Perhaps you’ve had difficulty with focus, concentration, learning & sleep but can’t pinpoint why?

Or maybe you’re a high achiever and just want to add a few brain-hacks to put your brain’s performance over the top.

Now you may have heard that EMFs from WIFI and Cellphones are bad for you. I’m going to show you exactly what EMFs do to your brain. However, once I share with you the dirty details, you like me, still probably won’t get rid of your cell phone.

Why? Lets face it – technology is very addictive for good reasons. Our cell phones are money-makers, daily planners, computers, and provide instant connection to friends, relationships and opportunities to market ourselves – all in one.

Not only that, you probably have friends who smoke, over-eat, and do drugs, and “KNOW” the dangers & health risks of those behaviours but do them any-way? Ahhh yes, every smoker & person who does drugs can tell me the negative effects, but they keep sticking those things in their mouth anyway.

So obviously I’m not just going to list the damaging effects that EMF does to your brain, because that won’t change anything. But what I will do is give you solutions you can use to protect your brain.

But first lets get the dirty details and the facts straight.

Just so you know, I have personally tested the effects of EMF from cellphones on brain activity using EEGs and QEEG Brain Maps. I even went as far as to rule out expectancy & placebo effects, running randomized controlled trials where the participants we’re unaware of whether the cell phone was on or off, and unaware of the purpose of the experiment. The results were SHOCKING:

On EEGS with a cellphone up against the ear within 3 minutes I noticed:
1. 300% increase in BETA brainwave activity
2. 3 Standard deviation decrease in Theta Brain-Wave Activity
3. Effects were localized – meaning the only brain region affected were the local brain regions where the phone was placed against the head.

These results makes sense when we consider what EMFs have been proven to do to the brain:
EMFs have been show to:

1. Increase Calcium EFFLUX and excito-toxcity – and activation of the brain stem – putting the brain into a more “fight or flight” stressed state. This explains the increased Beta brainwaves and decreased theta brainwaves. Moreover, calcium efflux is what triggers Apoptosis – brain cell suicide. Hyper-excitation of brain cells can lead to anxiety, headaches, migraines, brain fog, ADHD type symptoms & sleep issues.

Your kid can’t focus? It may just be the electromagnetic environment thats the problem! Our brain entrains to the external frequencies we are exposed to.

2. Causes Cellular Dehydration – EMFs dehydrate brain cells. When brain cells lose water, magnesium levels decline because magnesium is hydrophilic. If you have any doubt stick a steak in the micro-wave for several minutes and see what it does to it. Excessive EMFs can lead to neuromuscular problems, cramping, tightness & increased risk of injury.

3. Causes Leakiness of The BLOOD-BRAIN-BARRIER (BBB) – Allowing neuro-toxins and metals to accumulate in the brain. Hence the coincidence of technology explosion since 1990s and increased prevalence of neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism, ASD, ADD, Dyslexia and other learning disorders.
Check out Dr. Allen Frey’s research on EMFs and Brain Activity.

4. Degrades Myelin and Brain Cell Membranes
Women are at even greater risk than men to the dangers of EMF because the female brain is LESS myelinated. This makes the female brain electromagnetically more sensitive than males. The female brain needs to be more sensitive to the environment to know whether conditions are conducive to reproduction. This may also be why women experience higher rates of autoimmune conditions such as MS, a condition in which the myelin of the peripheral nervous system is altered. Myelin is the protective sheath around nerve cells, much like rubber around a wire. With the myelin degraded, the system starts to short circuit, the result is motor, neurological and cognitive dysfunction.

Key Fact: 50% of brain cell membranes is made up of DHA. EMFs & biological stressors deplete DHA.

5. Alters Dopamine & Reward Based Circuits. Technology inventors must have knew a thing or two about how the brain works. Cell phones easily hi-jack and hyper-activate the dopamine-reward system hundreds if not 1000s of times a day. Not only that, your kids frontal lobes aren’t fully developed until age 25, thus they don’t have the cognitive power to NOT get addicted or emotionally impacted by technology.

If you’re like me, you don’t want anything holding back your brain’s performance. There’s just so much to do, and productivity is key. So here’s how to protect your brain’s performance:


1. BRAIN PROTECTION TECH – EMF Defenders – Attachable Device to your phone, tested and proven to reduce and even negate the harmful neuro-excitatory effects of EMF.

I was skeptical at first, I didn’t believe it could work … really a little device for your phone can actually get rid of the harmful EMF effects from your cell phone? I wasn’t buying it … but then I decided to test it … I did baseline EEGs … we saw the shocking changes the cell phone had on over-exciting the brain … then we put the EMF Defender on the cell phone … and guess what?
Even with the cell phone against the subjects head, their brain activity went back to NORMAL!!! Right away! So of course I then tested 2 other people to be sure. And lo and behold I got the same results. The EMF Defender completely neutralized the EMF effects.

So of course I immediately put one on my phone and got a bunch for my friends and family.

What they’ve reported is reduced fatigue & brain fog, better focus, better sleep and while feeling less stressed even after using their cell phones for most of the day.

I recommend you get an EMF defender for your phone and your kids phones as well. Compared to the cost of elevated stress in the brain, lack of focus, lost learning, the EMF defenders are a cheap, easy brain-hack.

2. Increase Magnesium Intake. Specifically Magnesium Threonate which helps the Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

3. Reduce Mental Stress & Re-balance your Brain Function – NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, Neurofeedback. Therapeutic Brain training & Mental Enhancement is very subjective, high-skill work that is very dependent on the skills of the Practitioner.

4. Higher Fat Intake – especially Organic Coconut Oil & MCT Oil. More energy supplied to the brain = greater capacity to do work. Fatty acids provide close to 4.5X the energy levels to the brain as opposed to carbohydrates.

5. Increase DHA intake.

6. Grounding – ground multiple times during the day to dissipate negative EMFs and bring your brain/body back into Alpha balance. Every hour, go outside for a few minutes barefoot on the ground, even in the winter.

Optimizing your brain is about, protecting and minimizing the negative effects of harmful influences such as EMF as much as strategies to enhance performance.

Better Brain Protection equals Better Brain Performance.


Work of Allen H. Frey,

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