herbs, nootropics, different colours of light all embedded and distilled into sound frequencies. Get some high-powered headphones, put them on, play the track, and you are showered with super-brain entrainment. 

The language of the brain is FREQUENCY. In learning about Neuroplasticity, I learned about the Tomatis Effect. That is the Inner Ear, energizes the brain. Particular frequencies, and ranging from high and low frequencies has a tremendous effect on energizing the brain. 

You’ll even notice that most buddhist and other practices involve chanting. Most ceremonies involve some form of music. This music is designed to “entrain” the brain and lead it into an altered state. Mozart, with its combination of high and low frequencies, is widely known to enhance intelligence. This is via the Tomatis effect. 

DIRECT ENTRAINMENT – Before bed “theta” and “delta” meditations are terrific. Delta meditations are fantastic for silencing your mind and leading you into deep rejuvenative unconscious states. Your brain will try to get there naturally. Give it some help. In deep delta states you’ll achieve “complete” mental emptiness or absence of thought in the moment. Your conscious mind disappearing if you will. Similar to a deep sleep state. 

Melatonin Supplements? 


Dopamine Dominance During the Day, Serotonin in the Evening To Relax the Night Away. CARBS to raise serotonin levels. 

During the day I recommend eating more ketogenic to enhance mental focus. That is eating only protein, fat and greens. In the late afternoon / evening, thats when I’d recommend eating whatever carbohydrates you like. The carbohydrates will raise serotonin levels by promoting amino acid absorption, raising relative tryptophan levels in the blood. This will raise serotonin levels. 

Did you know Serotonin is the precursor to Melatonin? 


Serotonin is the “good mood” “stress-vaporizing” neurotransmitter. Serotonin boosts feelings of optimism, self-esteem, security, relaxation, and peacefulness. Adequate levels of serotonin in the occipital lobes are necessary for delta deep wave sleep. Also, the more serotonin you have, generally the less sensitive to pain you’ll be.

Direct Melatonin Supplementation is Un-Intelligent. There are much better ways to raise melatonin levels.

Serotonin converts into melatonin. Raise serotonin in the evening and you’re likely going to increase melatonin. Conversion of serotonin to melatonin depends on SAMe, which your body synthesizes from methionine, requiring adequate vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12.


Blue Dot Meditation.  

I remember Dr. Bandler telling me about a meditation he learned for sleep. He had difficulty falling asleep on planes. A lot of people have difficulty sleeping on planes, trains, cars etc. Then on one flight he watched a guy go “lights out” asleep the second the plane took off. So Dr. Bandler asked him, “how do you go to sleep light that?. He said, “well I see a blue ball in my mind, I look at it and then I step inside it. Then when I step inside it I fall alseep”. Hmmm seems pretty simple! 

Interestingly in my own qigong experience training directly with the Shaolin Monk, and and Qigong master, Sifu Paul Ng, blue light meditations were known to be very calming. 

I know I just lambasted blue light above from technology!!! This is about internal visualization processes of blue light! Give this simple technique a try! 


When we were born into this world we were born with the natural wiring to sleep perfectly. Sleeping was a natural process we “just did”. No need to think, worry or plan for it. In fact in your life there’s probably been hundreds if not thousands of times where you were tired and naturally drifted off to sleep. Especially when you were much younger. Just think back to car rides after long days at the beach, or getting home after a big game or after a long summer day, as soon as your head hit the pillow you were out like a light. It may be in the distant past, or quite recently, but we’ve all experienced deep restful sleep. If you’ve experienced it once, you can surely experience it again. Your brain knows what it feels like. 

Now in your mind, I’d like you to go inside and go back to a time where “you slept like a baby”. I mean really, slept like a baby. Maybe a time when that “sleep pressure” … you know that drive to fall asleep was built up so much and you just couldn’t wait to get to bed. Ease your way back to a memory like that. Pull it up in your mind. Make the image of the memory big, clear and life size so you can remember the nuances of that memory …  and then step all the way inside it – see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how you felt in that memory … nowgo through the memory, play it forward until the moment just before you dropped into a deep sleep. When you were right on the edge of a very restful, deep desired sleep. 

As soon as re-experience that moment, just before falling into a deep sleep, ANCHOR that state. Do it AUDITORILY – with a mantra … S L E E E P.  Really say it in such a slow Sleepy voice … Then go back to that moment, double that sleepy feeling ….  and say… S L E E E P. 

Ahhh isn’t that wonderful? 

… Now go to a second memory where you “slept like a log” or “were out like a light” whatever you’d call your deepest sleep now  … and go to the moment just before you slipped into that sleep. Step inside the memory, go to that moment, feel exactly how you felt … notice the nuances of how your body felt, your chest, your breathing, your legs, all at the edge of dropping into a deep sleep … feel that feeling, deepen that feeling … and here that matching voice … S L E E P ….

  Go to a third magic memory in your mind, a time where you fell “fast asleep” and “slept like a baby” … you know another time when you slept beautifully and seamlessly. Go to that moment just before you zonked out, feel the feeling, deepen that feeling and then connect it altogether the best nuances of each of the three sleepy feelings with your  … S L E E P voice.  



  1. Eat Primarily Ketogenic – Eat primarily fat and protein & raw vegetables to keep you in a ketogenic high-dopamine state. 1 mol of fatty acid yields 147 ATP vs. 1 mol of carbohydrate yielding 36 ATP. We want as much energy to the mitochondria as possible. The brain houses more mitochondria, energy producing power-plants, than any other organ in the body. You will feel mentally clearer, lighter and brighter sticking to fats and protein during the day while you complete your work. The main reason why I eat carbohydrates is for physical performance enhancement. That is I eat carbohydrates to help increase the size of my muscles. But hey, Arnold said the secret to success is to have 22 inch biceps right? So I eat carbohydrates to get bigger and stronger. I don’t eat them before I want to do my best mental work – writing, speaking etc. For optimal mental performance I haven’t found carbohydrates to be necessary. If anything they “slow you down”. I also recommend lots of raw vegetables and salads which are loaded with sunshine energy, contain live enzymes and have a relatively low digestive load. Think greens juices and organic salads with healthy fats like avocado. Anything thats going to divert too much energy to digestion, such as eating a whole bunch of complex carbs is going to slow you down. Don’t take my word for it, go eat a big bowl of oatmeal and notice what happens to your state. In that fat-burning state, eating lots of amino acids, dopamine levels will be higher. This will boost your focus, vigilance and mental energy levels. As soon as you eat some carbohydrates, the body will release insulin which will promote amino acid absorption and leave tryptophan in the blood. This will raise serotonin levels. There’s a see-saw balance of Dopamine Dominance vs. Serotonin Dominance. I prefer Dopamine Dominance when its time to be razor-sharp and focused during the day, and increase Serotonin levels in the evening when its time to recover and relax the night away. 

2. INTERMITTENT FASTING – intermittent fasting liberates immense energy. This promotes mental focus, raises catecholamine levels, and saves your body the energetic drain of having to digest and process food. Plus, not eating is a big time saver and allows you to work more. I enjoy consuming coffee and/or tea with some healthy fats like Organic Coconut Oil and MCT Oil, to supply energy for your brain to fuel mental performance. Especially while writing, seeing clients, or performing any important mental work.

3. Eat lots of HIGH FREQUENCY FOODS – This includes super-food greens like Wheatgrass, Chlorella, which are loaded with Cholorphyll. Chlorophyll is liquid sunshine. The more energy you consume from the sun, the more energy you’ll have to work. Pretty simple. Get those cells of yours vibrating! I also love Chinese herbs such as Cordyceps, Goji & Schizandra, & Ginseng to supply tons of free energy to the brain and body. I mentioned that organic raw salad and greens in #1. These are also high vibration. Some organic salad greens are so good you can actually feel the difference. Thats the best test of the energetic state of the food you eat. Are your energy levels elevated after eating it? 

4. KEEP INFLAMMATION AS LOW AS POSSIBLE – During the day neurons swell and fire. This builds up inflammation which necessitates sleep to dissipate the inflammation and electrically re-prime the brain. Thus the less inflammation in your body, the less your body will need sleep. My favourite anti-inflammatory brain supplements are Curcumin (which is derived from Tumeric) and DHA (the magical fatty acid in seafood). Take both as supplements, especially if you are reducing your sleep. 

5. MAINTAIN A CALM, ZEN FOCUSED DEMEANOUR – People waste incredible amounts of energy worrying, responding emotionally, and getting angry. The more Yang, and fired up you get, the more your body will require the equal and opposite, Yin, to restore your body’s energy levels. The more you stay cool and calm, the longer you’ll be able to work and maintain your energy levels each and every day. This is where the NLP & plasticity brain work to train your brain to access these super-states & teach you how to maintain it comes in. 

6. MITOCHONDRIAL BOOSTING SUPPLEMENTS – sleep helps to repair and restore your mitochondria. With less sleep, you’ll receive less of this necessary process. Thus your mental energy levels may dip, and your brain may seem “foggier” etc. You can consume mitochondrial boosting supplements to increase your mitochondrial function.  

Chris’ Magical Mitochondrial Boosters Include: Magnesium Threonate, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Taurine, D-Ribose, CoQ10 (ubiquinol) & PQQ. These six consumed in unison will give you a major mitochondrial energy boost.


Drink clean Spring Water. Cut out all processed foods. When you eat, make it fresh raw fruits and vegetables and healthy meats and seafood. All the other stuff will slow down your system. Avoid foods or products that contain food additives, which are extremely neuro-toxic. This includes, Aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and artificial colourings. As a general rule of thumb, if it comes in a plastic package, its probably not a good idea

8. BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT – DELTA Before Bed to Get Right to Deep Sleep. When bio-hacking your sleep there are two key sleep stages you absolutely need. First, you want to get deep stage sleep for physical body rejuvenation. Second, you want some REM sleep for learning, memory & neuro-cortical organization. 


Perform Short Effective Meditations to keep Brain Entropy “Chaos” Low. 

Potentially Consume Nootropics – ideally natural nootropics to supply more brain energy. I.e. Gingko, Rhodiola, American Ginseng.

Grounding, Sunlight, Water all are natural sources of free energy. Use them. 

10. Maintain your Wake-Sleep Schedule like Clock-Work. Let your brain and body habituate and get used to it. Sleeping 5 hours a night with random fluctuating sleep times will be more taxing on your system then sleeping 5 hours a night on the same sleep timing. 

11. BRAIN TRAINING – Neurofeedback, NLP & Neuroplasticity Work to get your brain as balanced & coherent as possible. 

12. Make sure when you DO SLEEP – Your are Reaching Ideal Sleep States as per above.  

13. Keep Oxygen Levels High. 

Excited to learn more? Want to learn the nitty gritty to build the best sleep possible? I’ve given an incredible amount of information. However, there are some very precise practices & mental techniques to optimize your sleep that are only available in my book – SUPER-SLEEP.

Learn Everything you Need to Know to Optimize your Sleep. 

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Brain & Psychology for Sports Performance

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Before I give you the mental strategies that will give you super control over your own brain and skyrocket your performance, are you sure you’re going to be able to handle it? I’m talking about all the championships you’re going to have to train for and win, all the autographs you’re going to have to sign, all the money you’re going to make, all the kids across the world you’re going to inspire. You sure you really want that? And I hope you like getting up early on Tuesdays to do endorsement commercials & volunteering in the community. It’s not easy being a phenom athlete and worldwide icon. 

I’m curious as to why you want to be a better athlete. Do you want to be the best at your sport? Can you imagine what you’d look like at performing at your very best, maxing out every ounce of your talent?

What would be happening if you were the most talented & skilled version of yourself? 

How would you be thinking? How would you be feeling? How would you be training & performing? 

The above are loaded questions, loaded to focus your brain in all the right directions. In fact this manual is not only going to focus your brain in the right directions, its going to give you complete and utter control

A second magic question to ask yourself is: 

Whats stopping you from being the best? 

Wouldn’t now be the perfect time to dissolve those limits from your mind? I’ll show the precise mental formulas how

Most say the difference between the best and the rest is “mental”. But they don’t teach or show you how the mind works. That changes right here, right now.

Before I get into the mental strategies of the best athletes across each sport, realize that limits really are just ideas. You either remember things that happened in the past or mentally make plans for the future, thats it!!! 

Many athletes get in trouble because they get anxious, nervous, or don’t believe in themselves, or had bad experiences and never could get over the hump. This is especially true with severe injuries. Or perhaps you’re just lacking consistency. You have the talent. You know at your best you can go toe to toe with anyone. Its just you haven’t yet learned how to activate that peak performance consistently or have any degree of conscious control over your brain.

Whatever your case is, in this article I’ll teach you the mental techniques that’ll clear away anxiety, nerves, limiting beliefs, and the stuff getting in your way. More importantly I’ll show you how to optimize mental skills such as focus, motivation, brainwave state control, time distortion, change & build new beliefs, the key skills so you can activate your best at will. 

You’ve got the god-given talent, you want to get the max out of it don’t you? 

So, sure they say “the difference is mental” … but how so? Two players can engage in the same positive psychology stuff and one athlete actually achieves that picture in their head, while the other does worse. Whats the difference? … Hhhmmm perhaps there’s way more, I mean way more, properties to our mind, brain & thought processes then you can imagine or at least anyone is talking about. 

I think you’re ready to dive deeper, learn these mental skills, and take your game to the next level. What do you think? 

All sports are an altered state trance game.

“Ultimately in competition, the winner of the game is the one who can get into the optimal neurological, mental & physiological state most consistently.” 



The best sports performers are masters of altered states.

There are key systematic properties to how our mind works. When you learn these properties its as if you have your own HOW TO MANUAL to operate your brain. With that you can design the optimal states for you to go into in competition. Especially in big moments. You can design anchors to trigger off the precise states exactly when you need them. Better yet, have it all programmed into your brain to function automatically. You can change habits. You can do more than you can dream of. 

Much of Talent is “LEARNABLE”. Take arguably the greatest tennis players of all time, Roger Federer. If Federer is like most geniuses he performs his magic unconsciously. Imagine if you had the exact mental formula of how Roger Federer’s mind works during a tennis match. With this book, you can.  


Roger Federer, in the press conference before his Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic, when asked, “who’s going to win?” said it’ll boil down to “whoever is the better player on THAT DAY”. In other words, whoever is able to activate their best game on that day, is likely to win. I personally don’t like leaving that much up to chance. I’d like to stack the deck and “know” I’m going to bring my absolute best game. What about you? 

Compared to other sports, tennis is certainly more “variable” & “uncertain” considering you’re facing an opponent (who’s performance could vary widely), court conditions etc. This means its even more important to consistently activate your very best states. 


You’ve all gotten into “grooves” where it seems like you can’t miss haven’t you? Whether its in golf, basketball, baseball, or another sport, right? Now what happened there? 

Your brain was in a completely different state. Your perceptions were different. Your unconscious motor programs were different. Here’s the cool insight. Trance phenomenon – such as slowing time down, pain control, positive visual hallucination – are skills that are state dependent. Get into the right state and you can perform these skills. 

This is how I’m able to take an average golfer and get him into the same brain state as the best golfers, and suddenly he performs better and takes strokes off of his game. 

Similarly, your limits, be it mental or physical are “state dependent”. Even things like pain perception are state dependent. 

Each sport has different mental & physical requirements. Thus for peak performance you need to go into the Specific Optimal Trance for THAT Game. This will vary across sports. 

You can figure out what the optimal mental states “trances” for each sport are. You can elicit what the brains’ of the very best athletes are doing consciously & unconsciously during peak performance, and teach the other athletes brains’ to do the same. Their performance will increase. This requires high level skill and absolutely a full NLP practitioner seminar at a minimum. I’m talking the real NLP. I’ve included key ELICITATION QUESTIONS in the PRACTICE section below. 


With the luxury of EEGs & QEEG Brain Mapping plus other more advanced brain imaging technologies, I’ve been able to build a data base of different brainwave states and the mental abilities that are enhanced in each state. 

EEG Bottom. Brain Map Top.

When I’m working with an athlete, one of the first steps is to teach their brain to go into specific trances to develop desired skills. There are specific brainwave trances that increase visualization, reduce pain, increase memory, promote deep healing & recovery, time distortion etc. 


MORE GOOD DAYS. Developing Conscious Control Over Your Brain.  

Have you ever noticed that you can predict in advance whether you’re going to have a good or bad day? You can even predict whether you’re going to have a good or bad practice session. Good or bad workout. Your brain knows in advance. Even sitting here reading this, I bet you can look into the future and predict where you’re going to have good days. So maybe it’s not so random … its just something you haven’t brought into conscious control yet  … 


Most athletes, especially golfers, say, “you know some days you’re just really having a good day … and some times its just not your day” … This seems too random for me. Even the great Roger Federer said “it depends on who’s going to be better on that day” . 

What if you could consciously control your brain & physiological processes to make any day you want a good day? 

What if you literally had the mental formulas to turn bad days into good days on demand, at any moment, any time? 

At the very least we can significantly increase the percentage of good days you have vs. bad days. 


Many tennis players and golfers are no less talented than the best. The only difference is that the best are able to perform at their best more consistently and more often. 


“The purpose of our conscious mind is like a laser and targeting machine. The conscious mind is designed to pull up and activate automated neurological motor programs that you’ve spent tons of time practicing to build, so your brain and body can perform at their best on their own”

You see if you start thinking and trying too hard consciously you’ll mess up. This is true for all performances, music, martial arts, weight-lifting etc. The conscious mind is an activator. 
Thus you must learn:  

  1. How to Control your Conscious Mind 
  2. The Specific Mental States, Mental Strategies & Neurological Motor Programs to Build

I’ll now detail the precise MENTAL MECHANICS of the altered states that promote optimal performance across different sports.


Baseball players when they get into Hot Streaks, will say how the ball gets really “BIG” … they’ll say, “they’re really seeing the ball” … they’ll say, “I can even see the threads on the ball” … now we know physically the ball doesn’t actually change size, however our brain’s state changes in a manner that changes our perception of the ball. Thus making it easier to perform the task. 

Ask batters the difference between a good and a bad day. Turns on a good day, they’re able to go into a trance, slow time down (think about it, you have to slow time down to see a 100mph fastball coming at you!), and make the ball bigger, they also perform negative auditory hallucination (block out surrounding noise of crowd). Most of this is done naturally and unconsciously. You see, if a baseball player can’t slow things, they don’t hit the ball. When they do, they do hit the ball! Most sports activities are really about mastering trance states rather than physical abilities. If the baseball player makes it so in their mind that the ball isn’t moving so fast, its a lot easier to hit. Ever seen batters playing with their batting gloves, stepping out of the box, then stepping back in? All these are little rituals are designed to produce a particular feeling to then activate the motor programs in the brain to perform the task. 

The hitters who most consistently activate the above trance phenomena, hit a lot more balls and make a lot more money. The cool part is you can take the mental trance strategy of the best hitter and teach it to the other hitters to get them to perform better. This is the magical realm of NLP, I mean the real NLP. 

So, when a player is in a slump, to get them batting better, what do we do? We get them thinking correctly. When they’re playing well they’re thinking well, and when they’re playing poorly they’re thinking poorly. Does this work for all the players on the team? Ohhh Yes! 

I remember Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, sharing a story about his work with Pro Baseball teams. Here’s a little description of how Dr. Bandler elicited the mental strategy of the best baseball players. 

First he asked the manager, how do you get people to increase their batting average? So what do you tell them to do? The manager said, “I tell them to go out and HIT SOMEand …“thats it”. … “you know I tell them to throw a few curveballs and fast balls today … I want y’all to HIT SOME” 

Real precise instructions, not! These athletes make more money in one year than most make in a lifetime. In baseball, you increase a players home-runs or batting average by 10% and his salary goes up millions of dollars. There’s big money in getting these athletes performing better.

A lot of TALENT is LEARNABLE – It has structure and that structure can be taught to other athletes. 

On your team, which hitter has the best batting average? … I have a question for you. “You walk out, there’s the pitcher … you know he’s going to throw the ball at the speed of light … what are you doing when you walk up you get in the batters box, hit your shoe with the batt and then you step back out?You step in and step out, you step in and step out and finally you step in and you’re ready. 

(Trance Phenomena underlined). 

How do you know when you’re ready on a good day? … The player contemplated the question … his pupils dilated. He goes, “well when you’re really having a good day … you’re really seeing the ball. The crowds voice disappears, even in practice everything goes silent … and you’re so focused on what you’re doing that time almost stands still, its like the ball is moving slow … its so BIG you can count the threads”. AHA!! So you go into a deep trance, do time distortion, positively hallucinate the size of the ball and perform negative auditory hallucination. 

If you teach the other batters to perform the same trance phenomenon at the plate, their performance will increase.

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

I must note that these are high level skills. They require savvy brain work to get the players into these specific super-performance states. Hence you may want to considering hiring the best brain trainer in the business to accelerate the process for you. 


I remember my mentor Dr. Richard Bandler sharing a story of when he interviewed the best golfers on the planet … He said to them, “you’re constantly wiggling the club back and forth and looking down at the fairway what are you looking for?” … They responded, “I don’t know” … Richard said, “well think about it” … then their heads all went back … they got a glare in their eyes and their pupils dilated … (looks like an altered state if you’ve ever seen one!!!) … they said … ummm … “well we’re waiting for the fairway to shrink …” … now we know the fairway doesn’t actually shrink … but if it in your mind comes close and shrinks … its a lot easier to hit. 

You see when golfers are waiting at the tee, its really just their unconscious adjusting them so their body is in perfect alignment to perform the task.

A golf stroke is really a mini altered state for heightened performance.” In golf to be a better putter, you should make the hole bigger! In fact when golfers are doing well they tell me, “I can’t miss!”. 


Now when I work with a golfer I always get their brain to sort out the difference in the feelings between swings that are going to work and the ones that are not. There are systematic differences. You can then tell their brain to develop a little voice that says, “Yes”,and one that says, “No”. Your intuitions always know just before you hit the ball, whether you got it right or not. Do they not? 

Many good golfers have said, “at the tee they adjust stance, and keep adjusting and looking out at the fairways until “the fairway shrinks … that tells him to swing.If the fairway doesn’t shrink they don’t hit the ball. They just kept readjusting their body until it goes into the right position. Your intuitions always know just before you hit the ball, whether you got it right or not. Get that intuition one step before so you don’t actually swing until you have it right. Rather activate that optimal state before you step into the shot to maximize the chances of it being a good shot. 

Tiger Woods, Classic Sunday “Red” Championship Shirt

The best golfers do this naturally and unconsciously. However you want to learn to do this deliberately. Even the best can get even better if they’re able to control brain state at will. Hence getting into the perfect mini trance before & during each shot. This will make you much more consistent. The more you’re able to do this, the more you’ll perform at your best. The less conscious control you have, the more random your performance will be. 


Center Shaquille O”Neal #34 of the Los Angeles Lakers shoots a free throw

When shooters, “get hot” they’ll say the basket looks bigger … when they’re not doing well … they say, “the rim looks small”. Their language reveals precisely what is going on in their brain! To the astute Brain Practitioner, this is total give-away and tells you exactly how to program their brain to perform in that sport! 

Free-throw shooting is something that can be dramatically improved with developing optimal brain states and then developing post-hypnotic anchors. You can spend thousands of hours practicing free-throws, but if in the big games your brain goes into a different state, then you can’t fully access those precise motor programs you built in the gym. A lot of wasted practice. Better to make sure you can reliably get back into that optimal free-throw shooting state. Memory & performance is state-dependent. 


The best marksmen go into a mini altered state until they’re able to bring the target big and up close in their mind. Then they nail the target perfectly. My friend Alan is an champion archer. I ask him, how do you know when to fire the bow? He tells me, “he looks out at the target and keeps looking until the target comes up big and close in his mind. Then he gets a particular feeling, releases the bow right on target.” Voila there’s the mental strategy. So, the best marksmen and my friend Alan are masters at POSITIVE HALLUCINATION! 

Target Shooting: On a good day, you’re able to hallucinate the target, move it up real close and make it real big. On bad days, you’re not. The same mental strategy can be applied for darts & curling. 

Me and Alan.

“Life doesn’t slow down your perception of events does as you become one with your target.” Alan, Archer Champion

The mental strategy above indicates what Alan “means” by becoming one with the target. Very cool. 


The best marital artists and fighters are able to go into profound altered states. If you don’t go into an altered state in which you slow time down and do pain control” you can get killed! 

Have you ever seen a boxer or MMA fighter come into the ring? … Look at the eyes … see their pupils dilated … they’re in an altered state.

To speed learning, there’s a fantastic hypnotic technique called deep trance identification. This is where you mentally step inside your Master/Coach and mentally practice with the same skill as them. 

Some students have an uncanny ability to watch a master perform and then easily mirror those movements. Perhaps they have stronger “mirror neurons”. These are the neurons that fire when we observe someone performing an action, firing the same as if we were performing the action ourselves. Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran calls them the “GHANDI neurons”. I call them the “SUPER-LEARNING Neurons”. Or straight up “The Genius Neurons”. However, this ability to mirror a genius & acquire their skill, is in fact a trainable & learnable skill. 

What are some necessary skills that could speed the process of learning and mastering a skill? One is a photographic memory. This is also a learnable skill. Its actually a “STATE DEPENDENT ABILITY.” You heard it from me. I get kids into such states in 3 minutes or less all day, every day. 

As mentioned, time distortion is a critical skill for martial arts performance. That is slowing time down. I’ve tried this with clients. I’ve taken an average girl with little martial arts experience, and taught her brain how to go into a trance, speeding up her vision all the way until the world moved in slow motion. I even went a step further. I proceeded to give her 100 hours of practice Deep Trance Identification with her Muay Thai teacher to acquire master skill.

Then I built some post-hypnotic anchors and had her activate that brain state in a match and put her up against experienced fighters and she actually won! These are in fact the exact mental phenomena that great martial artists do!!! 

If you don’t get your brain into those specific states learning and performing martial arts and fighting is going to be more difficult. 

Muhammed Ali’s famous quote “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee” reveals part of his mental strategy. Its said that Muhammed Ali mentally would watch the fight from the 4 corners of the ring … therefore seeing the opponent move before they were even aware of themselves moving … beating them to the punch virtually every time. Now that requires some incredible mental skill! 


How can you drive 200mph? To start, you have to slow the world down. 

TIME DISTORTION  How can you slow the world down? Well it happens to us mentally all the time. Pilots who fly jets at twice the speed of sound when they get out and into their car they feel like they’re driving really slow. For you when you’re driving really fast on the highway and then you pull off into a 40mph zone, it feels like you’re crawling doesn’t it? Interestingly in that state, everything “appears” to be moving slow motion. These are all naturally occurring trance states that you want to learn to do deliberately. 

If race car drivers don’t slow time down they’re in big trouble. If a baseball player can’t slow things down, he can’t hit the ball. I’ve provided 3 TIME DISTORTION EXERCISES in PRACTICE SECTION BELOW. 

Michael Schumacher of Germany


Similarly, if tennis players make it so the ball isn’t moving as fast its a lot easier to hit. 

One of the mental phenomena that is effective for a tennis player to do is to specifically “SLOW DOWN THE OPPONENT”. How do you slow the opponent down?  There are multiple ways, I’ll give you two examples. First, in your mind, go into an altered state where you see your opponent moving 3X as fast as normal. See yourself adjusting and beating him at every turn. When the match happens, fire off this altered state and the opponent will seem to be moving in “slow motion” by comparison. This is the exact phenomena that occurs when you’re waiting in a long bank line and “time seems to take forever”. Its because your mind is racing faster than the real world. 

More specifically, you can mentally go into a state where the centre of the image is moving very slow, while in the periphery things are flying by very quickly. This will create a state of time distortion, similar to what happens when you’re driving very fast. 

These mental states I encourage you to experience with a skilled practitioner.  Every person’s brain is capable and does these trance phenomena. 


Runners talk about running in their “tunnel”. 

I remember hearing a story of a runner. When asked, whats your strategy for running? He said, “I follow the pace set by the fastest runner.” What do you think the best he ever placed was? … Second. Makes sense doesn’t it? 

CHAMPIONSHIP THINKING – The best runner competes against the target in their mind. Thats if you want to set world records! 

For yourself, identify the world record you want to break. Or simply the “time” you want to achieve. At each stage of the race, identify where the clock should be at each check point. Now, in your practice run against the clock in your mind, not the other runners. You can even practice running against “yourself” – that is your world record breaking time. How would you look and where would you be at each point along the race? Practice seeing yourself at each check point and see the clock at world record pace. Mentally practice against yourself. Practice against yourself in real life. 

Please note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. An entire book could be written on mental & trance phenomena to enhance performance for each sport. 



Hockey players are notorious for their pre-game rituals. Rituals are “State-Inducers”. They are triggers to induce a particular state in the athlete. Thats it. Using the tools in this chapter, you can induce states and create anchors so that you can access any desired state in the flick of an eye. Internal triggers are preferable than external triggers such as eating a certain meal, listening to particularly songs, having a pre-game nap at a certain time, or using a certain type of tape on your shin-pads etc. 

Inevitably your schedule will be interrupted. And when it is and you can’t perform the external ritual you can still easily access “your good game” state with your internal triggers. 

For hockey, there are different mental states & trance phenomena needed to be performed by goalies versus players. I’ll cover goalies first. 


The first perceptual phenomenon the goalie must do is “slow the puck down”. That is, do time distortion. This is similar to batters in baseball. Some of these hockey players have slap shots that are over 100mph. 

Zdeno Chara’s slap shot was clocked at 108.8mph.

For players, use the Time Distortion technique with explicit instructions below. For goalies, make an image. In the centre of the image see the opposing player with the puck – see them moving in ultra slow motion. In the periphery, that is on the outsides of the picture, see everything moving 3X the speed of a normal game. So, centre, slow motion. Periphery fast-forward.  This is one mental technique to create a state of time distortion. It alone will work wonders for goalies. Time distortion is a more advanced skill, and is best experienced with a skilled practitioner. 

Similar to blocking out the crowd at the plate in baseball, negative auditory hallucination, completely blocked out the sound of the crowd can be a useful phenomenon for goalies. Especially if the goalie has a tendency to be over-influenced by the crowd. 


In hockey, different players seem to experience and play the game at different speeds. Its incredible, some seem to have more time and more space to make plays, even though the game in reality is going at the same speed for everyone. However, perceptually it is not. 

The “greats” seem to have “more time”. Whereas for lesser players, they seem to be more rushed and have less time. 

What’s going on here? 

As you’ll learn in the practical exercise section, “time” is relative & malleable. You can adjust your senses to either speed time up or slow time down. For less skilled players it seems time is “sped up” while for the “greats” its “slowed down”. 

So it seems the great hockey players have an uncanny ability to slow down the opponents and the “game” itself.

This is actually something I do public speaking – slowing down the audience. That way I can notice both in the centre and periphery of my vision, every movement, every fascial reaction, down to every breath they take. When I can see it, I can influence it. THE FIRST STEP IS TO SEE IT. If you can’t see it, you can’t influence it.

Second, Positive Visual Hallucination is very useful for players. Similar to Target Shooters. Bring the target, the part of the net your want to hit, big and up close in your mind until you hit it perfectly. Memorize that feeling in your body at that moment your unconscious has bought your body into perfect alignment for the shot. Work on this in practice. You can set up targets on different parts of the net and do target drills from just inside the blue line. Practice looking at the target and bringing it big and up close in your mind. And then hit it right on point. 

“Your body & unconscious movements will follow your point of focus”. 

Race car drivers will talk about “looking ahead” to where they want to go. 

Now let me give you a quick & easy time distortion exercise. Lots of hockey players are “gamers”. We can use this to make it easier to understand what we want to do in your mind to create a state of time distortion in real life. There are moments in the game when it goes into “slow motion”. 



a. First slow down your mind – slow down your thoughts – slow down both the pictures and voices in your mind. Visual & auditory are the primary modalities we use to think.  

How you create anxiety is with fast moving pictures & internal dialogue. 

b. Make an image – in the centre of the image see you with the puck. Be inside the image, so that its like you are there in the moment, with the puck on your stick. In the centre of the image is you with the puck. See this almost at a standstill. Time barely moving in “extra slow motion”, so that you have all the time in the world to see opponents coming, and manoeuvre past them. Now in the periphery of the image see other players and the game flying by 3X speed of regular game. 

c. Summary: CENTRE FOCUSED & almost at a STANDSTILL “Super-Slow Motion”. Periphery everything is moving very fast, 3X speed. 

We’re creating a perceptual shift, just as if a video game you were playing “went into slow motion”. Only difference, you’re actually inside the game. Its just like what happens in those “life or death” moments, when time in your central vision slows down, and everything in the periphery is racing by. Time slows down enough so that you can dodge an accident, step out of the way of an on-coming train or punch, whatever the danger is. In this moment, of  “hyperesthesia”, which is another hypnotic phenomenon you want to learn, you can read and react to everything just in the nick of time. 

We want to create this similar perceptual experience so you can skate and stick handle past your opponents.  

This is just one mental technique you can try to induce a state of time distortion. Take the time and practice this exercise to program your brain. 

We want to take an extremely fast-paced game like hockey and slow the game down so you have more time to read, react and make plays. Just like the best of them. 

Thirds, the “greats” like Wayne Gretzky, had a rare ability to see plays before they develop. They could anticipate the play. 

It would make sense to watch some film, and study the players on your line specifically. Study their common patterns of movement. See if you can notice their tendencies. Then go back to an older tape, and see if you can predict where the play is going to develop before it does. Just giving you some ideas. 


The hockey season is a long season. Hockey is a tough full contact sport that can wear your body down. The faster your body can heal, the more you can stay competing at your best. 

For hockey, pain control is another useful phenomenon. Injuries are inevitable, and some times you have to play through them. 

Use Deep Delta Meditations to facilitate healing. Use high-quality headphones like Beats by Dre, when listening to brain-wave entrainment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Isolation Tanks, which are loaded with salts & magnesium, are great healing modalities. 


In Badminton quick reactions are at a premium. This is similar to tennis and other sports with an object/ball or “birdie” moving at high speed. In order to react faster, we want to take the fast moving object and slow it down. Again, we’ll want to create states of time distortion, where we slow down both the opponent and the birdie. 

Since your nervous system needs to be extra sharp to see, read and react, some hemispheric balancing exercises are in order. I recommend performing Alpha Trance Induction to synchronize the two hemispheres daily. See Learning Chapter.

Also practice “neurological” overload exercises. Here we are creating situations which are faster than normal, so that “in game” it seems you have more time to read and react. This leverages the contrast principle of our neurology. A 50mph fastball seems much slower after you’ve just seen an 80mph fast-ball. 

EXAMPLES to Try : 

  • playing against two opponents, with two birdies in a smaller space (lets say half the court). 
  • being turned around, at the last moment, you turn and face the opponents and react to the birdie. 
  • Practice hitting with two rackets and two birdies at once. This will synchronize your two hemispheres. If thats too difficult try two rackets and one birdie. These are nervous system training exercises. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The other hypnotic phenomenon which I’ve described for other sports can be applied to mastering Badminton. For example, positive visual hallucination. Especially for serving. Mentally hallucinate and see the exact placement of your birdie and your shots before you make them. I’ve focused on time distortion because it is such an important skill for sports such as badminton, ping pong and tennis. 

WEIGHT LIFTING – If you’re consciously thinking while you have 600lbs or more on your back, you’re dead meat. You want to get your conscious mind set & out of the way. For weight lifting, similar to olympic diving and synchronized swimming, you want to first see yourself performing the lift perfectly. Then access that perfect feeling going into the lift, during & while completing the lift. If you have trouble, think of the best PR you ever set. The moment, just before you lifted it, how did you feel? ANCHOR that feeling. NOW fire off that anchor, just before your new PR lift. Of course this is a gross oversimplification. 

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Squatting 420kg.

Specifically for sports like baseball, golf & target shooting now you know that if you go into a mini trance in which things come closer in your mind your accuracy is going to increase. This is one of thousands of mental strategies that produce a particular altered state. 

Our senses & perceptions are much more malleable then most realize. As you’ve learned, each of these particular super-states, has structure and is learnable.  



When asked by reporters, why did you win? 

Athletes will even say … “I just got into the zone” … or “I just got into a really good groove” … ohh I love this one “I just got some good momentum” … more momentum just means you’re performing more unconsciously.  

Now you know precisely some of the mental states & abilities the best athletes access when they “get in the groove”. You see, whats happening in their brain has a sequence & structure. Now you can learn those mental formulas to access those states to acquire similar skills. 

I’ve given you enough mental states & strategies for peak performance for baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, martial arts, target shooting, race car driving to get started. To dive deeper, the requires custom 1-on-1 brain optimization work


Great athletes are excellent at running success in their mind. They don’t see themselves missing, falling or failing. Thats not how you get into the right state. They constantly think of their most exquisite moments of success, string them all together and see themselves performing perfectly. If you start doing this, you’ll begin performing at your best. If you don’t you won’t.”

*** There are important mental nuances. This is a general guide. As you will learn, you can design optimal states that you can fire off in big moments and when adversity hits.   


To increase your performance, you also need to get rid of things that are impeding your success. 

1. Anxiety: ANXIETY boils down to BAD MENTAL PLANNING. That is you “worry” or “think” about messing a shot up, so you do. Congratulations you did exactly what you told your brain to do! If you’re worrying “I don’t want to be anxious”, your brain doesn’t process negation. Thus, all it hears is “Be Anxious”. So in order to “DO Anxiety” you either make plans of yourself messing up or you remember times in the past where you messed up, so you feel bad. Wasn’t messing up once more than enough? What could be worse? Doing it again! Your thoughts & perceptions should be designed to achieve the specific result you want. Thats it. Here’s very effective technique to clean up your mind: 


  • Remember a time where you did poorly. Something you want to remember to forget. 
  • In your mind, is the memory life-size or larger than life? Is there a border around the memory? 
  • Put a thick border around the memory. 
  • VERY QUICKLY shrink the memory down to a dot. Blink the dot black & white. 
  • Open up the memory at the end and play it BACKWARDS. See things moving backwards, talking backwards, feeling backs all the way back to the beginning. VERY FAST. Then White Out the Memory. 
  • Take a deep breathe. Clear your mind. 
  • Random Question – Who’s your favourite athlete? 
  • Think back to that memory and try to feel bad about it. 
*** These are practical & experiential skills that are best learned in person at a Licensed NLP Practitioner Seminar. We teach real NLP. The above is “Get Rid of Bad Memory” Exercise created by Dr. Bandler.


If you leave poor ideas in your mind, you’re going to be a poor athlete! The first step to being able to do something is to first build the belief you can do it. With NLP we can actually build CERTAIN BELIEFS in your mind. Not just simple positive psychology talk that doesn’t neurologically change anything. 

Conviction is the key ingredient that makes everything work. If you’re not convinced you can do something you won’t try with every fibre of your soul. This is one of the greatest things I learned from Dr. Bandler. NLP & Neuroplasticity techniques are “THE OPTIMIZATION TECHNOLOGY” for athletes. 


1. CERTAIN BELIEF – THINK OF SOMETHING THATS TRUE OF YOU & YOU LOVE IT. Elicit sub-modalities – that is when you think of it, where is the image in your mind? How big? How close? 2D or 3D? Are you looking through your own eyes or looking at yourself? Where do you feel that feeling strongest in your body? Where does it start? Where does it go next? How does it move? 

2. PICK SOMETHING YOU KNOW “WAS” YOU, BUT IS NO LONGER TRUE ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. Elicit Sub-modalities. Use questions above. 


4. Very quickly push both pictures off into the distance, and see the NEW (a) IMAGE of yourself pop up into the exact location of the thing thats true of you and you love it. Simultaneously see (b) IMAGE, the old you, popping up in the location of the thing thats no longer true of you. 


This is how you mentally build new skill and shed old difficulty. That old limited you just doesn’t seem like you anymore. Why? Its called learning! 

Each night your brain can continue shed old limits and build new desired skills. A proper mental housecleaning. 


JUNK FOOD = JUNK NEUROCHEMISTRY = Brain Fog, Fatigue, Slowed Nerve Reaction Time, Sub-Optimal Decision-Making etc. 

See brainpower nutrition chapter for KING BRAIN NUTRITION




The purpose of sleep is not some unconscious wish fulfillment as Freud proposed, where “snakes” metaphorically have meaning such as issues with your father, the purpose of sleep is LEARNING & PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION. If dreams were fulfilling anyone’s wishes – it was Freud’s! 

During sleep the polarity of the brain reverses, and neuro-pathways that haven’t been used are pruned away, while others are strengthened. Sleep re-primes and re-sets the electrical charge of neurons. Importantly, during sleep neuro-pathways are consolidated, hardwired, and myelinated. Sleep is the time your brain builds the underlying neuro-architecture to support & strength your ability to perform the activities you learned during the day. This is why babies & children sleep so much – they are literally building their brain. This is also why children are “Learning Machines”. 

Haven’t you all learned a new martial art, a new technique or a new sport and then found yourself dreaming about it over and over again, practicing it all night? During sleep our brain rehearses & replays learning. This may be when those actual neuro-pathways are being re-stimulated and consolidated. In other words, your most effective practice is during sleep! Sleep is natures best recovery method. 

To improve sleep:

a. Avoid technology & Blue light an hour before bed. These inhibit melatonin production. b. AM sunlight – synchronizes cortisol-melatonin axis. 

c. Keep room temperature cooler. Cold facilities deep sleep. 

d. Cold thermogenesis “Ice Baths” – is super for recovery & promoting sleep! 

e. Magnesium Supplementation – specifically magnesium threonate for the brain. Magnesium is also neuro-protective against brain injury & CTE. 

f. 10-15 minute meditation to Theta &/or Delta Brainwave Entrainment 

In summary during SLEEP, the Brain rehearses and practices, building new neuro-cortical pathways. The purpose of sleep is learning and brain growth. During sleep the brain sorts and organizes information so you wake up clearer. Sleep is the best recovery method there is. Note be sure to turn Wifi routers off. Make sure your head of your bed is not near electrical lines running through the wall.

Superstars Roger Federer & Lebron James are purported to sleep up to 10 hours. 


  • Magnesium Threonate. 
  • Ample Healthy Brain Fats such as MCT Oil before competition.

During brain injury, there can be “excito-toxic” damage, whereby brain cells are over-excited to death. Magnesium helps to curb and minimize this process, in part by raising GABA levels & protecting against glutamate excito-toxicity. MCT Oil helps to increase ATP production, thereby giving neurons more fuel to work with. 1 mol of carbohydrate supplies 36 ATP vs. 147 ATP from 1 mol of fatty acid. More energy equals better function. 

PROGRAM YOUR BRAIN – Jet Stream to Your Unconscious 

Our brainwaves are constantly fluctuating. In fact, we produce all the brainwaves all the time, its just that at particular times some brainwaves are more dominant than others. Before sleep is a magical time. This is when your brain calms down from faster “beta waves” down to alpha waves and then to theta brainwaves. As this happens you enter the Hypnogogic State. This is the naturally occurring trance state you experience before you fall asleep. Its when your mind becomes more lucid, and visual imagery is enhanced. This is a prime state to program success into your unconscious. 


Your brain changes hemispheric dominance roughly every 90 minutes. So leverage the rhythmic nature of the brain and practice in intervals.


Anchor in success states. You may notice tennis players have particular rituals before each point. As do baseball players before they batt. As do golfers at the tee. As do hockey players before they play. These rituals are external triggers to fire off particular brain/body states in the athlete. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had like your own remote control to activate your very best high performance state whenever you needed it? 


“The function of rituals is to get you into particular states.”

Rafael Nadal

Thats why athletes can be very superstitious. Especially hockey players. If they don’t do the ritual, they don’t get a particular feeling and they don’t necessary access their desired playing state. 

THINK OF ONE YOUR BEST PERFORMANCES. Close your eyes, look at that memory in your mind, step inside it and see what you saw when you were there. Then make the memory bigger, brighter, clearer & more focused. Hear what you heard when you were there. Turn up the volume of the memory. Keep adjusting the image and sound of the memory until your feelings begin to amplify … then take that feeling and start to double it, triple it, multiply it 10X … and with this feeling spinning in your body …. THINK OF ANOTHER TIME WHERE YOU PERFORMED EXQUISITELY … pull that memory down in your mind, see it big and bright and step inside it … to recapture those feelings and keep building them inside you … and THINK OF A THIRD TIME WHERE YOU DAZZLED … see it big and bright, hear it loud and clear, so that those feelings of those states begin to spread through your entire body … and with those feelings spinning inside your body … do TWO THINGS at the same time … DEVELOP A PARTICULAR MANTRA or VOICE & simultaneously press a discrete part of your body (i.e. the inside of your wrist, the top of your forehead). ANCHOR this high performance state. AMPLIFY THE ANCHOR – take that great feeling spin it through your body even faster, head to heal now … double that feeling and lock it in by firing off the anchor once again – MANTRA & touch simultaneously. 

Your wrist, hand and face have more nerve representation in your motor cortex than your back or the middle of your arm. Hence they are better places to build kinesthetic anchors. 

This is a very rudimentary way to anchor, yet it will work. For sophisticated anchoring & state building techniques attend a Licensed NLP Practitioner Seminar. 


Virtually all athletes are faced with major adversity at some point in their careers. Some get through it, while other athletes just never can get to the other side. The reason? 

After an adversity, be it an injury, a cold streak, or mental block, the athlete wasn’t able to get past it because they were going into the wrong state. They just couldn’t fully re-access that HIGH-PERFORMING STATE they used to go into. There are mental mechanical reasons for this. 

For example, something bad happens, suddenly that memory and bad feelings become imprinted in your mind. Now whenever you go to perform, these same memories & thoughts come creeping back in your head. Or perhaps, the athlete simply is unable to re-enter that super-high performance state they used to play in. For now … 

With these neuroscience & NLP skills its very easy to identify what is mentally stopping the athlete, and then quickly build in desired the states & skills so they can be back playing at their best and beyond. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the greater the difficulty, the bigger the moment, the more your talent doubled rather than cut in half? The best have this ability naturally & unconsciously. You can learn to do it deliberately. 


A lot of athletes speak of “getting in the zone” or “being in a groove”. I actually measure brain activity with EEGs & Brain Maps. Alpha Waves increase when you’re completely present in the moment. No dissociated thoughts. If you’re worrying or thinking, by definition you are “out of the zone”. You’re not “one with the target” as an archer would say. Now in a match that may be okay for a few moments, but there’s very little margin for error. 

If you’re in your head talking to yourself or making pictures, you literally are toast. Especially when fighting or when a 100mph fastball is coming at you. Same for tennis. Same for Hockey. To excel at these sports you need to train your brain to access and maintain those high Alpha Super Performance states. I have designed many mental formulas to get into such states. 


Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car, suddenly you start seeing cars of that brand everywhere? You never noticed how many of those cars there were, did you? 

Well whats going on here … did those cars just plop done from the sky from Uranus or were they there all along? Those cars were there all along. Its just your brain didn’t see them.

Thats because they weren’t personally important. By necessity our conscious mind is a filter. That is it deletes, filters and blocks out much of sensory input, to allow us to focus on specific aspects of the environment so we can function. 

The important point is that when you teach your brain a pattern – your brain starts seeing it everywhere!!! People do this with numbers on their phone all the time … they start seeing “111” or “333” … your brain will find whatever pattern you program it to look for!!! 

So if you go … “I don’t want to eat chocolate & crappy foods” … your brain will find all the crappy food on the planet. 


 … If you say to yourself “I don’t want to be anxious” … in order to process the statement your brain has to represent anxiety and then negate it. Again, by sending your brain in that direction it will find all the things that are connected to anxiety. 

Memory is state-dependent. Suddenly when you become anxious, its very easy to remember other times when you were anxious. That way you can take a little bit of nerves, or a a little bit of anger after a bad shot, or bad game … and totally kick yourself in your own nuts … sounds like a bad plan … a better plan is to program specifically the exact states & patterns you want your brain to look for. Whatever you look for, you will find. If you look for reasons on why you can be the greatest athlete of all time you will find them. If you look for reasons on why you can’t be the greatest athlete of all time you’ll find those as well.

AFFIRM IN POSITIVE. State exactly and specifically what you will see, hear, feel & perform. 


  1. Stated in Positives– that is precisely what you want. 
  2. Initiated by Individual – is your goal something within your own control? 
  3. Sensory BasedWhat will you see, feel, hear when you achieve your goal? 
  4. Functional Is achieving this goal functional and desirable considering the other areas of your life? 
Full Goal-Setting Formula in NLP Practitioner Training


Lets say you’re having some difficulties with your game. Here’s the two magic questions that will quickly identify the problem and lead you to the solution. Perhaps you think you have the generic “mental block” or your issue is mental. 

The following are the TWO QUESTIONS to ask. Not these B.S. “why” questions most therapists/coaches ask. If you want PRECISE, QUICK mental optimization ask yourself these two questions:  

1. Whats stopping you from being your best?  This identifies the problem/block/obstacle in your model of the world. So you’re not performing at your best … whats stopping you? 

*** All the brain practitioners, hypnotists, therapists that use pre-set formulas will not be as effective as doing customized brain work. You don’t know what to do, until you know what you’re working with. The client will reveal to you what the problem is, how that problem functions, and thus also the solution. This is why things like hypnosis get a bad wrap – if you have one standard technique to induce altered states, well that might only work for 20% of the people. It doesn’t mean the others can’t go into altered states, it means you need to use different techniques to get their brain into an altered state. I’ve never found anyone not capable of going into an altered state, “a trance”. 

2. What would happen if you were the best? This focuses your brain on building a new representation, which may be currently outside your model of the world. 

What would you look like if you were the best? What would you sound like? Feel like? How would you practice? How would you perform? 

There are two parts to mental optimization. First, you want to clear away the mental problem. Second, you build the solution in its place. This is why marijuana and drugs don’t work. You can’t just take away anxiety, because now things like motivation & productivity go in the toilet. Not to mention the last thing you want to do is deplete choline levels & dopamine. Especially in sports that require extremely fast & precise reaction time. Ever talk to someone who’s smoked too much dope, how’s there thinking speed? You need to be neuro-chemically balanced across the neurotransmitters Dopamine, Choline, Serotonin & GABA. 

There’s Two Sides to Every Coin.

Choline is worth noting. Choline increases focus, memory, motor function, reaction times & thinking speed. Adequate choline levels is ultra important for sports like Tennis, Baseball, MMA, and even golf etc. This is why athletes chew “tobacco”, especially baseball players and golfers. Choline & Nicotine are activating the same receptors in the brain. So rather than risking lung & mouth cancer, add in high choline foods such as Salmon, Egg Yolks & Beef Liver. You can also take Acetyl-choline boosting supplements such as Alpha GPC. Take brain supplements on an empty stomach. Of course do your due diligence to make sure no supplements have any banned substances in them. Finally, especially since marijuana is so popular today, I’m sure many athletes could significantly increase their performance by raising their brain choline levels. Heard it from me!!! I can build a customized regimen for you, all variables considered. 

3. THE BRAIN IS A TARGETING MACHINE see Brain Pattern Recognition Above. 


People who “choke” get really good at choking. The more familiar it is, the more likely your brain will repeat it. People get good at anxiety. Its a skill. The strongest instinct of our neurology is not survival, food or mating, its to REPEAT WHATS FAMILIAR. Another truth bomb I learned. 

MAKE THE EXACT PERFORMANCE STATES YOU WANT TO ACCESS – The most familiar states for your brain and body. 

ABSOLUTE COMMITMENTDoes this sound like you? 



Deliberate practice, that is setting the bar a little higher than you can current max performance. This keeps your nervous system uncomfortable and forces it to adapt. But don’t overdo it. 

Two great examples are Speed Reading and Martial Arts. For short, intense intervals force your brain and body to go at a pace 10% beyond your max. So for martial arts, if your current max is 100 punches per minute, force yourself to go at a rate of 110 punches per minute for short intervals. For speed reading, if your current reading speed is 300 words per minute, force your eyes to move at 450 words per minute for short intervals. 

This strategy also leverages the contrast principle of our neurology. After experiencing the faster rate, your previous “max” rate will seem relatively slower and thus easier. I apply this strategy for weightlifting.


Recovery is key. You need to give your neurology the time to consolidate neurological pathways and build up the neuro-architecture stimulated from your training. “Peaking” is a common strategy for athletes. The better your sleep, the more you can push the envelope with your training. 

Adding in meditation and brainwave entrainment, specifically THETA meditations can accelerate the learning process. Why do kids learn so quickly? Why are kids such sponges of information & experience such explosive brain growth? What brainwaves are most dominant in the childs brain? Beta? Alpha? Theta? Delta? THETA. Theta brainwaves enhance learning & memory consolidation. The hippocampus and limbic system sweet spot resonance is 4-8Hz, that is Theta. Theta is that lucid, day-dreamy state, which kids are constantly in and out of. 

Some Random Cute Kid.


Keep your sense of humour and enjoy the process. Enjoy the toughest moments. Relish them.

The smartest guys to have ever lived, like Albert Einstein, we’re cracking jokes while creating equations that explain how the universe works. Very cool. 

Life is about taking big risks and going for it. AIM BIG. Have fun with it. 


  1. LEARNING SPEED. The quicker you can build the neurocortical pathways to support an activity, the quicker you can get to unconscious mastery. New activities require intense conscious focus at the beginning because your brain has no underlying neuro-cortical pathways to support it. 
  2. RELENTLESS “GO FOR IT”. The quicker you make mistakes, the faster you can learn and grow from them. The only time people get in trouble is when they “stop”. 


The four stages of competence: Unconscious incompetence. Conscious incompetence. Conscious competence. Unconscious competence. Your job is to become aware of the necessary skills you need to learn and automate them so you can perform them without thinking about. In essence, getting out of your own way. 

As mentioned, two key neurotransmitters to optimize are Dopamine and Acetyl-Choline. Dopamine has to be particularly high for more unpredictable sports – i.e. Tennis. 

Sufficient choline levels are key for nerve firing speed & reaction time. Same for batting in baseball. These sports have relatively higher uncertainty in that the athletes have to face not only themselves but also an opponent. 

On the flip side, a sport like golf is more a game of you against yourself. For these sports, your main opponent is yourself. 


Consciously learn and master each piece individually. Then your unconscious will knit & weave it all together. Thats what your brain does. So for martial arts or golf, practice each “form”, each stroke, until you can completely do it unconsciously. Learning at first requires a large amount of the cortex. The better you get the smaller & more efficient the amount of neuro-cortical pathways “brainpower” used.

BRAIN-HACKS for Better Performance 

  1. MEDITATION – most meditations will by definition, bring you into a stronger Alpha brainwave state, thus speeding learning & consolidation. During meditation, whether its a mantra, or counting method or visualization method, when you fire the same neurons over and over again, they “habituate”, and this produces an altered state. The same occurs with running trances, that is repetitive movements produce an altered state. 
  2. SOUND THERAPY – BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT. Entering particular brain-wave states enhances particular abilities. There are trances that promote  recovery, deep healing, learning, memory, focus, visualization, pain control etc. Sounds, drumming, music have been used in ceremonies for all of time, to produce altered states of consciousness. 
  3. NLP, Neuroplasticity Based Training. You can learn to control your brain and brainwaves at will like an enlightened yogi. Or a delighted yogi, whatever you want! 

In competition, you’ll inevitably face unexpected adversities. The greater your ability to change your brainwaves to access better states, and the better your ability to change how you feel, the more resilient and adaptable you’ll be. 

#1 Brain Training, Skill Acquisition Course on The Planet

Now you know what “STATE” means – State is specifically the brain-wave activity that is associated with particular thoughts (visual & auditory), and kinesthetic feelings that you are experiencing at any one moment. 

NLP is the meta-skill that gives you the most precise manual on how to change your brain’s activity & thus your state. NLP is like learning Calculus. Once you truly understand NLP, you can study any Yogic, Hypnotic, Psychic or Magical Process – lets say a Shaolin Qigong Meditation, and you can discern the precise mental formula & exact steps. You can make the formula explicit and then easily teach it to others. Its absolutely beautiful. NLP is the calculus for the mind. 

Now, given my background in neuroscience & extensive experimentation with neuro-technologies, I’ve been able to measure & build algorithms as too the specific brainwave states & associated abilities that are enhanced and/or diminished in that state. For example, I use my 20 channel EEG to measure the clients brainwave activity while I am conducting Hypnotic Techniques, NLP Techniques, Qigong techniques, or any Mental Neuroplasticity Exercise. I’ve performed thousands of EEGs while doing NLP & Hypnotic Techniques. Thus building a “roadmap” that gives you the formula, … if you want “Y” result … then do “ax + b + c”. 

Quantifying & Measuring Everything –
EEGs & Brain Maps Before, During & After Qigong & Kung Fu

PLACEBOS – Power of Believing, not Deceiving. 

Placebos don’t work by deception, they work by the power of belief. Many people believe they could be good at something, like weight lifting, but never step foot in a gym. Many believe they will eat a healthy diet, and then mysteriously find themselves eating fast food hamburgers and fries. You see beliefs don’t necessarily launch long-term behave, nor stand the test of time or adversity. Convictions do. 

Take Connor Mcgregor. While Connor is famous for his flamboyant wins & titles, he faced some tough defeats along the way. What was the key ingredient that Connor had that propelled him to the top? CONVICTION. He was convinced he would be the best. So no number of counter-examples, no number of failures, could break that conviction. Whereas one counter-example can easily break a belief. 


Ever had someone tell you, “you’re not good at something … or you suck … or you’ll never amount to anything … or you’ll never be good” and it rung & cemented in your head? 

You probably had hundreds of others tell you, “you can do it”, but that one suggestion played in your head like a horror version of Jingle Bells gone wrong didn’t it? 

In the same way, I remember my teacher telling me one of his experiments. He made a tape with thousands of terrible suggestions … “you’re a lousy waste of fresh air” … “you’ll never amount to anything” … “you’re worthless” … you may think you’re good, but you’re going to fail” … Now before he gave them all the tapes to listen to for two weeks … he gave them one suggestion: “THESE ARE RELAXATION TAPES, listen to them for 20 minutes each day and they will completely melt away your stress & relax your mind & body. Whatever has been bothering you will be dissolved. Do not listen to them while driving.” 

All the participants came back two weeks later and unanimously reported significantly reduced stress & improved well-being. 

Bottom Line, quality trumps quantity every time. It pays to be a good hypnotist who’s suggestions stand the test of time & stand barrages of bad suggestions. 


When you go swimming you don’t start in deep end. You start in shallow end. When you start weightlifting you don’t bench press 300lbs. You start with something light and easy that you can handle and succeed with. Then you increase in increments to ensure that every workout you are improving. 

One of the young golfers I do brain work with, told me a little about Brooks Koepka, a world champion golfer. The kid told me about Brooks mental strategy, that Brooks entire career he has set small increment targets in his mind and systematically hit each one. Then he’d move onto the next. In other words, Brooks trains his brain to hit his targets and gets really good at achieving what he puts his mind to. At first Brooks’ goal was to just keep up with pack. Once he did that, he aimed for top 20. Once he achieved that and was in the top 20, he aimed to be amongst the top. Once he did that he aimed to be the champion. Talk about a formula for success. Now there are precise mental mechanical differences, between something Brooks achieves, like golf goals, versus other things “he doesn’t act on”. It would only take me a few minutes to find that out. Then we’d mentally make the things we wants to act on represented like golf, and put all the things he never wants to get around too, like anxiety, procrastination and hesitation, put that exactly in the place of the things “he doesn’t act on”. 

Brooks Koepka, 2019 World #1 Golfer

You see, to go from where you are now to being the absolute best, may be too big of a leap. It may be hard for your brain to envision it. However, if you, like Brooks, set smaller increasing growth targets, you can get really good at achieving what you put your mind too. Thus it becomes “familiar” for you to succeed. As you can see with Brooks, this mental strategy and these small wins can quickly get you to the top. 


“Design your perceptions and design your behaviours around the task at hand. Then the task becomes simple” – Dr. Richard Bandler. 

As an example, lets take people who do those hire wire walks in mid air. Or envision someone walking across a board between two 4 story buildings. If they look at the ground they slow themselves down and risk falling. They only need data about the board and the other side to walk across. Thats it. If you take in any other sensory input, you’re in trouble. 

By becoming over-aware of height, they become over-aware of the possibility of falling. Thus they slow themselves down. In the same way, the athlete who worry’s about hitting a bad shot, becomes over-aware of the possibility of failing and therefore decreases their performance. A fighter who’s over-aware of the speed and power of the opponents right hook, increases their chances of getting hit with it. The weight-lifter who’s over-aware of failing on a lift, thereby increases their chances of failing with that lift. 

On the flip side, if you see only your behaviour and yourself responding to and successfully dealing with the circumstances, you’ll increase your chances of doing just that. Remember, your conscious mind is designed to focus like a laser on specifically where you want your unconscious to take you.

I work with lots of kids who are golfers and they let their brain take in unnecessary data. This is what makes them anxious. They worry about what their friends are doing etc. They become over-aware of sand-traps, over-aware of the water etc. All you need to focus on is putting the ball in the whole. All the rest is extraneous thinking. Use the super-state, positive visual hallucination technique to shrink the fairway and bring it up and close in your mind. 


How you think determines your level of motivation. Our thoughts are generated & represented in three major systems – visual, auditory & kinaesthetic.  

The auditory system has a major impact on our state, our mood, how we feel & our level of motivation. Motivation is a process, not a thing that you have or don’t have. Its something you do mentally. 

One way to juice up your motivation, is to juice up the voices in your mind. Think of something you want to be motivated to do. As you look at that in your mind, hear Mickey Mouse’s voice motivating you. Now compare that to THE ROCK’s Voice or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice motivating you. Big difference. It’s your brain, you can put whatever voices you want in your mind. You can choose the tone, the speed and the number of voices you have fuelling you with motivation. You can have an entire opera motivating you. You can have a team of the sexiest cheerleaders, cheering you on more and more every step closer you get to victory.

The voices in your head should fill you with irresistible desire & anticipation, not be whining, screeching ones that make you feel bad. 

The tonality and tempo of internal voices has a huge effect on how you feel. There is significant overlap among the cortices, especially the auditory and kinesthetic cortex. One way to produce anxiety is to make the speed of the voices in your head go really fast, faster than the outside world so you have difficulty keeping up with your thoughts. This will make you anxious.   Simply slowing down the voice and changing the tonality can reduce and get rid of anxiety. 

I remember doing advanced NLP strategies & DHE seminars with Dr. Richard Bandler, and in the seminar we installed the sexiest voices ever. I like to apply this for golfers. Install the sexiest, begging female voice “ohhh [John] please put your ball in the hole”.  The closer your ball gets to the hole the better you feel. Hear the trees cheering you on while the wind whistles tunes of glory behind your back as the crowd sings & dances as you move your way to victory. 


Think of ONE THING you are HIGHLY MOTIVATED TO DO. See it in your mind. Now notice where those motivated voices are in your mind. Is there one voice or multiple voices? In the same place, with the same tonality, hear those voices motivating you to play, practice & perfect your desired sport. 

In summary, you have the most fun and sophisticated instrument at your disposal- YOUR BRAIN. Use it! 


Clients come in and say, “they can’t be hypnotized”. Before they even know what it is!!! Or they come into my office and say, “they can’t be helped” …beforehand they tell me “there’s absolutely nothing I could do that could help their brain”. They don’t even have the slightest clue of what I’m going to do!!!

Identify some limiting belief you’ve been carrying out. Maybe some parent, teacher, coach or competitor said “you weren’t good enough” or “you’ll never make it” and that sunk in your mind. This crap can spread like cancer in your mind if you don’t get rid of it. The last thing you want to do is “ask why do I have this?” … clean up your mind as quickly as possible. 

Realize limiting beliefs are usually based on a past memory in your mind. If that memory, pops up in your mind before you compete its going to negatively slant your performance. Enough of that. 


Or simply do the following:

How do you know you Believe (X – limiting belief)? Notice the image in your mind … if you say there is no image you “just get a feeling” … well the feeling has to come from somewhere. Its either a picture or voice. Likely both. TURN THE MEMORY BLACK AND WHITE & RUN IT IN REVERSE. REWIND IT BACK TO THE BEGINNING. Then BLEACH IT OUT 3X VERY FAST. 

Remember, for trauma victims, they “had” tragic lives! You “had” difficulty. Maybe you “had” bad things happen in the past. Whats the best thing about it? Its in the past. Whats the best thing about the future? You can make it anything you want – if you effectively operate your own brain. 


To get rid of limitations and take your game to the next level you need to do two things: 


Any limit or difficulty you have is exclusive to particular states. Change your state & your limits disappear. Or make that limiting state trigger off a desired state – even better! I’m sure you’ve had one of those “good” or “great” days where you were in a completely different state it was like you couldn’t miss or mess up. None of those limits were there. Its like your brain and mind were in a different state. It’s not “like” they were in a different state, they were in a different state!!!

Wouldn’t you like to program your mind & body to do that more consistently? 


Trance by definition is an altered state. To get into a trance, you do something different with your consciousness than you normally do. Hence, producing an “altered state” in which your brainwaves change.  Simple right? People who make a big hoopla about “trance” & hypnotic states have no idea what they’re talking about. Flexibility of consciousness will give you tremendous skill.






This is why you want to STOP any bad habit the moment you notice it. You don’t want to let your brain get too good at bad habits or used to them!  People who choke, end up getting really good at choking. The more you do it the better you get at it. Getting frustrated on a golf course, the more you do it the better you get out of it. Getting anxious, the more you do it, the more your brain will instinctually do it. Nip those problems in the bud, now. 


Practice the exact desired states you want your brain to unconsciously go in as much as possible. Practice the exact mental strategies. 

LEARNING – For learning, make it familiar to do new things. Thus your natural tendency when faced with uncertainty will be to learn to do new things. 


PLANNING – If you don’t like your response in a situation, the best time to change it is AHEAD OF TIME! 

If you’re already fuming with anger on a golf course thats not the best time to change things. 

I’d rather you didn’t go into anger in the first place. 

Sitting here you could even predict where in the future you’d get frustrated can’t you? 

In a weird sort of way your brain already has it all planned out. What do you think we’re going to do? MAKE A NEW PLAN. Apply SWISH PATTERN TECHNIQUE to make desired changes & trade states

POST-HYPNOTIC ANCHORS (see anchoring exercise).  

when you touch here … you’ll be able to re-experience these feelings fully. 


“The food you put in your body, is what your body has to make your body out of”. 

You seriously want to be built out of soft crumbly potato chips? Or corn flakes? Parents, start implementing healthy brain nutrition when kids are young. Make eating healthy familiar to them, and thus their basic instinct. Plus by eating good brain nutrition, they’ll be less injury prone, focus better, learn faster, maximize their talent and be happier and healthier. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Remember in terms of habits, our brain will be automatically driven to do whatever is most familiar. Parents, get healthy foods on the table and associate them to success. 

I hear of these pro basketball players and their candy addictions. Do you really want your ankles made out of a freaking gummy bears? See Change Compulsion Technique Below. 


This final section includes practical techniques to make desired changes in your mind, your state and your performance. Please note that these are highly sophisticated techniques and the nuances of how you perform them are just as important as the techniques themselves. To learn how to perform mental change work at the highest level, attend a Game Changer Licensed NLP Practitioner Seminar. 

To start, in NLP, we have a very simple yet effective technique that enables you to quickly TRADE STATES & HABITS. Its called the SWISH PATTERN. By “BAD HABIT” this could be something you do, like eating unhealthy foods or a particular situation you get angry on the golf course or during a tennis match, or a time and place where you get a “bad feeling” you’d like to change. 

For example, basketball players wouldn’t you like to change a compulsion for eating candy bars (X) for an irresistible desire to practice free throw shooting (Y)? 


  1. Think of Current Compulsion or BAD HABIT (X). Step Inside the Memory (associated). See it so you can access the feelings of that compulsion. 
  2. Build an Image of Yourself Performing a NEW HABIT (Y). See yourself performing that habit & see exactly the state you’re in while performing that habit (dissociated). 
  3. DO THIS STEP VERY QUICKLY. Pull up BAD HABIT (X). Put picture of the NEW HABIT (Y) in corner of your mind. Like a little tab on the bottom of your window screen on your computer. VERY QUICKLY, take the BAD HABIT (X) and shrink it down and fade it off into the corner in your mind and POP UP the image of the NEW HABIT (Y). Just as if you’re closing one window screen and opening up another. Do this 3X very fast. 
  4. Who’s your favourite athlete? 
  5. Think of your old bad habit & notice what happens. 

This will begin to re-wire the old habits & neuropathways to the new desired habits. You can use the same formula to CHANGE YOUR STATE – Bad Days to Good Days. You can use this so the very things that used to trigger off bad performance now trigger off good performance. 

Those tired, sluggish, un-motivated “I don’t feel like it” days.

The best athletes, on those days when its time to perform and train  … and they don’t feel like it … they don’t go “I’m sorry I don’t feel like it” and try to fight with themselves to get themselves to do it … they simply change their own internal state and go and do it. Thats in part, why they win so much. They have the ability to control their own brain and body. Anyone who works out and trains knows these “bad days” will happen to the best of us. Your ability to motivate yourself and turn it on at will is a game-changer. It sure could help millions of people stick to their workout regimens! 


Has there ever been a time you were so motivated to do something you just couldn’t wait to do it? Ahhhh yes, hasn’t there? Go back to that in your mind.

That motivated feeling, where do you feel it the strongest in your body? Where does it start? Where does it move to next? Take that feeling and spin it through your body, double it, triple it, 10X that feeling. With that motivated feeling spinning wildly inside you think of the precise things you’d like to be motivated to do. 

Sitting here reading this you can tell me the very things you’ll be motivated to do and will go do, as well as the things you won’t do. Your brain already knows. 

Where in your mind are the pictures of the things you’re motivated to do? Where are the pictures of the things you’re not motivated to do? 

To increase your motivation for an activity, like a sling shot, see the things you want to be more motivated to do, snap right up into the same location, the same place, the same size as the things you’re already motivated to do. See yourself procrastinating, over-thinking things, being anxious (pick your bad habits), like a sling shot popping up in the location of the things you’re not motivated to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to just not be motivated to procrastinate? “Sorry I just don’t feel like it …” 

To sell something sometimes all you have to do is get the picture in the right spot in their mind. The same applies for irresistibly motivating an athlete. Get those mental images in the right place.


In essence, what you do is take the existing motivation and aim it towards other activities you want to be more motivated to do. Its just like the feeling of a craving. You can connect that to anything non-linearly. You can take a craving of potato chips and use that to build a compulsion to go to the gym and lift weights. 

This whole idea of being or not being a motivated person is hogwash. For an over-weight person dubbed “un-motivated” … put a bowl of potato chips in front of them and you’ll see just how motivated they are. As a savvy practitioner you can use any existing motivations & compulsions and use them to your advantage. 


Pull out your two arms in front of you. Palms turned up. 

On the one hand see The Current You. On the other hand see The Future You. 


In between your two hands see 4 Steps Between where you are and where you want to be. Make 4 pictures in between representing each step. Each step see yourself 20% better. So step 1 20% better, step 2 40% better, step 3 60% better, step 4 80% better. Altogether you have 6 pictures total. 

Begin to meditate on both hands, and begin to let your unconscious bring your two hands closer together only at the rate and the speed, those two “you’s” and the steps in-between, begin to move closer together … and keep moving your hands until you’re ready, really ready for the NEW YOU … to completely pop on top of the old you … so that each and everything that used to lead to the old you, now leads to the new you … and then you’re your ready to make a lasting change, then and only then let your two hands touch. And as they touch let your body begin to let go and your mind relax … close your eyes and take a little ride into your future … shoot on forward in your mind … from the present through each of those pictures you made…move through those steps … and approach closer and closer the FUTURE YOU in your mind, and keep going until you FLOAT ALL THE WAY INTO THAT FUTURE YOU. ANCHOR that feeling. 

Visual Quash Being Performed
The Result “Wow”

Give yourself the suggestion that when you open your eyes, and when you’re playing your sport, at any time or any moment that you need this ANCHORED feeling, you simply fire off the anchor and it will come rushing into your body. Voila! Open your eyes. 



1.  Close your eyes and make a picture of you playing your sport. In the centre of the picture make things move really slow and on the sides of the picture, the periphery, you make them move really fast. This creates the state of time distortion that people experience while driving. So centre slow, periphery moving fast. It also replicates what happens in those mega life or death adrenaline moments – everything in the periphery is flying by, but the centre of your vision seemingly stands still. Have you ever experienced a moment like that before? 

2. Can’t waiting in a long bank line or grocery store line be excruciating? Why is that? Its because your brain is running faster than real time, thus making time appear slower. To slow time down increase the speed of your mind to faster than the real world. Relatively the outside world will seem slower. Make a picture of yourself playing your sport. Turn it into a movie. Only see it playing 3X the speed of real time. 

For fighting, see yourself and the opponent moving at 3X the speed of real life. See yourself combating and attack your opponents every move. In the match your opponent will seem slower. 

Same for baseball. See the pitchers pitches coming in 2X as fast as usual, and still see yourself reading and reacting. You’ve been to batting cage before and hit at lets say, 70 mph … then went to 40mph … didn’t 40mph seem ultra slow, slower than usual, after experiencing 70mph? 

You can bio-hack this for weight-lifting. For average Joes, do one or two sets of ultra heavy weight at or near 1RM, 2RM or 3RM. After the heavy weight, move down to the lighter working set weight you’re going to do for reps. The lighter weight will seem lighter and easier than if you just go straight to that light weight. 


Make the movie in your mind run at half the speed of real time. See it going in slow motion. Relatively, time will seem to pass by faster. This is great for doing mundane things such as practicing skills and parts of your game you don’t enjoy practicing and or doing things like taxes or homework! For you student athletes. 


Compare SUB-MODALITIES. Submodalities are the properties our mind uses to represent our thoughts. They are the properties of our thinking. 


  1. Think of a time, when “Time” just flew by. A great movie. A great vacation. A great party. Notice where that is in your mind visually? Notice the location of the image. The size. How close it is to you? Is it a movie or a slide? 
  2. Think of a time when “Time” just crawled and seemed to go by super-slow. Notice the sub-modalities of that experience. Magical “change work” can be performed just by learning and adjusting the Sub-Modalities of thought – learn everything you need to know at an NLP Practitioner Seminar
  3. Build new representations of the things you want to “fly by” with the same sub-modalities as “fast time” and new representations for the things you want to “slow time down” for with the same sub-modalities as “slow time”. Build them in the exact same place, location, size and sub-modalities. 

These leverage “the relativity” of time. To perform they require mental skill. Though they are phenomena we all naturally experience. Only problem is most pop in and out of these states randomly, you want to learn how to do them deliberately. 


Not only is time relative, but so is every experience that has ever happened to you. Its “relative”, that is, dependent on your point of view. Hint hint: we’re dealing with those precise properties of thought again, sub-modalities. 


Most of us feel we don’t have enough time to do everything we want to do. In a study at Harvard people were asked, “If you could have anything what would it be? The most common answer was, “an extra hour per day.” 

I remember Dr. Bandler talking about a musician whom he worked with. This musician was distraught because he didn’t have enough time to practice his music. Thats because he had to work as a waiter in the evenings to financially support his family. Finances are a major issue for athletes across the world. My mentor, used the above time distortion technique to create a state of distortion, and then built in the ability for the musician to re-access that state on demand. That way on his breaks at work, he could simply close his eyes, go inside and get a few hours of mental practice in his mind in what in real time only took a few minutes. Talk about a learning hack! Talk about a time saver! Considering how precious time is, do you think I was motivated to learn these time distortion techniques? Do you think I wanted to dive way deep into time distortion and the possibilities with myself & my athletes? You bet! 


The best athletes, public speakers, comedians and entrepreneurs all had models and idols. These models showed them a way to the top. Humans first learn via imitation. Once we can unconscious imitate others, then we can start to play, experiment & find our own optimal approach. 

Just think of basketball and the number of kids who imitated Michael Jordan. You first imitate Michael Jordan’s moves until you can do some of them yourself. Then you learn and refine your own game. Its the same with martial arts. The same with acting etc. But without the model to show your brain a real life example of how to master something, it would be much much harder for you to master it.  

If you could pick any athlete, which athlete’s beliefs would you like to have? Would you like to have the belief in yourself the way Michael Jordan did? Or Tiger Woods? Or Michael Phelps? Pick that athlete now. 

Now I know you’ve seen your favourite athlete in action, seen how they perform in big moments under pressure, their body posture, how they move, even how they breathe, how they think, their interviews, even how they practice, their signature moves … you can see their specific skills and mannerisms in your mind, now can’t you? 

In a moment I’m going to ask you to close your eyes and see your model athlete displaying all of their greatest skills. See that mental movie of them. Then in a moment, you’re to step right inside them in your mind. Step outside of yourself and inside of your idol. A break from you, a vacation of learning inside of them. 

Take a deep breath. Now would be the perfect time to close your eyes and step inside them. Notice how the world looks through their eyes, how you feel, how you think, how your body moves, how your hands move, how your legs move. Now inside of them run through and experience firsthand some of their greatest moments of success. Experience how they felt in those moments. The adversity they had to go through. How they thought. How they performed. How they excelled. That moment of victory, now. ANCHOR THIS STATE. ANCHOR THESE FEELINGS. You can anchor them with a “Mantra” and or very precise touch on a discrete part of your body. Now take that feeling and double it, triple it, 10X, now and fire off that ANCHOR once again. 

Now sit back, relax and let your imagination run away with you. Have a little fun and run through some of your idols greatest performances … experiencing them first hand … all the while your unconscious memorizes that state, memorizes those feelings, memorizes exactly what you need to get to the next level. 

Then once you’ve fully immersed yourself in an epic 3-D IMAX sized movie with you as the star performer, go back to your idols first match all the way to where they are today, memorizing the process … perhaps do so several times … then once you’ve learned and experienced what you need to experience … step outside of the movie, step outside of your idol. 

See them in your mind. Now right next to them make an image of yourself performing with the exact same skill, movements & abilities as them. Look at both images side by side. When you can see yourself performing just like your idol, take the image of yourself and expand it until it completely covers the image of your idol. See that image of yourself in that precise location in your mind. 

As you do so now we’re going to do some REVERSE ENGINEERING. You could call it some mental planning for your future. Or hardwiring your success. Just think, if you were 80% of the way to being  the SUPER-PERFORMING YOU, what would that look like? Stop and make a picture of yourself 80% of your way to your target performance. In your mind put that image in front of the SUPER-PERFORMING YOU, 80% of the way there. Then think of one step prior to that. If you were 60% of the way to your SUPER-PERFORMING YOU, what would you look like? How would you be performing? Put that image 60% of the way to your goal. Then make another image. If you were 40% of the way there, what would you look like? Put that in front of the other images. Lastly, if you were one step ahead of where you are now, and 20% of your way to the SUPER-PERFORMING YOU, what would that look like? Put that image just in front of you in your mind. 

Now are you ready for a ride into the your future? Take a big deep breathe, and a big big smile and in your mind ride forward through each of those five pictures, all the way until you are inside the SUPER-PERFORMING YOU. Turn around in your mind, and look at those steps behind you and see what you had to do to get there. Float back to the present and run through the future all the way to the future you once more. REPEAT 3X. Inside this SUPER-PERFORMING YOU, ANCHOR THIS STATE. ANCHOR THESE FEELINGS. 

Memorize this state. Memorize these feelings. We’re not going to wait for them. We’re not going to leave it up to chance. We’re going to take these feelings of this SUPER-PERFORMING state and bring them into the future with you, to ensure your future success. 

When you’re ready, take another deep breathe. Sigh. And open your eyes and wake up in the present with a whole lot of determination and desire. 


Think of your Idol Athlete. What beliefs would you like to share with them? 

What skills would you like to share? 

Elicit Mental Strategies & States from the Best. ASK THEM

How do you think about batting/tennis/golf etc. (Pick your sport)

How do you know you’re going to have a good day? 

Whats the first thing that happens in your mind? 

What do you do next? 

How do you know when to hit the ball (X)?  

You’re looking to elicit the precise mental formulaof how they think & what happens in their mind. Not “Why” or “Content” but the structure & sequence of how they think. Big difference. You use that formula yourself and your skill improves. 

Note: most are not consciously aware of what they do, hence your strategic NLP questions to elicit the specific information you want. 

*Strategy Elicitation is a high art of NLP – to be good at this requires both Practitioner & Master Practitioner Training. Mental strategy elicitation to teach other athletes the mental strategies used by the best to improve their skill, thats how you’ll earn the big bucks. 



  1. BELIEF 
  3. REHEARSAL (Practice) – To automate. 

Use BELIEF Change exercise to build desired belief. Note the difference between Beliefs & Convictions. For example, you can “believe” that working out is good, and never step foot in a gym. So beliefs don’t necessarily launch behaviours. But convictions do. If you’re absolutely convinced that you’re going to work out and get healthy, you will. 

Iconic champion athletes like Connor Mcgregor, were convinced they’d absolutely be #1 in the world. At a certain point in his journey, that conviction was built and it propelled him to the top. No number of failures or counterexamples could change that conviction. You see that conviction propels you forward, regardless of circumstances. Beliefs are more fragile, and can change with one counter-example. Leverage this when doing “Change Work”.

Think of something you are absolutely convinced of. Maybe that you’re a tremendous athlete, or that you have a particular skill etc. Something that no number of counter-examples could change. 

ELICIT THE SUB-MODALITIES of that conviction and then build a new desired conviction in the same place and with the same modalities in your mind. You put the right things in the right place in your mind and you get the right results. 

Second, use mental strategy elicitation above. You’re looking for the mental formula used by the best, so that you can use it and thus become more skilled like them. 

Third, practice, practice, practice with good sleep. Let your brain automate each individual piece. 

“Your job is to build those automatic programs and simply develop the post-hypnotic anchors that fire off those particular states, that activate those particular motor programs and mental strategies. Thats sports super-performance summarized for you in one line.” 

Your conscious mind becomes like a remote control for your brain. The result: you get out of your own way and let your brain and body perform like magic. 

Lastly, have an ATTITUDE about difficulty. Difficulty is where the fun begins. Difficulty is where you will grow. Difficulty is where you will earn your glory. 


Plan for the biggest, most challenging, high pressure situations, and program the precise state you want your brain, mind & body to go into. 

In the most challenging moment you could possibly face, how do you want to think? How do you want to feel? 

How do you want to perceive the game? 

How do you want your body to move? 

OCD – is a wonderful asset if you can control it. “The problem isn’t that you obsess, the problems is what you obsess about”. 

People talk about Michael Jordan’s absolutely obsessive competitive nature. He wanted to win at everything. You see if you spend 3 hours a day, opening and closing drawers in your kitchen to make sure they’re clean, thats a real waste of time. However, if you’re totally obsessive about practicing free throws, mastering your foot-work, training in the gym, well then you get to separate yourself from the every other player in the NBA and set yourself up to be the greatest of all time. 

People talk about “overcoming” “coping” “managing” anxiety, procrastination, stress etc. These are people who are caught up in “psychological terminology” rather than the mechanics of how the brain works. For athletes I want to build a compulsion for practising & mastering their skills. So that the compulsions fire off automatically and they progress without hesitation. Same for clients, I love hearing that a client is OCD, or that they have thoughts they feel compelled to act on. I’m going to flip that right on its very head. I’m going to get them obsessive about relaxing, being happy, playing with their kids, building businesses and making money etc. 

So “managing” the anxiety stuff is hogwash. You can program the brain so powerfully that you never go into those crappy states to begin with. Not to mention if you do get anxious that state triggers entirely different neuro-chemical responses inside you. States that enhance your performance. Wouldn’t it be nice if the more anxious you tried to get, the more your talent & focus doubled? 

Bottom line, all these things that therapists or coaches look for as being “wrong” in an individual, are in fact usable assets – if you know how. With the information, strategies and practical exercises included in this chapter, you now have in your hands an “owner’s manual for your own brain” that you can use to architect better performance.


Simple Do-It-Yourself Meditation for Athletes. A key part of learning is: NEURO-DIFFERENTIATION. That is the more we can differentiate different states, the better you can access success states vs. poor performance states, and do them deliberately. Make sense? 

This also applies for learning & test taking. On math problems, if you don’t get a different feeling about the “correct” answer vs. “incorrect” answer it’s hard to tell them apart. And whats worse, is when you realize it was the wrong answer after the test. Or for an athlete, a bad shot after you already begun performing the shot. You want to begin to differentiate success states vs. poor shot states ahead of time. 

This meditation is focused on the “kinesthetics” to increase your sensitivity. We’re training your brain to distinguish & do pattern recognition.

1. Run through your most exquisite moments of success. Remember certain days, certain shots, certain moments where you performed at your best etc. Go back see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how you felt. NOTICE EXACTLY HOW YOU WERE FEELING IN THOSE MOMENTS. 

2. Run through your worst failures – worst shots, worst moments, things you wish you could have back. Go back and see what you saw when you were there, hear what you head, and feel how you felt. NOTICE EXACTLY THE FEELING YOU HAD IN THAT MOMENTS.

Now compare the two feelings. Notice how they move through your body. Where do you feel it the strongest? Where do they start? Where do they move to next? Where do they end? etc. Notice the general direction in which those feelings spin in your body. Got it? 

3. Feel the SUCCESS Feeling – develop a little voice that says “YES”. Feel the feeling, hear the “YES”. Do this 3X mechanically. Feel the feeling, hear the voice. During practice or lets say on the range for golfers, practice this. Go into the good feeling state, hear the voice … then shoot. Do this until it begins to function automatically. 

4. Feel the FAILURE Feeling – develop a little voice that says “NO”. Feel the feeling, hear the “NO”. Feel the feeling, hear the “NO”. Same as above. 

YOU’RE BUILDING LARGER DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN SUCCESS STATE vs. POOR PERFORMANCE STATE. More Neuro-differentiation, equals greater brain and performance precision. Exactly what the brain doctor ordered. 

Next time you walk up to the tee or go to take “a serve” … before you go to hit your shot, keep focusing and adjusting your body until you get that YES feeling. And if you get the “NO” voice, you its better to take a step back, re-group and adjust yourself until your body is in the right alignment for the shot. The same applies for free throw shooting in basketball. 

We’re programming your unconscious to do pattern recognition. This is a great meditation to do before bed. 


In conclusion, in your sport, if you’re able to go into the right trance, you win the game. If you don’t, you won’t. 

Second, you get the right strategy off of the right person and use it at the right time. You will perform with similar skill. 

You identify the ideal mind/body states for your sport. You train your brain to go into them until you can access them at will. You design ideal states of consciousness in advance to go into when adversity hits. 

You utilize the strongest conviction & belief you have about anything in life, and use that to build CONVICTION that you can learn to be the very best at your sport. 

You’ve learned that much of talent is learnable. You can teach the mental strategy and put an average person into the same state as the good golfers go into while golfing, and he will get strokes off of his golf game. 

Finally, you’ve learned a buffet of brain enhancing techniques to make performance less up to chance, and more in your control. 

What more could you want from a book? You’re armed and ready to go! 

TO LEARN THE FULL TRICKS OF THE TRADE, APPLY FOR LICENSED NLP PRACTITIONER TRAINING with THE GAME CHANGER. These seminars are a learning experience unlike any other seminar on the planet.




“Persuasion”, “sales” & “communication” are topics of major interest for obvious reasons – your career & pay, relationships, and mental health are all directly tied to your ability to persuade & influence others. So if you like the brain & persuasion you’re in for a treat. In this article I combine, neuroscience, psychology & NLP, “brain-based” tactics to absolutely skyrocket your ability to persuade and influence people. This isn’t some cheap, hyperbole to get you to sign up & buy something, this is an ACTUAL BRAIN BUFFET ON PERSUASION. As you read the article, you like me, will quickly discover why these brain persuasion tactics are the game changers.


  1. TOP PSYCHOLOGICAL BIASES – Use these, it’ll work every time!
  2. How to ACE an Interview & Get Hired -even negotiate pay increases before you’re hired!
  4. How to Price your Products
  5. How you “the employee” can negotiate pay increases with little resistance.
  6. Dating & Picking up Romantic Partners – Irresistible Attraction.
  7. Use this Sales-Boosting Principle! It’s already being used against YOU!
  9. Why NLP is THE GOLD STANDARD for Persuasion & Communication Training
  12. Stop Blaming Your Partner – PERSUADE THEM!
  14. How to CONVERSATIONALLY Hypnotize & Influence someone – Effortlessly change how someone thinks about “you” & the competition.
  15. Linguistic Patterns & Brain Mechanics of Persuasion
  16. Use this ONE PATTERN to your POINT Across EVERY TIME! – to Bosses, Spouses, Friends, Clients
  17. ANXIETY Truth Bombs – on how it messes up interviews & dating
  18. Why Nerves in your Sales-Team Cost you Money & Brand Image.
  19. Why do nice guys finish last with girls?
  20. Why are girls attracted to the Bad Boys?
  21. The NLP techniques to take your Persuasion to the Next Level.
  22. How to STAND OUT and be #1 Every Time.

Read, Absorb & Experience the unique & powerful techniques below.

Special Inclusion: Step by Step HOW TO DO AN INTERVIEW FORMULA

Hey mom and dad! Your child stressed about upcoming interviews? Do you have upcoming interviews, big sales pitches or would like to catapult yourself to higher position in your career? Or would you like to learn how to structure your communication to effortlessly persuade & motivate your employees, your children, even your partners (I know be careful now!)?

For whatever reasons you want to become a better influencer, this “HOW TO” PERSUASION MANUAL will help you build the skills to do so. This PERSUASION MANUAL includes a 6 step formula for “HOW TO DO AN INTERVIEW” . The same 6 steps & skills can be applied to business meetings, meetings with teachers to negotiate higher grades, meetings with bosses, dates, you name it. All I ask is that when you use these brain-based skills to score better jobs, bigger pay, new sales accounts, and new and better relationships, that you remember where you learned them from & to pass them on!

Competence is what builds true confidence. The main reason most people are scared of public speaking, sales & putting themselves out there isn’t because there’s something wrong with them or because of their childhood, its because no one has explicitly taught them the skills to be a masterful influencer. We change that now.

In this article I combine Neuroscience, Psychology & Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), real authentic NLP that is – NLP that I learned directly from the creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler – with practical experience public speaking, working 1 on 1 with clients and persuading and influencing everyone from paranoid schizophrenics to billionaire executives to 3rd graders.
These techniques are rooted in science. They’re based on how the brain works. And most importantly. THEY WORK!!!

Do you know your mind is subject to “psychological biases” & tendencies that you can use to persuade, communicate, sell & influence like never before? I’ve consolidated the best practical techniques, examples & application all into this one manual.

For interviews, sales pitches, dates, meetings, its all about communication & influence. Communication includes the ability to induce particular states in others, build ideas in their mind and lead them to take specific actions. COMMUNICATION is the highest level skill that will upgrade your potential professionally, socially, romantically, you name it. Its all communication, and sales when you think about it.

Maybe you want to use these skills to become richer, or pick up the girl of your dreams or be a better parent & teacher for your kids. Whatever it is, these brain-based communication techniques will allow you to do it all.

I work with many young adults. Typically the first major problem they come in with is anxiety, or limiting beliefs, some form of harmful behaviours. Now once I change that with them, then we get to optimizing things. This is where getting better at taking interviews, public speaking, focus and memory come up.


– I’ll first share with you my simple 6 step formula to rock your interview.

– Then I’ll explain the neuro-mechanics of communication.

– Lastly, the psychological principles you want to use to your advantage.

Chris’ 6 Step Formula to Rock Your Interview


I’ll now explain each step. An in depth analysis of specific Neuromechanics & NLP techniques as well as Psychology Principles will follow.


Humans are suckers for flattery. HUGE KEY POINT: compliments must be well-researched, specific & demonstrate that you pay close attention. More than the average person thats for sure! Do your research and find genuine things that you like about the workplace. Specific things. If you can’t find any thats telling you something. Apply somewhere else!!! Guys, this is also true for women. Don’t just say generic compliments “ohh you have pretty hair” … or for interviews “you have a terrific workplace” … that will work against you. Identify specific details and compliment them on them. It will help you score big. For example, “wow the colour of your dress really brings those beautiful eyes you have”. Or if you like the hair, describe specifically … “Wow your hair is stunning, I really like how your hair shows off that long beautiful neck, and with that necklace … just wow!”

WORKPLACE – Change “I really like your workplace” too … “I love how important creativity & innovation are to this company. I’m intrigued by the workplace culture and how it gives employees the opportunity to explore and cultivate their creativity in order to develop new and better products”.

Chris Wyllie Addition:
“I must warn you though, you better be careful. Having me work in an environment like this, I’m going to be innovating like crazy!You guys have the iPhone 10, I’ll probably have the iPhone 15 done in two weeks! Then the next week make a iPhone 16 thats completely better and makes the iPhone 15 irrelevant … are you sure you’re willing to take that risk?”


Tell a story about a job you had in the past where you demonstrated all the companies desired qualities in spades. Or if you haven’t done so in a work setting, talk about an athletic competition or academics where you epitomized those exact qualities. Not only that, those qualities were instrumental in helping you to persist through difficulties, solve problems and ultimately lead your team to triumph. Build those big bright elaborate pictures in the listeners mind ladies and gentlemen! Its persuasion we’re talking about here! Immediately following that you embed the exact commands you want to give them.


…Given the nature of the position and whats required to excel, I know I’m the candidate you want to hire … now first let me ask you a few questions just to make sure we are a perfect fit. (Embedded commands underlined – analogue mark these commands with downward inflection in your voice. To learn & understand the nuances of hypnotic language patterns & voice training come to an NLP Practitioner Seminar.

OR … “since leadership and team-work are so critical to this position … and I’ve excelled at both, both academically and athletically … I know I’m the guy/girl for the job … and now I just need to ask you a few questions to ensure that if I do decide to accept this position that it is truly in both of our best interests.”

NOTE: You do want to ensure that you’re right for the position and the position is right for you. Bad hires are costly to both you and the organization.


Most candidates will just passively be questioned. When you come in and lead with some of your own well thought out questions, plus state key values that are important to you (you’re actually saying these additional ones because you know they are important to the interviewing company 🙂 … we’re being hypnotically sneaky here a bit folks), you immediately stand out. Not only that you’ll show you’re making a reasoned intelligent decision. Its like pricing. If your pricing is $500. It looks somewhat arbitrary and negotiable. But if your pricing is $493, that looks like a specific well thought out number. The same applies for salary demands. The more specific and well thought out, the greater your chance for acceptance. Compare $50,000 per year vs. $52,397. The former you’re likely to get negotiated down … the later you state the amount … plus reasons for your decision, even if they are made up … give reasons, your rent increase, kids off to university etc … Reasons even if illogical get buy in from the brain. Additionally, using the rule of reciprocity … tell the company you’re going to give them additional X, Y & Z above job requirements and in return they’ll give you additional pay. Voila! This is optional. The company may say … “well I don’t need X,Y,Z” … so if you’re going to say you’ll add those in … make sure they tell you those things are important first!!!
Here’s an example to ask your boss:

“So my current job description is A, B, C … if you were to add three duties to my job requirements, that would be highly beneficial to the company, things that you think you need, what would they be?” Then if they say X,Y,Z … you have it in your back pocket. Also identify, what value would these additional X, Y & Z bring to the company? ($X dollars). Lets say … the boss then says … “well X Y Z aren’t really important to me” … you say, well 15 minutes ago you told me they were … actually you told me they’re specifically worth $10,000 … and I only getting $2,397, the company gets $7,603. Seems like the company gets a great deal out of this, do they not? So which one is it? Now adding $7,603 of value to the company seems like a great idea to implement doesn’t it?


Leverage the scarcity principle: The scarcity principle is that when something becomes less available we desire it more.

“So I like you … want to make sure I’m in the right situation where I can grow, excel, and utilize my talents … I’m also considering competitive OPTIONS A, B & C … though this position is one of my top preferred choices”. I would just go with “one of” top positions, not “top” position. We’re playing a little bit of the come away closer game like dating.

Competition for your services immediately increases your desirability. The same for sales. If you have a customer on the fence about buying something … you can say “well I’m completely out of stock anyways … so it wouldn’t’ even matter if you really really wanted it” … they go, “really, I actually really want it” … I go, “… are you sure, you’re not just saying that? … I guess I can see if I can find one more in our inventory … I probably won’t … but I’m only going to go through the hassle if you really want it, and will commit now to buying it”. Post Decision Bias – once we make a decision, we create reasons in our mind to strengthen why we bought it. Car salespeople do this as well – they get you to commit to buying the car … hence your brain consciously & unconsciously strengthens your reasoning for buying the car … then at the last minute they introduce additional fees. Now that your brain has already sold itself, you’re most likely to go ahead with the purchase even with the additional fees. With the fees explicit in the beginning before your decision, the salesperson may not have gotten the sale.

You can even add TIME LIMITS – I need to make a decision by … (X date) … give a reason afterwards … (simply giving a reason why, even if its bogus increases persuasion). Time limits will increase persuasion because of loss aversion*. Companies will be driven to avoid the loss of good candidate more than to find a good candidate elsewhere. Use that to your advantage. It’s not easy to find such talented, hard-working candidates now a days is it?


Aim for the position above the position you’re applying for. For instance if you’re applying for a basic position … start off by explicitly stating, “I’d like to be in position where I can quickly step into a MANAGER POSITION“. By associating yourself with the higher position, by contrast, the basic position will seem like a piece of cake for you. Or if you’re asking for a salary raise to 50K. Start with 60K as your negotiating point, the 50K will seem smaller relatively.

PERSUASION TRUTH BOMB: Each piece of information you’re exposed to, your judgment of it is influenced by the information that preceded it. After reading a dinner menu, at a fancy restaurant with $100, $150 entrees, the $40 steak seems cheap by comparison. Restaurants deliberately put expensive items on the menu, even if they don’t intend to sell them at all. This increases their sales and makes the rest of the menu seem “less expensive”. The best sales clerks do this too. Do they sell you $80 sweater’s, $120 jeans before or after the $900 suit? They always sell you the big expensive suit first! After you’ve bought the expensive suit, then the sweater and shoes seem cheap. Haven’t you had the experience of wanting to go buy a new suit and/or dress and didn’t you end leaving the store with a bunch of additional items you never intended on buying? Yup! The sales clerk was using the contrast principle to put your money in his bank account. Now you know!

You always want to set up and create the frame and context in which the other person sees the information you’re presenting. If I have a client who I know is going to be a pain in the butt, and want a discount … “who’d want a discounted brain anyways?” … I usually will start off with talking about my regular fees with clients which are $250-$500 more than I plan on charging them. After I talk about 3 or 4 success cases where I charged $500 per session … are they really going to try to get a discount on their preferred $125 session rate? I don’t think so.

Or I’ll tell them stories about people who are really cheap, didn’t invest in their brain and were forced to live with their brain problems for the rest of their life. Yuk!!!

Note: Negotiating your price is dangerous. Look, if a client finds out your price is negotiable, it means you could’ve given them the lower price in the first place, but chose not too! Stick to your guns.

They say to me, “I want a discount” … I always go sure, “you want a discounted brain no problem” … which parts of your brain do you want me to leave out? … The frontal lobes? … ohh that’ll be great … your memory will be better but you can’t consciously focus & decide to use it … or better yet which techniques do you want me to leave out? … Hey I’m cool with it … we can do discounted sessions then I can see you 10 times as opposed 1 time … at half the price per session & make 5X the money … sure I’ll give you a discount! You got to train your wits ladies and gentlemen otherwise people will walk right over you – especially clients!

Rule of Reciprocity. If you really want the basic position. Lets say a basic McDonald’s cashier. Don’t go direct and say you want that position. Aim higher as per above. But then state how you’re willing to compromise, by taking lower pay and a lower position in the short-term to work your way up in the company. This compromise on your part will increase the likelihood the company (other party) comprises and does you favours in the future. Its all about the set up. This is especially true for the public speaking, NLP, hypnotic & change work I do on stage.

Mention a friends name. Name dropping can help. Be sure to name someone with good associations anchored to them. Mentioning a friends name increases persuasion … especially with sales … because it anchors “them” to “you”. Now they’re not just dealing with you … but also their friend. Its a lot harder to turn down a friend. Say, “your friend Tina referred me to call you” … instantly that lead is warmed up.

*LOSS AVERSION – people motivated to avoid losses more than achieve equivalent gains.

*PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTANCE – when something, a freedom, a piece of information or a candidate like yourself … when the opportunity is taken away we desire it more. This is why you may want to set TIME LIMITS, for when you need to be hired by. As well, mention some competitors you’re considering. Thats often why in relationships, often when they’re prohibited by others, our parents etc. – we desire them more. Or if you’re no longer with someone why you may desire them more. It’s Psychological Reactance. Take away a FREEDOM, and we desire it more. This is how revolts happen – when previously experienced freedoms are taken away

Liking Principle. Humans are suckers for praise. Even if we know the praise is insincere, it will still influence you. Haven’t you ever said to your partner, “just say this …” … and when they say it, even though you know its lip service, it still makes you feel better doesn’t it? Yes its more important that you “say it” vs. mean it. Caveat: workplace compliments & relationships/social are different.

Similarity Principle: We have a tendency to have a positive bias towards people who have the same characteristics as us, nationality, colour, religion, looks, age/generation “in our days” etc. Look at how the people at your desired work place, dress and carry themselves, their attitudes, beliefs, religious and spiritual preferences etc. Adjust and use it all to your advantage. Convey yourself in a manner that shows you are like them.

One caveat – standing out and being different can be beneficial. This is especially true if you’re applying for a distinct position like CEO or Vice President. Also, like me, if you’re an outside consultant it pays to be different. When I walk in, its not going to be like anything they’ve ever experienced before. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the brain enhancing ride of a lifetime.

GET FULL ATTENTION: Rule number one for interviewing, public speaking, flirting, therapy and change work and virtually all communication is to get the listeners full attention.

In a position, where traits such as innovation, creativity are prized and many are competing for “one” position, this is where standing out from the pack, in terms of your style, the clothes you wear, your attitude and your approach can be beneficial.


Most importantly, BE YOU! Others can sense when you’re not being yourself. They can smell the unconscious vibes that something is off. And they’re right! There is something off, YOU! You’re not being you. It’ll make them uncomfortable. Because it’ll be uncomfortable for you to not be yourself. The same is true for dating. Be yourself. Otherwise, if you have to act and be someone you’re not for the rest of your like, man thats a lot of work!

The problem with anxiety is that people get anxious and nervous and then they say and do things that aren’t “really them”. So just relax. Keep breathing. Smile. And go for it. Be you!

If you’re like me you’ll be using these skills and negotiating pay increases before you’re even hired! Hmmm do you know I haven’t even gotten to the nitty gritty good stuff yet! HERE IT IS!!!


SPEAK AT THE SAME RATE AS THE LISTENER. People understand at the same rate that they speak. If the other person is speaking to you slowly, and you’re speaking at a thousand words a minute, your communication won’t register in their brain. Thats what matters. Not that you actually say what you want to say, but that what you say is actually imprinted in their mind. Likewise if you’re talking to someone blazing along, you’ll want to increase your rate of speech and match them. Match them until you’re unconsciously in rapport and then you can lead. You can test by beginning to slow down your rate of speech. If they go with you. You got them in rapport and entrained. If you don’t you need to do more matching.

YOU GO FIRST. ENTRAINMENT. The very first step in influencing and persuading someone is to go into the desired state you want them to go into, first. If you want them to feel desire and to buy your product, you need to go inside and feel desire first. This is huge for sales. If you’re a sales person and you’re nervous, that nervousness will be reflected in your voice tone, rate, breathing etc. Unconsciously that will be the vibe the prospect will receive and unwittingly, they’ll begin to feel nervous and uncomfortable. If you’re not careful you’ll have just anchored nervousness to your product! You could have the best product ever, but you just made someone unwittingly nervous about it. Phew, its dangerous to be nervous. So just don’t do it!

Note on RELATIONSHIPS: In your relationships, think of the desired states & the ideas you want to plant in your partners minds. Now next time you communicate with them, go into that state first with those ideas in your mind. “… if you want to keep waiting for them “to change” or do something different … then you’re not interested in persuasion and you don’t having the type of relationship you think you want” Its okay to influence people. We can’t not influence people. Might as well do it deliberately! WHO’S GOING TO ENTRAIN TO WHO? Who’s state is stronger? If you’re relaxed & giggly on the inside, I mean really giggly, its going to be hard for your partner to remain a grumpy jerk. Its just the way it works. And if you turn into a grump yourself, well you need to make your state stronger.

Plan ahead. Anchoring. SMOKING THE COMPETITION.

Think of the desired states you want to elicit in the listener. Humour is a fantastic tool to anchor good feelings to you. I always love having clients and prospects talk about things they love, while looking directly at me :). As soon as they start talking about stuff they don’t like I step aside and anchor it somewhere else. This is inevitably the place where I’m going to put all of their objections as well as the competition, so I can be sure that all the bad feelings are anchored to them. Good feelings anchored to me! Ohhh yea!!!

RAPPORT. Rapport is a term thrown around a lot. Rapport that gives you the power to influence comes from MATCHING. Rapport is really matching and being entrained to the other. Once you’re unconsciously synced then you can pace and lead. You can unconsciously match rate of speech, breathing rate, body posture, representation systems (see below), modal operators, meta-programs and so much more. Tune up your senses. We teach you this in an NLP practitioner seminar. The NLP Practitioner Seminar will train you and prepare you to master persuasion, like no other. I teach the real stuff. Unfortunately there’s no standard or regulating body so 90% of the NLP out there is potentially bogus. Or at least not anything close to really good stuff.

PACE & LEAD. See Rapport above.

BE THE CAT. NOT THE MOUSE. In legalese, switch the burden of proof! If you make it a matter of whether they’re good enough for you, it completely gets rid of the question of whether you’re good enough for them. Apply this in interviews, sales & relationships. If you want to be like me, I’ll usually tell them they couldn’t handle me at their workplace, I’d be way to productive. Generate way too many sales. And I just don’t think they have the infrastructure to handle all the additional revenue I’d bring in. Who’s out-witting who here?

Or for potential consulting gigs, I always say … “I just need to warn you I’m not sure your employees can handle what I’m going to do … They go why not? I mean after the techniques I”m going to do, your employees are going to be really happy and really productive! They will have never experienced anything like it. Are you sure you want to hire me?”

Or for relationships, take the prettiest girl … even a stuck up one … use them for practice … and lets say you’re an average looking guy … if you start talking about how she couldn’t handle you … couldn’t handle you in the bedroom, couldn’t handle how caring and considerate you are, and how successful you are … you’ve just turned the tables … if she’s a polar responder … she’s going to polar respond right into your arms. After which you’re welcome refer a whole bunch of clients to me to express your gratitude.

Look it takes practice to be very mentally sharp, quick & agile at persuading others. I keep saying it because its true, there’s no practical skill development course like The Game Changer NLP Practitioner. None. Check out what the last group of practitioners had to say about the course.

SPATIAL ANCHORING – with spatial anchoring you can connect responses and feelings to specific locations. People do it unconsciously. They’ll talk about the things they like on the one hand, and then on the other hand they’ll begin to tell you the things they don’t like. Guess what? Very often the things they like vs. don’t like are represented in those precise different places in their mind. So when it comes time to persuade and close what are we going to do? We’re going to put all the objections in the dislike side (we really want them to dislike and get bad feelings about not buying) and put you and your products exactly on the side of everything they like. Same thing if you’re doing an interview. You on the one hand, the competitors on the other. You can even have the interviewer talk about the best employee they ever had … anchor it spatially … and then talk about some hires they really regret … anchor that spatially … then talk about yourself … fire off the first best-employee-ever anchor and put yourself in the exact same location as best employee in the listeners mind … and your competitors exactly in the location of the hires they regret. BOOM. Money in the bank. Of course we’re talking high level skill here. This isn’t your mini-mouse weekend course. These skills require practical in-person experience.

You can even build the anchors for them from nothing. Talk about things that they really dislike, things they’re unhappy about, mark them out with your hands in the air (lets say on their left). You can also anchor they’re left knee. Say to them … gosh those things must really annoy you don’t they? … Immediately strength the anchor (left knee). On the other hand, have them talk about things they really like and desire, and mark that out on the other side. You can anchor the right knee. Strengthen the anchor … “wow it seems like punctuality (or X) is something thats really important to you isn’t it?” … you generate the response, immediately fire off the anchor and strengthen it.

Now for sales and interviews, specifically your interview, what kind of state do we want to induce? WANTON DESIRE! Have you ever seen something and the moment you saw it, you knew it was perfect and you just had to have it? BOOM! Where-ever they’re eyes move mark it out, anchor it. That is exactly where you’re going to put your resume, your brochure, your sales presentation, every idea you want them to act on with total wanton desire … and UUU wouldn’t now be a wonderful time to …

Simple SALES: INDUCE WANTON DESIRE STATE + ATTACH IT TO YOUR PRODUCT. Credit Dr. Richard Bandler for teaching me that one.

QUOTES – Quotes are a hypnotic language pattern. This is where you tell a story or talk about another person or experience, and in describing that experience, you put in all the ideas and embedded commands you want to give to the person you’re communicating too. Its the difference between walking up to your boss and saying “you’re an asshole” … and saying, “hey I was walking to work, and some guy came up to me and said, you’re a pompous asshole … (then looking at your boss), what do you do if someone walks up to you and says, you’re a pompous asshole?” Of course, rather you can talk about your best friend John … “who had the best boss ever, a boss who really loved to reward good performance. In fact, John received a bonus of $10,000 and he didn’t even ask for it! On a Friday it was just added to his pay check … and boy was John really happy and even more motivated after that … how motivated? John brought in a million of new sales in just a month, after a small $10,000 bonus. Wow …. Now tell me about your bonus structure at this company … “

Get creative ladies and gentleman! It takes practice.

For example, as an interviewee you can tell story about your last position, and how the competition for the job was very high but it was your dynamic personality and unmatched work ethic that earned you the job (or whatever qualities you want to highlight). Then once you got the position, you were able to go far beyond expectations … put in some statistics, numbers … this will re-assure and get buy in from the logical rational part of the brain … for instance, the companies projected increase in sales for the year were supposed to be $100,000 … I ended up increasing sales by $500,000 … it was hard work though I tell you … it was quite a process but I finally got through and built relationships with the companies long-desired prospects. In the process I was able to deliver a 500% sales increase above and beyond expectations.

At which point, you like me, can now begin to talk about the bonuses and pay incentives you received for your efforts. Or you can pace the flip side … of not receiving bonuses hence why you’re looking for a new organization to work for. A company that actually values & pays for results. In other words, this company better give you pay incentives if they’re going to secure your services. Now were talking high level persuasion & hypnotic skills. Again, I cannot point out enough to you how a full 7 day practitioner seminar is necessary to calibrate your brain and give you a firm grasp on these skills.

I’d even have fun with describing qualities of competitors applying for the job and how your boss in your last work-setting hired those types of individuals, during which performance at the company suffered precipitously. However, once he hired employees with YOUR Characteristics, then company performance went back up. Get what I’m doing here??? We’re anchoring negative responses to your competitors and positive ones to you. Even though you are the one bringing all this up. You’re building this representation in their mind. Real brain work.

Of course you need to assess the situation … the other sides motivators … that is what their likely to want to MOVE TOWARDS … as well as MOVE AWAY FROM … and use those to properly frame & present YOU … in a manner in which they are moving away from other candidates and towards you!!! Same for sales. Same for dating. Same for therapy. Away from problems and towards desired results.

LINGUISTIC PATTERNS (hypnotic language)


Embedded Commands
Given my leadership experience, and high level communication skills I know will excel in this role, with that said, I have a few more questions for you ….

***MOST INTERVIEWEES let the interviewer dictate and ask questions. Come prepared with some questions for them!!! You need to determine whether their position is the right fit for you as well as for them!

Embedded Questions:
– I’m wondering when now would be a good time to hire me?
– So do I start next week Monday or Tuesday (this is a CLOSING technique).
– I’m wondering how you would know if you were looking directly at the candidate you’re going to hire?

For those of you have difficulty closing, go right for it, are you going to pay with cash or credit?


There are three major representational systems our brain’s use to both represent and understand information: VISUAL, AUDITORY & KINESTHETIC. There are 5 total (including gustatory & olfactory), but visual, auditory, kinethetics are generally the main operative rep systems.

An individuals language will tell you how they are thinking, that is, what representational systems they are using to represent information in their mind.

“Tell me about yourself” … (auditory), “well let me first start off by saying, there are so many attributes I’d like to tell you about myself, however the most obvious of which is my ability to communicate and effectively influence others. When people have problems I can really hear what they’re saying and quickly find a solution to the problem. Most importantly, I can take complex subjects & articulate them very clearly.

The interviewer may follow with … “I hear what you’re saying” “I see your point” “I feel where you’re coming from”. TAKE NOTE and feed back the same representational systems to them.

The interviewer might say he’s just trying to get a feel for the candidates … in which case … “sure let me help you get a firm grasp, on why I feel this is the right position for me, as well as why I feel I’m the perfect candidate for the job. I have a very good handle on leadership, and am very in tune with what it takes to motivate others & ensure they are performing at peak productivity” … (Notice I’m using kinesthetic predicates).

The interviewer may say … “show me what you got”“In this position, my presence will be immediately noticeable. You’ll see how easily and effortlessly I’m able to integrate and work as team, and most importantly, find the unique perspectives, angles and keep expanding the vision for this company so we continue to viewed as the best provider in our industry. You can see me excelling in this position now can’t you?”

The interviewer may say, “I’m looking for individual who can do X, Y, Z” …. then your job is to paint the pictures of X, Y, Z in their mind … let me give you a perspective about my last position … then describe you exemplifying everything they are looking for … you can see why I’d be terrific addition to this organization now can’t you?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tag questions are another NLP linguistic technique. Tag questions pace both sides, that is both congruent & polar responses. Tag questions enable you to easily put ideas into the listeners mind. Tag questions take the form of:
1. Command
2. Negation, finished with “?”

You can see I’m unlike any other candidate who’ll apply for this position, can you not?

You’d like to learn how to optimize your brain, would you not?

You’d like to be a better more focused & productive you, don’t you? Therefore the 7 day NLP practitioner course, is the course you want to sign up for now, isn’t it?

Obviously you’re looking for an employee who works very hard, values culture & has the talent to progress within the company, aren’t you?

1. Think of an idea you want to put in the listeners mind.
2. Add NEGATION + “?” at end of it.

You’d like to improve your ability to remain calm in interviews, don’t you?

You can see how beneficial it would be to increase your ability influence and persuade people, can’t you?

Now is the perfect time to make a hire, isn’t it? You’ve now found the perfect candidate now, have you not?

AT TRADE-SHOWS I LOVE PUTTING THIS SUGGESTION. It’s the first thing I ask people:
Hello there, “you’d like to learn how to optimize your brain would you not?” They always say, “of course, who wouldn’t answer yes to that question”.
My response, “I know that’s why I asked it!. Now if you want to learn about Neurolinguistics applied for sales and persuasion I can teach you that too!”

*Whats the opposite of talking? Most say listening. If you’re one of those people you’re in big trouble. You see, the more you listen to each and every work “you say” and the particular effect it has on the listener the more you can adjust your syntax and tonality in a manner which propels them to come to the particular conclusions themselves that you wish to give them and/or take the specific actions you plan for them to take. True persuasion.

When you’re giving a speech or interview, all you need to do is listen to each and every word as you talk, and it will tell your brain where to go next. If you have to hold rehearsed ideas in your head it creates anxiety and interferes with your brains natural creativity. Your brain unconsciously generates language. Let it do its job at peak capacity.

Lastly, stick to your method of interaction. Keep your handshake etc. Make them respond to you. This indicates who the leader is. Most people acquiesce. If this is a basic low-level position you’re applying for, sure yield and be as like-able and bubbly as possible. However, for most sales pitches, interviews, dates, you want them adjust to you. Consciously and unconsciously you’re showing that you’re the leader. People are magnetized to leaders.


1. Better Looking = Smarter. People attribute better attributes to people who are physically attractive. Even though it’s illogical, in the brain better looking equals smarter.

2. SIMILARITY PRINCIPLE – we are biased towards those who are similar to us. We are less likely to steal, and more likely to help those with similar attributes, looks, colour & beliefs.

3. CONTRAST PRINCIPLE – every offer, every number, every piece of information is influenced by the information that proceeded it. If you’re a sales clerk, do you sell the $900 suit first or after the sweater, shoes etc? FIRST! While you may not spend $80 on a sweater, $150 on shoes, they will seem relatively less expensive after being presented with $900 suit. Great sales clerks get you to buy the big suit first, and then afterwards get you buying all the “cheaper”, ties, shoes, sweaters, stuff you never intended to buy in the first place.

INTERVIEW – set your sights a level above the position you’re applying for. This leverages the contrast principle. I had a 19 year old student apply to McDonald’s. In the interview, I told her she should talk about how she’d be a terrific fit for a manager position. I had her describe her leadership, initiative, team-building skills, and how she desired a manager position. Now relatively, the “basic” position for which she is applying, seems like a piece of cake for her. Every piece of information is judged based on the information that preceded it. If you’re interviewing for a basic position, aim for a higher position. Talk about how your qualities will enable you to excel in that higher position. You’ll have just anchored yourself to the higher position. You’ll seem too good for and above the “basic” position. Tell them you’re willing to accept the basic position and work your way up. Guess whats out the door? The idea of whether or not you’re good enough for the basic position. Guess who’s in the door? YOU!!!.


Too often guys in the dating scene, act like the mouse and try to attract the gorgeous cat. Women know this. Woman do this with guys as well. They wonder whether “they’re good enough”. This resonates in their thoughts, actions and is the vibe they put off.

When you turn the tables, that is, make it so they need to convince you to be with them, then the issue of whether you’re good enough or not for them goes out the window. The same can be applied for interviews. Rather than you convincing them to hire you, you should embed suggestions and presuppositions that its THEM, who has the onus of convincing you to take the position … because after all you’re the ideal candidate & much sought after talent!

Summary: When you make it a matter of whether “they’re good enough for you” it completely eliminates the idea of whether “you’re good enough for them”. They’re at your mercy. Not you at there’s.

Why do nice guys finish last with girls? Because they’re PREDICTABLE & boring. Predictable doesn’t light up the female brain.

Why are girls attracted to the Bad Boys? Bad boys are unpredictable. Un-preditability & novelty stimulates dopamine. All the best stimulant drugs stimulate dopamine. In order words, Bad Boys are more stimulating to the female brain.

*This is also why cell phones – messages, “likes” are so addictive – the unpredictability of reward.

So you’re a nice guy. I encourage you to stay a nice guy. However, you need to become more dynamic & introduce more novelty into your relationship & communication if you want the female brain magnetized to you. Its why wits and humour are so attractive to the brain. You never quite know whats coming. Mystery & novelty is “hot” to the brain.

Now when it comes to interviews and as an employee you want to build a large amount of certainty and predictability in terms of what you’ll deliver, your attitude, approach, skills etc. Though adding in some quick wit & humour can definitely add to your intrigue. More intrigue, more dopamine, more desirability.

I apply this “BE THE CAT. NOT THE MOUSE” principle with my private practice clients and coaching business. They have to convince me on why I should accept them as a client. Not me have to convince them to come for my services. It takes practice to master.


Can you believe that I have full blown clinically depressed clients convincing me on why they want to and will be happy before I even willing to accept them as a client? I change their brain before I even start & then I send them a bill.

Or skeptics … ohh I love those … I have skeptics for breakfast … plus you think its that easy to just walk in and get a session with me? … I don’t think so … he’s going to have to convince me to work with him.

I fear no objection.

Final caveat. Know the standard norms for behaviour the specific interview you’re doing. I was in Milan, doing fashion week modelling, and I went to chat up the producer and say hello. After the casting process, my manager got a note asking, “why in the heck was I talking to the producer?”. In other words I got penalized for having a personality. Hence I quickly stopped doing the modelling rat race. But hey, if modelling is something you want to do, “now you know, don’t say a word, put on your pouty modelling face and go for it.”

Keep persuading like the super human beings you are ladies and gentlemen. Hard to believe … but we are just scratching the surface.

Now, have I convinced you that I’m 100% the brain expert you want to hire to supercharge your ability persuade others & generate business?

Chris “Precision Persuasion” Wyllie.


If a genie were to grant you 3 wishes, what would be the first most obvious thing to wish for? MORE WISHES!!!

Whether you’re a professional athlete, entrepreneur or student, your growth will be determined by your ability to learn. The quickest learners will be the biggest earners. Especially in todays age of entrepreneurship. That is if you’re learning the right stuff of course.

Lets face it, learning is life. Learning is money. Learning is growth. Learning is time. Learning is reduced stress & better health. Just ask any person who suffers from anxiety & panic attacks or depression or worse PTSD. Whats the problem? Not their childhood. Not even the anxiety. Not even the traumatic memories. Say what? The real problem is that they haven’t learned to deliberately control & operate their own brain. Thats it. Just to let you know, if you’re my client, I can guarantee you I’m going to find out the exact times and places where that anxiety is a major asset. But thats a topic for another day. Bottom line, learning gives you the power for unlimited achievement & to create positive changes in every area of your life. You need to become a highly skilled learner. Its my secret. I learn very fast and become good at things real quick, so I have time to master my mind, body & business simultaneously. You want to be really skilled & dynamic to stand out from the pack. That requires super-learning with a whole bunch of wanton desire and determination to apply your learnings.

Before embarking on your personal enhancement journey, the first thing you want to learn is “learning how to learn”. Becoming a Super-Learner is essentially your ticket to unlimited wishes. A lot of “experts” talk about it, but really just give you regurgitated quotes and content. We’re going to give into the nitty-gritty, hardcore techniques, that is, how to actually do it!!!

Whether you’re in sales, run your own business, are a teacher or an athlete, your job is to give people an experience. No experience. No changes. This is critical. I’ll explain. Now a study at Harvard, asked professionals, “if you could have anything, what would you want?” . Unanimously, they answered, “an extra hour per day”. Time is money. You’ll save time and be more productive by learning faster and retaining more of what you learn. Simply just dissolving the bad memories, limiting beliefs, and worries from your mind alone, will save hours of time. In some cases, hundreds of hours per year!

A major problem is that learning is something we’re TOLD TO DO, we’re not taught HOW TO ACTUALLY DO IT. Our entire academic career, content was shoved down our throats without us ever being taught how to effectively assimilate, learn & remember it. The result? Most have amnesia for 95%+ of the content they didn’t really learn in school. Isn’t that such a waste of time?

I must point out that its incumbent on both the teacher and the learner to make the learning experience as entertaining, vivid, and memorable as possible. Look, some stuff is going to be boring. Some stuff you’re going to want to pull your hair out. But thats exactly when you need to toot your own brain & have fun with it. Use my 5 KEY INGREDIENTS FOR LEARNING to make learning easy and fun. That said, it sure would help if your teachers, bosses & trainers learned how to teach in a way that registers perfectly for your brain. Send them to this course here! Thank me later!

Here are Chris Wyllie’s 5 Key Ingredients to Learning:

  • STATE.
  • FUN.

The above are the 5 ingredients you need to optimize learning. Elements 4 and 5 (Dissolve Limits & Fun) are connected to “STATE” but deserve individual mention. That is all your limits – be it bad memories, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs – are limited to particular states of consciousness. Thus, different STATE, different BELIEFS. If you listen closely to people’s language they will even say, “well once I step into “SUPER-ME” … then I think and believe that I can do things I can’t normally do”. I like it, lets make a habit out of that! Secondly, having fun & emotions are the fabric of memory. You’ve got so many RARA motivation speakers, and people using fear tactics and hyperbole, whats above all that is high level humour and edu-tainment. Thats right. Now that with practical experiential techniques to create a tangible BRAIN ENHANCEMENT EXPERIENCE and you have the ultimate combo. An experience sets the foundation & re-wires the brain to make subsequent learning a piece of cake. Experience a belief changing intervention and then learn how to build such experiences for others.

Now lets get to each ingredient. I’ll explain the mechanics, the implications and then how to apply them.


Learning is state dependent. You’ve probably heard this before. However you may not know the precise techniques to control your state at will. When you learn information, the information is neuro-associated to that specific brainwave state. So the first step to creating and accessing learnings is learning – HOW TO CONTROL YOUR BRAIN WAVES & STATE. The brain is a wonderful machine. It’ll learn, rehearse, and access for you infinite amounts of information. All you need to do is get into the right state to access the desired neuro-pathways and thus all the information connected to that state.

I know you’ve all had the following experience: You going into test, and during the test you go black or faced with questions you know that you know the answers but you just couldn’t access them. Only to then have the answers start popping up in your mind while you’re walking or on the bus home. Wasn’t that annoying? This happens because during the test you didn’t access the learning state you were in when you studied the information. Like most you were probably calmer while studying and more anxious and rushed during the test. Hence, different states, and without accessing the state, the information is harder to recall.

The state you go into determines the information you access. Just think, when you feel really bad, doesn’t a rush of other bad memories typically begin to flood into your mind? When you’re feeling really good however its much harder to recall those bad memories, isn’t it? Thats because information & memories are only connected to specific states of consciousness. Now if you really want to get yourself anxious or depressed you can think of one terrible memory & bad feeling, access that state and then begin to think of every other area of your life so that they get coloured with those feelings. Thats how you create “generalized anxiety” and “depression”. I like to do the opposite. I like to spray happiness, curiosity and determination all across your mind & attitude now.

Particular environments can trigger brainwave states which trigger particular strings of memories and moments. Just think, have you ever been out for dinner with your partner and on the radio played “your song”? While this song was playing didn’t a string of past memories emerge in your mind?

Your state is comprised of the pictures and mental movies you see in your mind (either past memories or of the future), voices & sounds (both yours and others) you hear and feelings, which you of course feel. Thus the primary way for you to control your state is by changing the mental images, sounds you make in your mind and thus feelings you make in your body. This is the land of Neurolinguistic Programming. LET ME GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE of two key STATE INDUCTIONS – DESIRE & DETERMINATION. These are the two states you’ll want to elicit in your students.

I’d like you to stop for a moment, and think of a time when you saw something, and the moment you saw it, you knew it was perfect and you just had to have it. Thats right DESIRE. Desire that could be for anything as simple as a dress, a car, a partner, a home, a vacation, a mentor you wanted to be like, or a skill you wanted to learn. Anything that filled your body with that wondrous feeling of desire. Now close your eyes and in your mind, go to that very first moment when you first saw what you desired so strongly. See what you saw, hear what you heard. Now take the image of it and make it a little bigger, clearer and closer. Turn up the volume. Notice how that desire moves through your body and start to spin it a little faster, double it, triple it, 10X it … now is the perfect time.

Now inside the middle of that desired image, open up a little circle. Inside that little circle, see the target, see yourself with an unbridled exuberance learning math, science, neuroscience (pick a subject) with an overwhelming sense of desire. Then very quickly open up that little circle until that enthusiastic you completely covers the desire image – the same size, shape, dimensions etc. UUUUU the very same desire. Now really look at that image in your mind, thats something you need to remember and make it so that the closer you get to that image, the closer you get to mastering your craft the stronger that desire grows … suddenly learning and desire … desire and learning will be connected in a way they never have before. Suddenly the sight of that book is going to trigger that desire … the thought of learning trigger that desire … and the more you learn the more this desire will build and build and build and be absolutely irresistible … such that even the more you try to stop yourself the stronger this desire becomes … until you’re exploding like a rocket-ship to your dreams and beyond. Lucky you.

I know there has been a time when you put your mind to completing something and nothing was going to stop you. Isn’t that right? Easy, hard, no matter what you were going to do it right? It could be as simple as finishing a level on a video game, completing a sand castle at the beach, finishing a final set in a workout, finishing your favourite movie series, or favourite book, or playing another game, there have been times where you felt determined and resolved, and you were going to do it no matter what. THINK OF THAT TIME NOW.
Double the size of the image. Make it clearer bigger brighter more vivid. Turn up the volume. Really turn up the volume. And amplify that determined feeling X10. Then open your eyes and look at your math text book. Close your eyes feel the determination. Open your eyes look at the textbook. Close your eyes feel the determination. Then suddenly like a sling shot see an image of you being #1 at calculus in your class shooting right on top of that determined image, with those exact same resolved feelings …look at the image and go, “this will be mine”. Simultaneously say a special “word” to lock in this Calculus genius state and touch your writing wrist to lock in this determined genius. Now say the word, touch your wrist and activate this state. Now thats what I’m talking about.

This following part is optional
Open your eyes and say to the teacher … you said calculus “was” going to be hard … I’m so glad the difficulty is over … you also said that the average for last year was 75%. I’m so glad to inform you that this class is very different … in fact I’ve been considering the scholarships I’m planning on receiving from Harvard and Yale (pick your university) … and I need a minimum 4.0 GPA, however I’m going to settle for no less than a 96% in this class just to be safe. Ohh yea I’m Chris by the way … I guess you could call me Chris “96%” Wyllie …

Now that would be one way to start a calculus class. Too bad its not true … unless you learned how to be a ninja with neuro-linguistics – 7 days or less to become a Neuro-Ninja here.

Now what happens in calculus class? The first thing the calculus teacher does is go, “okay kids time to get serious, this unit of calculus is going to be very difficult were going to have to get through it”. Immediately the students brain’s go, “ahhh crap and then shut offs”.

Math teachers globally have been fabulous at anchoring BAD FEELINGS to numbers & equations. Many kids I work with, all I have to do is show them a math book and they immediately feel bad. Just the mentioning of school makes them feel bad. The school system has done a terrific job making it so that kids feel bad not only while at school, but any other time throughout the day when they think about school. You like me, went through it, you know what I’m talking about.

Calculus is actually one of the easiest most practical subjects taught. Its all about rates of change, which is precisely how velocity, acceleration, cars, gravity, profitability and the entire universe works!!! Calculus helps you figure out which sports car you want to drive and where to invest your money!

The school system does such a wonderful job building post-hypnotic anchors. If you want to make a perfectly grown adult cry just show them a polynomial equation! Instantly they’ll start feeling anxious, nervous and “less than”. You heard it from me.

YOU NEED TO BUILD NEW ANCHORS – especially to learning!

Learning is kind of like an adventure when you think about it. You just don’t know how far the learnings will take you, or where the journey of learning will lead and the opportunities that will arise on the path ahead … ohh the mystery … if you stop and think about something you learned and didn’t enjoy, maybe you didn’t realize at the time, but the fact that you didn’t enjoy it actually moved you forward because it told you what you do like … you see standing still and hesitating gets you no where …. parents are always asking me where should I send my child to university … should he take a year off or go right for it … take the step forward, because even if its the wrong one, that fact that you’ve experienced the wrong one will lead you to the right one … did you realize that everything you’ve ever learned, every fact, every experience is ammunition for you to make boatloads of money, achieve superstardom success, in essence do whatever you want. Even if thats just sitting at home learning in a state of bliss and overwhelming curiosity. Do you see my point?

Think of a time you felt incredibly excited and just couldn’t wait to do something. Close your eyes, remember where you were, what you saw, what you heard, that feeling of wanton anticipation, then open your eyes … Look at the equation on the board … then close your eyes see what you saw in that memory … open them look at the equation on the board … close them make that memory bigger brighter clearer so that anticipation begins welling up through your entire body … open your eyes and look at the equation on the board … hmmm have you thought about the perfect equation for your most epic life? Hmmm what are necessary variables that must be part of it? Think about that. Hold that thought.

Here are some USEFUL LEARNING STATES to induce in yourself & your students:
Curiosity, Desire, Determination, Flexibility (Creativity).

Remember the memory blog, that you need congruence between learning state & testing state in order for the learnings to be consolidated and accessed.

If you can induce a consistent state in the following 3 environments you’ll be miles ahead:
SAME STATE LEARNING IN CLASSROOM = SAME STATE LEARNING HOME = SAME STATE TAKING TEST. I did this especially for the highly visual classes: biology, chemistry, neuro-anatomy. READ Strategies below.

The biggest memory and learning problem for you is not being able to consciously re-access the same state the content you want is connected to. Second, good brain chemistry equals good learning. Nutrition, supplementation and specific lifestyle adjustments can ensure that you make good brain chemistry to build better focus, mental clarity and memory.

Let me introduce to you 4 key neurotransmitters for learning.


1. DOPAMINE – Dopamine is the “feel-good” “pleasure neurotransmitter that increases energy, focus, motivation and is released to consolidate newly formed neuro-pathways. In essence, when learnings “click” in your mind, dopamine is released to strengthen the neuro-connections. Thus dopamine is key to both the initiation of motivation for learning & the consolidation of learning. Some supplements to increase Dopamine include L-tyrosine, Coffee with MCT Oil, Mucuna Puriens, Gingko & Ginseng. As well, “DHA” increases Dopamine. Consume a higher protein diet, with lots of vegetables and lower carbohydrates to increase dopamine levels. I recommend taking dopamine supplements on an empty stomach before eating food for maximal effect.

2. CHOLINE – Choline is a neurotransmitter that increases memory, information processing, thinking speed, and overall mental sharpness. Some supplements that raise choline include Citicholine, Alpha GPC & phosphatidylserine (PS). Likewise, take these supplements on an empty stomach before studying. Foods rich in choline include Egg Yolks, Salmon & Beef Liver.

3. GABA – GABA inhibits over-excitation of brain cells. GABA promotes relaxation and calm focus. I do not recommend taking GABA directly, but rather subtly raising GABA levels via magnesium supplementation. Add in active form of Vitamin B6 with the magnesium (MG) for increased GABA production. Both Mg & Vit. B6 are co factors that convert glutamate (excitatory) into GABA. Magnesium Threonate is my favourite magnesium for the brain and cerebral spinal fluid.

4. SEROTONIN – Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that modulates mood, creativity & overall well-being. Elevating serotonin can assist you in achieving altered states of consciousness & increased synaptic plasticity. Some natural nootropic serotonin boosting herbs include Bacopa, Goji & Schizandra. Exercise and weight lifting is a terrific serotonin booster. So is meditation.

Oxytocin deserves honourable mention for its ability to increase pattern recognition. Autistic kids were given oxytocin and suddenly able to perform fascial recognition. That is they were able to differentiate a sad face from an angry face etc.

Melatonin is another key neurotransmitter. Melatonin is released in the pineal gland, usually after a few hours of the absence of light. Melatonin release promotes deep sleep, during which the polarity of the brain reverses, which re-primes brain cells, strengthens activated neuro-pathways and prunes away unused ones. Without proper melatonin release, sleep and learning will be impaired. Avoid blue lights 3 hours before bed. As you learned in this blog, morning sunlight helps to re-set circadian rhythms, and proper timing of AM cortisol release and PM melatonin release. The presence of light in the morning and absence of light in the evening trumps any melatonin supplement every time. EXERCISE Exercise raises brain-derived nerve growth factor (BDNF), endorphins and replenishes the electrical charge of the brain. While in school, I never wasted any new brain cell growth and always did my most important studying before and after my workouts. In fact after work outs, the brain is neuro-chemically primed for terrific creative thinking & writing. I like to spend 20 minutes after a workout generating new ideas.

Not working out and pulling off 10 hours of straight studying is the worst thing you can do. Your brain becomes in-efficient, habituates and information is not as distinctly wired into memory. Did you know that the brain hemisphere’s change dominance every 90 minutes? Hence, the most effective way to study is in 90 minute intervals. Likewise, your brainwave dominance changes every 90 minutes. You want heightened Beta & Alpha brainwaves when processing information in “UP TIME”, and then allow the brain a period of time to go into “DOWN TIME”, that is into a more daydreamy “theta state” for the information to be consolidated. You can study in 45 minute intervals to take advantage of “primacy” and “recency” effects. That is we tend to remember the first and last things we are exposed to during a study session.



I do this in seminar to deliberately give participants amnesia for their problems! I have them talk about their problems, and then I abruptly distract them, change topic and/or point something out. When I return back and ask, what were we talking about? They have a hard time re-accessing their problems.

I’ve given you a lot to begin to change and optimize your state … now that you know how to get into an optimal learning state, now we need to give you the best step-by-step instructions to perform the task – that is the actual LEARNING STRATEGIES!


When a dyslexic child walks into my office, I’m always suspicious. I always say, “you’re going to have to convince me you’re dyslexic because I don’t think you really are”. I always ask them Dyslexia, how do you spell that? They proceed to spell it perfectly. Bit of a paradox if you ask me. I ask them how did you do that? They go it’s written BIG on my binder – DYSLEXIA. Hmmm okay …

Now you see, dyslexia and “poor spelling” in general usually isn’t a brain problem, it’s a mental strategy problem. Dyslexic kids and poor spellers try to spell words by “sounding them out”. Therefore they use the wrong parts of their brain to perform the task. Guess what the best spellers do? They make big bright pictures of the word, and have the word encoded as an image in their mind. That is they use the VISUAL cortex as the primary representational system, not the auditory one. Auditory loop is unreliable & requires you to sound the word out every time. Also, considering English has all kinds of quirky rules, having mental images can save you a lot of trouble. Plus all you have to do is have one big colour coded image in your mind to spell it forwards, backwards etc and recall ONE PICTURE … not sound out a whole sequence of syllables which is thus more individual “chunks”.

So with spelling problems, usually there’s nothing neurologically wrong with the brain its just a matter of using a poor mental strategy and thus the wrong parts of their brain to perform the task. All you need is to learn the optimal mental strategies for the specific task at hand. The same applies for all subjects & disciplines inside and outside of school.

Caution: We were taught to spell words phonetically without ever realizing you can’t even spell phonetics phonetically!!! Try spelling “caught” phonetically! The best spellers make big pictures of the words in their mind so they can spell it forwards and backwards. If you want to become a great speller, The NLP Spelling Strategy, which I learned from Dr. Richard Bandler, and what I teach in an NLP Practitioner Seminar is exactly what you want to learn. You could make a career making kids good spellers just with this one mental strategy!

Now lets talk about the sciences, such as biology. In learning BIOLOGY you’ll be faced with many different diagrams of cells, tissues, organs etc. What sensory representation is going to make learning biology a piece of cake? VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS. This is where you need to develop your photographic memory. That is being able to take a diagram in your textbook and build the same image in your mind. Then you can literally get 100% in academic biology like a walk in the park. It only took me 9 detailed pictures in my mind to complete a 3 hour biology test in less than 45 minutes. The same for neuro-anatomy. We all have a photographic memory, its just you may be using yours to remember vivid mental images of bad memories from the past rather than biology diagrams, books, stock markets, take your pick.

ART – Artists do this same mental strategy as well. Have you ever had an artist on the street draw your face? I did in London England. What did the artist keep on doing? He kept on looking at your face, then looked at the paper, then at your face and then at the paper. He kept going back and forth between your face and the paper, until he could see an image of your face on the paper. Then he simply traced the mental image on the paper. Voila!!! You want to practice doing the same mental phenomenon for your biology diagrams, neuro-anatomy diagrams, chemistry diagrams and mind maps for any subject.

Remember, learning is not about getting all stressed and trying to remember information auditorily by rote. The first step for super-learning is to get into a highly relaxed, calm focused state where visual imagery is enhanced. In this state, if I were measuring your brainwaves we would see increased ALPHA brainwaves. Use deep rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing to get into a SUPER-LEARNING STATE “body relaxed mind shooting ahead”. Now start with a diagram with maybe 7 items. Look at the diagram, look at your notebook. Look at the diagram, look at your notebook. Keep going back and forth until the image of the diagram begins to emerge onto your notes. This takes practice. I have a specific ALPHA trance inducing brain hemispheric trance induction I teach in my practitioner seminar.

Here’s a simplified version of my ALPHA TRANCE INDUCTION

1. Gently close your eyes. Breath in air through your mouth. Slowly let it out through your nose.
2. Put your focus up to the left, on your left frontal lobe
3. Move your focus to the right, on your right frontal lobe
4. Visualize letter “A” on top of your left frontal lobe. What colour is it? Capital or lower case?
5. Visualize #1 on top of your right frontal lobe.
6. Visualize letter “B” on top of your left frontal lobe. Colour?
7. Visualize #2 on top of your right frontal lobe.
8. “C” on top of left frontal lobe. #3 on top of right frontal lobe. Shift backwards all the way to the beginning. I’ll add a supplementary video for the EXERCISE. This is enough to start.

BUILDING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC memory is a skill, just like mastering a “form” in a martial art. The same applies for chemistry. If you can’t visualize a double helix molecule, or atoms bonding together, chemistry is going to be difficult. Learning and memory are, in fact, skills not genetically predetermined traits. If you’d like to dive deep into learning and memory, in The Game Changer NLP Practitioner Training Course, we spend an entire day on mental strategies for learning and memory. This includes a wide array of hypnotic and neuroplasticity techniques to enhance learning and memory. Its quite the fun. Its quite the experience.

Overall, you want to acquire better MEMORY strategies. A common trait is that all memory champions perform highly detailed visual representations of information in their mind. If you try to repeat things via rote using auditory loops you’re going to have difficulty remembering. You’re going to be working within the confines of working memory as opposed to limitless long-term storage.

Now have you ever heard about Einstein’s thought experiments? In his experiments, Einstein imagined himself riding on a beam of light and literally rode across the beam of light to figure out how light travels across space. He created these visual experiments to then get a particular “feeling” about the true nature of the universe. Ahhh yes kinesthetics! Kinesthetics are huge for math, physics and memory. In order to differentiate right vs. wrong answers, we need develop a distinctly different “feel” to them. If everything feels the same you can’t tell them apart. This is especially the case in autism or any hyper-active disorder. The brain is in such an overwhelming state of stress and therefore can’t make precise neuro-differentiations. A common example is during tests or performances, many people get anxious and nervous & those feelings impede their ability to kinaesthetically differentiate right from wrong answers. In a good learning state this wouldn’t be a problem.

Now back to memory, I wrote an entire blog on memory which shares many memory strategies.

MEMORY INVENTORY – I’d recommend you take a little memory inventory now. Notice where in your mind the mental images are of the things that you remember you remember vs. those you remember you forget. I bet they are in a different locations, have different focus, and have a different feeling to them. Much of the magic in optimizing memory as well as deliberately forgetting are in the modalities of thought. This is the mental magic most don’t even know exist. I love this stuff.


Great athletes are very good at running success in their mind. They see themselves performing perfectly. They notice the nuances of how they’ll look performing perfectly. Then they step inside the image, feel and experience a perfect performance. In essence, they create the memory in their mind before it really happens. You see when you don’t consciously make plans thats when you can get anxious. By definition, anxiety and worry occur via bad mental planning. You imagine yourself messing up, or remember past failures. How is that going to help you to perform perfectly? ITS NOT. Your brain will turn things into what you expect and aim it at. So aim your brain at perfect performance to increase your chances. What does that look like for you?

Finally, we have the third major ingredient that makes the everything work. Without conviction, it doesn’t matter if you have the best strategies in the world. You won’t get full mileage out of them.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this whole notion of your “story”. When someone talks about “your story”, what it really boils down to are your beliefs – that is what you believe is possible vs. impossible for you.

I’m always intrigued when I work with a client, very often brought to me by a therapist, who believes that nothing could help them get better. They always start off by saying, “I’m stuck with this broken brain and there isn’t anything you could do to help me”. At which point, I’ll look them dead in the eye and say, “Interesting, but you showed up anyway, which means some part of you is convinced you need to change, when would now be a good time to make that happen?” I learned from the best.

First let me point out to you the difference between a conviction vs. belief. The aforementioned person, “said they didn’t believe they could get better” … but that was just lip-service they learned to say to give therapists a hard time. The fact they showed up tells you that they really do believe they can get better. At the very least, you have a very strong belief that they don’t believe to work with! AHA!!! An important point in doing therapy, is knowing that what your clients are saying isn’t necessarily the truth.

HUGE TRUTH BOMB: In fact the individual is very often doing the exact thing they say they can’t do!!! I’ll save more details for a CHANGE WORK 101 blog. On the flip side, clients will literally tell you whats going on in their brain with their language. For example, “I’m having trouble getting going with this project or with completing this course”. What do they need? To get the pictures & mental movies moving in their mind as well as some powerful feelings of motivation. I always get a kick when someone says, “well I’m just drawing a blank”can you see how they just gave away the solution? What do they need? To build a mental representation of them in the future. Now the difference between a conviction vs. belief is in terms of long-term behaviour. Beliefs launch short-term behaviour and conviction long-term behaviour. Not only that very often beliefs have no influence on behaviour, but convictions absolutely do. An example of strong convictions and they being guides for behaviour are religious convictions.

Now the problem with limiting beliefs, like for instance, “I’m not good at math”, is that when you go to do math bad things happen in your mind. You go to do math, and then you remember a crappy memory or you see yourself doing poorly. Therefore you feel bad and don’t perform as well as you really could. Good idea? Absolutely NOT!!! The same applies with interviews, tests, competitions, dating etc. Can you see why it usually only takes me one session to get a client remarkably better? Once you got the manual for the brain, you can figure it out real quick!

The wonderful thing is that all it takes is one experience to completely change a belief. Lets say you believe you have a bad memory. However, then you take a seminar, learn a memory strategy and proceed to remember 20-50 items perfectly. You remember names, dates, books, everything you used to forget. That one experience would dispel that belief.
Or take a fear. Fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking is greater than fear of death. That means most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than the guy giving the eulogy. Illogical. You bet. The brain is not rational, this is why psychology goes off course – they look for “reasons”. Rather the brain is predictably irrational. Problems aren’t random, they’re systematic. Therefore easily changeable.

Lets also say you learned a technique to get rid of your fear of public speaking. Moreover the technique made it so you could speak smoothly, & eloquently and have the audience eating out of your hands. Then you got up and spoke in front of a 100 people like a breeze. That one experience would dispel that belief.

One counterexample breaks a belief. But 100 counterexamples can’t break a conviction. A conviction is something you’re convinced you can do regardless of how many failures you experience. For example, virtually every Olympic Champion failed many times before actually winning. Current MMA fighter Connor Mcgregor is a terrific example. That conviction in themselves that they could be the best, resulted in persistent action until they achieved glory in spite of the counter-examples, naysayers & failures. Religious convictions are a stark example of the power of conviction to propel behaviour. Across time, there have been groups that have promoted the idea of a DOOMS DAY on a specific date. However, when the end inevitably didn’t come, rather than giving up their conviction they rationalized the counter-example and continued to uphold their conviction.

You see, you all are convinced of certain things. Maybe you’re convinced that you’re a great musician, or you’re great at math or athletics or entrepreneurship. And even if you messed up or failed multiple times you’d still be convinced you’re good at those things.

Were you born with that conviction? No you weren’t. But at a certain point you became convinced you were good at it. Maybe your parents forced you to play a sport or martial art or instrument. But at a certain point you keep playing on your own, with conviction that you’re good at it. You see, you want to deliberately build the conviction that you can learn to be the best at your craft. Right from the start. For students, you want to build the conviction that they can achieve academic excellence in each and every subject. Not just lip service like the client above gave, but conviction they act on. Conviction that persists especially in the face of difficultly. Providing MODELS & EXAMPLES of individuals who overcame odds and deficits to triumph is a great way to start a lesson. There’s a hypnotic phenomenon called Deep Trance Identification, where you think of your IDOL or MODEL, see how they perform, think and feel, and then step inside them in your mind. Lets go further. Build a mental movie of you performing with the exact same skill as them. Side by side. Then reverse engineer a series of steps backwards in time. Make 10 pictures in between the future you and the present you. Ask yourself, “if I were 90% of the way to my goal what would that look like? 80%? 70%? … 10% all the way back to the present.” Then practice running through those steps in your mind.


Think of a conviction you have about yourself. Something you’re proficient at. If you’re convinced that you’re not proficient at anything, use that conviction in your lack of conviction!

When you think of that conviction, notice where the image of it is in your mind, visually. Is it right in front of you, on the left or right? How close is it to you? Colour or black and white? How focused?

Do you have any sound with it? Is the sound on the left, right, in front or behind you?

Somewhere else in your mind build an image of yourself become good at a desired skill. Got it?

Now look at your existing conviction. In the centre of the conviction open up a little circle. A target. In the target see the your new picture – you learning to become proficient at your desired skill. In a moment, very quickly open up the new target picture until it completely covers the existing conviction. Picture in the same place, same size, same dimensions, same closeness, same focus, same conviction. DO THIS 3X VERY FAST. Now take the feeling of that conviction and start to double it, triple it, 10X it, as you look at yourself mastering your craft with complete and utter conviction. Even plan to fail. See yourself confronted with the greatest difficulty you can imagine and the sight of that challenge immediately triggering off this 10X motivation. Each time you fail see yourself becoming more and more motivated … literally the harder the going gets the more motivated you get … so that easy, hard no matter what you’ll will yourself where you want to go.

Without conviction, you won’t try with every fibre of your soul. Therefore you won’t find out what you’re really capable of. That is the very problem. Most people are not convinced they can be good at things … they’ll even say “I’m not the kind of person who …” Even if you have to pretend until you master it, when you’re convinced you can become good at something, you’ll give everything you’ve got. Thus you’ll activate all your talents and discover whats really possible for you.

In summary, you can believe you can be good at math and never open a math book. Similarly, you can believe that you should eat lots of healthy organic vegetables & organic meats, but yet mysteriously find yourself repeatedly in the drive through at McDonalds. I always get a good chuckle seeing these guys who promote healthy organic foods on social media at McDonald’s drive-throughs. So beliefs don’t necessarily trigger long-term sustained behaviours. Convictions DO. Your job is to build a conviction in yourself from the get-go. And do so for your students.

LEARNING LIMITS GONE – Getting Rid of Learning Limits, Negative Experiences, Bad Suggestions.

The problem with Labels, Diagnoses and Limiting Beliefs, is that when you go to do something bad things happen in your head. This makes you perform worse than what you’re really capable of. Or worse, makes it so you don’t even try. If you don’t believe you can do something, because some teacher told you you couldn’t 20 years ago, you’ll never try and thus never find out.

For instance, many of you were forced to stand up and read in front of a class. This was to re-assure the teacher. Of course you may have been anxious because no one taught you how to control your feelings. Hence, the teacher gets you into a state not conducive to reading well and successfully installs a traumatic experience. Worse, they program your brain to read with a Grade 3 voice in your head, which severely limits reading speed and comprehension.

Now did the teacher deliberately do this? Of course not. The same trick was done to them. However, its remarkable the number of grown adults who come to me at present age 40 or 50 and complain about what some teacher, parent or person did to them when they were 12 years old.
Vicious hypnotists and naysayers exist all over the planet. “You’re not smart” “You’re not mathematical” “you’re not the kind of person who could be happy” “you’re not enough”. These are only ideas. They’ll only be true if you believe them. If you don’t believe them, I guarantee you’ll prove them wrong.

HOW DO WE CREATE MENTAL LIMITS? Operative world “Mental”. They’re not real. They’re just ideas in our head. Let’s say your client goes, “I just can’t do it”. Be it math, building a business, or starting a new relationship.

IN ORDER TO CREATE THEIR BELIEF IN THEIR LACK OF BELIEF, aka, their MENTAL PROBLEM they must do one of the following &/or both:

1. WHEN WE GO TO DO AN ACTIVITY WE REMEMBER BAD PAST EXPERIENCES – hence you feel bad, don’t really enjoy it, and don’t really access all your talents.

2. BAD PLANNING – WHEN YOU DO AN ACTIVITY YOU SEE OR IMAGINE YOURSELF PERFORMING POORLY. You plan for things to go wrong so therefore they do.

Step by step instructions for this exercise was given in MEMORY MAGIC blog. In essence, in order for a belief to affect you viscerally, it must have certain properties – I.e. it must be a fairly large memory, vivid, clear. By changing sub-modalities and mentally re-programming the memory it changes your automatic neurological response.

Identify limiting belief. How do you know you’re not X? … Client might say well … “I just know …” How do you just know? Are you remembering the past or seeing yourself not doing well in the future? … Are you sure you believe this?

1. Think of limiting belief you want to get rid of.
2. Think of a new belief you want to have. I.e. Belief that you can become a good speller or a good public speaker.
3. Compare the sub-modalities of something you’re CERTAIN OF vs. UNCERTAIN OF. Pick non emotionally laden things. I.e. Breathing is good (certain) vs. what you’ll have for lunch in two weeks (uncertain). i.e. VISUALLY: where are the images in your mind, different location? Different size?
4. Imagine the limiting belief firing off into the distance and popping back up into the same location as the UNCERTAINTY image.
5. At the same time, Imagine the new resourceful belief firing off into the distance and popping up into the submodalities of the strong belief.
6. Do this 3-5X very quickly.

Read Dr. Richard Bandler’s Get the Life you Want, which is loaded with practical NLP techniques.


Make learning an animated hyper-sensory experience. Both LEARNERS & TEACHERS MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Most teachers and trainers repeat the same schtick over and over again. Or speak with one rate or tempo.

What captures the imagination of the audience and paints big bright vivid pictures in their mind as they listen to a speech is dynamic, wide-ranging tempo, rhythm, tonality, voices and accents. As a speaker there’s a huge difference between talking about something and creating a hyper-sensory experience for the audience. You want to bring to life different characters, scenes, and stories in the minds of the audience for them to experience. Guess what? Their brains will fill in the blanks! You don’t even have to be that great at accents or tonality shifts, just add it in and the audiences brains will fill in the rest! Applying NLP & Neuroscience based tactics builds high level skill. You need to learn the fundamentals before you can weave them altogether into epic performances.

The Game Changer NLP training course will teach you how to elicit & create states, anchoring, how to build ideas in the minds of the audience and how to use the power of stories to capture full attention and embed learnings & suggestions that will seamlessly influence the unconscious minds’ of the audience. Whether its public speaking, teaching, sales or communication in relationships these brain-based communication skills are unbelievable in what they can allow you to do.

For students, if while learning your eyes are glued to your notepad, your only input is auditory. Not only that you’re distorting everything the speaker says onto your paper. Depending on your seminar, you can absorb way more and much faster, by heightening your senses, paying full attention, watching closely with your eyes and hearing each and every word the speaker says. Trust your unconscious processes. What was the last movie you watched? Who were the main characters? What was the plot? Did you take notes? No! Yet you could probably even replay many of the scenes in your mind and describe them in acute detail to me, YES!

Paying full attention and simply watching & absorbing is especially important in the NLP Practitioner Course. Absorbing how techniques are performed, the tonality shifts, the rhythm etc. Not only that observing the syntax, that is how words and techniques are combined sequentially. If you’re genuinely interested in helping people, either via coaching, teaching and/or simply being the best parent, I know no other course that will adequately prepare you for the tasks ahead like this NLP practitioner will.

One more note on taking notes! Taking notes does divide your attention. By paying full attention you can create a more vivid imprint of the information. Especially visually. 80% of our sensory processing goes through the visual cortex, you need to allow your conscious and unconscious mind to have a good visual representation of information.


“People do not learn by being given content, they learn by being given an experience”. An experience gives you each of the 5 ingredients, re-wires your brain and sets the foundation for limitless learning – “An experience changes your state, teaches you a strategy both consciously & unconsciously, builds conviction, changes old beliefs & past limits, & most importantly, if done effectively is tons of fun!!!”

That is the #1 Game Changer Advantage – I first give you an experience to make all the subsequent learning extremely easy. Thats why if you want to optimize your brain, and most importantly have the skill to execute brain changes in others, then these are the types of skills you want to learn. Build a powerful foundational experience with teachings and demonstrations and then from that point on learning is a breeze.

I hope you enjoyed this one. This is a really important blog. These are critical skills. If we can teach children how to learn and become really good at things from a young age, they won’t need to resort to drugs, illicit behaviours, or unnecessarily buy into limits and “labels”. Remember, competence builds confidence. When you become a skilled learner and communicator the world is your oyster.


Chris “Super-Learner” Wyllie.

MEMORY MAGIC – By Chris Wyllie


Before we begin, you should know that this is a very unique article that will give you an experience. This article has embedded linguistic structures and Neuroplasticity & NLP techniques so that as the read the article you’ll begin to experience mental changes that will improve your memory. The more you read, the more the memory blocks will begin to dissolve in your mind and your thought processes will seamlessly adjust in a way that makes it easier for you to remember the things you want to remember. I don’t just teach you “WHAT” to do, I teach you HOW TO ACTUALLY DO IT.

Now wait what were we talking about? … ohhh yess! How to improve your memory!

Now in order for you to remember better I’ll teach you 7 memory problems, and reasons why your memory doesn’t work as good as it can, now.

People always tell me, “their memory is the thing they forget with”. Interestingly, they always remember that! In fact, you sitting here reading this could probably tell me a list of things you remember you forget. Bit of a paradox isn’t it? In order to know that you don’t have a good memory, you have to use your memory to remember the things you forget. Bottom line, your memory can become way better than you ever thought it could be. Especially as you begin to learn about memory & apply these 7 SIMPLE STEPS. Memory Magic will be yours.

When you say, “I have a memory problem”, the real problem is your memory isn’t working in a way that satisfies you. Perhaps you’re one of those who spends 100s of hours looking for misplaced keys, wallets, cellphones. Which can drive you nuts. And if not you, I know you know someone just like that!

Now perhaps you had school mates, colleagues and friends who seemingly had a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. Think back, did you think that their memory was better than yours? Have you failed to realize how easily you can remember bad things that have happened to you? Things that make you worry, anxious, stressed, or believe you can’t do something. Yea all that yucky mental stuff that clogs up time, energy & produces bad feelings. Now, guess what you’re using to make yourself feel bad? A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. You have to make big bright vivid mental pictures and have mental movies playing in your mind in order for you to feel so bad about these things in the past. Small, unclear, de-focused, cloudy images of the past just won’t cut it. You have to go in there and remember bad things life size, see what you saw when you were, here what you heard, to really soak up those bad feelings. Smart idea? I think not. Waste of time? Absolutely!

WE ALL HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY!!! The notions of “broken brains” is nonsense. It’s more a catchy marketing ploy than anything experiential. A full-flamed schizophrenic in fact has an ultra precise photographic memory. They’re just not using it wisely and most importantly, have no conscious control over their brain & thought processes. Thats the real problem – its a skill they need to learn.

You see the same photographic memory that you use to get anxious before meetings, where you remember times where you got anxious and froze up in the past and maybe even were embarrassed, I use to remember speeches, books, names, performances, so I can perform at my best.

Its the same memory power, its just with one approach you’re using that memory to remember things that liberate you and with the other wasting it and limiting you. How do you want to use your memory?

You see we’ve all been exposed to vicious hypnotists who’ve put limiting ideas in our heads. Unfortunately we believed them. You got duped. Teachers who told you, “you aren’t good at math” “you aren’t smart” , parents who told you “not to aim to big” or said “you’re worthless” and experiences where maybe you were chosen to read in front of the class and they embarrassed you, when you were 7 years old are things that 50 year grown men come into my office and complain about. BIG FREAKING DEAL. Were any of these people world-class psychics? NO. Did any of these individuals have an uncanny ability to predict the future? NOT AT ALL.
Are you still 7 years old? NO.
Do you believe in evolution? I sure hope so.
So do your past experiences have any relevance to what you can do now and in the future? NO.

You see, what you did back then has nothing to do with what you’re capable of now and in the future. Its time to make that so. Just imagine if babies started thinking that since they’re locked up in that crib, they’re doomed to a sedentary locked up existence for eternity. Luckily their conscious mind isn’t developed and so can’t plan such nonsense.

The problem isn’t that we had these experiences. The problem is that we left those experiences big and bright in our mind. I like to keep them small and far behind me, and bring them up only when I want a good chuckle. How ridiculous it was to fall for that B.S! I actually took it seriously! Now it’s great motivation, and fuel for the fire. And a chance to learn. Look back, what would happen if you were doing the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? What would you look like, sound like, how would you feel? Hmmmmm … Now remembering that bad memory in the old way has got to make you laugh a little bit when you think about it now. A person who’s never invented a mathematical equation or perhaps never solved a mathematical equation in their life telling you you’re bad at math. HAHA! A person who’s never sold a painting in their life telling you you’re bad at art. HAHA! A person making $30,000 per year telling you, you’re not smart!!! Thats some funny stuff when you think about it!

Now an important part about learning to remember more things is the art of remembering to forget things you don’t need – like bad memories, bad experiences, negative post-hypnotic suggestions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had amnesia for your problems? Wouldn’t now be a good time to completely dissolve those things from your mind? You see, I’m even throwing my mental pixie dust through your screen erasing those things from your mind, NOW.

I’ll teach you how to erase such negative suggestions. You could see those bad memories, totally being whited out right now if you wanted to.

So, an important thing about remembering is forgetting. Amnesia is an important thing to remember about. Because the more you remember to forget what it is thats not important, the more you can forget what you don’t need to know and remember what you do. What are those things? Thats a better question. I like times where you got really determined, put your mind to something, and didn’t stop until it was yours. UUUUU give me some of that!!!

I’m just curious, what’s your favourite food? Favourite sport? Favourite hobby? I’m just wondering mentally where do you see the images of your favourite things in your mind? How big is the image? Can you make it bigger, brighter, more vivid? That feeling of desire where do you feel it in your body? Can you double it? Multiply it by 4X?

Wouldn’t it be nice if in the situations in the past where you had difficulty motivating yourself … or where you procrastinated to do something you really want to do … the more you tried to hesitate the stronger that feeling of desire comes alive and propels you like a rocketship. You think of something you want to do and BOOM … you have this irresistible attraction pulling you towards that future you like the strongest magnet ever. Not the old you, the new you. You know, the one who’s already accomplished your biggest dreams and desires. The one who doesn’t care about limitation and just goes and gets the job done. What if that YOU popped right on top of your favourite thing … you think favourite thing … pop up NEW YOU … favourite thing, NEW YOU … favourite thing … NEW YOU … desire determination UUU … desire determination UUUU.

For memory, the first thing you need to know is that all your information memory is, state dependent. Lets get to the specifics.

I will now identify the 7 MAJOR MEMORY PROBLEMS and how to turn the problem into the solution.


Whatever brainwave state you’re in when you’re learning information is the same brainwave state you need to access when you want to recall the information. The problem is not that people don’t have a good memory. In fact they can even remember the things they’re going to forget. I have clients tell me that all the time … “I know I’m going to forget my speech … I’m going to forget their names … I’m going to forget my appointments” … they give me a whole list of the things they remember they forget and can tell me EXACTLY WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE! Strange isn’t it?

Now all you need to do is access the same state of consciousness you were in when you learned the information, which is where people have the biggest memory problem. Its what happens when you go into a test, and suddenly your mind goes blank, and then starts to race … and perhaps you know you know the information and its at the tip of your tongue or the edge of your conscious mind but you just can’t grab a hold of the information … but guess what happens an hour later? Lo and behold you’re walking home after the test and what happens? The answers start popping up in your mind!!!

So the problem wasn’t that you didn’t learn and didn’t know the information. You knew you knew it. Unfortunately the teachers and educational system don’t know that you really know the information, because you couldn’t access that specific brainwave state with which the content was connected to. Thus they’ll mis-judge you as not as smart as you really are. What a shame. The only problem was that you couldn’t get into the same brainwave state in which you learned the information to therefore recall the information connected to it.


Problem: LEARNING – Relaxed State. TEST – Stressed State.
Problem: LEARNING – Stressed State. TEST – Exhausted State.
SOLUTION: LEARNING – Stressed State. TEST – Stressed State.
SOLUTION: LEARNING – Relaxed State. TEST – Relaxed State.

Drugs and medications are powerful brain-state altering chemicals. You must take the same medications you took while studying during the test, otherwise you’ll have difficulties re-accessing information. On the other hand, don’t study for a test in a relaxed state and then drink a huge coffee before the exam. Or don’t study un-medicated and then medicate during an exam. Many students in university pop ritalin pills like they’re skittles. I know this all too well.


1. Smells – this is where essential oils can be applied for great benefit.
2. Physical Touch Anchors – get into desired state. Very precisely & distinctly touch a specific part of your body to anchor state.
3. Auditory Anchors – particular sound &/or mantra.
4. Same Foods, Taste & Aroma.
5. Same Music.

To recap, make sure there’s congruence between your brain learning state and testing state. Obviously anxiety, nerves can get in the way before & during testing. Hence you want to change your brain’s response – the NLP & hypnosis I do are very effective for that.

You’ve now learned that the biggest memory problem people experience is NOT BEING ABLE TO ACCESS same brainwave state.

2: Poor Memory is an ENCODING & FOCUS PROBLEM

People get in to trouble because they actually don’t focus and encode information. If you don’t really encode and represent, you can’t really recall and remember.

Its just like if you’re putting files into a computer and you don’t sort and save it, its going to be hard to find it.

Lack of focus and attention is the main reason why people forget names and daily things like where they put their keys. They were distracted and didn’t encode the information in a way where it would be imprinted distinctly so their brain could easily recall it back. You need to encode information more elaborately.

This is where you want to vivify your sensory representation of information. We all use all the senses, we’re just more conscious of some than others. Some people are more conscious of their mental pictures & visual system, but you can be sure that the auditory is influencing them!

We all use visual, auditory and kinaesthetic sensory systems to represent information. Its just most have never even thought to do it deliberately or consciously. No one out there is talking about HOW we actually think, and the structure of our thinking, and the structure of consciousness. An entire internal mental world has been overlooked. And guess what? That internal mental magic is what influences every ounce of your behaviour!!! Whether you know it or not.

The richer your internal representation of information, the bigger you make it in your mind, the more you turn it into an elaborate mental movie, put very distinct features, and sounds, and locations of sounds in your mind to produce very strong distinct feelings, the easier recalling the memory will be.

In order to remember things, you have to have strongly different feelings about right vs. wrong answers. If everything feels the same … especially if you are very very anxious … that anxiety just overwhelms your entire body … well then you’re going to have difficulty differentiating a right vs. wrong answer kinaesthetically. They should feel remarkably different because they are different. This is huge for kids with math especially!

REMEMBERING NAMES EXERCISE – this is a memory strategy that we teach in seminars to enable you to remember 10-30 people’s names in less than a few minutes. I like to take someone who believes they are the worst at remembering names … and demonstrate how quickly, with these mental strategies, they can become the best. Building an experience where you do something that you didn’t think you could do, is critical.


Making things sexy in your mind lights up the brain and I think you can understand why. Second, making things comical, funny, outrageous stick in the brain. Thirdly, we remember things that are very emotionally rich – this is of course subjective.

This is why I use so much wit and humour in my seminars, it makes them very easy to remember. If you want people forget your seminar, well then do the pre-rehearsed boring rote approach.

Silly, funny, sexy & outrageous all are what register in the brain. Not boring rote information, like most academic education and seminars!

Unfortunately you and your kids weren’t taught HOW to remember, and thus mistakenly think that you’re not smart, when you really are smart. You just weren’t taught how to perform on tests, “specifically in the school system”. I think thats a teaching problem. Not a learning problem.

  • Look at someone. Ask them their name.
  • Make a mental image of their face in your mind.
  • Take ONE FEATURE & make a Caricature of it (cartoon, make the feature outrageous). Make it distinct … if someone has a big nose … see it becoming like pinnochio the more they talk … if they have a beard … turn into a fu machu beard.
  • Look at person and make MENTAL IMAGE POP UP.
  • Spell their name phonetically under the mental image.
  • Keep going back and forth looking at them, then the mental image, until the sight of them automatically pops up the mental image in your mind. See their name spelled below the image. Make it so you see the caricature, their name written as well as hear their name being said when you look at the image.
  • Say to them, is your name __, they say, YES … GET A BIG STRONG GOOD FEELING that tells you you got it right.

Then move onto the next one. Waiters, business people, guys all over the world, you’re welcome!


To build good brain chemistry, adequate brain nutrition and supplementation are key. Stress, EMFs, processed foods and drugs all deplete vital neurochemicals such as dopamine and acetyl-choline which will impair your memory.

For memory, the two neurotransmitters you need to keep at high levels are dopamine and acetylcholine. First, eat lots of choline rich foods, such as raw oysters, sockeye salmon, egg yolks, grass fed beef liver, all of which are loaded with choline. Eating these foods will directly help you focus and remember better.

Secondly, consume ample DHA, the magical fatty acid commonly found in fish and seafood. DHA is a critical component of cell membranes, raises dopamine levels, and importantly reduces stress and inflammation. Stress and inflammation negatively affect the hippocampus, a critical memory & neurogenesis hub.

Not only that, more DHA = more ALPHA brainwave rhythms = Better Learning & Memory. So first focus on wild seafood and wild fish to get ample amounts of DHA. Eat grass-fed meats which are higher in DHA. Grass-fed lamb is actually the land animal with relatively higher DHA content. As well, you can supplement with a HIGH DHA Fish Oil, but I would not rely on this exclusively for DHA.

DHA must be in the SN-2 position to be para-magnetically integrated into the brain. Structure and geometry of biological molecules affect their function. Unfortunately this can potentially create problems with algae oils, as fish consume algae, converting the DHA molecule into the SN-2 position very much in the same way, cows convert vitamin K1 in grass into active vitamin K2 in milk that we can biologically use. In other words, eat the wild seafood to load your brain with DHA. Everything from memory to depression to anxiety call all be markedly improved with simply consuming more DHA!!! Neurochemistry is important.


Sleeps primary function is to promote memory. Many therapists like Freud’s tried to explain dreaming as an unconscious fulfilling of inner wishes. I think dreams were fulfilling wishes … but only FREUDS!!! Who potentially was quite the pervert when you think about these ideas of penis envy, edible complexes etc.

 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108(28), 11650-5. During waking hours, electrical signals travel from dendrites — antenna-like projections at one end of the cell — through the cell body. From the cell body, they then travel the length of the axon, a single long projection at the other end of the cell. This electrical signal stimulates the release of chemicals at the end of the axon, which bind to dendrites on adjacent cells, stimulating these recipient cells to fire electrical signals, and so on. When groups of cells repeatedly fire in this way, the electrical signals increase in intensity. Dr. Bukalo and her team examined electrical signals that traveled in reverse from the cell’s axon, to the cell body and out its many dendrites. The reverse firing, depicted in this diagram, happens during sleep and at rest, appearing to reset the cell and priming it to learn new information.

Truthfully, dreaming is where we rehearse and consolidate information. You learn martial arts during the day and then suddenly your brain practices mentally all night while you’re sleeping. You’re watching sports games during the day, and then at night the sports games continue in your dreams. Thats what our brain does. It learns information. Then it rehearses it. Deep sleep facilities this learning & consolidation process. The kind of sleep we want is REM sleep. Thats where the brain has theta and alpha spikes. Thats where we really re-compute and consolidate information. If you don’t get the REM sleep, you don’t get maximal consolidation.

During sleep, the neuro-pathways that haven’t been used get cleaned out, and the ones that have been used get strengthened. After a good nights sleep, you wake up and remember better.
Thats when you sleep well of course. I’ll be writing an entire article on optimizing sleep.


In school and academia we were never taught HOW to learn & remember and operate our brain. We were simply stuffed with content and told TO DO it! How unfair! That’s like going to a tennis pro to learn tennis who doesn’t even know tennis. Bit of a scam. Then we get thrown into a professional tennis match, and our entire athletic potential for our entire life is based on that one unfair tennis match! Sound familiar?

This is where Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis are very effective. You want to learn strategies, and elicit strategies of geniuses who excel at their craft. Sequences of sub-modalities and all the wonderful, little known, magical properties of NLP are essential to building a MAGIC MEMORY for you. It’s worth the investment

Think of the list of things you remember you forget. Thats precisely where you can put all the things you procrastinate to do, hesitate to do, and get anxious about. In your mind, visually put those things in exactly the same place as the things you remember you forget.

Then you think of something you always remember and actually do, and in that same place in your mind you begin to mentally build & put the desired changes you’d like to make.

Simply, you put things in the right place in your mind to forget and also to remember. Recall, an important thing about the remembering is the art of forgetting. The more you remember to forget what it is you don’t need to know, the more you can forget to remember whats not important and remember what is. That’s improve your memory and now would be a good time.


Throughout the course of our life you’re given bad hypnotic suggestions that, “you’re not good at math” , “you don’t have a good memory”, “you’re not smart”, “you’re not the kind of person who …”.

Weird thing is you’re actually remembering someone telling you you have a bad memory, without thinking, “hey what am I using to remember and carry out this post-hypnotic suggestion?” My memory! So you do have a good memory.

Bad experiences, times of embarrassment, traumatic experiences in order to produce bad feelings in the present, have to be big, vivid and clear in your mind. Take the mental image in your mind, put a border around it and quickly shrink it down to a dot. Then see the dot blinking black and white. Then replace the image with better mental pictures.

I do the full NLP GET RID OF BAD MEMORY EXERCISE in a seminar its very effective. People are very surprised with how easy it is to get rid of the things that have plagued them for years. With just a few simple mental formulas it’s very easy.

Simple Highly Effective GET RID OF BAD MEMORY Exercise I learned from Dr. Richard Bandler:
1. Pull up Bad Memory. In order to make you feel bad, it generally has to be “Life Size” or bigger.
2. Is there a border around the image? Put a thick shiny border around it.
3. Very quickly SHRINK the image … SHHTT to a dot. Blink the Dot Black and White Very Fast
4. Open up the memory to the moment just after the very END. Run the memory backwards, walking backwards, talking backwards, sounding backwards, feeling backwards all the way to the very beginning
5. Take a deep breathe in through your mouth and slowly let it out through your nose.
6. Whats your favourite hobby?
7. Think bad to that bad memory, and try to make yourself feel bad.


The conscious mind and our focus of awareness at any one moment is limited. Hence we can only pay attention to so many things at once. Spending hours in circles looking for misplaced keys, phones and devices is because at the time we left them we were consciously distracted.

Save yourself tons of time and hassle by putting objects in your home in the same place and same location and building routines of sequences of behaviours.

Lets say you have to take out the garbage every Tuesday evening. Now on Tuesday you also workout and do your “Leg Day”. Create the neuro-association. Imagine leg pressing a dump truck, and feel the relief of having that garbage off your hands. Garbage out, clean smelling house. Garbage in, stinky house.

One final thought, isn’t it funny that you always find your keys in the last place you looked?

7. WASTING MEMORY POWER ON CRAPPY CONTENT – Using your photographic memory to remember bad crap, bad experiences, negative suggestions.

With so many people, the problem isn’t a “bad memory” its just that you waste, even if mostly unconscious, so much of your memory power remembering crappy things from the past or creating bad memories for the futures. In other words imagining and planning for bad things to happen in the future. Either option can produce anxiety and depression. By definition, in order to worry, you have to either remember bad things from the past and feel bad, or envision bad things happening in the future and feel bad. Its quite simple folks.

In seminars and with 1 on 1 clients, sometimes I’ll calculate the sheer amount of time people spend worrying. In many cases its more than 5 hours per day remembering some of the worst things that happened to you. YUK.

Clear those pictures away, shrink them down, and if you’re going to remember the past go back and make your biggest successes, biggest accomplishments and times where you felt the best, as big, bright and vivid as possible. Those are the feelings you want to move into the future with. Those are the things you want to leave big and bright in your mind. I will publish an article specifically on PTSD, because the sub-modalities of thought are what create PTSD. Sub-modalities of thought, huh? I know you should come to a Practitioner Training Seminar.

With PTSD & other traumatic experiences, many are shocked to learn that it has very little to do with the content, and everything to do with HOW THE EXPERIENCE IS REPRESENTED IN YOUR BRAIN. I teach you how to perform complete content free therapeutic change work in practitioner seminars. It saves the clients privacy and integrity and allows them to quickly make changes without having to remember bad things that deserve to be long forgotten.

To dive deeper and learn how to clear away – anxiety, worry, hesitation, procrastination, fear, seriousness – apply for my upcoming Licensed NLP Practitioner Training. Trust me there is no NLP, Neuroscience or Self-Development Seminar like it on the planet. Don’t take my word for it, see what the last group of participants had to say about their seminar experience HERE.

This NLP Training course will teach you precisely how the brain works, and the mental formulas to make mental changes such as removing anxiety, getting rid of bad memories, changing beliefs & increasing your memory. The combination of science, practical training, humour & high level skill development is unparalleled.

My seminars are an unforgettable experience. I’d love for you to join me and to share with you these magical, skills, science and techniques that teach you how to make unbelievable changes in your brain & others. Most importantly the kinds of changes that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can also apply for 1 on 1 Memory Enhancement Coaching with me directly. Email: to Apply.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve now learned 7 key principles on how to improve your memory. Apply them. Feel great. And go out in the world in do some amazing things. And perhaps remember where you learned them from 🙂


Many people ask me for my top 5 bullet point recommendations on how to easily improve their brain quickly. While the brain is complex, some of the strategies you can do now are remarkably simple.

Brain problems such as lack of focus, memory problems, ADHA, anxiety & stress are at an all time high. These problems waste time, energy, money & mental energy and can be easily avoided. I’m going to show you how the summer is the perfect time to make your problems a thing of the past.

Perhaps you have time some vacation time away at the cottage or the beach his summer, why not improve your brain while you’re at it? Or like a professional athlete, use the summer time to get the competitive edge over your competition.

This article gives you my top recommendations that when you apply them will undoubtably increase your focus, memory, sleep & ability to relax. In essence everything that will enhance your performance when you get back to work. These recommendations are natural, practical and cost-effective. Most importantly, I’ve measured the results in thousands of clients with objective brain imagining, and THEY WORK!!!

BIO-HACK #1 – Morning & Mid-day Sunlight. Summer is the Perfect Time to Fix Your Sleep.

Have you ever noticed that after long days at the beach in the sun and water, you sleep like a baby? Why is that?

A. Paradoxically, one of the best ways to fix your sleep is getting morning sun.
Sunlight on the skin & eyes in the morning, synchronizes the timing of hormone & neurotransmitter release such as dopamine. This balances your circadian rhythm. Cortisol, melatonin & dopamine issues are directly tied to circadian rhythm imbalances.

Interestingly sunlight increases ocular melatonin production. Sunlight on the eyes builds melatonin stores in the pineal gland, which is later released at night to promote sleep.
Yes, the sun is the best melatonin supplement. You heard it here!

Sleep, high cortisol, low melatonin & low dopamine can all be remedied by this one biohack. And the sun will also fix skin, psoriasis and eczema issues, all inflammatory skin issues, while you’re at it! Give it a try.

Instant savings on melatonin & sleep supplements!!!

B. Sunlight is natural valium. I’m sure you’ve noticed that after a day of sun you become noticeably more relaxed, have you not? Sunlight is a natural calcium-channel blocker. When calcium enters a cell it excites it. Sunlight relaxes your brain and prevents it from being over-stimulated. Sunlight does what anti-epileptic medications do. Sunlight also acts like an anti-anxiety. I recommend this simple bio-hack for all my clients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks & inability to relax.

Research in Cell, shows elevations of endorphin levels of 30-50% after getting daily dose of sun rays. β-endorphins are opioids produced by the brain that’s responsible for feelings of pleasure.

So if you’re going to light up … or take a hit … take a hit of some light from the sun!!!

Nature’s natural PAIN KILLER!

Pain-killer medications work by increasing opioid levels in the brain. Sunlight increases opioid levels. Sunlight is a natural pain-killer that I recommend especially for athletes and bodybuilders for recovery as well as individuals with joint pain, arthritis etc.

C. Sunlight decreases inflammation & cortisol levels. Cortisol & Inflammatory Cytokines like (NF Kappa Beta) are the fire in the body. Vitamin D is like water. Raising vitamin D levels will directly reduced cortisol levels & thus biologic stress. If you want to increase your sex steroid hormones such as testosterone, which promote vigour, energy levels & focus, get sunlight.
When inflammation is high sex steroids hormones are shunted to produce cortisol. When inflammation is low sex steroids are used to produce testosterone, progesterone etc. Exactly what you want.

Since we live in Canada, summer is the perfect time to stock up your vitamin D levels.

Just remember, like anything, you can over-do it with the sun. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. I personally do not recommend any chemicals or sunscreen on my body. Why block the sun when you really want the neurochemical gifts she has to offer? Wear a pull over shirt and hat once you’ve gotten a good 20-30 minutes of sun for starters. More biologically efficient individuals capable of harvesting more photonic energy from the sun can be in the sun for longer. Build it up. Low and slow.


  1. Vitamin D is synthesized by the sulfation of cholesterol via the skin. Therefore you can increase vitamin D synthesis by consuming healthy high cholesterol foods before going into the sun. My favourite are whole eggs. I eat 6 whole eggs before going out in the sun.
  2. This gets into our second bio-hack. Consume lots of SEAFOOD & add a High DHA Fish Oil while getting sunlight.

DHA is the king brain nutrient because it converts light into electrical current in the brain. See this research here. Guess where DHA concentration is the highest? Not the Brain. THE EYE! DHA has pi electron clouds, that convert photonic energy from the sun into electrical current in the brain. Unbelievable I know. More DHA equals better signalling.

So in fact, SUNLIGHT powers the entire brain!!!

2 – Consume HIGH DHA Foods

Virtually every study ever done has shown that DHA (molecule in fish oil), benefits both brain and heart health. Its unquestionable. DHA is the magical fatty acid that is in every brain cell membrane that promotes fluidity and flexibility of cell signalling. The exact opposite of what we see in Alzhemer’s and Dementia (build up of plaque in the brain).

DHA increases neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, which increases your sense of well-being, focus and motivation.

Seafood is loaded with the very best brain-enhancing nutrients – Omega 3’s, Iodine, Iron, Selenium, B12, which most are lacking. Women with brain issues are notoriously low in these brain supplements. So my orders: seafood & sea vegetables. Raw oysters are king. Especially for women low in iron and those who have difficulty absorbing iron.

For almost all clients that come to see me with Depression, I recommend DHA supplementation plus sea vegetables loaded with iodine, which increases thyroid function and energy levels.

In depression, there’s usually a combination of low mood (low DHA), low motivation & drive (dopamine) and low energy (low hormones). The combination of sunlight and seafood is the perfect remedy. Especially for women pre and post pregnancy. You need to pre-load the brain with brain specific nutrients to protect your and the babies brain.

For those concerned about heavy metals, I recommend adding the following herbs which help to remove heavy metals from the body – oregano, basil & cilantro. High Chlorophyll rich foods, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina also help daily detox. Metals & toxins become a problem, only if you can’t clear them from your body.

Key caveat: there are particular enzymes in flax seed & plant based products that prevent the conversion of ALA to DHA … so while these products are marketed to be “omega 3” they have little to no of the key brain nutrient you’re after, DHA.

DHA is like cellular anti-freeze. It keeps cell membranes fluid. Where is that needed most? In cold deep oceans. Which fish and seafood are the highest in DHA? The ones that live in the coldest deepest parts of the ocean. DHA is a marine based nutrient. Therefore, research and logical analysis reveals DHA must come from seafood.

I test Alpha brainwaves on EEGs to see whether your DHA levels are increasing. There is a direct correlation between increased DHA and increased ALPHA brainwaves. You can also test your Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.

Are you on your way to the local Fish Monger to get some fresh wild seafood yet? If not, get to it!

3 – Meditation in Nature.

Modern EMF destroys Alpha rhythms in the brain. EMFs from wifi and cellphones stimulate the brain and can produce hyper-active brain-wave activity. I can measure this and see increased Beta and high Beta brainwaves on EEGs. This is huge for autistic kids & kids with hyper-sensory sensitivity, especially.

This is also why people at work complain of brain-fog, hyper-activity, lack of attentiveness and focus, and increased stressed. Their brain is being over-excited by the unnaturally high EMF frequencies of the environment.

Alpha is that focused, relaxed state, where we feel balanced, grounded & whole. Alpha brainwaves are also heightened during “flow states”.

Have you ever read and become totally engrossed in a book where you imagined the story in lucid details, and hours passed by in what felt like minutes? Or have you engaged in a sports match or competition where the magnitude of the moment caused you to become vividly aware of each detail of the situation and time seemed to slow down? These are altered states in which alpha brainwaves are increased.

Getting out in nature, being grounded and barefoot, re-synchronizes the brain and body to schumann resonance, 7.83 Hz, which is Alpha. By being in the water, such as swimming in the lake, you replenish the electrons in your body. Water is loaded with negative ions. Too much EMF creates inflammation & leads to a build up of a positive charge. When in water electrons flow from higher gradient to lower gradient. In other words from the water to you.

Health & well-being are associated with a build up of net negative charge. In other words lots of electrons.

To get more health-enhancing negative ions get some local spring water while you’re at it!


Movement is the best way to increase DOPAMINE levels.

50% of the neurons in our brain are in the cerebellum, which coordinates movement. Movement stimulates the cerebellum & therefore increases brain plasticity.

Also the basal ganglia, which controls voluntary motor movements, procedural learning and dopamine release is activated by movement.

A simple biohack is to “walk figure eights”. This stimulates both the basal ganglia and cerebellum. Walk some figure 8’s to make you smarter before studying.

Yoga, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting involving fine motor movements are terrific neurogenesis boosters. Our brain is still primally wired for movement. More movement, better brain function.

So while others are playing “brain games” on computers, get up and get out and move the body ladies & gentlemen.

5. Fresh Local Fruits & Vegetables.

Replenish your body with minerals and nutrients from locally grown fruits and vegetables in season. Acid-Alkaline balance is important. To keep your brain mentally clear, and your body lean & tight, consume ample green vegetables. Even better add in some chlorophyll rich superfoods, like wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina. Chlorophyll is like liquid sunshine energy, it alkalizes and helps to detoxify the body, including heavy metals from the brain. There are many key Brain-Enhancing nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C & of course the famed “anti-oxidants” such as those in blueberries that promote neurogenesis “brain cell growth”.


1. SUNLIGHT – 20-30 minutes

2. DHA




I’ll call these the “external” biohacks. That is, biohacks that involve external interventions such as nature and food. Of course the other side, are “internal” mental bio-hacking techniques. These are my expertise, especially with NLP and Hypnosis. These are not common knowledge or rarely even talked about. But I will save those for another article.

So implement the above simple practical techniques and watch your brain’s focus, memory & overall cognition improve one day at a time.

Stay Brain Friendly & Brain Healthy my Friends,

Chris Wyllie.

Want to Dive Deeper and learn the very best customized to you, Brain-Hacks you can do to maximize your brain’s performance?


CALL: 647-688-2216. EMAIL:

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil – See Why its Key for Brain Healing & Brain Health

A food that’s proven to boost brain function & memory, increase energy, stimulate fat-burning & weight loss and quell your appetite, ALL IN ONE? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well a food with these amazing benefits actually exists. Let me introduce to you one of MY FAVOURITE Super-Brain Foods: COCONUT OIL. And not just any coconut oil, Silkenny’s Organic Coconut Oil, the smoothest, best-tasting coconut oil on the planet. Believe me when I say SILKENNY is the Best of the Best, I’ve tried and tested the brain-enhancing effects of tons of coconut oil’s in myself & thousands of clients with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs and Brain Maps over the past decade. 

Why do you want to ADD high quality coconut oil to your diet? Coconut Oil increases your energy levels & promotes fat and weight loss at the same time – helping you achieve the two most common goals: Better Brain Function (Focus) and Weight Loss.

What about Coconut Oil makes it so special for the Brain?

Well lets face the facts. Our Brain is one might energy hog! Our brain accounts for just 2% of our bodyweight but consumes up to 25% of our total energy intake. Thus it takes a lot of energy to power a human brain.

Now whats the first thing to suffer when you’re energy deprived? You’re highest level thinking & cognitive functions.

Thus the more usable energy we can supply to our brain, the greater its capacity to do work, aka, “think” “focus” “make good decisions”. 

Whats the fundamental energy currency of the cell called? ATP.

Now here are some basic biology facts: 1 mol of a carbohydrate produces 36 ATP vs. 1 mol of fatty acid produces 147 ATP. Fatty acids provide over 4X the energy to the brain at the cellular level. This is in part why higher-fat & even ketogenic diets are very effective to boosting brain function and cognition. They provide the brain with more energy. As Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse says, beta oxidation of fats helps you re-establish optimal ATP stores.

So it turns out its not a simple 9 calorie (fats) vs. 4 calorie (carbs) story.

Not only that coconut oil helps to maintain the health of your myelin sheaths and promotes myelination of the brain. Myelin is the fatty coating around nerves that both insulates nerves and promotes electrical signalling. Myelin is made from ketone bodies, which are broken down fatty acids. So, more healthy fats helps to maintain myelin health in the brain, thus boosting your:

  • thinking speed
  • focus
  • memory
  • resilience to stress
  • ability to relax, calm & clarity. 

The benefits go on and on … 

For middle aged women, coconut oil is a staple recommendation for me. Combined with increased iodine intake, coconut oil & other healthy fats help to promote the myelination of the female brain, thus reducing Brain Fog, Focus, Memory & heightened emotional stress issues that women typically experience pre, during & post menopause. The Loving Libido Mocha is the perfect recipe for you women. 

Coconut Oil speeds brain healing post concussion, TBI or any neuro-degenerative inflammatory conditions (i.e. Alzheimers). I recommend and use Coconut Oil as part of my Concussion protocols as well as protocols for Autistic Kids, children with Epilepsy, and other neurological conditions because it limits damage from glutamate excito-toxicity. HUGE.

Coconut Oil is ideal for the kids. Mom’s, you know that when your beautiful baby was born he or she was unable to walk, talk & perform precise motor movements during the first months of their life. Not only that most babies come with extra “chub” – subcutaneous fat all over their body. But then in the years ahead your cute baby starting walking, talking & became thinner too. Where did the fat go? Take a guess. THE BRAIN.

You see babies are born with their brain “UN-MYELINATED” that is the myelin has yet to fully form & develop around the nerve sheaths. Hence the babies brain can’t perform precise movements. However, as the brain becomes myelinated these abilities develop.

Thus in any child where there are alterations in Speech, Language, Focus, Fine Motor Movements, I recommend increased consumption of healthy fats like coconut oil. And Coconut Oil is the perfect fat for any developing brain 0-27 years old, to boost speech, motor movement, focus & cognition across the board. Even focus & executive function for students in school!

Finally to top it all off, Coconut Oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and is very effective in helping to clear out pathogens from the Gut. You’ve probably heard by the now, that Gut Health is key to Brain Health.

At this point you’re probably already sold on the benefits of Coconut Oil for yourself and your kids, so

How should you Use it? 

  1. In Brain Beverages & Smoothies 

I use Coconut Oil in my Loving Libido Mocha, I recommend you put it in your Bulletproof Coffee in lieu of Butter (which is what I do currently because I’m focused on getting as ripped as possible), with morning Protein Smoothies (i.e Collagen Protein + Coconut Oil + Berries + Cacao Powder). 

     2. Cooking – Coconut Oil is Stable at High Heats unlike vegetable oils. 

     3. On Foods (on veggies with bit of salt, with rice etc.)  

     4. Topical Applications for Skin Health. 

How I Use Coconut Oil:

  1. I use Coconut Oil to stay lean & ripped while building strength and muscle. Coconut Oil helps keep my metabolism and fat-burning very high. I use it in my morning Brain-Beverage which I drink first thing to fuel mental focus. Lovin Libido Mocha or Coffee with Coconut Oil. 
  2. I drink a Brain-Beverage usually Coffee with Organic Coconut Oil before my Speeches & Seminars to ensure my Brain has tons of fuel to set my brain on fire during the seminar. Coconut Oil also keeps me satiated during a 2 hour talk. In my speeches I do many LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS, brain-optimization techniques, #Hypnosis, #NLP, which require high-level thinking on the fly, and thus tremendous brain energy.

Now you probably can understand why Coconut Oil is a staple in my diet and why I recommend it to every single one of my clients.

In my practice I constantly experiment & test different products both with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs as well as observations of symptomatic improvements in my clients. No other coconut oil compares to Silkenny when it comes to taste, texture, and brain-enhancing results. Silkenyy is a high vibration coconut oil that is way better than the stuff you get at Costco & other grocery stores. 

Fuel your brain with the best coconut oil today. At The Game Changer, with Brainpower Nutrition I’ve been able to get the very best deals for you on Silkenny Coconut Oil which you can Buy Now. 


Dr. Jack Kruse,


Perhaps you’ve had difficulty with focus, concentration, learning & sleep but can’t pinpoint why?

Or maybe you’re a high achiever and just want to add a few brain-hacks to put your brain’s performance over the top.

Now you may have heard that EMFs from WIFI and Cellphones are bad for you. I’m going to show you exactly what EMFs do to your brain. However, once I share with you the dirty details, you like me, still probably won’t get rid of your cell phone.

Why? Lets face it – technology is very addictive for good reasons. Our cell phones are money-makers, daily planners, computers, and provide instant connection to friends, relationships and opportunities to market ourselves – all in one.

Not only that, you probably have friends who smoke, over-eat, and do drugs, and “KNOW” the dangers & health risks of those behaviours but do them any-way? Ahhh yes, every smoker & person who does drugs can tell me the negative effects, but they keep sticking those things in their mouth anyway.

So obviously I’m not just going to list the damaging effects that EMF does to your brain, because that won’t change anything. But what I will do is give you solutions you can use to protect your brain.

But first lets get the dirty details and the facts straight.

Just so you know, I have personally tested the effects of EMF from cellphones on brain activity using EEGs and QEEG Brain Maps. I even went as far as to rule out expectancy & placebo effects, running randomized controlled trials where the participants we’re unaware of whether the cell phone was on or off, and unaware of the purpose of the experiment. The results were SHOCKING:

On EEGS with a cellphone up against the ear within 3 minutes I noticed:
1. 300% increase in BETA brainwave activity
2. 3 Standard deviation decrease in Theta Brain-Wave Activity
3. Effects were localized – meaning the only brain region affected were the local brain regions where the phone was placed against the head.

These results makes sense when we consider what EMFs have been proven to do to the brain:
EMFs have been show to:

1. Increase Calcium EFFLUX and excito-toxcity – and activation of the brain stem – putting the brain into a more “fight or flight” stressed state. This explains the increased Beta brainwaves and decreased theta brainwaves. Moreover, calcium efflux is what triggers Apoptosis – brain cell suicide. Hyper-excitation of brain cells can lead to anxiety, headaches, migraines, brain fog, ADHD type symptoms & sleep issues.

Your kid can’t focus? It may just be the electromagnetic environment thats the problem! Our brain entrains to the external frequencies we are exposed to.

2. Causes Cellular Dehydration – EMFs dehydrate brain cells. When brain cells lose water, magnesium levels decline because magnesium is hydrophilic. If you have any doubt stick a steak in the micro-wave for several minutes and see what it does to it. Excessive EMFs can lead to neuromuscular problems, cramping, tightness & increased risk of injury.

3. Causes Leakiness of The BLOOD-BRAIN-BARRIER (BBB) – Allowing neuro-toxins and metals to accumulate in the brain. Hence the coincidence of technology explosion since 1990s and increased prevalence of neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism, ASD, ADD, Dyslexia and other learning disorders.
Check out Dr. Allen Frey’s research on EMFs and Brain Activity.

4. Degrades Myelin and Brain Cell Membranes
Women are at even greater risk than men to the dangers of EMF because the female brain is LESS myelinated. This makes the female brain electromagnetically more sensitive than males. The female brain needs to be more sensitive to the environment to know whether conditions are conducive to reproduction. This may also be why women experience higher rates of autoimmune conditions such as MS, a condition in which the myelin of the peripheral nervous system is altered. Myelin is the protective sheath around nerve cells, much like rubber around a wire. With the myelin degraded, the system starts to short circuit, the result is motor, neurological and cognitive dysfunction.

Key Fact: 50% of brain cell membranes is made up of DHA. EMFs & biological stressors deplete DHA.

5. Alters Dopamine & Reward Based Circuits. Technology inventors must have knew a thing or two about how the brain works. Cell phones easily hi-jack and hyper-activate the dopamine-reward system hundreds if not 1000s of times a day. Not only that, your kids frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until age 25, thus they don’t have the cognitive power to NOT get addicted or emotionally impacted by technology.

If you’re like me, you don’t want anything holding back your brain’s performance. There’s just so much to do, and productivity is key. So here’s how to protect your brain’s performance:


1. BRAIN PROTECTION TECH – EMF Defenders – Attachable Device to your phone, tested and proven to reduce and even negate the harmful neuro-excitatory effects of EMF.

I was skeptical at first, I didn’t believe it could work … really a little device for your phone can actually get rid of the harmful EMF effects from your cell phone? I wasn’t buying it … but then I decided to test it … I did baseline EEGs … we saw the shocking changes the cell phone had on over-exciting the brain … then we put the EMF Defender on the cell phone … and guess what?
Even with the cell phone against the subjects head, their brain activity went back to NORMAL!!! Right away! So of course I then tested 2 other people to be sure. And lo and behold I got the same results. The EMF Defender completely neutralized the EMF effects.

So of course I immediately put one on my phone and got a bunch for my friends and family.

What they’ve reported is reduced fatigue & brain fog, better focus, better sleep and while feeling less stressed even after using their cell phones for most of the day.

I recommend you get an EMF defender for your phone and your kids phones as well. Compared to the cost of elevated stress in the brain, lack of focus, lost learning, the EMF defenders are a cheap, easy brain-hack.

2. Increase Magnesium Intake. Specifically Magnesium Threonate which helps the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

3. Reduce Mental Stress & Re-balance your Brain Function – NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Neurofeedback. Therapeutic Brain training & Mental Enhancement is very subjective, high-skill work that is very dependent on the skills of the Practitioner.

4. Higher Fat Intake – especially Organic Coconut Oil & MCT Oil. More energy supplied to the brain = greater capacity to do work. Fatty acids provide close to 4.5X the energy levels to the brain as opposed to carbohydrates.

5. Increase DHA intake.

6. Grounding – ground multiple times during the day to dissipate negative EMFs and bring your brain/body back into Alpha balance. Every hour, go outside for a few minutes barefoot on the ground, even in the winter.

Optimizing your brain is about, protecting and minimizing the negative effects of harmful influences such as EMF as much as strategies to enhance performance.

Better Brain Protection equals Better Brain Performance.


Work of Allen H. Frey,

Are you Stuck? How to Program your Brain to Un-Stuck Yourself.

Every person deals with “Stuckness” at some point in some area of their life … read to get “Unstuck”.


Do you want to “UN-STUCK” yourself?

“Don’t Stop. Keep Your Brain Moving Forward”

– Chris Wyllie

As I explained to a client in session this morning, we could take a Monk who’s meditated in the mountains for years put him in the real world situations like in the middle of New York City, and you can bet he’ll go “Holy Shit” and experience stress and stressful responses just like every other human being. The difference is he won’t stop and stay in that state, nor worse, think and plan from that state.

His brain has created a new baseline, new default mode operating system, to easily bounce back into RELAXED, FOCUSED states of awareness from endless hours of meditation, which dissipates “entropy”, and produces a very “high signal-to-noise” ratio (very quiet, little noise brain). Thus his perception and thoughts are very clear, focused and precise. Do you have to spend hours and years quieting your brain? No, neuroplasticity research, technologies and innovative approaches can remarkably speed the process.

What you need: FUTURE FOCUS “You don’t see the future, you create the future” 

When looking ahead its important to just keep your eyes open to see past problems so you keep moving forward. Moreover, flip the sequence. Rather than seeing your present problem (stuck feeling, stuck ideas, situations/decisions etc), and then trying to see beyond it and get to whats beyond it, leap ahead into the future, access DESIRED state/results/desired future life and way of being first and then move back in time and see the problem. And ask, how is this going to get me where I want to go? You may find contemplating the problem or analyzing “the steps you’ve been stuck on” is not necessary for you to start creating your future. And so perhaps you can begin to put the steps to developing the skills/abilities to get where you want to go in front of you in place of where the problem used to be. The point is this: rather than your brain firing off the same micro-circuitry and producing the same “stuck” feelings, thoughts, behaviours … you first engage your frontal lobes by thinking ahead to the future of the direction/destination of where you want to go … and then process the “problem” in light of the perspective of where you want to go. Thus problems/stuckness “familiar” state will be neuro-associated with different perspective/direction.

The point is to engage your frontal lobes to re-route a new response rather your brain activating the same neural pathways again and again due to habit. The brain is plastic & so the more you change your sequence of thinking and the more new thoughts, feelings, brain regions “fire together” they will begin to wire together, and thus your brain will change.

SWITCH SEQUENCE:  from  PRESENT PROBLEM —> FUTURE   to   FUTURE DESIRED STATE  —> to Problem (move backwards in time, see problem in light of desired future). 

“The Problem with Problems is people stop.”

In fact the problems wouldn’t bother you unless there was some awareness internally of what was beyond them. So even when people tell me consciously “they can’t see their future …” … I know thats not true … its just a case of their conscious mind doing one thing, and their unconscious doing another. So when you say, “I’m stuck I can’t see my future” or you say “I could never be happy”, I know that you have those future ideas and happy feelings you’re just pushing them away, its my job to get you to bathe in it.


The problem isn’t that you feel anxiety, guilt, anger, stress, worry, the problem is you stop there. Keep moving forward!

Are you stuck with a particular state, idea, feeling? Again, the problem is you STOP. You let the idea, external situation, lack of focus stop you from moving forward, and you go into the same state and with the same feelings. Its your brain, it will run wild, it will be muddied by life, its your job to CLEAN it, CLEAR it, FOCUS it and consciously bring into awareness DESIRED STATES & RESULTS, that your unconscious can automate to take you where you want to go. This is all about building new habits at the neurological level.

Key Point: Allow room to move into the unexpected, the unknown, novelty is what lights up your brain. You perfectionists I’m talking to you. If you have to “see” everything perfectly planned out in advance, your future will be limited to what your conscious mind can see, and you’ll be cutting your unconscious mind, your BIG MIND, off from working and creating wonderful things above and beyond what you know now.

If you’re having difficulty imaging, seeing, creating … its not “a big deal”, don’t get stressed about it!!! Its just let that you’ve let your creativity muscles, your dreaming muscles become weak and rusty. Its time to get your RIGHT BRAIN back in the game again, just like you did as a child, when there were no limiting beliefs or “stuckness” getting in the way. PLAYING, PRETENDING, RANDOM VARIATION, is the essence of learning. Children go to extremes, they go to the extremes of their reality to begin to build mental differentiations, between whats possible and not possible. They test limits, and if you’re a parent they test your limits don’t they??? 🙂 You should test your limits as well!

What do children do differently? Children don’t have to compare incoming data with their experience, nor limit their PRESENT LEARNING & FUTURE LEARNING CAPABILITY with past limitations/experience.

As adults “we take for granted our limitations” … we think “well I just can’t do that …” … how do you know? Inevitably we let past ideas/experience limit us in the present, as opposed to just spontaneously trying FULLY like children.

You tried once and didn’t do good? How about if you used a strategy that would work or try another way? Point is you don’t know unless you go out and TRY!

Its time to get back to that heavenly holistic learning creative dreaming state – via hypnosis, NLP, meditation, energy practices – qigong yoga etc.



  1. Adult Brain – Neocortex – frontal lobes, dissociates from the present, and goes into the future to set DESIRED DESTINATION / DIRECTION / and makes a plan of where you want to go. (predominately left brain).
  2. Child Brain – Right hemisphere, Super-Learning Child-like heart space passionate learning, trial and error, random variation, spontaneous learning, play pretend imagination, associated and fully present with experience.


Let that state be re-routed to produce a new neuro-cortical, neurochemical, energy, “feeling response”.

What if anger propelled you to be more intensely focused and catapulted you into motivation? 

What if worrying led you to become curious? 

Instead of “it shouldn’t be so difficult … or “why is it so difficult?” … go “it is difficult, how can I enjoy this and make it as good as possible?”.

Everything worthwhile will be more difficult than worrying, watching T.V, eating crappy food.


Think ahead and step inside of a future situation that used to give you stress.

Build 2 mental movies:

  1. One in which you STOP and get Stuck in the same “feeling” and response.
  2. One in which your focused, calm, determined & resilient. (See FUTURE FOCUS below).

Step inside one movie and let the other fade.

Your brain has just been on high speed for so long. Slow things down, bring those unconscious processes into conscious awareness.

Think thoughts, and DECIDE where you want your brain & body to take you.

NOT JUST ONE DECISION – our thoughts consciously and unconsciously have to keep activation the same micro-circuitry to produce the same behaviours.

Every time you worry you are making a decision to worry – even if its unconscious.

Every time you procrastinate, you are making a decision to procrastinate. Every time you “don’t decide” you are deciding to not decide.

Every time you pick up a cigarette you’re making a decision even if its unconscious … if you’re saying to yourself … “I shouldn’t be doing this” … and your conscious mind is going in one direction and your unconscious going in another (picking up the cigarette) … well you’re out of alignment. One part of your brain is going one way and another part going another. Thus you aren’t going to be like a rocketship launching towards your future and the things you want. You need to align yourself and build new habits at the neurological level so that all parts of you are headed where you want to go.

It starts with one decision at a time. And, first and foremost, MAKE THE BIG DECISION – Where do I want to go? and what person do I want to be? 

FUTURE FOCUS is what pulls you through the present. Future Focus allows you to make better decisions in the present to get you through whatever difficulties you currently face. 

I remember in seminar Dr. Richard Bandler talking about the survivors of WW2, and concentration camps, individuals who went on to build remarkable businesses and success for their families afterwards.

Here is inside the thinking processes of the survivors as described by Dr. Bandler which I share with you to my best recollection: 

“The whole time in the concentration camp I was thinking about what I was going to do, and where I was going to go when I got out, and how great I was going to make my life. The entire time I was designing the store I was going to make, where it was going to be , what I was going to make, the kinds of customers I’d serve, how I was going to treat my customers etc…” 

So rather than STOPPING and being in touch with the horrible feelings and horrible circumstances at the time, the ones who did survive, went ONE STEP FURTHER, and used those feelings to become highly focused on WHERE THEY WERE GOING TO GO IN THE FUTURE.

The PURPOSE, the DIRECTION & DESTINATION of where you want to drive to in the future, will teach you how and where you need to drive now (decisions in the present).

You can’t drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror, or just being in touch with the present, you need to let the FEELINGS, STATE, EMOTIONS of where you are GOING touch where you are NOW!!!

Most people go “well if I lose 10 pounds I’ll feel more confident and motivated”“if I get this business deal and more business I’ll be happier” …and so external things need to happen for you to feel internal state. Which just sets you up for disappointment, when things happen differently than you expect. You need to step inside the FUTURE feelings and internal state, and let that drive you to accomplish external things. Flip the sequence for success. This applies for many things. If one sequence doesn’t work try the opposite.

So the problem isn’t that you have bad feelings, the problem isn’t that you have stress, its that you stay there too long. Let that stress propel you forward.

What if every time you got frustrated it, led you to get curious, then become filled with desire and then GO FOR IT? (This is called chaining states in #NLP … neurologically what we are doing is activating specific neural networks individually, connecting them sequentially and then streamlining them into ONE UNIT, so that they fire in unison and automatically).

*Curiosity is a fundamental human state in which we did our best learning. Curiosity carries us to try things and so find out what works and what doesn’t. By detecting difference, we build more precise neuro-differntiation of brain maps in our brain and so acquire greater precision and skill. What drives this process of learning? Curiosity. The curious, holistic, action-oriented right brain, that just tries things via “Trial and Error”, and so produces rapid, spontaneous learning. Randomness and variation, enhances the brain’s ability to pattern information, streamlining holistic unconscious learning into routine, automated programs in your left brain “aka building new routine behaviours”.

So you probably know what you don’t want, but question is what do you want to do instead?

MAKE the big decision … and then consistent decisions one by one … slow down your brain … get ACTIVE take control of your thoughts … thoughts can make your stomach sink or give you goose bumps …  and all the while keep asking yourself “is this behaviour going to take me where I want to go?” … if the answer is no … shift your state and behaviour into a way that will.

Quickly, over time, you can build a new default mode operating system, new baseline, stabilize behind new feelings and build new neuro-associations and neural networks that propel you automatically towards the things you desire. Thus you can quickly learn to focus and relax like a monk, while getting to each the fabric of human emotions and pleasures that give life spice and variety.

The result, you get to BUILD THE BRAIN YOU DESIRE.


Chris Wyllie

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