Many people ask me for my top 5 bullet point recommendations on how to easily improve their brain quickly. While the brain is complex, some of the strategies you can do now are remarkably simple.

Brain problems such as lack of focus, memory problems, ADHA, anxiety & stress are at an all time high. These problems waste time, energy, money & mental energy and can be easily avoided. I’m going to show you how the summer is the perfect time to make your problems a thing of the past.

Perhaps you have time some vacation time away at the cottage or the beach his summer, why not improve your brain while you’re at it? Or like a professional athlete, use the summer time to get the competitive edge over your competition.

This article gives you my top recommendations that when you apply them will undoubtably increase your focus, memory, sleep & ability to relax. In essence everything that will enhance your performance when you get back to work. These recommendations are natural, practical and cost-effective. Most importantly, I’ve measured the results in thousands of clients with objective brain imagining, and THEY WORK!!!

BIO-HACK #1 – Morning & Mid-day Sunlight. Summer is the Perfect Time to Fix Your Sleep.

Have you ever noticed that after long days at the beach in the sun and water, you sleep like a baby? Why is that?

A. Paradoxically, one of the best ways to fix your sleep is getting morning sun.
Sunlight on the skin & eyes in the morning, synchronizes the timing of hormone & neurotransmitter release such as dopamine. This balances your circadian rhythm. Cortisol, melatonin & dopamine issues are directly tied to circadian rhythm imbalances.

Interestingly sunlight increases ocular melatonin production. Sunlight on the eyes builds melatonin stores in the pineal gland, which is later released at night to promote sleep.
Yes, the sun is the best melatonin supplement. You heard it here!

Sleep, high cortisol, low melatonin & low dopamine can all be remedied by this one biohack. And the sun will also fix skin, psoriasis and eczema issues, all inflammatory skin issues, while you’re at it! Give it a try.

Instant savings on melatonin & sleep supplements!!!

B. Sunlight is natural valium. I’m sure you’ve noticed that after a day of sun you become noticeably more relaxed, have you not? Sunlight is a natural calcium-channel blocker. When calcium enters a cell it excites it. Sunlight relaxes your brain and prevents it from being over-stimulated. Sunlight does what anti-epileptic medications do. Sunlight also acts like an anti-anxiety. I recommend this simple bio-hack for all my clients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks & inability to relax.

Research in Cell, shows elevations of endorphin levels of 30-50% after getting daily dose of sun rays. β-endorphins are opioids produced by the brain that’s responsible for feelings of pleasure.

So if you’re going to light up … or take a hit … take a hit of some light from the sun!!!

Nature’s natural PAIN KILLER!

Pain-killer medications work by increasing opioid levels in the brain. Sunlight increases opioid levels. Sunlight is a natural pain-killer that I recommend especially for athletes and bodybuilders for recovery as well as individuals with joint pain, arthritis etc.

C. Sunlight decreases inflammation & cortisol levels. Cortisol & Inflammatory Cytokines like (NF Kappa Beta) are the fire in the body. Vitamin D is like water. Raising vitamin D levels will directly reduced cortisol levels & thus biologic stress. If you want to increase your sex steroid hormones such as testosterone, which promote vigour, energy levels & focus, get sunlight.
When inflammation is high sex steroids hormones are shunted to produce cortisol. When inflammation is low sex steroids are used to produce testosterone, progesterone etc. Exactly what you want.

Since we live in Canada, summer is the perfect time to stock up your vitamin D levels.

Just remember, like anything, you can over-do it with the sun. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. I personally do not recommend any chemicals or sunscreen on my body. Why block the sun when you really want the neurochemical gifts she has to offer? Wear a pull over shirt and hat once you’ve gotten a good 20-30 minutes of sun for starters. More biologically efficient individuals capable of harvesting more photonic energy from the sun can be in the sun for longer. Build it up. Low and slow.


  1. Vitamin D is synthesized by the sulfation of cholesterol via the skin. Therefore you can increase vitamin D synthesis by consuming healthy high cholesterol foods before going into the sun. My favourite are whole eggs. I eat 6 whole eggs before going out in the sun.
  2. This gets into our second bio-hack. Consume lots of SEAFOOD & add a High DHA Fish Oil while getting sunlight.

DHA is the king brain nutrient because it converts light into electrical current in the brain. See this research here. Guess where DHA concentration is the highest? Not the Brain. THE EYE! DHA has pi electron clouds, that convert photonic energy from the sun into electrical current in the brain. Unbelievable I know. More DHA equals better signalling.

So in fact, SUNLIGHT powers the entire brain!!!

2 – Consume HIGH DHA Foods

Virtually every study ever done has shown that DHA (molecule in fish oil), benefits both brain and heart health. Its unquestionable. DHA is the magical fatty acid that is in every brain cell membrane that promotes fluidity and flexibility of cell signalling. The exact opposite of what we see in Alzhemer’s and Dementia (build up of plaque in the brain).

DHA increases neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, which increases your sense of well-being, focus and motivation.

Seafood is loaded with the very best brain-enhancing nutrients – Omega 3’s, Iodine, Iron, Selenium, B12, which most are lacking. Women with brain issues are notoriously low in these brain supplements. So my orders: seafood & sea vegetables. Raw oysters are king. Especially for women low in iron and those who have difficulty absorbing iron.

For almost all clients that come to see me with Depression, I recommend DHA supplementation plus sea vegetables loaded with iodine, which increases thyroid function and energy levels.

In depression, there’s usually a combination of low mood (low DHA), low motivation & drive (dopamine) and low energy (low hormones). The combination of sunlight and seafood is the perfect remedy. Especially for women pre and post pregnancy. You need to pre-load the brain with brain specific nutrients to protect your and the babies brain.

For those concerned about heavy metals, I recommend adding the following herbs which help to remove heavy metals from the body – oregano, basil & cilantro. High Chlorophyll rich foods, wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina also help daily detox. Metals & toxins become a problem, only if you can’t clear them from your body.

Key caveat: there are particular enzymes in flax seed & plant based products that prevent the conversion of ALA to DHA … so while these products are marketed to be “omega 3” they have little to no of the key brain nutrient you’re after, DHA.

DHA is like cellular anti-freeze. It keeps cell membranes fluid. Where is that needed most? In cold deep oceans. Which fish and seafood are the highest in DHA? The ones that live in the coldest deepest parts of the ocean. DHA is a marine based nutrient. Therefore, research and logical analysis reveals DHA must come from seafood.

I test Alpha brainwaves on EEGs to see whether your DHA levels are increasing. There is a direct correlation between increased DHA and increased ALPHA brainwaves. You can also test your Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio.

Are you on your way to the local Fish Monger to get some fresh wild seafood yet? If not, get to it!

3 – Meditation in Nature.

Modern EMF destroys Alpha rhythms in the brain. EMFs from wifi and cellphones stimulate the brain and can produce hyper-active brain-wave activity. I can measure this and see increased Beta and high Beta brainwaves on EEGs. This is huge for autistic kids & kids with hyper-sensory sensitivity, especially.

This is also why people at work complain of brain-fog, hyper-activity, lack of attentiveness and focus, and increased stressed. Their brain is being over-excited by the unnaturally high EMF frequencies of the environment.

Alpha is that focused, relaxed state, where we feel balanced, grounded & whole. Alpha brainwaves are also heightened during “flow states”.

Have you ever read and become totally engrossed in a book where you imagined the story in lucid details, and hours passed by in what felt like minutes? Or have you engaged in a sports match or competition where the magnitude of the moment caused you to become vividly aware of each detail of the situation and time seemed to slow down? These are altered states in which alpha brainwaves are increased.

Getting out in nature, being grounded and barefoot, re-synchronizes the brain and body to schumann resonance, 7.83 Hz, which is Alpha. By being in the water, such as swimming in the lake, you replenish the electrons in your body. Water is loaded with negative ions. Too much EMF creates inflammation & leads to a build up of a positive charge. When in water electrons flow from higher gradient to lower gradient. In other words from the water to you.

Health & well-being are associated with a build up of net negative charge. In other words lots of electrons.

To get more health-enhancing negative ions get some local spring water while you’re at it!


Movement is the best way to increase DOPAMINE levels.

50% of the neurons in our brain are in the cerebellum, which coordinates movement. Movement stimulates the cerebellum & therefore increases brain plasticity.

Also the basal ganglia, which controls voluntary motor movements, procedural learning and dopamine release is activated by movement.

A simple biohack is to “walk figure eights”. This stimulates both the basal ganglia and cerebellum. Walk some figure 8’s to make you smarter before studying.

Yoga, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting involving fine motor movements are terrific neurogenesis boosters. Our brain is still primally wired for movement. More movement, better brain function.

So while others are playing “brain games” on computers, get up and get out and move the body ladies & gentlemen.

5. Fresh Local Fruits & Vegetables.

Replenish your body with minerals and nutrients from locally grown fruits and vegetables in season. Acid-Alkaline balance is important. To keep your brain mentally clear, and your body lean & tight, consume ample green vegetables. Even better add in some chlorophyll rich superfoods, like wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina. Chlorophyll is like liquid sunshine energy, it alkalizes and helps to detoxify the body, including heavy metals from the brain. There are many key Brain-Enhancing nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C & of course the famed “anti-oxidants” such as those in blueberries that promote neurogenesis “brain cell growth”.


1. SUNLIGHT – 20-30 minutes

2. DHA




I’ll call these the “external” biohacks. That is, biohacks that involve external interventions such as nature and food. Of course the other side, are “internal” mental bio-hacking techniques. These are my expertise, especially with NLP and Hypnosis. These are not common knowledge or rarely even talked about. But I will save those for another article.

So implement the above simple practical techniques and watch your brain’s focus, memory & overall cognition improve one day at a time.

Stay Brain Friendly & Brain Healthy my Friends,

Chris Wyllie.

Want to Dive Deeper and learn the very best customized to you, Brain-Hacks you can do to maximize your brain’s performance?


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