MIND MASTERY 1: The Simple Secret to Executing your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.


The Simple Secret to Executing Your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.

Are you the type of person who lets their brightest ideas, dull and rot on the shelves in their mind? 

Are you scared about making a change in your life, and fear pursuing your dreams, even though that is truly what you want to do? 

Do you find that incredible ideas enter your mind, but these ideas come and go on the fly and you never seem to be able to execute them? 

When you were a child or even today, do people call you a Dreamer or Crazy? Are you holding fear from failures in the past, and times when you weren’t able to execute your dreams? Are you worrying that maybe those doubters were right? Maybe you were just a Dreamer? Has Life stolen the Creativity, Curiosity and Imagination you once had? 

What’s the difference between the Dreamer who’s ideas never materialize and The Master who executes all their brightest ideas and changes the world?

Ideas are beautiful new realities and possibilities that cross our mind. Through our lives, millions and millions of ideas cross our mind, some good, some bad, some extraordinary, others just ordinary. But the end of the day, these ideas that cross our mind our temporary and fleeting. Very easily they come and go. Ideas are one thing, Execution is another. Ideas are transient and easily rot in our mind. Execution creates a new reality. Execution takes your ideas and multiplies them, sharing them with others, creating change not only in your mind, but in the minds of others. In this way each decision we make, each idea we execute, creates real change, altering the course of our life and the lives of others. In our world, especially in the modern materialistic world, ideas without execution is failure. However, not all ideas are meant to be executed. Sometimes failing to execute an idea is a success, and the best decision. As a result, failure isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s just that some things win and others lose. The key is execution, executing your brightest ideas, and letting the low-energy, negative ideas and thoughts fail. Built into success is failure. Neither is inherently good or bad. It’s just that for certain ideas to succeed others need to fail. What I’m all about, and what my mission is, is how to execute your brightest ideas with the highest level of success possible.

To achieve any goal in your life, all you need to have and all you need to do are two things. First, develop your Dream. What specifically do you want to create? What specifically do you want to bring into your life? In your minds eye, see your dream clearly and vividly, as if it’s in super high definition. Make the picture of what you want crystal clear. You want to make sure the universe knows exactly what your order is and what you want. And the critical part that leads us to the second step to execution, is sticking around for not only the appetizer, but also the main course that life will eventually deliver, and also the dessert which quickly follows. Only after you’ve enjoyed the entire meal, should you judge the quality of the restaurant and how well life has served you.

But let’s think about what most people do? They get the appetizer, which is the initial results they get at the beginning of the process of pursuing their dreams, and if there is anything wrong with the initial results they receive, or anything out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected happens, immediately people come to conclusions and judge the restaurant. At this point, most people leave without seeing what the main meal and entire experience is going to be. Most people, start on a process of pursuing their goals, and as soon as something discouraging happens, fall right off the wagon. The reason why this happens is because people lack the energy, willpower and persistence to stick it out, andso they often quit just before they’re about to receive the main course meal and the results they’ve been waiting for. Little did they know, that the moment you quit is when your success is just around the corner.

This brings us to the second key ingredient to Goal & Dream Execution:  ENERGY

Once you have your dream, you must develop the life energy to get you there. Life Energy creates Power and the ability to bring into your life everything you need to execute your dream. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, your Energy creates the Magnetism to attract the people, opportunities and pathways to your dream. In creating your dream, you don’t need to focus on how you’re going to get there. The How will take care of itself. You just need the target and then the Energy, which will create the power and unique pathways to your dream. Keep your dream, flexible and moving, dreams are always a moving target. What most people find is that the journey they end up travelling, and the dreams they create are often so much more and so much better than what their initial dream started out as.

Why is a Dream so important? 

Visionary Albert Einstein said to his students that the saddest thing in life, is not having a dream. When people call me a “Dreamer”, if I happen to share with them some of my ideas, I laugh inside, because most people have no idea that being a “Dreamer” is exactly what you want to be.

But what’s the difference between the “Dreamer” who stays in the clouds, and whose dreams never materialize, and The MASTER, who executes their dreams and accomplishes everything they ever desired?

One Word: ENERGY. Energy creates the power and execution.

The dreamer has the dream, the idea, but doesn’t develop the energy, which turns into power, which creates the magnetism, which attracts all the different avenues and pathways to fulfilling their dream, in real life, in the real world. The Master, not only moves back and forth between the clouds, the big panoramic vision of their dreams, and being grounded and earthly, seeing how their dream could really work in the real 3-D world, but also commits to developing the life energy and power on a daily basis to enable them to pursue, persist and overcome the inevitable challenges, roadblocks, twist and turns that life will throw at you. The Dreamer has the idea, but not the power and life energy, to protect and fully develop their ideas. However, the Master, each day, when no one is watching, works at building their life energy. Yet, the paradox is, someone is always watching. Your big mind is always watching you, judging you and updating your identity, based on your actions on a daily basis. When you cut the excuses and work each day at building your energy, your Big Mind takes notice, before anyone else. Your Big Mind suddenly says, “Yes! You are a Master!” And each day something new, something magical happens – each day the dream keeps getting better, clearer and more powerful. Each day the Master develops more and more energy, that protects their ideas from the comets, asteroids and negative influences which try to pull down and destroy their ideas. Each day, the Master’s life energy grows stronger, vitalizing them to work longer, harder and continue developing the relationships and opportunities that move them closer and closer to their dream. Each day the energy the Master develops flows into their dream, and their dream becomes more magical, more purposeful, more likely to manifest. The Master, believes in the process, and lives for the journey, each day knowing that they’re getting better and better in every way, travelling faster and faster towards their dreams. Ultimately, the master passes many destinations, that initially they would have been over-joyed to have reached. They travel farther to new universes, new galaxies, new realities that initially they could have never dreamt of.

So do you want to be a Master who takes powerful action every day, or are you the type of person, who sits on their ideas, and who inevitably will come to blame the world for all your great ideas that were left unfulfilled Choose to be a Master. Mastery is available to us all, why not shoot for the stars? Worst case you miss, but you’re still way higher off. Don’t live your life in regret, and let your brightest ideas and these opportunities pass you by:

The Simple Recipe of Success:

The recipe is very simple. All you need to execute your dreams are two things:

  1. Create your Dream
  2. Develop the Life Energy which creates Power & Magnetism to turn your dream into Reality.

Now the question for you is: What is your dream? What is your dream, that gives you that purpose, determination and inspiration to activate your highest abilities? 

If no answers come to you, that’s fine. Your imagination and creativity may have been dulled by the world, which is why I’m giving you the strategies in my books, on this blog, and through all my programs, to turn your creative, imaginative abilities back online. As I said, your dream is a moving target. It will keep getting better and better along your journey. But right now, close your eyes and think about what your dream truly is. Discover that dream that has been lying inside of you your entire life. That dream that completely JUICES you. That get’s you saying “YES” I want that. Perhaps it was a dream you once held in your mind as a child.

I’ve done the work and presented, and will continue to present, many pathways to developing your life energy. All you need to do right now is begin to discover your dream, and then the energy you will develop will open up the doors to the pathways to your unique promise land.

So do you want to be a Master? 

Super-Memory 1: How I Became a Genius & You Can Too.

How does the Brain really work? 

How does Consciousness and Intelligence truly occur? 

How can we become a Super-Learner and develop Super-Memory? 

Have you ever wondered what makes Human Consciousness different than the Consciousness of other Mammals, Animals and Beings? 

In this blog post, I reveal how the brain works and how Human Consciousness arises. Most importantly, after learning about the brain’s two primary roles, I will show you the process of how to leverage  your brain to become a Genius.

When I say genius, I want you to know that we are all geniuses, it’s just that we all don’t know how to discover and activate our genius. Most think that genius just suddenly occurs, you’re born with it. Most would say that genius is just a perfectly wrapped gift that a very few just luck out to receive. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a fundamental, repeatable process to becoming a genius. I’ve discovered it and used it to get to where I am today. I’m going to share with you this MasterMind process so that you can do the same.

Remember when you were a kid you used to say, if you can do it, I can do it better.”  You should go back to that state of power. That saying is 100% true. I’m going to show you how …

Working one-on-one with hundreds of people at both ends of the spectrum, those with extremely high-performing brains and those with diseased brains, I’ve learned that the brain is the critical hub to transforming your life. However, the brain is much more than the sum of its parts. Consciousness and intelligence are emergent phenomena meaning that they are more than just the sum of the activity your brain. From the brain to consciousness it’s like 1+1 = 3. In addition, intelligence and consciousness aren’t even localized just in the brain. Rather consciousness arises from the energies and frequencies at which your entire being is resonating  – brain, body and life energy. All life works by quantum leaps and emergent phenomena. What “emergence” means is that you can’t predict the emergent result based on the individual parts of a system.

In my neuroscience studies in university, I learned the localizationist theories, basically that the brain can be segmented into different parts and these different parts control different cognitive and body functions. In these classes I learned how the left brain is analytical, linear, logical and sequential, while the right brain is spontaneous, non-linear, imaginative and action-oriented. I learned that the frontal lobes control executive function, our ability to focus, regulate our behaviour and our mood and motivation. I learned that the temporal lobes control memory, emotional stability and are the wings of creativity. I learned that the parietal lobes control sensory and motor function. Finally I learned that the occipital lobes control sight, vigilance and play a role in sleep. However, based on how we know nature works via emergent properties which cannot be predicted based on the individual parts, clearly this is an over-simplified and insufficient explanation of how consciousness really occurs. Considering how much we know about the parts of the brain and how little we know about how consciousness occurs, obviously there must be more to the story.

Moreover, in this model it’s hard to explain why people who have parts of their brain removed, still retain vast of amounts of memory. You’d think if you removed the memory centres of a person’s brain, that their memory would be completely lost. It turns out that memory is much more complex that this. Memory is not localized in one spot. Memory is actually determined by the frequencies of energy and light flowing through our cells from which, our brain creates a physical image and reconstructs the memories at that frequency level. Not only can the brain re-wire itself, and different regions be trained to take over the functions of lost or dysfunctional brain regions, but also memory and consciousness isn’t even localized in the brain.

Consciousness and intelligence emerge holographically in every cell in our body. What this means is that any part of the brain and body contains an image of the whole and the images and memories are physically created based on the frequencies of light and energy flowing through our cells.

So what’s the brain’s role in all of this? 

The brain’s role is this: the brain is like the director, the librarian or the antenna, that picks up external signals and controls the flows of energy in our body, which then create the thoughts we think, and the images and the memories that are activated in our mind. It’s all based on the frequencies of energy flowing through our body. The brain is simply the controller, which determines which frequency you’re dialled into. 

Human Consciousness emerged with the development of the human brain. However, it is clear that animals and all beings have some level of consciousness as well. But what distinguishes humans is that we have a Human Brain which is a super-antenna that can allow us to access and tune into a wider range of frequencies, energies and intelligence resonating in the universe. You aren’t necessarily smarter than animals and other beings, you just have a greater capability and infinite flexibility to tap into frequencies across the entire spectrum, presenting you with more possibilities to react to and control the environment.

Like a computer, the more bits of information your brain can acquire, through knowledge, experience and tapping into the intelligence in the universe, the more possible solutions your brain can create. The higher your brain’s energy rises, and the more flexibility your brain has to tap into different energy levels, the smarter you get and the better your brain can create different quantum platforms, which we can use to further evolve. The more capable your brain, and your creative imagination the better able you will be to overcome whatever you will face in your environment.

In any eco-system, the organism that has the greatest flexibility and thus threshold of  control in their environment, is going to be the pre-eminent species. This is precisely why humans, with our increased ability to access energy and information across the entire frequency range, are the only mammals on this planet that can control and manipulate our environment – for better or for worse. It’s all because we have a superior antenna, which allows us to see, imagine and do more things. Our brain allows us to see things as they aren’t, allows us to imagine, and allows us to see and create the future. Our brain allows us to dis-connect from the earth, and to create possibilities on earth which weren’t designed to naturally occur on our planet. 

The brain’s creative abilities is what enables us to create either heaven or hell on this earth. Good or bad. Yin or Yang. Given the brains powers and what the human brain allows us to do, you need three fundamental ingredients to achieve good in this world, and make sure the forces of good transcend the forces of destruction.

Here are the three ingredients:  The 3 C’s. 

1. Curiosity –  be hungry and actively use your brain to acquire information & pursue solutions.

2. Creativity – use your creative imagination, just like Einstein, to contemplate, explore and then create new innovations and connections. Use nature as your playmate and research assistant – try to make sense of the simple observations you’ve had over your life, and explore how they relate to your health.

3. Courage –   never back down in fear. Always pursue the pathways that your curiosity and creativity will lead you. Do no let the opinions and beliefs of others dampen your fire.

Why is our Human Brain so Unique? How Does Our Human Brain Really Work? 

The human brain has two primary roles as both a Super-Antenna and a Librarian.

The first role of the brain is as an antenna. When you get into your car, and turn on the radio, the sound just magically seems to appear. And if you turn the dial to a different FM or AM frequency you can tune into a different station with entirely different content, news and information. The exact same process happens in the human brain. Just like the currents of water flows in the Oceans, mirrors the currents of water flows in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid in your brain, and just like when you’re young and full of energy, you burn brightly just like a young white star, the processes on the earth and the universe are replicated and used in you. The Human Body is Universe in itself. This is called fractal design. Each part of the universe contains characteristics of the whole. 

You always want to make sense of your observations, and see how the mechanisms of nature scale and are replicated in you. This is how you can discover for yourself how the brain and body really work. So, your brain is an antenna just like your radio. Another good example is that your brain picks up the frequencies and signals from your environment just like a cell phone picks up Wifi signals. The difference between your brain and a cell phone is that your brain picks up an infinite number of frequencies and energies, way more than a cell phone. Because of this the information and intelligence that your brain can tap into is far greater than will ever be created in any technology. Any technology humans’ create is just going to be a sub-set of the possibilities our brain can contemplate and create.

The second role of the brain is as a librarian. In it’s role as the librarian, the brain is the key to grabbing the right book, with the right bits of information, which you are trying to recall for the specific situation you’re in or the situation you’re trying to imagine.  The efficiency of your memory is determined by how accurately and swiftly your brain is able to create energy flows in your body at specific frequencies, which enable you to access the information, knowledge and specific memories you’re trying to recall. If you’re brain doesn’t work right, and there is a lot chaos and inflammation in your brain, your brain as the librarian, doesn’t sort and store the information you’re learning properly, and it slowly and inaccurately draws information from storage. When inflammation, chaotic and energy-depleted, not only does the brain not store the books in the right places, but also, when you send the brain back to grab a book, it doesn’t go to the right place and so grabs the wrong book. Both input and output suffer – learning, memory and storage – when your brain doesn’t work right.  

The more chaos and inflammation in your brain, the poorer will be cell signalling, and the more you will fail to learn and store new information and the poorer you will recall information from memory. At the extreme, when your brain completely falters you get Alzheimer’s. Acutely, when you suffer a concussion, the brain is energy depleted and brain signalling suffers. As a result, the antenna can’t pick and up and transmit the right signals, and the librarian is put into complete turmoil.

So, the brain is both an antenna which receives and transmits signals throughout the body, and it is a librarian which stores, sorts and grabs information from memory. Your brain is influenced by all the signals and energies it is exposed to in your environment. Your brain then transmits all the energy inputs it receives into different energy flows throughout the body which create your consciousness. Your hormone panel is indicative of these energy flows, but currently science is unable to measure exactly how energy is flowing through your body. Hormones paint a partial picture. Hormone panels when combined with EEG’s can give you a better picture.

As mentioned above, if your brain doesn’t work right, your antenna doesn’t work well and you cannot pick up the signals from the environment and the universe. And the frequencies and signals that you do receive are all garbled up and chaotic, just like if you were listening to radio and were far off from a clear channel. If your antenna doesn’t work well, you fail to pick up and entrain to the healing frequencies from the earth, you fail to use the frequencies of the sun, and you fail to pick up on the energies, and thus intelligence, resonating in the universe. Not only that, you fail to pick up on the energies of other beings and other people very well, and as a result your communication and relationships suffer tremendously. Love and connection is oneness and synchronization with the energies of another person.  Memories are created by a synchronization with different levels of information which your brain receives and can express.

“The purer, more energized and more coherent your brain is, the better it works as an antenna to pick up all the signals, information and intelligence in the universe, no matter how old you are, what you’ve done, how many books you’ve read – all you need is to do is synchronize your brain so that that it can act as the super-antenna it is designed to be, to acquire all the information you to need to resurrect your genius.” 

– MasterMind

So how do you become a genius? 

Do you need to read 1,000 self-help books? Absolutely Not. If you’re big into self-development and have read Napoleon Hill’s Classic Think and Grow Rich, I am scientifically explaining to you what he meant by infinite intelligence and I’m now going to give you the simple steps of how you can tap into the infinite intelligence to become a genius. All information in this world resonates at specific frequencies. For the earth, the frequency is 7.83 Hertz, called the Schumann Resonance.

You know how people talk about feeling grounded and balanced, but speak about it abstractly? Physically what is happening is their brain is synchronizing and functioning at the 7.83 Hertz Schulman Resonance which corresponds to increased alpha waves in the brain. People who meditate, and are connected to themselves and the world, have increase alpha waves in their brain. Also people who are connected to the sun’s cycles, and have proper circadian signalling, by rising in the morning when the sun begins to rise, and shutting off all the blue light (T.V., computer screens) at night when the sun goes down, have increased levels of alpha brain waves. Alpha brain-waves correspond to being in the flow of life, being relaxed and focused, and being in the zone. It is in the zone where people tap into ideas, connect the dots between different information and ideas, and see things about the universe they normally never consider. I’m in a flow state right now as I’m writing this, and all these insights are flowing into and out of my brain onto the page. I’m going to stay tuned into this channel as long as I can! In fact, you can construct your day so that your entire day you are in a Flow State.

Bottom line, the information and intelligence that you are accessing right now is all based on the frequency and energy that you are synchronizing with and that is resonating throughout your brain and body. 

If your energy and life force is low, you’ll produce low energetic thinking, receive low energetic feelings and engage in low energetic behaviours. In essence, you’ll be the opposite of enlightened – you’ll remain in the dark.

Here is a formula to remember: 


Based on what we learned above about the brain being both an antenna and a librarian, the key to maximizing these capabilities is to increase your brain’s energy and ability to reach different frequencies across the entire spectrum so that you can access different levels of information and intelligence at those levels. Basically, we want to move from cable television to satellite, where we can pick up all the channels across the world.

While these insights may seem a little abstract, all you need to know and all you need to do is increase your Energy. With increased energy comes the ability to shift across the frequency spectrum to different levels and states of energy to acquire the information that resonates at those levels.

Basically for you to tap into the information and energies of the universe, you simply just need to raise your brain’s energy so that your brain is the quietest, clearest, most efficient antenna, which can accurately pick up the frequencies and energies of the universe so that you can tune into all the information on that channel. Second, you need to increase your ability to transform and transmit energy, to have the flexibility to shift to different levels of energy and information.

The only two things you need to remember for Super-Memory, Super-Learning & Becoming a Genius is the following:

  1. Increase your Energy 
  2. Increase your Flexibility & Ability to Transmit Energy. 

The following MasterMind Process increases your energy and ability to transmit energy in all one shot. Do the following:

  1. Meditation 
  2. Qigong & Tai Chi (Yoga is good too, but Qigong & Tai Chi increase your ability to transmit and transform energy throughout your entire body unlike any other practice I’ve ever done in the entire world).
  3. Brain Training – Neurofeedback, Neurofield, Brain-wave & Bio-energetic Entrainment (with built in sound therapy)
  • High-DHA Seafood and Wild Fish, Healthy Fats & Moderate Protein Diet, with unlimited greens and non-starchy vegetables & seasonal carbohydrates.
  • Unlimited Green Vegetables, Wild Greens, Super-food greens like Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella.
  • Tonic Herbs – in tinctures, powders in Super-Brain Beverages, in soups, and teas.
  • Super-Brain Berries – Goji, Schizandra, Blue-berries, Black-berries, black raspberries, strawberries, Camu Camu berries.
  • Superfoods like Cacao (Chocolate & Maca). At least one Super-Juice a Day (adjust vegetables to time of year & your existing conditions).
  • Wild Spring Water (ideally) or Non-fluoridated Water

5.   HIIT – High Intensity Intervals.  Short bursts of extreme intensity, followed by extreme relaxation in between sets.

6.   Sunlight – 8-11AM & Grounding – Barefoot. have some fun in the sun, doing high-intensity exercise, qigong, tai chi, barefoot in the morning sun and knock out 5 out of the 6 energy-boosters in one shot! Want to transform your health? Talk about return on investment

Do the Game Changer Workout (Youtube: Game Changer Workout for Weight Loss, Healing & Increased Energy.) in the morning, barefoot, in the sun, at a park or soccer field, and then afterwards, have some greens and a raw juice, with a high-DHA protein meal, and you will feel and perform like a rockstar for the entire day!


Anthi comes into The Game Changer Headquarters to have her Brain Optimized. Here are the results!

Proven Brain-Boosting Benefits of #BrainpowerNutrition created by Chris Wyllie, The Game Changer.

Brainpower Nutrition includes many Super-Brain Beverages such as the Trademarked #LovinLibidoMocha.

As you can see in this video, #brainpowernutrition quantifiably improves Memory, Focus, Energy and Mental Clarity.

Big Thanks to Anthi for overcoming her fear of speaking on camera and sharing these results with all of us.


Always Remember,

“All life is energy and energy is life.” 


Always be doing things that will elevate not drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive, high-energy people, eat natural higher-energy foods, and move your body to create energy to energize your brain.

More ENERGY = Less Chaos = Better Cell Signalling = Balanced Hormone & Neurotransmitter Levels =  Increased Learning, Memory & Increased Ability to tap into the Information and Intelligence in the Universe. 

In Ancient wisdom, your Jing “Your Hormone Essence”, creates Life Energy “Qi’, which ultimately creates the Shen “Your Spirit”, your ability to see and connect with the universe.

“The only limitations on you, your learning, memory, creativity, imagination and ability to activate your genius and tap into the infinite intelligence of the universe lie in the development of your life energy and strategic use of your Brain, which is an antenna that has the ability to tap into and receive all the signals and information in the universe and beyond.” 

– MasterMind

Mastering Time – How to Increase Your Time & Get More Done. Part 2

I’ve always been curious and fascinated by the concept of time. Why does time seem to expand for some, and shrink for others? Why does time feel so different as an adult than it did when we are kids? Why does everyone feel like they never have enough time? 

As a natural scientist, it has been my mission to discover how to expand the human experience of time.

In this blog post, I share with you the secrets that I’ve found to make time more expansive, while increasing your longevity at the same time. I’m going to take you out of the world of time-famine and into a world where time ticks at the pace you choose.

I’ve put some critical information in this blog post, much of which is directly extracted from my upcoming book, MASTERMIND. I’ve been so excited by the connections and breakthroughs I’ve been making and wanted to share them with you right away. I’m not a fan of holding things back, being secretive or having a mind-set of scarcity, I love to share my ideas and insights to help others. What goes around comes around, right? At the end, I give you the Simple Steps to Building a Better Brain and Mastering Time – follow these steps and watch your life transform. You will have more time and energy than ever before. People will notice.

Life is like a funnel. At the beginning of life, the diameter of the funnel is very wide, and time feels very  expansive. However, as we age the funnel gets thinner and thinner, until the point at which each year seems to pass us by in the flick of an eye.

I’ve always been curious as to how we can keep the funnel wide and time expansive as we age.

I’ve never bought into the myth that we must decline with age. Having discovered new breakthroughs in Neuroscience and practicing disciplines which completely transform the body like Qigong, Tai Chi & TCM as a disciple of the Shaolin Temple, now I know, with a doubt, that your brain and mind will only decline if you let it.

I’ve connected the dots between several scientific observations to find the solution to increasing the time in your years and making your years as expansive as possible. By applying the principles from these to examples, you will keep your life from shrinking as you age.

The first thing to know is that mass and metabolic rate determine how humans and animals experience time. Secondly, time perception is directly linked to how rapidly and how much sensory information your nervous system can process. This is why when in flow states or near death-experiences, when neurotransmitters flood our brain, our brain processes an infinite number of stimuli, and time seems to stand still. On the other hand, the more our brain and nervous system decline and slow with the age, the less sensory stimuli we can process, and the faster time will pass us by.

The key point is that the more stimuli your nervous system can process, the more time will seem to go in slow motion. Case in point are flies. Flies are extremely small and have extraordinary high metabolic rates per body weight. For this reason, flies experience time more slowly. Studies show that species that tend to be smaller and have faster metabolisms perceive time in slow motion.

Based on these observations, it seems clear that we can make your experience of time more expansive by training your brain and nervous system, to keep it fast, efficient and able to process lot’s of information, keeping your energy levels sky high, and body weight balanced. I tell you exactly how optimize your brain below.

The second, vital principle to time mastery and longevity is an equation which I’ve learned from Ancient Chinese Science.

The following Equation that has major implications for your longevity :

A x B =  C  (a constant). 

A = the number of times your heart beats

B = the number of years you’ll live.

C = constant number.

Based on this equation, how can we increase our longevity? A constant is a constant, so the way we increase our longevity is by slowing down our heart rate – calming, balancing, controlling our nervous system and making our heart more efficient.

Just like our genes are the first draft of our life, all of us based on when and where we are born, have a life chart, a blueprint for how our life will play out, when major events will happen and when we are likely to die.

However, just like the environment determines how your genes will be expressed and how the novel of your life will play out,  the decisions that you make, such as how you train your brain and heart with practices like Qigong and Meditation, will determine how long you will live. 

The key to maximizing your longevity is by raising  your body’s life energy, so that your vital organs and your nervous system is more efficient. The less your heart has to over-work, the more years that you will live.

Moreover, energy is what electrifies and expresses DNA & your genes. By building your life energy, you can completely change how your genes are expressed and how your life plays out. Developing your energy is the way to getting out of any potential  “genetic death sentences”.

The two major magnetic organs in your body are your Heart and your Brain. Your brain and heart produce the strongest magnetic fields. This is where the mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants in your cells, are concentrated the most. The more energy your brain and heart have, the more efficient they will be, and the less energy they will dissipate.

The two major magnetic organs in your body are your Heart and your Brain. Your brain and heart produce the strongest magnetic fields. This is where the mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants in your cells, are concentrated the most. The more energy your brain and heart have, the more efficient they will be, and the less energy they will dissipate. More energy efficiency means that your heart will not have to work as hard, thereby increasing your longevity. Also, by training your brain and nervous system to be maximally efficient, you will be able to process vast amounts of sensory information, making time more expansive for you. 

Very simply, by increasing your brain and heart’s energy, you can keep the Funnel of Life & Time expansive across your entire lifespan, while increasing your longevity at the same time. Pretty HUGE if you ask me. Isn’t that what we all want? To live with the same excitement, fulfillment, expansiveness and energy we had when we were younger? Shouldn’t we be maximizing the fun, enjoyment and things we can accomplish in this lifetime? 

People talk about longevity, anti-aging, productivity … well I’m showing you scientifically how to master both in one shot. Here is the pot of gold – exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Remember the two keys:

  1. Train your Brain & Nervous System to be maximally efficient to be able to process more sensory information.
  2. Make your Heart more Efficient, so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

Here’s How to Master Time, Energy and Longevity in One Shot: 

A principle of Life: Yin & Yang, which describes the relative nature of the entire universe -. Soft and Hard, Male and Female, Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy. Extreme Yang breeds Extreme Yin. Extreme creation of Kinetic Energy can be converted and stored as Potential Energy in our Heart and Brain. Everything is about the transformation of energy. So what you want to do is combine bursts of extremely intense physical activity (extreme Yang) with extreme physical relaxation (extreme Yin), to create energy and train your brain to process more information and fire faster. The intense exercise increases brain cell activation and growth (kinetic energy) and meditation hard-wires and consolidates these new pathways in the brain (potential energy). Together, this is the ideal strategy to increasing your brain and heart’s capacity and conserving energy so that they are more efficient at rest. Think of a Super-Athlete’s heart rate at rest, it’s very low. This is the type of exercise I teach to people with Cancer, Autoimmunity, Chronic Fatigue and people who’s immune systems are destroyed. For example I’ll teach them Tiger Claws (extreme Yang), followed by the 4 phases, which is an extremely soft movement. This is the fastest way to creating and storing energy, building up the body internally, not wearing it down like conventional western exercise. Everything has a role in it’s proper context.

 So here is the principle, Extreme Yang, breeds Extreme Yin. Extreme Intensity breeds Extreme Physical Relaxation. 

The Key to Exercise is Short, High-Intensity Bursts, followed immediately by a relaxation, consolidation practice like Meditation.

2.  Brainpower Nutrition:

DHA & Iodine Rich Seafood – oysters, sockeye salmon, sea vegetables like Dulse, Nori. See Dr. Kruse’s Epi-Paleo Rx. 

Wild Greens & Green Vegetables

Superfoods & Tonic Herbs – wild herbs like wild Reishi, wild ginseng, directly energize the body and build the immune system.

Fresh Spring Water

The entire key with Nutrition is to provide the highest energy fuel sources for your brain and heart and the raw materials to build your nervous system. In the fall and winter, you want to eat a more ketogenic, DHA-rich Seafood Diet. As Dr. Jack Kruse, likes to say, in the winter “Eat like a Great White Shark”, meaning lot’s of proteins, preferably high quality seafood, grass-fed meats and healthy fats like Ghee and grass-fed butter. In the winter, your diet should be primarily Protein, Fat, and greens.

In the summer you can eat more carbohydrates such as fruits, sweet potatoes and superfoods like berries which grow indigenously in your environment.

You want to implement high energy greens and wild tonic herbs each and every day, especially if you live in a majorr city.

The more Blue Light (aka television, computer screen time) you are exposed to, the more DHA rich seafood you need to eat and the more high-powered Tonic herbs you must consume. DHA in it’s proper food form, is magnetically integrated into the brain, heart and immune system to increase energy flows and cell signalling. Tonic Herbs like Reishi, Ginseng, concentrate  extraordinary amounts of energies from the environment, and confer levitational and life force power upon your body when you consume them. Third, on a daily basis consume wild greens and organic green vegetables, which contain chlorophyll. Green are essentially liquid sunshine. Greens are one of the highest frequency foods you can eat.

3.  Neurofeedback & Brain Training – With Neurofeedback you can train your brain to raise brain voltage and energy levels, while teaching your brain to function in a more balanced and efficient manner.

4. Life Energy Practices

Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi & Yoga. Meditation is huge to minimize the chaos in your body and increase your body’s energies. Chaos = Inflammation = Aging. Meditation is key to building potential energy, and connecting with the energies from universe, which you can then use to your advantage. Qigong and Tai Chi are especially important because they accelerate the development of life energy, build internal power rather than break you down like most exercise, and enable you to transform energy, meaning you can transform negative energies in your environment into positive ones, increasing your resilience.

“It’s one thing to become an enlightened soul in the mountains free from society, it’s another to be an enlightened soul, and bright light each in every day in the grind of the modern society. That is the true measure of mastery – being able to brighten the darkness in society, being able to lighten and lift the souls and hearts of others when so many things are pulling you down, and being able to maintain your cool, calm and composure in the face of the negative energies, distractions and temptations of society. Society needs you to shine brightly in the thick of it all. The sun can brighten the mountains. In society, in clouds of millions of people, where the light has been blocked, that is where you need to shine your bright light.

                                                                                                                                          – MASTERMIND

What makes Tai Chi and Qigong so special is The Transformation of Energy. Tai Chi and Qigong gives you the power to Transform & Transmit Energy throughout your entire body. Over time, with Tai Chi and Qigong practice, energy begins to flow through your body at lightening speed. The faster energy can flow throughout your body, the slower time becomes. The slower time becomes, the more you experience life in Slow-Motion & High Definition just like an Action movie. Not only that, by increasing your energy, your heart and brain’s energies will come into balance, and these organs will age less.

Finally, with Qigong & Tai Chi Practice, you electrify the primary semi-conductors in your body: Collagen & Water. Collagen is the primary protein in your entire body, an essential part of bone, tissue, cartilage and skin. When you electrify collagen through practice like Tai Chi, energy can flow freely throughout your collagen and water to heal any parts of the body which are out of balance. Moreover, as collagen and water in you become more electric, the acuity and number of sensory information you can process increases. We proved above, that when we can process more sensory information, time slows down. 

Bottom Line, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi = increased energy = decreased chaos = increased efficiency = increased energy flows = increased sensory processing = Time becomes more Expansive = Organs Age Less = You Live Longer = You Have a more Fulfilled Life. 

5. Living in Nature. Connection to the Earth & the Schumman Resonance, the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth, is critical to brain health, brain function and the signalling and cycles in your body. Our brain is designed to work best when we are connected to the earth’s magnetic field. The Earth protects and interacts with all living things with a natural frequency of 7.83 Hertz, which the Ancient Sages called “OM”.

The Schumann resonance corresponds to alpha brainwaves. When we live a connected life with the earth, Alpha brain-waves increase and our brain becomes more synchronized, both with all the regions in itself, and with everything in the entire Earth.

What we see in brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disorders, ADHD, is a lack of alpha brain waves. Low Alpha Brainwaves, links to low brain voltage, low Dopamine levels, poor cognitive function and mental disorders.

With brain-training and meditation, you can train your brain to produce more Alpha brainwaves, to connect with Universe even though you may live a dis-connected life – living in house, sleeping on a bed, wearing shoes, clothes etc. This dis-connects you from the earth’s healing power and the energy from the sun. Bottom Line, the more dis-connected you are from nature, the more brain training, meditation and energy practices you need to do to connect and collect the energy you are losing. 

Ultimately if you truly want to be a MASTER and develop the most beautiful brain possible, then you need to connect with and be in nature as much as possible..

When you’re in nature, all the excess electrons and energy from the environment flow into your body. That’s what grounding really is, electrons flowing from a an area of higher energy potential (the earth) to a lower energy potential (you).

In natural environments you have electrons flowing into your body from the oxygen you breathe, and being grounded to the earth, and from swimming in the water, which has higher electron and oxygen density. In natural environments you are more connected to the Sun, without the interference of man-made radiation blocking and altering the sun’s frequencies, which happens in cities and highly populated environments. Yes that’s right, in a city you are getting tainted sunlight, which may completely remove the healing benefits of the sun, when in a city. 

In fact, if you live in a city you can track your vitamin D levels from the beginning of the spring to the end of summer to see whether you are really getting the benefits of the sun-light or if the populated environment is altering the sunlight, preventing you from producing vitamin D.

Getting AM sunlight between 8 AM and 11 AM is huge for increasing your energy, hormones, neurotransmitters. Basically, photons from the sun, directly energize the electrons in your body, just like jumping the battery of a car.

AM sunlight is key to vitamin D production and sulfation of cholesterol and lipids so that they are delivered to the brain, among many other benefits.

Below, I’ve done the work for you and given you the simple steps to a new and better you. All you have to do is follow them. You can Download the 1-page Brain & Time Mastery To-Done Check List which will keep you on the road to mastery every day.

Follow this game plan, and watch your energy increase, your time expand and see yourself accomplish so much more in much less time.

A major problem for people is how much time seems to shrink with age. I feel that sentencing ourselves to inevitable age-related decline is simply un-acceptable. If you are committed to increasing your brain’s capabilities with age, then there is no reason why you can’t.

Our goal is to keep time expansive and keep our brain and mind, growing not shrinking, with age.

Here is How:

Stay Tuned for the Downloadable PDF Brain & Time Mastery To-Done Check List


The Simple Steps to a NEW and BETTER YOU

Your Goal is to Do at least 10 of the following:

  1. AM Sunlight at least 10 minutes
  2. Look Directly into Sun Upon Waking (before putting contacts in / glasses on)
  3. No Blue Light after 8 pm. (T.V., Computer Screen. Install F.Lux, Blue-light blocking glasses)
  4. Outside in Nature for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Drink ONLY Spring Water, Reverse Osmosis Water or Non-Fluoridated Water with no exception.
  6. High-Intensity Interval Exercise
  7. Qigong Exercise or Tai Chi (do both!)
  8. High Fat, Moderate Protein Breakfast
  9.  BRAIN TRAINING – at least one of Neurofeedback, Brainwave Entrainment, Speed Reading, Cognitive Training, Brain & Cognitive Speed and Sensory Training.
  10. DHA rich Seafood – at least 1 meal
  11. Iodine – Sea vegetables
  12. Tonic Herbs – consume at least one. Reishi, Ginseng,
  13.  SuperFood & Super-Herb – at least one – Cacao (chocolate), Tumeric, Resveratrol, Red Wine (Argentine Malbec, Pinot Noir), Goji.
  14. Meditation – at least 20 minutes
  15. Intermittent Fasting *** same days you can intermittent fast in the morning other days have a B-A-B- Big-Ass-Breakfast with Fat and Protein.
  16.  Cold Thermogenesis – Cold Shower, Swimming in Lake, Ocean, Cold Salt Water Pool (55-65 degrees Fahrenheit).
  17.  Grounding – At Least 20 minutes Grounded (Magnetico Sleep Mattress)
  18. Super-Learning: Learn new Topic at least 30 minutes.
  19. Listen to Audio / Video on Brain/Health/Performance/Business for at least 20 minutes.

“Each Day in Every Way you are getting Better and Better” 

– Emile Coue

Keep Changing The Game, Your Brain & Your Life to Your Maximum Advantage.

MASTERY OF TIME – How to Increase Your Time & Get More Done.

“In business and life, it’s not about time management but about brainpower management. You can have the most meticulous time management systems in place, but if you don’t have the brainpower to get all the work done with peak efficiency in the time allotted, all that time management is for not.”

– Chris Wyllie, The Brainpower Breakthrough

When it boils down to it, what are the two main things that people suffer from and complain about?

1. Time Famine – Not enough time. Aren’t you finding that there is always so much to do and so little time? Not to mention, as you get older and the way you may be letting your brain decline, you’re likely having to do more with less.

2. Some form of Brain Problem like ADD, Mental Illness like Depression, or Physical Disorder like being Obese or over-weight.

So how in one shot, can you increase your time and improve your health?  That’s what this blog and all the Time Mastery Blogs are about …

Albert Einstein proved that time is relative. Time is an emergent phenomenon, it’s not absolute, meaning that every single person’s experience of time is different. In other words, the rate at which time passes you by, is different for each person. Thirty minutes to me is not the same as thirty minutes to you. Thirty minutes is not the same to a boy with ADHD as it is to a boy with a fully functioning brain. Quantum Physics shows that when we speed up electron transport in our mitochondria (we have more energy and electricity flowing through our cells), time slows down. When Energy rises, time slows down and our performance speeds up. Time dilation happens. Everything is relative, and thus so is time.

Do you remember how long the days felt when you were a kid? What’s the difference between you then and you now? Why does it feel like you had so much time then, but so little time now? The laws of Physics dictate that when metabolic rate and energy is sky-high, time slows down. When we are young, our brain and body are loaded with energy, and metabolic rates are through the roof. As a result time seems very expansive. However, with age and stress, the more our energy decreases and the more our metabolic rate slows, the faster time seems to pass us by. The difference between your perception of time as a child and your perception of time as an adult proves that time is relative. Einstein said that as you approach the speed of light, time and space approach absolute zero, meaning time completely stops. In this way the more energy that flows through your brain and body, the more time will slow down. This is why Monks and Qigong Masters who are 75 can look like and have the physical body of a 35 year old. My Master, Sifu Paul Ng is the perfect example.

Imagine Life as a Funnel – at the beginning of life, the diameter of the funnel is very wide, and as we age the funnel gets thinner and thinner, until the point at which each year seems to pass us by in the flick of an eye.

Look at people who are running around living their lives as stressed as can be, they are actually dissipating and losing energy to the environment, so time speeds up for them, and passes them by much faster. There is one thing you can guarantee – time never waits for you. The less energy efficient your body is, the more energy you will continue to lose to the environment, and the faster you will age.

The name of the game of making time more expansive is ENERGY. The more your energy rises, the less chaos that is in your system, and the less you will age. Chaos is a synonym for Entropy or “disorder” or Inflammation. The more inflammation and chaos in your system, the lower your energy goes, and the more energy you must add to your system to reduce the chaos.

Very simply, more energy = less chaos. More energy = more energy efficient organs = decreased aging of your vital organs.

So the solution to buying ourselves more time is simple: We need to increase our brain and body’s energies. Some of the ways we can increase our life energy to make time dilate is through high-energy Brainpower Nutrition loaded with DHA-rich Seafood, high-energy greens and wild herbs, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, Exercise, Super-Sleep as well Neurofeedback other Neuro-technologies to increase brain voltage and energy levelsAnd above all living a coupled, connected life – connected to the sun’s cycles, connected to the Earth, and fully connected to the natural physical environment you live in.

The most important factor to increasing your longevity is optimizing the environment you live in. Ideally, you want to be in nature and away from major cities as much as possible. Being in nature, you directly tap into the energy from the earth, the trees, the sun, the fresh spring water and the entire environment. Our body is designed to interact with the Low level EMF’s from the Earth, not the higher frequency EMF’s which are man-made. The modern technological world that we live in dis-connects us from the earth’s magnetic field, which is designed to heal and regenerate us. Not only that, our modern world, with the electrification of houses, Wifi, cell phones and all the non-native, man-made Electromagnetic radiation, is constantly stealing energy from our body, causing chronic activation of the brain and immune system, and the calcium efflux and excito-toxicity that underlies all neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, Autism and ADHD. 

Moreover, relative to most approaches to health, and personal development, everything in all my Brain and Beyond programs, and every approach I take is based on Universal Thinking, the Macro with the Micro, Physics and Philosophy, Science and Spirituality, and so will take you to a more fundamental level of health, consciousness and performance optimization. Everything is rooted in nature’s laws and science. Everything I do is aimed at increasing your brainpower, intelligence and energy flowing through the cells of your brain and body, so that time expands and your ability to execute exponentially more business skyrockets. Everything I do is scientific and can be explained right down to quantum physics. I give people simple eating, lifestyle and strategic game-plans that increase the electricity that flows through their mitochondria, making their brain, mind and body far more electric. Tons of people who’ve seen me speak live or watched any of my videos, always come up to me and comment on how sharp and electric my communication and speech is. This level of power has emerged because of how I’ve developed my energy and trained my brain. You can do the same

When you understand the laws of nature, and how the human body works, you can scale things to a broader, more fundamental level. When you optimize your brainpower and energy, everything in your life improves across the board. Your communication, sales, marketing and innovation all increase. With your brain and body working right, business strategies can be learned and implemented immediately. It’s no different with Super-learning your study materials. The best part is that with the approaches the really work, stress is vaporized and performance goes through the roof.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got so many things on my plate, I can’t afford not to learn and remember things with extreme accuracy. There’s simply not enough time to go over stuff again and again. So, I’ve been forced to develop my brain’s Super-Learning and Super-Memory Abilities to get the most human possible out of each day. For me, it’s usually the case, that I need to remember pages and pages of science and research, so that I speak with complete accuracy when giving a speech to a massive audience or working one-on-one with another person. For you it may be learning more about the science to develop better products for your business, or learning new sales strategies that you want to remember and implement right away. In any case, in today’s world a superb memory and ability to learn information at high speed is priceless.

Parting thought,

“No matter how busy we are, we always can make time for whatever matters the most … time is relative … we can make it bend and expand to accomplish whatever we desire. But to make time expand and approach the speed of light, the passion, purpose, and mission must be behind what you are seeking to carry out. Once you’ve got that, the second piece is developing the energy to make time expand.” 

– Chris Wyllie, Mastery Manifesto.

Who Are You?

Who are you?

When you strip everything away, who are you?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you will have no idea which way to go in your life.

When you discover what it is you are truly about, and what it is you truly are designed to bring to the world, everything in your life will change – Money, success, happiness, fulfillment all will follow.

This one question holds the key to discovering your true self and opening the doorway to a limitless life.

Your identity drives all the reasons why you live your life, which drives all the decisions and behaviour in your life.

‪#iamsunshine #‎mastermindphilosophy‬  ‪#‎limitlesslife‬ ‪#‎trueself‬  ‪#‎purethought #‎purelove‬


When I started practicing Qigong and Tai Chi is when my genius fully emerged. With practice, quickly I started getting a heck of a lot smarter, connecting the dots between all the information and knowledge I’d learned and accumulated in my head.

Why? How? 

Fundamentally these practices enhance your life force, your energy, your “Qi” in Ancient Chinese Science, or known as your “Electricity and Magnetism ” as observed on EEG’s of the Brain in Western Science. Did you know that we can now prove the existence of “Qi” Energy, which is measurable as increased heat and Infrared light travelling through the body? 

Moreover, the major brain and intelligence enhancing effects of tai chi and qigong, come from the repeated activation and development of the cerebellum with an endless array of fine motor movements. Over-time your cerebellum, increasingly coordinates these fine movements, and what emerges is a beautiful graceful, flow of physical movements.

What else happens?  

Your Cerebellum also controls coordination of thoughts, and what emerges with Tai Chi Practice is extremely fluid, connected, coherent thinking and intellectual abilities. The cerebellum houses 50% of the your neurons in your brain for a reason. In our evolutionary history, movement has been essential to survival. The ability to coordinate actions and movements in hunting, and then coordinated hunting in groups, favoured for massive  development of the cerebellum. What do we know about exercise? Exercise increases BDNF and nerve cell growth. So the human beings with the highest ability to coordinate movements and actions, were the most successful hunters, would have triggered the most significant BDNF and brain growth which would be further reinforced by the rewards of foods. Our Brains are still wired in the same way. If you want to develop your full brainpower you need to leverage the way your brain is wired, and engage in primal bodily movements, and exercises like Tai Chi which have been naturally selected for over thousands of years.


In a modern world, accelerating brain development to more extraordinary levels is achieved by combining exercise and fine motor movements, like HIIT and tai chi. Then immediately after perform some pre-frontal cortex stimulation like reading and writing, so that your brain is flooded with boatloads of BDNF, and so is rapidly wiring in new circuits and pathways absorbing information at high speed. This is a fundamental Super-Learning & Super-Memory Strategy. 

This is what I do everyday. Write in bursts of 1.5 hours, and then practice a Tai Chi set. Read for 1.5 hours then practice a different Qigong set. I then see clients for 4 – 5 hours, and then do a HIIT exercise, followed by a different set of tai chi and qigong exercises. Then in the evening I find an hour to meditate. Guess this does? It floods my brain with BDNF the entire day, and so my brain is rapidly growing new nerve cells and forming new connections. Basically I am Super-Learning all day, every day.

Think about doing this every day for 1 year, 2 years or 5+ years like I have … imagine how smart you could become. And this is just one part of the equation.

Question every limitation you have ever put on your brain’s ability to learn and remember. Question the idea of this 10,000 hour rule. 

Just Think … 

What do we know about rules?

When the Game Changes, so do the rules. 

Welcome to my world – The next dimension of Super-Learning, Super-Memory and Cognitive Enhancement.

My Full Super-Learning, Super-Memory, Cerebellum and Brain Optimization Strategies will be found in my published book Brainpower Nutrition as well as The MasterMind Brainpower Nutrition Video Cirriculum.

MASTERMIND PHILOSOPHY: An Inside Look into the Mind of The Game Changer

It was difficult to find something truly representative of all that all I do and represent. But in a flash of insight this logo was born:

This logo epitomizes all my work, my philosophy and approach, and everything that we’re bringing to the world with The Game Changer:

1. The Art and Science of Brain, Body & Performance Optimization

2. Eastern & Western Science:

From Neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Brain-Enhancement Technologies, Nutraceuticals and Neuroplasticity Protocols for the Brain to Eastern Science and Medicine of Qigong, Tai Chi, and TCM

3. Extreme Yang. Extreme Yin. Working with the people across the entire spectrum, from the most difficult cases of neurological conditions, learning disorders and physical disorders to the highest performers in the world.

For those who’ve never seen a tai chi symbol before. Tai Chi represents the law of yin and yang which describes the relative nature of all of life. Good and Bad. Soft and Hard. Warm and Cool. Male and Female. Heaven and Earth.

In this logo you’ll find two hemispheres of the brain, which are in place of the two dots in the tai chi symbol. The white hemisphere inside the gold section and the gold hemisphere in the white section, shows that inherent in all male are female qualities, and inherent in all females are male qualities. When applied to the brain, inside of extreme intensity, focus and rational intelligence lies magical intuitive and imaginative abilities.

Also look at it this way – There is always some good, in every bad situation that you’ve ever faced. Did you know that the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is right beside the deepest ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean?

Finally, it’s only when male and female come together that life can truly be born.

In the same way, only by harmonizing and blending the best principles of Eastern and Western Science can your full brainpower, intelligence, intuitive abilities and health fully emerge.

Ancient Traditions have always sought to bring together the macrocosm and the microcosm so that our health, intellect and spirit can emerge to higher levels. In this same way, Quantum Physics shows how the brain and consciousness is an emergent phenomenon and that the universe works by quantum leaps.

So in observing how nature works, I’ve named myself The Game Changer, because this is precisely how the world works: When you change the game and your brain, your life goes to next level. Life will never be the same.

The Infinite Intelligence posited by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, is the same thing as Quantum Superpositions posited in Quantum Physics … its time to marry all these ideas and wisdom together for genuine mastery.

Whether you’re a quantum physicist, a qigong master, a young child or a mom or dad, you’ve all had those special moments and times that completely set your life on a different and so much better trajectory.

My goal is to create as much magic, love and light in the hearts and brains of as many people as possible by bringing the soft and hard science together so our health and world can emerge to a much more magical place.


The Game Changer.