HOW TO OVERCOME ADDICTIONS – Drugs, Foods, Behaviours.

In this post, I dive into how addictions work, how to overcome them and how to flood your brain with the neuro-chemicals that take you out of mental, emotional and physical pain and drive you to the happy, healthy TARGET of how you want to look, feel, and behave. Rather than being ruled by addiction, and controlled by circumstance, I teach you how to take charge of your brain to get control of your life. I explain the key principles of addictions as it relates to the brain, and how you can actively run your brain to build new choices, new behaviours and new freedom. From addictions to drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Speed, Ecstasy and Amphetamines like ADD medications to food addictions that make you tired, cranky and fat, to addictive self-sabotaging behaviours, I cover it all!!!

Now, right off the batt, I want to congratulate you for your addictions, phobias, fears, anxieties and worries, they are an accomplishment you know!!! It’s an accomplishment for you to learn and remember to have an addiction and then consistently generate that behaviour. Photographic memory! Now, just imagine if you could re-direct that addiction and brain and memory power to master something else – like exercising, eating healthy foods, writing, creating and innovating in your business, making money or attracting the type of partner you desire. Wouldn’t that be great?

So it’s time to Buckle Up! You’re in for a ride, you’re taking control of your brain in 5 4 3 2 1, here we go … 

First and foremost, we all just want to feel good. In fact we all have the need to feel good and our brain will drive us to different behaviours to fulfill this need. For example, some of you exercise every day to feel good, some spend time with best friends, some take drugs, and some binge eat and stuff yourselves with dynamite foods, which give you a short burst and then a crash that knocks you out and numbs you to the pain. And many of you drink alcohol to move away from the bad feelings and get out of your head, while others smoke smoke smoke smoke. In most cases, you are moving away from what you don’t want, as opposed to accelerating towards what you do want. Your brain is not just a feedback machine, though drugs & fake foods do, in fact, destroy feedback mechanisms in the brain, its a targeting machine. Your brain accelerates towards targets and powers you to plan, think, create and move towards what you aim it at – when it’s working well of course. This isn’t the case for the majority. Do you have a food addiction? Drug Addiction? Substance Abuse Problems? Behavioural Addiction? 

When your brain is in trouble, you’re driven to move away from bad feelings so automatically that you don’t think to consciously aim your brain at a big, bright, juicy target of how you want to look, feel and be. If you don’t aim your brain, how can you expect to get there? As a result, your brain will drive you to behaviours that provide the “quick fix” or “short high” and remove the pain as fast as possible. “Hello, marijuana, Hello Alcohol, Hello Lays Potato Chips, Hello Peanut Butter & Chocolate (you’ve got to see the peanut butter cure below!!!)” 

The worse the underlying neuro-chemical deficiency in the brain, the more you’re compelled to high-return behaviours that give you the quick-fix. The brain will always drive you to self-medicate. And clearly Western Society is desperately searching for the quick-fix right? The “magic drug”, “magic weight-loss food” or the “magic diet approach”, all because people have brains that are chronically depleted and so they can’t Think, Plan, and thus Act intelligently. If you’re reading this blog, clearly you want to be in the driver’s seat of your brain.

When your brain is depleted, and all drugs including Amphetamines, ADD meds, Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, and stimulants like excessive caffeine and sugar deplete the brain, neurochemicals like Dopamine which fuel focus, motivation and thinking, plummet. Quickly with substance use and abuse, the neurochemical well in your brain goes dry. The ReGame Changer Transformationsult: you can’t think clearly. Its a vicious cycle. The more you engage in the addictive behaviours, the more depleted your brain becomes, and the poorer you think. The danger is that as your brain goes, so do your morals & ethics. I know from personal experience, my anxiety, panic and addictions, pushed me to the point where I was doing things I would’ve never done in my life. Thankfully I didn’t get in as deep as my friends, who were medical students and neuroscience PHDs, but I still managed too plough through all my savings and was hospitalized, 30 pounds underweight in third year university!!! Weight loss, nutrient depletion, immune system breakdown, mental, emotional, and moral breakdown, out of control behaviour, these are just some of the nasty things that come with addictions. Taking charge of your brain starts by thinking. Here’s a photo of my before and after photo:

6’2 145lbs to 6’3 200lbs Shaolin Qigong Master (yes Qigong transforms your bones, ligaments, tendons and makes you taller! Just wait until I teach Qigong to NBA basketball teams, did you know Bruce Lee taught kareem abdul jabbar?

Here is a video – The Peanut Butter Cure – in which i dive into the thought processes of food addictions and drug addictions. Also watch Master Brain Boosting, and Brain, Beliefs Brilliance – The Game Changer Philosophy videos on Youtube for insights and connections between Drugs & Decisions.

The key point is that when your brain is depleted, and you feel bad and you’re moving away from things, you make poor decisions. It’s simply not the case that you feel like crap, drink, stuff yourself with food or do drugs, self-hate and then make good decisions. Rather the sequence starts by bathing your neurology with good neurochemicals and good feelings, and then making good decisions. Those are the feelings you want to move into the future with right? 

You know that when you’re tired, in pain, stressed and depressed, the world looks darker, every problem feels heavier and you don’t have that same lightness and brightness of mind, right?. When you feel like crap you don’t THINK & PLAN intelligently, and thus fail to see the full consequences of your actions. For example, in terms of drugs, drug addicts in their mind, make short movies and see themselves taking drugs, getting high, feeling good and then BOOM, they stop at that point, as opposed to seeing the full consequences play out, such as all the time they’re going waste having to get the drugs, and then they’ve got to prepare everything, get high, go through an extended crash, and then do it all over again. Not to mention they’ve got to find a way to get the drugs, find the money, and quickly and progressively they becoming more and more dependent and broken down. If you’re a drug addict this downward spiral can continue until one morning you open your eyes and, “Holy Smokes” you’ve lost everything. Or one day you’re walking down the street and get jumped, hit over the head and it’s lights out, “you’re gone”. Or one day you’re sitting with a beer in your hand, watching television bathing yourself in regret, anger and resentment for all the talent, potential and opportunity you wasted. The reason why people make short, crappy movies in their mind as opposed to long full, all-encompassing movies that are empowering and move themselves to how they want to look, feel and behave, is because their brain is so depleted in neurochemicals like Dopamine, that they don’t have the brainpower to think. There’s no gas in the tank. Nor does the engine have the capacity or handling to get them where they want to go.

Remember, your brain is an energy hog. Your highest human abilities, such as your executive function abilities and decision making are the first things to be sacrificed when your brain is energy depleted. With this in mind, one of my primary goal’s is to teach kids how to boost their brain, and get “the high” naturally in order to feel good, while arming them with better learning and decision-making strategies.

Also, I’m sure you’ve all seen drug addicts, ex-drug abusers and people with addictions, how “jumpy” and “racy” they are, and how they constantly “hop” from one thing to the next. You’ve probably also noticed how people with addictions, especially to drugs, have “shakes”, “tremors” and motor dysfunction, similar to parkinson’s right? Thats because a brain that has been fried by addiction is depleted in the neurotransmitter Dopamine. Dopamine is what “locks” our brain on a particular idea, a particular decision, a particular neural pattern. Depletion in dopamine leads to precarious behaviour, indecision, and motor problems. The precarious behaviour and morals going by the way side, are a product of the brain starving for Dopamine. The addict is literally chemically cut off from their higher self.

What does an ADD brain starving for Dopamine Look Like?  Here are two sample examples. Did you know that there are over 6 different forms of ADD? And many different brain patterns can manifest as ADD.

  1. Left is a classic “Blue Brain”, Low Voltage Energy, Dopamine Deficient Brain.
  2. Right is an inflamed hyperactive brain with ADHD. Generalized Inflammation and Hyper-Activity “Red” Across Frontal Lobe.

11698766_10155857262860074_2612055723919906606_o                      Aziz K EO1

So, the first step to making better decisions is to bathe your brain with the neuro-chemicals it’s starving for. The Process is Simple:

Change your brain juice, change your state, change your thinking, change your feelings, and therefore change your behaviour. See MASTER BRAIN BOOSTING VIDEO, BRAINPOWER NUTRITION VIDEO & BRAIN, BELIEFS, BRILLIANCE – GAME CHANGER PHILOSOPHY VIDEO for how to “soup up” your brain juice! Better yet, watch the Super-Brain Speech called Super-WomanOptimizing Female Brain & Healthy Hormones. While given to a group of women its a speech for women and men.

Raise your Brain Juice!!! Jack up your Brain!!! Watch the videos. Now what more do you need to know? 

What you need to know about your brain: 

  1. Your brain is a learning machine that learns rapidly & works perfectly. Bottom Line, your brain is going to get its fix, its going to find a way to do so. In fact, addictions, phobias, fears, anxieties, are an accomplishment. Its an accomplishment for you to learn and to remember to have an addiction and then consistently generate that behaviour. Now the question is: How can we re-engineer the machinery of your mind, and install new strategies and patterns of function so that your addictive tendencies can be aimed at healthy behaviours like working, creating, exercising and learning. PTSD, fears, anxieties, are proof that your brain has a photographic memory. Fact is, you haven’t even begun to open the vault to your super-memory capabilities. While the brain is a learning machine, it can as easily learn garbage as it can the good stuff. Rather than letting your brain flip flop like a fish you need to direct your memory powers to learn and remember what it is you want, not what you don’t want. What you focus on will get hardwired more and more in the brain. Are you often stuck in your head, thinking and worrying, having conversations, arguments with yourself and with others before they even happen???!!! Seems like a great way to think. NOT. If so, you’re planning to be stressed as opposed to planning for the outcome you really want. With communication, be calm, clear, concise and don’t waste time and fool around, go after what you want and get it! Instead of stressing ask yourself, “how quickly and directly can I get this outcome?”  Change your approach, and you’ll save yourself a whole bunch of time, time to perhaps begin enjoying life!!!
  2. Building New Patterns of Behaviour – There is nothing “wrong” with you, you’ve just learned particular patterns of behaviour. If you don’t like what you’re doing, its time to learn “to do” something else. Your brain makes the best decision it can given the options it sees. Up until this point, smoking Dope, or stuffing your head in with chips, and ice cream at night, may have been the best way for your brain to give you the relaxation you need. Rather than self-hating, thank yourself for how you’ve been able to generate relaxation and comfort you need. Now in order to change things you need to build new choices. You can’t make new choices, unless you have them.



Your behaviours are not a function of “who you are” but rather “what you do”. Behaviours are a product of what your brain does and your dominant energetic, neurological patterns. ADHD, ADD, is not something you “have” its something your brain “does.” Its a process, not a thing. Since its a process, it means you can change it and teach your brain something new. Build new neural patterns of function. It’s just like love, happiness, and “reality” these aren’t things, they are “processes”, which are always changing. Bottom Line – you can take change these processes to change your brain & your behaviour.

How to build new Patterns?  We all know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so all the fragments, energies and pieces of everything you’ve ever experienced remain with you, buried deeply in the unconscious mind and limbic brain. The conscious mind is the flashlight of your awareness right now, and the unconscious mind is the full warehouse of all our experiences, emotions, memories and thinking processes which constantly drive our behaviour. So the key is not erasing memories, as memories are just representations of the mind and are not in fact what actually happened, the key is to build new dominant patterns of function that your brain can operate with, which enable you to see everything in a new light. By building new dominant patterns of function, now the particular stimuli and situations (ex: party with drugs) can trigger new responses as opposed to the old ones.


Consciousness is the primary, organizing, unifying force in the universe. Consciousness is the active process that intervenes between stimulus and response. By acting and thinking consciously, we can change how we respond to triggers. Rather than the sight of others smoking, triggering you to smoke, it can trigger freedom, control and enjoyment. So that the more others smoke, the more you see yourself acting with control, doing what you want and the better you feel, and so the more control you begin to have over your life. You can actively, and consciously re-wire your response to anything. This is what all my work and the power of neuroplasticity is about, from the neurotechnologies and brain training, to NLP/Hypnosis,to Qigong, Tai Chi, and the development of Qi and the Subconscious Mind, everything is designed to give you the hyper-awareness, and hyper-ability to change and direct your brain and behaviour to what you want – this is the essence of freedom.

So when working with clients, I’ll ask them, How would you like to feel and behave in these situations???  Depending on what you want and even if you don’t know, I can train your brain to be relaxed and in a heightened state of excitement when others drink, or heightened state of relaxation with a simple thought in your mind. The smoker is just trying to relax and breathe you know??? Just like installing a new program on a computer, I can design and engineer a new behaviour to get you relaxing and feeling better than ever before. I’ve completely re-engineered my brain and you can to.

Anticipation, imagination, creativity, the ability to hallucinate a reality and then plan the steps to create that reality – these are the distinguishing features of human consciousness. It’s time you step into the drivers seat and run your your brain, and think and plan with intention, rather than having your brain just directed and controlled by however the winds of the situation are blowing.

Rather than “moving away” from bad feelings, direct and aim your brain at what you want.

3. MAKING BETTER DECISIONS – Every Bad Decision Accumulates to Disaster.  Every time you put a cigarette in your mouth you’re making a bad decision. Every time you pop a drug, you’re making a bad decision. Eventually the straw breaks the camel’s back, and disaster hits. We all know that smoking, and taking drugs are bad for you, but what does it take to change?  It’s not until a person hits the threshold that they change, either they’re hospitalized and have no choice but to change to continue living or they realize how idiotic their behaviour is and reach the point of “Never Again” “Enough is Enough” “I’m DONE!!!” and finally focus on getting happy and healthy. So it’s not until you’re completely broken down, or you get a perspective, seeing the full consequences of your actions playing out, thinking ahead to you see what your addiction and behaviours are really going to do to you that you realize how stupid they are, and thus change. When you get fed up or laugh at yourself, you free yourself to change.

The brain is binary and so you need to re-direct your brain to want you want. Train your brain “not this, THIS”. You need to have a big JUICY target that your brain can move towards in place. It’s not enough to just remove something, as your brain will just fill that space with more crap. You need to build in something bigger, brighter, better than you can move towards.

When it comes to smoking and drug addictions, withdrawal symptoms, rather than being a stimulus to take more drugs, are in fact a sign that you are doing things correctly. You’re supposed to feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the drug. In fact you can train your brain in such a way that these withdrawal symptoms trigger the big juicy, happy, healthy, future that you have ahead of you. An investment in a little short-term pain will free you for huge long-term gain. For your neurology, titrate down with the drugs systematically, bit by bit.

If coming you’re off of Dopamine Drivers like ADD meds, Cocaine, Speed, or excess caffeine, supply your brain with the foundational raw materials to begin re-constructing those neurochemicals on its own. For example, for coming off ADD medications start supplementing with amino acid tyrosine, start getting lots of AM Sunlight which raises dopamine, start eating a higher fat, seafood DHA-rich Brainpower Nutrition Diet, start exercising and moving more. Movement raises Dopamine.

If you smoke a lot of Marijuana “Dope”, and feel like a slow, Dope, your brain is depleted in neurochemicals like Dopamine and Acetylcholine. These neurochemicals modulate “Brain Speed”. If you’re brain’s slow and dopey, learning, memory and processing information suffers. All stimulants, plough through B Vitamins and require a diet rich in foods such as Egg Yolks and wild salmon, to support and maintain the integrity of neurons. Drugs fry your brain. I know I fried my brain!

Food addictions and addictions to sweets, especially at night can be stimulated by excess glutamate and cortisol. As a result, your brain is seeking to cool, relax and calm down and raise GABA and serotonin. Deficiencies in the neurotransmitters serotonin, GABA and Dopamine can predispose people to food addictions. We all got to stimulate our brain somehow! Find better ways of stimulating your brain. The key to behavioural control is to keep your Brain Juice high, and to have go-to strategies to ramp back up your Brain Juice when it gets depleted. Meditation, exercise, herbs, super-brain beverages, and sunlight all are huge go-to strategies to replenish your Brain Juice.

In any case, you can make the transition as smooth as possible while you titrate down, taking less and less medication. 3-6 weeks and Boom you can have your life back. It’s so worth it!!!

Steps to Overcome Addictions:

Principle # 1: We all need to do feel good.

Ramp up your Brain-Juice, and flood your brain with the neuro-chemicals it is hungering for. Watch Master Brain Boosting Video & Brainpower Nutrition to do so.

Principle #2 – Actively Train your Brain to Form New Dominant Patterns of Functioning: 

Rather than “moving away” from bad feelings, direct and aim your brain at what you want. Your brain is a habit forming machine, and loves whats familiar. All the stimuli, the smells of foods and drugs and situations, the sight of foods and drugs and all the contexts trigger conditioned responses. While the brain will gravitate to what’s familiar, it learns through difference. Consciousness is the difference that makes the difference. Actively use your Consciousness to intervene between stimulus and response. Consciousness is what makes us human, and not just some Pavlovian lab dog, stimulus, response. That said, like a dog, our brain needs to be trained.

Here’s how you can train your brain:

Make movies, play out the consequences of your actions, change your perspective, see what your actions are really going to do to you. Drug addicts don’t plan. The Brain in many ways is a binary machine, and you need to train it “not this, THIS!!!”. Pay attention to your thought processes that precede the addictive behaviours – Do you see a big juicy movie of you eating ice cream, do you hear voices in your head that say “ohhh just have one!!!”, do you have a crappy feeling in your body you want to get rid of??? If so, you can begin to change the pictures, and movies in your mind, slow the voices, allow them to drift off in the distance and replace them with something stronger and perhaps sexier, and begin to re-engineer your mind. Hallucination, Thought Experiments, Seeing & Imagining Realities and then building that reality, these are the highest abilities we have as humans. Did you know that Albert Einstein’s Laboratory was his brain? Yes it’s time to start exploring and pimping out your brain. 

In my work, I completely “soup up” and re-engineer your brain and mind by combining Neuro-technologies with NLP, Hypnosis, Qigong for RAPID CHANGE at SUPER SPEED.

Finally, you all have automated programs, which tell you to do things, like not touch a burning stove, and which automatically generate behaviours like language, walking, running to make things easy and unconscious. As it relates to food, you have many automated programs, and its one thing to say “eat good foods, eat healthy”, but what happens when you pass a fast food joint or a ice cream ship and your brain goes, “mmmmhhhhhmmmm” and all your unconscious processes automatically drive you to eat ice cream??? Clearly you need deep brain change to re-direct these compulsions. So it’s time to automate the behaviours you want and make things easy, because things are easy when you work with, not against the way your brain learns best.

So when that jar of peanut butter calls out “ohhh come eat me, I’ll make you feel good” you unconscious mind says, “Bullshit!!!” and you think of how crappy you’ll feel and automatically move towards the sight, sound and feelings you want, which will pull you to a better decision.

There is no better time than right NOW, to learn to control your own life and happiness, because its not just about overcoming an addiction, a silly food craving or a quirky behaviour, its about imposing your will and at any second changing your ability to make a decision and then sticking to it. Over-time competence builds confidence. Creativity creates Courage.

Competence, Creativity, Confidence & Courage. These are the 4C’s to lighting up your Life.

Change the Game Now.


Super Brain 2: Stress Into Success. SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

-Les Brown

A friend posted on social media the above inspiring quote, from an incredibly powerful, passionate leader. However, the way I read this quote today, is completely different from the way I would’ve read it 5 years ago. This change in perspective, this change in approach of how to most effectively and constantly be upgrading my brain, body, health, and power every second of every day to make a positive, powerful impact in the world is what this blog post is about. Unfortunately, many people will read much of the self-help advice and inspirational wisdom make the same mistake I did, make the same mis-interpretation I did, creating extraordinary stress and at the extreme complete breakdown.

If you’re like me I read the above quote and am shouting in my mind,



However, the processing and approach of optimizing every moment, and constantly be moving, and morphing into your highest, smartest, strongest self is quite different than you think. The optimal approach to creating extraordinary energy and power is far different from what you’ll see in 95% of people in the modern world who are stuck in a world of “busyness”, “time-famine”, “urgency”, “worry” and “hurry”, people who are constantly pushing, pushing and pushing the gas pedal with little thrust.

Do you find yourself always saying you’re too busy?

Do you find yourself desperately wanting more time? Are you absolutely drained at the end of the day? Is your mind foggy and brain sluggish?

Most people reading the above quote will think and say to themselves okay, “I need to optimize every second, work, work, work, achieve, achieve, achieve … I need to constantly be doing something and getting the edge … because, I can’t waste any moment!!!” … I know this because I used to be one of those people. Over-time the stress accumulates, the chaos rises, your mind and perspective narrows and the disorder in the brain overwhelms it’s capacities and energies. As  the waves of chaos in the brain increase, you quickly lose the ability to think clearly, swiftly and intelligently to rise above the problems you face. You lose the ability to see and seize the solutions to your problems, which are often flashing themselves nakedly to you each day.

It took me a while for my former hyper-tense, hyper stressed Type-A self to learn this (I was a DETERMINATION MACHINE … still am but I’m now leading and directing that determination down a more intelligent path, with a more intelligent approach), but here’s the KEY:

SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP. Extreme Yin creates Extreme Yang. From tremendous potential energy springs tremendous kinetic energy and capacity to do work. Always remember the need to SLOW DOWN, re-boot, rejuvenate, transform, upgrade your engine, upgrade your brainpower, your mental power, your physical body so that you can drive so much faster, so much more proficiently, powerfully and skillfully with your life. SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP … otherwise you’re just going to drive yourself to the ground like I did.

Why spend 7 days going 100 mph when you can completely transform and upgrade your brainpower, energy and physical power to enable you to drive 300 mph any time you need to step on the gas pedal?

Do you want to bark like a dog or roar like a Lion?

Did you know that Lion’s sleep 20 hours a day? For 20 hours a day Lions are silent, building potential energy, rebuilding their muscles, immune system and nervous system, but when they’re awake, watch out you gazelle’s!!!

Now do you need to sleep 20 hours a day, or is increasing your sleep even recommended, maybe, maybe not. Too much sleep for humans can be harmful, not helpful. Too much sleep actually decreases Lung “Qi” and thus energy levels. You probably know many people who are in bed for 9,10 hours, but still feel exhausted during the day.

Bottom Line, to truly maximize your power and performance you need the proper balance of Yin and Yang. Heaven & Earth. You must give your brain and body what it needs to bring the tsunami of chaos which is constantly building in our mind and brain from stress, problems and experiences to a crystal clarity like a lake, a serene glass sheet of water at dawn as the sun begins to rise.

You must constantly be re-supplying energy to brain, nervous system, and immune system, so that it can rejuvenate and continue re-organizing and building more complexity and capacity to do work. In essence, you want to be both the Tortoise and the Hare. Not one or the other. In many cases you want to be physically relaxed, efficient and calm like a tortoise, but when the rubber meets the road, you want to be driving at full speed, and be speedy like a Hare.

In terms of Brain Optimization, Super-Learning, Super-Memory, you want your body completely relaxed and mind shooting ahead.

When it comes to the brain, only by bringing your brain to complete crystal clarity and complete freedom & flexibility will you acquire the extraordinary power to see, do and create your future. From crystal clarity, your brain will develop the capacity to work at lightening speed. Yes, life gets REAL FUN when your brain works at lightening speed, and solves problems instantly, generates insights constantly, and is relentlessly feeding your mind solutions that take your life to the next level.

Since the Brain is intimately involved in both Facilitating Change, and Adapting and Changing in response to change (called neuroplasticity), let’s dive deeper into how build a Super-Brain.

Here are the two most important ingredients to build a SUPER-BRAIN:

1. OPTIMIZED BRAINPOWER – Optimize the Voltage, Electricity & Magnetism AKA the Sheer Power and Energy of your brain and nervous system. More Energy = more capacity to do work = more complexity = more expansive consciousness, which leads to the second key ingredient.

2. NEURO-FLEXIBILITY – this is the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient to going from a great brain to a GENIUS, from a smart person who still is often at the mercy of stress, to a Free-Flowing Brilliant Creator who can handle anything life throws at them.

In physics there is a dynamic relationship between Order and Disorder. Life is a beautiful dance of restoring order from disorder, and energy is the currency that is used to constantly bring life to higher levels of organization and complexity from randomness. Think of The Big Bang, from explosive chaos, matter coalesces to form the planets and our solar system. Or think of memories and learning. While studying and learning, you are adding more information, more bits of knowledge which are now floating in your mind and in flux, and must be systematized and organized into memories and new neural networks in the brain to stick in long-term memory.

Energy is the currency to facilitate this re-organization, which is why poor sleep, deficient brain nutrition, and low brain energy levels all are associated with deficiencies in memory and learning.

The point is that ENERGY must be added to a system (your brain), to reduce Entropy, which is a fancy word for chaos, inflammation or STRESS. Stress has a biological toll on your brain. Randomness and Chaos accumulates in the brain, learning and memory are compromised and at the extreme stress and disorder in the brain leads to learning disorders like ADHD, ADD, Autism and Alzheimer’s’.


But How?

Let’s get into some juicy details about the brain:

Your brain is a super-quantum computer that when optimized operates with infinite flexibility and infinite intelligence. Specifically, your brain performs two major functions and plays two major roles:

1. The Human Brain is the Ultimate SUPER-ANTENNA that receives and transmits frequencies, and thus information and intelligence from the environment, transmitting and transducing these frequencies into signals in the body, which bio-chemically alter neurotransmitter and hormone levels. Also, the brain resonates and transmits frequencies back out into the environment – this has huge implications for Physical Relationships, Business Team Synergy, Cooperation and Performance, Sports Team Synchrony and Performance and very interesting implications for abilities like Telepathic Communication, Energy Work and Psychic abilities. Quite simply, the channels your brain is tuned into directly affect your conscious mind, and the streams of information flowing in and through your mind. Moreover, the frequencies you transmit back to environment affect your every interaction with other human beings and all beings.

So, do you want to become an attractive magnet for intelligence, information, power, people and opportunities? Of course, right?

Optimizing your brain’s SUPER-ANTENNA abilities, increasing it’s flexibility and manifesting it’s infinite ability to tap into, receive and transmit all the frequencies and thus intelligence and information in the universe is the long-winded answer …  However, the systematic solutions are simple and sustainable. Supercharging your brain creates self-fulfilling success. Once your brain takes lift-off, you will ascend, ascend, ascend. You just need that initial rocket launch.  Did you know that a space shuttle uses more fuel during the first three minutes after lift off than during it’s entire voyage around earth?  

Like a rocket ship you may need that initial launch to break through your current brain patterns to get momentum going.

Brilliant minds have remarked that the human brain is the most magical and yet mysterious thing in the entire universe. Once you optimize it, your life will take off, the brain is intimately involved in and sculpts and shapes every aspect of your being – your mind, body, health, spirituality, energetic & higher dimensional abilities and so on.

So how does Stress fit in?

STRESS: Destroys brain cell signalling. When your brain cannot signal properly it cannot accurately receive environmental signals, nor transmit these signals as neurotransmitters and neuro-hormones like Dopamine. When brain dopamine levels decline brain voltage declines, and we see decreased brainpower on EEGs. This is akin to having a light-bulb which brightens your awareness, plugged into a battery that is dying and has little juice.

You can test this for yourself – the brighter the battery, the brighter the bulb shines. Similarly, the more JUICE and voltage your brain can use and harness, the brighter your mind shines, and the clearer and more expansive your awareness and perception becomes. 

When your brain loses it’s juice, it’s ability to receive and transmit signals is destroyed. At the extreme it’s just like your radio shutting off, because your car battery is dead.

When your brain loses energy, your radio dial can’t work properly, nor can you can change the dials to a clear station, and your brain becomes tuned into and stuck with “static”.

The more stress that accumulates the more static your mind hears. This is why your thinking and memory can become  one giant FUZZ, and at many times you may feel like you’re literally losing your mind! At the extreme your brain can become hyper-rigid and completely “locked in” like a person with Autism, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety and Panic Disorders.

Static, inflexibility, “stuckness” and lack of clarity underlies neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia and neuro-developmental disorders and learning disorders like ADHD, Autism, which are all problems of aberrant brain signalling.

Accurate signalling is the key to optimized, balanced brain function & cognition.

Now to The Brains Second Role:

2. Super-Librarian. Your brain is constantly acquiring new “bits” of information, new books of wisdom, new novels of experience and storing, sorting and systematizing them in the library of your memory. The efficiency with which your brain is able to accurately retrieve, recall and recite the information stored in your memory is a product of the efficiency of the Librarian that is operating your brain.

As you’re reading this you may be wondering,

Is my Brain Out to Lunch???!!!

Is my brain putting the adult books in the children’s section, and the comic books in the history section, so that when I try to recall a memory it’s literally a Joke!!! (pun intended) 🙂 🙂 🙂

So the key ingredient to Optimizing your Brain’s SUPER-ANTENNA capabilities, so that it functions as arguably the most infinite, flexible and capable, receiver and transmitter of information and intelligence in the universe is: ENERGY.

Having the ability to access information & intelligence is important, but being able to most effectively transmit and communicate that intelligence is even more important. 

ENERGY is what restores order from CHAOS. STRESS = CHAOS. Energy reduces stress and improves signalling brain and body wide.

ENERGY is what gives the librarian in your head, what it needs to accurately store, sort and systematize all the information and bits of knowledge your brain is constantly acquiring. Energy is what builds the complexity of your Brain, which basically enables it to tune into and easily access all the information in the universal web of intelligence. This is no different than what your cell phone does, only your human brain is trillions of times more complex and more flexible.

To tie everything together, to optimize your brain, and truly be optimizing every moment and every opportunity you must SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP … otherwise you’re just going to drive yourself to the ground like I did. Remember Einstein – Relativity. Yin and Yang. Heaven & Earth.

How do you SuperCharge your brain by Slowing Down to Speed UP?

Daily meditation – at least 20 minutes. Ideally practice emptiness meditation, complete silence. It’s only when the mind is complete empty, completely released, that it can fully rejuvenate and synchronize with the full power of the universe. Extreme Yin (silence) breeds Extreme Yang (extraordinary power).

Upgrade your Meditative Practice with Brain-wave, Bioenergetic Entrainment technologies which increase the neuroplasticity and positive brain changes from your meditation by energizing and rejuvenating the brain through sound therapy (Tomatis Effect), and bio-energetic frequencies, while entraining and bringing the brain to a place of coherence and balance among many many other things.

3.       Brain Training – Neurofeedback or Brain-Optimizing Neurotechnologies like the       Neurofield or things like Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation.

LASTLY & MOST POWERFULLY, and unfortunately this last one requires you to learn under a genuine master (B.S. Alert on self-proclaimed masters … always ask yourself, “show me the results, scientifically show me the results … thats what you should be asking yourself before placing your life and your money in the hands of any master, wonder-treatment or wonder-drug”)but the principles and philosophy noted below can be practiced immediately.

4.  Qigong & Tai Chi. Tai Chi is essentially moving meditation, and when you bring the Qi “energy” into the Tai Chi the infinite power, fluidity and flexibility you develop in your body and your mind is profound.

Nothing is more powerful “Miracle Grow” for the Brain then fully merging with the TAO, The Way, by moving to infinity with the universe. For example, by performing fine physical movements like Tai Chi you physically activate the cerebellum which coordinates movements and also coordinates thoughts. By coordinating your physical body and merging it with the universe, you bring your mind and thinking to the same place of infinity and flexibility as the cosmic mind. The neuroplasticity and brain cell growth and re-wiring of the brain is absolutely tremendous from these fine physical flowing movements. Did you know that the cerebellum houses 50% of the neurons in your brain? 

Not only that at the highest form of Tai Chi, your mind becomes empty, and it becomes moving meditation, and your Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC), your inner manager, your conscious mind, shuts off and you completely lose your sense of self. Your brain synchronizes with the cosmic brain, your mind synchronizes and becomes the cosmic mind, your physical bodies energies synchronize and unite with the cosmic energies, you become all-powerful, infinite, flexible just like the universe. You become very confident, very clear, and also very flexible and graceful in achieving your goals and communicating and connecting with people and touching their hearts.

Overtime and with a systematic approach you become the brightest burning beam light, and the flames of your genius can shine as brightly as possible. In short, you become everything you were meant to be.

Remember this, the principle to turning the tsunami of chaos, stress, fog, daze and helplessness to crystal clarity and infinite power is:

The System is the Solution

There is no One Magical Pill out there, but rather a Magical process, a Magical synergy, a Magical Systematic Approach that unleashes the Magical Pill Within. A magic process of combination, creation and synergy.

Einstein said that one of the most powerful forces in the world is compound interest.

Now we usually think of compound interest in terms of business, investments and money. But let me tell you compound interest is far more powerful when applied to incrementally increasing your brain, body, mind and energy and continuing to compound and compound these increases over time.

The most important thing is to Stack the Deck to Your Advantage wherever possible: Change the Game and play as many factors to your advantage – the foods you eat, how nourish and stimulate your mind, training, developing and harnessing the power of your brain, maximizing your energy through extreme Yang & Extreme Yin practices, Heavenly heights in what your nervous system can do, and Earthly balance and rooted power, achieved through High Intensity Exercise and Exercises with Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation. Ultimately you want Stack the Deck to Your Advantage wherever possible and get as many variables, as many things working for you. You want to get your brain, body and entire being firing on all cylinders. 

An ancient Chinese proverb says, Chance governs all” Why not change your chances by playing every variable to your advantage and giving it all you got?

In Tony Robbins book Money Master the Game, he shows how powerful financially compounding year after year is to building extraordinary wealth and Mastering Money.

Why not leverage this same principle to Master your Mind, Master your Brain, Master your Body and Master your Entire Life?

What if I told you we could take 7 aspects of your Being – your Brain, Mind, Body, Energy, Spirit, Lifestyle & the Environment you live in to name but a few, increase each by only 10% and at the end of the year you will be twice the person you are today. 2 times more powerful, more energized, more intelligent, more vital, more resilient, more determined than where you are right now.

Now based on the results of work with hundreds of people, can we increase all aspects of your being by way more than 10%? Of course. There’s no limit to how high and how fast we can go.

So, how hungry are you to activate Super-Human Genius? Do you want a Super-Human Body? Do you want to Master your Mind? Do you want a to live a Legendary Life and leave a Legendary Legacy?




Diabetes & Concussions – The Game Changer Brain Protection & Prevention Game Plan for Diabetics

This post is for families dealing with diabetes and specifically for professional athletes with Diabetes, who despite their diagnosis, are dedicated to pursing their dreams and playing the sport they love.

However, have you ever considered how much of a risk you’re putting your brain at by playing contact sports?

Have you ever thought that the dangers of a head injury could be much more severe if you have an underlying condition like Diabetes?

What if, one blow to the head could devastate you for the rest of your life?

Each brain is unique. The brain’s of diabetics are especially unique, in that the risks of damage from any blow to the head are much higher. In fact, any person with with impaired brain energy metabolism is at increased risk to damage from a head hit, including people with ADHD, ObesityType 2 Diabetes, and Autism. If you have an Autistic kid who has banged their head either on a wall or the floor, which most Autistic kids do, you better not underestimate how the accumulation of previous damage is effecting their already compromised brain today.  

However, the focus of this post is on Diabetes, specifically athletes playing contact sports with Diabetes. With this post, my goal is to give athletes with diabetes the tools to play as safely as possible to minimize their risks of brain injury and damage, which could set the stage for future neuro-degeneration, like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s etc. Just look at the ex-NFL players dropping dead at age 50 or 60 to see how quickly the brain can become a vegetable after all the head hits they endured during their careers. And these guys don’t even have the same level of risk as diabetics … For Diabetics the risks are greater.

A commonality among brain injuries is a deficiency in brain energy levels. In Neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s the neurons chronically lose energy, while with concussions the energy depletion is acute.  In diabetics, the poor ability for brain cells to use energy is chronic, which is optimizing fuel sources and the energy supplied to the brain is so important. 

With concussions becoming more and more prevalent in pro-sports as athletes in hockey, football, lacrosse, basketball and soccer, get bigger, faster and stronger, the risks and likelihood of sustaining a major concussion are skyrocketing. If you play contact sports you can guarantee, that you’re going to suffer blows to the head and sustain a concussion, whether it’s diagnosed or not.The key factor is how resilient your brain is and how well it adapts and re-generates from the injuries. 

The most important thing to know for athletes playing with diabetes, like promising young star Max Domi, who played with the London Knights and is now doing quite well in the NHL with the Pheonix Coyotes, is that Diabetics cannot withstand head impacts as well as those who are non-diabetic. This is because brain cells in diabetics have a very poor ability to use glucose and all diabetics tend to be deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is critical to ATP and energy production. In diabetes, since the brain has a poor ability to use energy, this makes the brain more sensitive to the effects of excitatory neurotransmitters like glutamate, which are released in massive amounts following a concussion.

In fact, even minor head hits, can cause the build up of these excitatory chemicals. Combined with consuming excitatory chemicals in processed foods, sodas, pre-work-out and sports beverages like Gatorade, and your brain is totally destroyed – those toxic chemicals will accumulate at the site of injury in the brain, drastically worsening the effects of any brain injuries. Diabetics have to be even more careful to completely eliminate pre-work-out drinks and any sports drinks that have additives like sucralose, aspartame, natural or artificial colours, acesulfame K, maltodextrin, fructose, and corn syrup. Even whey protein and protein powders can cause problems due to high levels of glutamine, which can raise glutamate levels and thus increase brain cell death and damage.

All the chemicals listed above, are excitatory in the brain, meaning that they make brain cells fire faster and faster, eventually so fast that they excite themselves to death. Hence the term “excito-toxicity”.

Did you know that artificial flavourings, additives and colourings literally cause your brain cells to explode? Have you ever seen guys downing pre-workout drinks, and when you try to speak to them during or after the workout they can’t even piece a sentence together? These artificial additives, colourings and dies, fry and scramble your brain.

I’m sure you’ve had an experience where everything went Blank after ingesting toxic additives in foods!

The Dies are Deadly – look at the ingredients in sports products and we see things like:

– Blue Lake – I don’t know what the heck that is but I’m as sure as heck it has nothing to do with a lake!

– red 3

– green 3

– yellow six – linked to tumors of the kidney and adrenal glands.

These Dies are spiked in pre-workout drinks and get you and your kids hooked.

These pre-workout beverages and even all the chemical nootropics are like putting  “nitric oxide” in a Nissan Sentra. While in you may get a short term boost, you destroy your car in the long-term. Doesn’t it make more sense to implement the fundamental strategies to upgrade your engine – your brain and body – from a Nissan Sentra to a Ferrari, so that you can perform with power all the time?

Anything that says “flavour” in the ingredients means it has been made in a laboratory. Natural flavours could contain the exact same ingredients as artificial flavours. Natural Flavours has no specific meaning or standard in food regulation. 

The natural sweetner alternatives that you want to use are Stevia, xylitol, and possibly raw honey.

Bottom Line: if you are a diabetic you must absolutely avoid pre-work-out drinks with any synthetic additives. Beware of Natural flavours. Avoid soda and soft drinks, processed foods and be careful eating out, as foods may have toxic chemicals like MSG. Stay away for polyunsaturated Omega 6’s like corn oil, safflower oil, and canola oil, which are highly inflammatory. Some other brain-busters you want to eventually remove from your diet would be pasteurized milk and dairy, gluten and grains and high-sugar fruit like bananas. Essentially do not eat any fruit that doesn’t grow indigenously in your environment at that time of the year.

Now, to the energy crisis for diabetics if they receive a blow to the head which significantly depletes brain energy levels. To start, the brain cells in diabetics are unable to use energy well and this increases the damage from any head hit which further depletes energy levels in the brain. Studies show that when magnesium and glucose are removed from neurons, even small amounts of glutamate can kill those neurons. Glucose and magnesium are critical to energy production in the brain. Energy depletion sensitizes neurons to death or injury. 

Quite simply, when there is a trauma to the brain there is a cascade of calcium spewing out of the cells, which leads to increase glutamate and excitotoxicity, which leads to brain cell death. Picture calcium as the cement of the cell membranes. When the brain is damaged in any form- a head hit or even putting a cell phone by your head – that calcium is spewed out of the cell wall, and floods into the neighbouring neurons. When calcium floods into a cell it raises glutamate levels and excitation of these target neurons. As calcium levels begin to rise in cells it is pumped out immediately because a rise in intracellular calcium mediates brain cell death (apoptosis).

The excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate is most prevalent in the frontal and temporal lobes, the regions of the brain most susceptible to injury.  The killer combination are elevated inflammatory cytokines and glutamate in an already energy depleted brain.

So how do we raise brain energy levels to protect and prevent athlete diabetics from doing major damage to their brain? 

In neuroscience, we once believed that the brain only used glucose as a fuel source. Now we know this isn’t true. In fact, the brain can use both glucose and ketone bodies for energy. Ketones are produced when our body switches from sugar-burning to fat-burning, and our body begins breaking fatty acids down into ketones bodies, which brain cells can use as fuel. Compared to glucose, ketones are a more efficient fuel source. Ketones rise as insulin and glucose fall.

Everything is about energy. The more energy you supply to your brain the better it will function and the more resilient it will be. Now here is something you probably don’t know: fatty acids, like 1 mol of fatty acid in coconut oil provide 147 ATP versus 36 ATP supplied by 1 mol of glucose. ATP is the fundamental energy currency of a cell. ATP = Energy. (in fact the function of ATP is more complex than this, but for our purposes, just know that ATP = energy).

More energy = less chaos = better functioning = increased resilience to concussions

Comparing the energy supplied by fatty acids versus carbohydrates clearly they aren’t created equal. And clearly this isn’t a calorie story. Looking at calories you’d think fats only provide 2X the energy – 9 calories for fats versus 4 calories for carbs – but when you look at the energy each supplies at the fundamental level, fats turn out to provide approximately 4.5X the amount of energy. As you can see, healthy high octane fats are a superior fuel source for a diabetic, who’s brain has a poor ability to use glucose. In fact, since the diabetic brain cannot use glucose well, supplying fatty acids as an alternative and additional fuel source is absolutely critical.

Also, since diabetics have chronically elevated blood sugar, they have increased glycation  oxidation in their arteries, and a lower charge in their blood. This creates inflammatory conditions and a build-up of a positive charge in the blood, which worsens the delivery of cholesterol and fatty acids to the brain, leaving the brain energy depleted, and deteriorating it’s structure over time. In addition, due to the low magnesium levels and excess calcification, diabetics are more prone to peripheral neuropathy.

So with all this said, if you’re an athlete with diabetes playing contact sports you’re probably wondering well what the heck do I do about this? 

Diabetic athletes must pre-load their brain with lot’s of magnesium and high-octane energy sources while completely eliminating all of the chemicals and additives that will raise excitation in the brain.

How do we specifically raise brain energy levels and lower susceptibility to brain injury? 

Here is The Game Changer Brain Protection and Prevention Game Plan for Diabetics:

Consume tons of:

  1. Seafood: Seafood and Marine Foods loaded with DHA, iodine and PUFA’s to build up brain cell membranes. DHA must be consumed in it’s natural food form, in which it is in the proper SN-2 position. In the proper SN-2 position in seafood, DHA is magnetically attracted to and integrated into the heart and brain. Just like our gut is an ecosystem that converts vitamin K to vitamin K2 and makes vitamin B12, fish are designed to naturally convert DHA in algae into the proper SN-2 position, so that we can integrate DHA into our cells. Everything in nature is coupled and connected. Just like oxygen, the waste product of trees, is our live blood, and carbon dioxide, our waste product, the live blood of trees, we are designed to consume nutrients in their proper evolutionary package found in food and herbs. Over the last 5 -7 million of years of human evolution, our brain has never seen isolated fish oil before. You are designed to eat DHA in it’s natural food form in: 
    • Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp, Lobster, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Organic Atlantic Salmon, Cod, Wild Lake Trout, Sea Bass etc. 
    • Eventually we may have to explore using Fish oils and Algae oils because there is no other option. But now there still is a better option, wild seafood from low pollution regions, and places where seafood is plentiful like from the Gulf of Mexico. 
  2. Lot’s of Healthy High-Octane Fats – Egg Yolks, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocados, Ghee, Grass-Fed Butter, Grass-Fed Meats. 
  3. Raw Cacao (Chocolate) – Chocolate is loaded with magnesium, zinc, and polyphenols like resveratrol which are extremely neuro-protective, and enhance the growth of new brain cells (neurogenesis). Aim for at least 30 grams a day. Make the trademarked Loving Libido Mocha or the Hormone Heaven Beverage – to stabilize blood sugar, super-charge your brain, increase cognition and protect brain cells.
  4. Supplemental magnesium such as Magnesium Threonate (for the Cerebral Spinal Fluid in the brain), Magnesium Malate (heart & muscles), Magnesium Orotate (ATP production).
  5. Super-Antioxidants = Super-Herbs, Super-food & Teas. All of the following increase neurogenesis and protect brain cells: Green Tea, Circumin, Resveratrol, Goji Berries (ideally in tincture drops not dried fruit form), wild blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Consume more berries in the summer and if you live in a warm environment where berries grow naturally. In the winter, in cold environments, don’t eat much fruit, if at all.
  6. Meditation – Meditation increases oxygen levels in the brain to minimize the pseudo-hypoxic conditions that occur in the brains’ of diabetics. More Oxygen = more ATP = more DHA that can get integrated into your brain.

These are the fundamental strategies, which are vital not only for Type 1 Diabetics, but also for people with insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s and any condition in which brain energy levels are impaired.

If you’re reading this and you are a pro-athlete you would be wise to pursue additional technologies and practices that increase oxygen and energy levels in the brain so that you can integrate more DHA into your brain.

More DHA = more electric current in your brain = better brain voltage = stronger magnetic field = more oxygen and blood delivery to the brain = more resilience to concussions.

Implement the fundamental strategies outlined above, and watch your mental clarity, focus, stamina, endurance and blood sugar stabilize.

Always put yourself in the best position to succeed.

Mastering Time – How to Increase Your Time & Get More Done. Part 2

I’ve always been curious and fascinated by the concept of time. Why does time seem to expand for some, and shrink for others? Why does time feel so different as an adult than it did when we are kids? Why does everyone feel like they never have enough time? 

As a natural scientist, it has been my mission to discover how to expand the human experience of time.

In this blog post, I share with you the secrets that I’ve found to make time more expansive, while increasing your longevity at the same time. I’m going to take you out of the world of time-famine and into a world where time ticks at the pace you choose.

I’ve put some critical information in this blog post, much of which is directly extracted from my upcoming book, MASTERMIND. I’ve been so excited by the connections and breakthroughs I’ve been making and wanted to share them with you right away. I’m not a fan of holding things back, being secretive or having a mind-set of scarcity, I love to share my ideas and insights to help others. What goes around comes around, right? At the end, I give you the Simple Steps to Building a Better Brain and Mastering Time – follow these steps and watch your life transform. You will have more time and energy than ever before. People will notice.

Life is like a funnel. At the beginning of life, the diameter of the funnel is very wide, and time feels very  expansive. However, as we age the funnel gets thinner and thinner, until the point at which each year seems to pass us by in the flick of an eye.

I’ve always been curious as to how we can keep the funnel wide and time expansive as we age.

I’ve never bought into the myth that we must decline with age. Having discovered new breakthroughs in Neuroscience and practicing disciplines which completely transform the body like Qigong, Tai Chi & TCM as a disciple of the Shaolin Temple, now I know, with a doubt, that your brain and mind will only decline if you let it.

I’ve connected the dots between several scientific observations to find the solution to increasing the time in your years and making your years as expansive as possible. By applying the principles from these to examples, you will keep your life from shrinking as you age.

The first thing to know is that mass and metabolic rate determine how humans and animals experience time. Secondly, time perception is directly linked to how rapidly and how much sensory information your nervous system can process. This is why when in flow states or near death-experiences, when neurotransmitters flood our brain, our brain processes an infinite number of stimuli, and time seems to stand still. On the other hand, the more our brain and nervous system decline and slow with the age, the less sensory stimuli we can process, and the faster time will pass us by.

The key point is that the more stimuli your nervous system can process, the more time will seem to go in slow motion. Case in point are flies. Flies are extremely small and have extraordinary high metabolic rates per body weight. For this reason, flies experience time more slowly. Studies show that species that tend to be smaller and have faster metabolisms perceive time in slow motion.

Based on these observations, it seems clear that we can make your experience of time more expansive by training your brain and nervous system, to keep it fast, efficient and able to process lot’s of information, keeping your energy levels sky high, and body weight balanced. I tell you exactly how optimize your brain below.

The second, vital principle to time mastery and longevity is an equation which I’ve learned from Ancient Chinese Science.

The following Equation that has major implications for your longevity :

A x B =  C  (a constant). 

A = the number of times your heart beats

B = the number of years you’ll live.

C = constant number.

Based on this equation, how can we increase our longevity? A constant is a constant, so the way we increase our longevity is by slowing down our heart rate – calming, balancing, controlling our nervous system and making our heart more efficient.

Just like our genes are the first draft of our life, all of us based on when and where we are born, have a life chart, a blueprint for how our life will play out, when major events will happen and when we are likely to die.

However, just like the environment determines how your genes will be expressed and how the novel of your life will play out,  the decisions that you make, such as how you train your brain and heart with practices like Qigong and Meditation, will determine how long you will live. 

The key to maximizing your longevity is by raising  your body’s life energy, so that your vital organs and your nervous system is more efficient. The less your heart has to over-work, the more years that you will live.

Moreover, energy is what electrifies and expresses DNA & your genes. By building your life energy, you can completely change how your genes are expressed and how your life plays out. Developing your energy is the way to getting out of any potential  “genetic death sentences”.

The two major magnetic organs in your body are your Heart and your Brain. Your brain and heart produce the strongest magnetic fields. This is where the mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants in your cells, are concentrated the most. The more energy your brain and heart have, the more efficient they will be, and the less energy they will dissipate.

The two major magnetic organs in your body are your Heart and your Brain. Your brain and heart produce the strongest magnetic fields. This is where the mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants in your cells, are concentrated the most. The more energy your brain and heart have, the more efficient they will be, and the less energy they will dissipate. More energy efficiency means that your heart will not have to work as hard, thereby increasing your longevity. Also, by training your brain and nervous system to be maximally efficient, you will be able to process vast amounts of sensory information, making time more expansive for you. 

Very simply, by increasing your brain and heart’s energy, you can keep the Funnel of Life & Time expansive across your entire lifespan, while increasing your longevity at the same time. Pretty HUGE if you ask me. Isn’t that what we all want? To live with the same excitement, fulfillment, expansiveness and energy we had when we were younger? Shouldn’t we be maximizing the fun, enjoyment and things we can accomplish in this lifetime? 

People talk about longevity, anti-aging, productivity … well I’m showing you scientifically how to master both in one shot. Here is the pot of gold – exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Remember the two keys:

  1. Train your Brain & Nervous System to be maximally efficient to be able to process more sensory information.
  2. Make your Heart more Efficient, so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

Here’s How to Master Time, Energy and Longevity in One Shot: 

A principle of Life: Yin & Yang, which describes the relative nature of the entire universe -. Soft and Hard, Male and Female, Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy. Extreme Yang breeds Extreme Yin. Extreme creation of Kinetic Energy can be converted and stored as Potential Energy in our Heart and Brain. Everything is about the transformation of energy. So what you want to do is combine bursts of extremely intense physical activity (extreme Yang) with extreme physical relaxation (extreme Yin), to create energy and train your brain to process more information and fire faster. The intense exercise increases brain cell activation and growth (kinetic energy) and meditation hard-wires and consolidates these new pathways in the brain (potential energy). Together, this is the ideal strategy to increasing your brain and heart’s capacity and conserving energy so that they are more efficient at rest. Think of a Super-Athlete’s heart rate at rest, it’s very low. This is the type of exercise I teach to people with Cancer, Autoimmunity, Chronic Fatigue and people who’s immune systems are destroyed. For example I’ll teach them Tiger Claws (extreme Yang), followed by the 4 phases, which is an extremely soft movement. This is the fastest way to creating and storing energy, building up the body internally, not wearing it down like conventional western exercise. Everything has a role in it’s proper context.

 So here is the principle, Extreme Yang, breeds Extreme Yin. Extreme Intensity breeds Extreme Physical Relaxation. 

The Key to Exercise is Short, High-Intensity Bursts, followed immediately by a relaxation, consolidation practice like Meditation.

2.  Brainpower Nutrition:

DHA & Iodine Rich Seafood – oysters, sockeye salmon, sea vegetables like Dulse, Nori. See Dr. Kruse’s Epi-Paleo Rx. 

Wild Greens & Green Vegetables

Superfoods & Tonic Herbs – wild herbs like wild Reishi, wild ginseng, directly energize the body and build the immune system.

Fresh Spring Water

The entire key with Nutrition is to provide the highest energy fuel sources for your brain and heart and the raw materials to build your nervous system. In the fall and winter, you want to eat a more ketogenic, DHA-rich Seafood Diet. As Dr. Jack Kruse, likes to say, in the winter “Eat like a Great White Shark”, meaning lot’s of proteins, preferably high quality seafood, grass-fed meats and healthy fats like Ghee and grass-fed butter. In the winter, your diet should be primarily Protein, Fat, and greens.

In the summer you can eat more carbohydrates such as fruits, sweet potatoes and superfoods like berries which grow indigenously in your environment.

You want to implement high energy greens and wild tonic herbs each and every day, especially if you live in a majorr city.

The more Blue Light (aka television, computer screen time) you are exposed to, the more DHA rich seafood you need to eat and the more high-powered Tonic herbs you must consume. DHA in it’s proper food form, is magnetically integrated into the brain, heart and immune system to increase energy flows and cell signalling. Tonic Herbs like Reishi, Ginseng, concentrate  extraordinary amounts of energies from the environment, and confer levitational and life force power upon your body when you consume them. Third, on a daily basis consume wild greens and organic green vegetables, which contain chlorophyll. Green are essentially liquid sunshine. Greens are one of the highest frequency foods you can eat.

3.  Neurofeedback & Brain Training – With Neurofeedback you can train your brain to raise brain voltage and energy levels, while teaching your brain to function in a more balanced and efficient manner.

4. Life Energy Practices

Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi & Yoga. Meditation is huge to minimize the chaos in your body and increase your body’s energies. Chaos = Inflammation = Aging. Meditation is key to building potential energy, and connecting with the energies from universe, which you can then use to your advantage. Qigong and Tai Chi are especially important because they accelerate the development of life energy, build internal power rather than break you down like most exercise, and enable you to transform energy, meaning you can transform negative energies in your environment into positive ones, increasing your resilience.

“It’s one thing to become an enlightened soul in the mountains free from society, it’s another to be an enlightened soul, and bright light each in every day in the grind of the modern society. That is the true measure of mastery – being able to brighten the darkness in society, being able to lighten and lift the souls and hearts of others when so many things are pulling you down, and being able to maintain your cool, calm and composure in the face of the negative energies, distractions and temptations of society. Society needs you to shine brightly in the thick of it all. The sun can brighten the mountains. In society, in clouds of millions of people, where the light has been blocked, that is where you need to shine your bright light.

                                                                                                                                          – MASTERMIND

What makes Tai Chi and Qigong so special is The Transformation of Energy. Tai Chi and Qigong gives you the power to Transform & Transmit Energy throughout your entire body. Over time, with Tai Chi and Qigong practice, energy begins to flow through your body at lightening speed. The faster energy can flow throughout your body, the slower time becomes. The slower time becomes, the more you experience life in Slow-Motion & High Definition just like an Action movie. Not only that, by increasing your energy, your heart and brain’s energies will come into balance, and these organs will age less.

Finally, with Qigong & Tai Chi Practice, you electrify the primary semi-conductors in your body: Collagen & Water. Collagen is the primary protein in your entire body, an essential part of bone, tissue, cartilage and skin. When you electrify collagen through practice like Tai Chi, energy can flow freely throughout your collagen and water to heal any parts of the body which are out of balance. Moreover, as collagen and water in you become more electric, the acuity and number of sensory information you can process increases. We proved above, that when we can process more sensory information, time slows down. 

Bottom Line, Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi = increased energy = decreased chaos = increased efficiency = increased energy flows = increased sensory processing = Time becomes more Expansive = Organs Age Less = You Live Longer = You Have a more Fulfilled Life. 

5. Living in Nature. Connection to the Earth & the Schumman Resonance, the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the earth, is critical to brain health, brain function and the signalling and cycles in your body. Our brain is designed to work best when we are connected to the earth’s magnetic field. The Earth protects and interacts with all living things with a natural frequency of 7.83 Hertz, which the Ancient Sages called “OM”.

The Schumann resonance corresponds to alpha brainwaves. When we live a connected life with the earth, Alpha brain-waves increase and our brain becomes more synchronized, both with all the regions in itself, and with everything in the entire Earth.

What we see in brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disorders, ADHD, is a lack of alpha brain waves. Low Alpha Brainwaves, links to low brain voltage, low Dopamine levels, poor cognitive function and mental disorders.

With brain-training and meditation, you can train your brain to produce more Alpha brainwaves, to connect with Universe even though you may live a dis-connected life – living in house, sleeping on a bed, wearing shoes, clothes etc. This dis-connects you from the earth’s healing power and the energy from the sun. Bottom Line, the more dis-connected you are from nature, the more brain training, meditation and energy practices you need to do to connect and collect the energy you are losing. 

Ultimately if you truly want to be a MASTER and develop the most beautiful brain possible, then you need to connect with and be in nature as much as possible..

When you’re in nature, all the excess electrons and energy from the environment flow into your body. That’s what grounding really is, electrons flowing from a an area of higher energy potential (the earth) to a lower energy potential (you).

In natural environments you have electrons flowing into your body from the oxygen you breathe, and being grounded to the earth, and from swimming in the water, which has higher electron and oxygen density. In natural environments you are more connected to the Sun, without the interference of man-made radiation blocking and altering the sun’s frequencies, which happens in cities and highly populated environments. Yes that’s right, in a city you are getting tainted sunlight, which may completely remove the healing benefits of the sun, when in a city. 

In fact, if you live in a city you can track your vitamin D levels from the beginning of the spring to the end of summer to see whether you are really getting the benefits of the sun-light or if the populated environment is altering the sunlight, preventing you from producing vitamin D.

Getting AM sunlight between 8 AM and 11 AM is huge for increasing your energy, hormones, neurotransmitters. Basically, photons from the sun, directly energize the electrons in your body, just like jumping the battery of a car.

AM sunlight is key to vitamin D production and sulfation of cholesterol and lipids so that they are delivered to the brain, among many other benefits.

Below, I’ve done the work for you and given you the simple steps to a new and better you. All you have to do is follow them. You can Download the 1-page Brain & Time Mastery To-Done Check List which will keep you on the road to mastery every day.

Follow this game plan, and watch your energy increase, your time expand and see yourself accomplish so much more in much less time.

A major problem for people is how much time seems to shrink with age. I feel that sentencing ourselves to inevitable age-related decline is simply un-acceptable. If you are committed to increasing your brain’s capabilities with age, then there is no reason why you can’t.

Our goal is to keep time expansive and keep our brain and mind, growing not shrinking, with age.

Here is How:

Stay Tuned for the Downloadable PDF Brain & Time Mastery To-Done Check List


The Simple Steps to a NEW and BETTER YOU

Your Goal is to Do at least 10 of the following:

  1. AM Sunlight at least 10 minutes
  2. Look Directly into Sun Upon Waking (before putting contacts in / glasses on)
  3. No Blue Light after 8 pm. (T.V., Computer Screen. Install F.Lux, Blue-light blocking glasses)
  4. Outside in Nature for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Drink ONLY Spring Water, Reverse Osmosis Water or Non-Fluoridated Water with no exception.
  6. High-Intensity Interval Exercise
  7. Qigong Exercise or Tai Chi (do both!)
  8. High Fat, Moderate Protein Breakfast
  9.  BRAIN TRAINING – at least one of Neurofeedback, Brainwave Entrainment, Speed Reading, Cognitive Training, Brain & Cognitive Speed and Sensory Training.
  10. DHA rich Seafood – at least 1 meal
  11. Iodine – Sea vegetables
  12. Tonic Herbs – consume at least one. Reishi, Ginseng,
  13.  SuperFood & Super-Herb – at least one – Cacao (chocolate), Tumeric, Resveratrol, Red Wine (Argentine Malbec, Pinot Noir), Goji.
  14. Meditation – at least 20 minutes
  15. Intermittent Fasting *** same days you can intermittent fast in the morning other days have a B-A-B- Big-Ass-Breakfast with Fat and Protein.
  16.  Cold Thermogenesis – Cold Shower, Swimming in Lake, Ocean, Cold Salt Water Pool (55-65 degrees Fahrenheit).
  17.  Grounding – At Least 20 minutes Grounded (Magnetico Sleep Mattress)
  18. Super-Learning: Learn new Topic at least 30 minutes.
  19. Listen to Audio / Video on Brain/Health/Performance/Business for at least 20 minutes.

“Each Day in Every Way you are getting Better and Better” 

– Emile Coue

Keep Changing The Game, Your Brain & Your Life to Your Maximum Advantage.

Quantified Brain Optimization w QEEG Brain Mapping, Meditation, Tai Chi & Qigong

It’s one thing to give you ideas on how to improve your brain and mind, its another to give you actionable strategies, which you can execute right away and then immediately feel the results and see the improvements in your brain right before your eyes.

I’ve made the video below to show you how to Build a Better Brain. In the video we show you the immediate measurable results and improvements in my brain from practices such as Meditation, Qigong, and Tai Chi, which are a key part of the Brain Mastery process.

If you have a Mental Illness like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, or a Neurological Condition like ADHD or even Autism/Asperger’s this video will open the door to the new and better ways to improve the brain, which are now scientifically proven.

My philosophy and approach is uniting Eastern and Western Science to build and optimize the brain in a more comprehensive, organic and sustainable way. With a united approach we can re-wire and heal the brain much faster.

5 years ago, I was hospitalized after my third anxiety attack, and was drowning in fear, failure and defeat. My brain, mind and behaviour were completely out of control. At that moment in the hospital bed, I made a decision: I wasn’t going to fool around any more –  I was going to find the most effective, natural and sustainable strategies to take control of my health.

This video shows part of the process I’ve used to re-wire my brain and change my life.

When we compare the Brain Mappings from 1 year ago to today, you’ll see that 1 year ago my brain’s emotional and anxiety centres were still very dysfunctional and on “Red Alert”.

Today that is no longer the case. My brain is now balanced, synchronized and functioning at a higher level than ever before.

Training and practicing Qigong, Tai Chi & TCM and having become a Disciple of the Shaolin Temple, has allowed me to experience firsthand how quickly and drastically we can transform our brain and body. I’m now helping others to orchestrate similar transformations in their lives.


The Josh Donaldson Concussion Prescription

Dear Toronto Blue Jays & Fans,

The Josh Donaldson Head Hit / Concussion Prevention Prescription:

In yesterday’s game between The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers, MVP-candidate Josh Donaldson ran into the knee of the opposing player sliding into second base. It was quite the blow to the head, and seeing superstar Josh Donaldson leave the game afterwards was surely a frightening sight for all us Toronto Blue Jays Fans.

After any blow to the head, the immediate effects of a Blow to the Head are:

  1. Significant Depletion in Brain Energy – reporters commented that Donaldson didn’t have the same energy levels following the blow.
  2. Swelling and Inflammation in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid – since the skull is fixed in size this increases pressure in the brain, leading to headaches, difficulty focusing etc.
  3. Excito-toxicity – calcium “the cement of brain cells” is spewed out, causing excessive hyper-activity, in an acute inflammatory response just as if you were to sprain an ankle. Excito-toxic chemicals accumulate around brain cells, which are now much more susceptible to brain cell death.

Result – Reduced Blood Flow, Oxygen and Energy Levels in the Brain. On an EEG, we’d see reduced Brain Voltage.

Headaches, Memory Issues, Confusion, Light Sensitivity, Difficulty Focusing, Sense of Overwhelm with too much sensory input are the Hallmarks of Concussion.

Primary Symptoms of Concussion:

  1. Tired – no energy, no motivation
  2. Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain
  3. Brain Fog, Slowed Thinking, Remembering and Concentrating – Feels like your Brain is “Lagging” like a Computer.
  4. Altered Senses – Sensitivity to Light, Smell, Vision, Ringing in the Ears.
  5. Nausea – throwing up.
  6. Balance Issues

The degree of the Post-Concussion Symptoms will depend on the regions of the brain hit, and the degree of energy loss. As a result, the effects of a trauma to the brain will be unique for each person.

Fundamentally Concussions Alter 3 Things:

  1. Energy Levels    2.  Water Flows – Oxygen & Energy Flows   3.  Inflammation


The Immediate Post-Concussion Solution:

  1. COLD – cool the head, to minimize swelling, inflammation and excitotoxicity
  2. High Dosage Pharmaceutical grade high DHA – Fish Oil.
  3. Brain Cell Jet Fuel – MCT Oil & Coconut Oil
  4. Magnesium x3 – Magnesium Threonate being the most important form.
  5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – to reduce swelling, increase oxygen tensions and Energy (ATP) levels in the energy depleted brain
  6. Complete Elimination of “Blue Light” – all forms of technology – computer screen, bright lights in house etc. This destroys DHA in the brain. Red Light or LLLT is Huge to rejuvenate and increase brain cell energy.
  7. Complete Emptiness Meditation – Complete Silence, which will allow the brain and nervous system to quickly rejuvenate. Fine motor Qigong and Tai Chi Exercises & Neuroplasticity Exercises to increased Brain-Derived Nerve Growth Factor (BDNF) to sprout new connections and neurons to rejuvenate the energy-depleted brain.
  8. High Fat, Moderate Protein – Seafood rich meal, with anti-inflammatory spices with little to no carbohydrates.
  9. Absolute Avoidance of any processed foods, gaterade’s or drinks with any additives in it. These additives worsen excitotoxicity, causing brain cell death.

For your sake Toronto Blue Jays, I really hope you implemented as many of the above Concussion Solutions for your Star Player Josh Donaldson.

Please share this post to raise Concussion Awareness – this is a great teaching point for families and athletes – and all us Canadians want to see the Blue Jays star player back in action.

Female Concussions: What makes them Different?

Did you know that Concussions affect males and females differently?

Why is it that younger people and females deal with increased post-concussive symptoms?

The reason why younger people and the female brain battle increased post-concussive symptoms is because females and younger people have less myelin in their brain’s.

Myelin is insulator of nerves, and is critical to allowing cells to hold and conduct energy. Myelin is like the plastic around your TV cables which protects the wire. When myelin is altered such as from a blow to the heart, the system short-circuits and sparks fly just like if a TV wire was cut open.

So what are 3 simple steps to re-myelinate, improve and protect the young and female brain?

1. A high-healthy fat, protein diet, with minimal carbohydrates.

2. Boatloads of DHA and Iodine, ideally from seafood. Use spices like cilantro, basil, oregano and superfoods like chlorella, which are natural agents to remove heavy metals from the body.

The key is building up the charge in your cells, so that they can naturally remove heavy metals no problem. Energy-compromised brains accumulate heavy metals as in Autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

3. Movement to increase the formation of myelin and new brain cells.

Bonus: Add in super anti-inflammatory herbs like circumin (active ingredient in Tumeric) to increase brain cell growth and repair.

What “not to do” …. that will be next.