“I’m a Regional SalFullSizeRender-7es Manager at Moylcke, in the Northeast Coastal region, Maine to NC. At our National Sales meeting in Atlantis, Bahamas,in 2015 we had the opportunity to attend a Brain & Performance Enhancement Seminar with a Special Guest, Chris Wyllie. Interested in helping my team increase their performance, we all went to the seminar. We walked in and saw this young looking guy, named Chris Wyllie. At first, we were skeptical, no way were we going to take advice from this young guy. We all thought, “Who the heck does this Chris Wyllie guy think he is. I’ve been in business for 30 plus years.” But yet, we took a seat and listened to what Chris was talking about. Right away we knew that Chris knew what he was talking about. In fact, I was blown away by how simple, intuitive and powerful the information that he was sharing with us was. Once Chris told us the story of how he took a CEO of a law firm from 300 pounds, with Type 2 Diabetes to 180 pounds with a full bill of health and his business growing faster than ever, Chris had me completely Sold. I learned some very valuable information about the Brain and Nutrition from Chris’ talk, and afterwards asked him  to design a personalized game plan for myself and for my son, who wants to be a pro baseball player. We’ve just started working with Chris for the past few months and have achieve some extraordinary results already.

My son goes to Worcester Academy, Worcester MA. He is the senior captain this year of his baseball team, and will play division 3 baseball at Roger Williams University next fall. Through working with Chris and the training regimen my son has followed with Chris’ direction, he has gone from 11% body fat to 6% in 6 months. My son also has improved his cognition and wants to get into the medical field like me.

Chris helped me through post shoulder surgery, and has improved my diet and exercise routine tremendously. I’m now walking and running 8 to 10 miles per day. Thanks for hooking me up with those delicious Brain Chocolate Beverages Chris!

This past year I Finished #2 in the company’s daily walking / running contest. I was the top male, averaging ten miles per day.  I’m now down to 185 lbs, my college weight. I’m 54 years old and had major shoulder surgery rotator and labrum and biceps tears last Dec. This injury was debilitating and prevent me from playing baseball, up until I met Chris at The National Sales Meeting. With Chris’ help I was quickly back into action and am now playing senior baseball with ex pros.

Thanks for your help Chris.”

– Michael McDermott, Regional Sales Manager, Molyncke Health Care