Health Benefits of Coconut Oil – See Why its Key for Brain Healing & Brain Health

A food that’s proven to boost brain function & memory, increase energy, stimulate fat-burning & weight loss and quell your appetite, ALL IN ONE? Sounds too good to be true right?

Well a food with these amazing benefits actually exists. Let me introduce to you one of MY FAVOURITE Super-Brain Foods: COCONUT OIL. And not just any coconut oil, Silkenny’s Organic Coconut Oil, the smoothest, best-tasting coconut oil on the planet. Believe me when I say SILKENNY is the Best of the Best, I’ve tried and tested the brain-enhancing effects of tons of coconut oil’s in myself & thousands of clients with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs and Brain Maps over the past decade. 

Why do you want to ADD high quality coconut oil to your diet? Coconut Oil increases your energy levels & promotes fat and weight loss at the same time – helping you achieve the two most common goals: Better Brain Function (Focus) and Weight Loss.

What about Coconut Oil makes it so special for the Brain?

Well lets face the facts. Our Brain is one might energy hog! Our brain accounts for just 2% of our bodyweight but consumes up to 25% of our total energy intake. Thus it takes a lot of energy to power a human brain.

Now whats the first thing to suffer when you’re energy deprived? You’re highest level thinking & cognitive functions.

Thus the more usable energy we can supply to our brain, the greater its capacity to do work, aka, “think” “focus” “make good decisions”. 

Whats the fundamental energy currency of the cell called? ATP.

Now here are some basic biology facts: 1 mol of a carbohydrate produces 36 ATP vs. 1 mol of fatty acid produces 147 ATP. Fatty acids provide over 4X the energy to the brain at the cellular level. This is in part why higher-fat & even ketogenic diets are very effective to boosting brain function and cognition. They provide the brain with more energy. As Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse says, beta oxidation of fats helps you re-establish optimal ATP stores.

So it turns out its not a simple 9 calorie (fats) vs. 4 calorie (carbs) story.

Not only that coconut oil helps to maintain the health of your myelin sheaths and promotes myelination of the brain. Myelin is the fatty coating around nerves that both insulates nerves and promotes electrical signalling. Myelin is made from ketone bodies, which are broken down fatty acids. So, more healthy fats helps to maintain myelin health in the brain, thus boosting your:

  • thinking speed
  • focus
  • memory
  • resilience to stress
  • ability to relax, calm & clarity. 

The benefits go on and on … 

For middle aged women, coconut oil is a staple recommendation for me. Combined with increased iodine intake, coconut oil & other healthy fats help to promote the myelination of the female brain, thus reducing Brain Fog, Focus, Memory & heightened emotional stress issues that women typically experience pre, during & post menopause. The Loving Libido Mocha is the perfect recipe for you women. 

Coconut Oil speeds brain healing post concussion, TBI or any neuro-degenerative inflammatory conditions (i.e. Alzheimers). I recommend and use Coconut Oil as part of my Concussion protocols as well as protocols for Autistic Kids, children with Epilepsy, and other neurological conditions because it limits damage from glutamate excito-toxicity. HUGE.

Coconut Oil is ideal for the kids. Mom’s, you know that when your beautiful baby was born he or she was unable to walk, talk & perform precise motor movements during the first months of their life. Not only that most babies come with extra “chub” – subcutaneous fat all over their body. But then in the years ahead your cute baby starting walking, talking & became thinner too. Where did the fat go? Take a guess. THE BRAIN.

You see babies are born with their brain “UN-MYELINATED” that is the myelin has yet to fully form & develop around the nerve sheaths. Hence the babies brain can’t perform precise movements. However, as the brain becomes myelinated these abilities develop.

Thus in any child where there are alterations in Speech, Language, Focus, Fine Motor Movements, I recommend increased consumption of healthy fats like coconut oil. And Coconut Oil is the perfect fat for any developing brain 0-27 years old, to boost speech, motor movement, focus & cognition across the board. Even focus & executive function for students in school!

Finally to top it all off, Coconut Oil is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and is very effective in helping to clear out pathogens from the Gut. You’ve probably heard by the now, that Gut Health is key to Brain Health.

At this point you’re probably already sold on the benefits of Coconut Oil for yourself and your kids, so

How should you Use it? 

  1. In Brain Beverages & Smoothies 

I use Coconut Oil in my Loving Libido Mocha, I recommend you put it in your Bulletproof Coffee in lieu of Butter (which is what I do currently because I’m focused on getting as ripped as possible), with morning Protein Smoothies (i.e Collagen Protein + Coconut Oil + Berries + Cacao Powder). 

     2. Cooking – Coconut Oil is Stable at High Heats unlike vegetable oils. 

     3. On Foods (on veggies with bit of salt, with rice etc.)  

     4. Topical Applications for Skin Health. 

How I Use Coconut Oil:

  1. I use Coconut Oil to stay lean & ripped while building strength and muscle. Coconut Oil helps keep my metabolism and fat-burning very high. I use it in my morning Brain-Beverage which I drink first thing to fuel mental focus. Lovin Libido Mocha or Coffee with Coconut Oil. 
  2. I drink a Brain-Beverage usually Coffee with Organic Coconut Oil before my Speeches & Seminars to ensure my Brain has tons of fuel to set my brain on fire during the seminar. Coconut Oil also keeps me satiated during a 2 hour talk. In my speeches I do many LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS, brain-optimization techniques, #Hypnosis, #NLP, which require high-level thinking on the fly, and thus tremendous brain energy.

Now you probably can understand why Coconut Oil is a staple in my diet and why I recommend it to every single one of my clients.

In my practice I constantly experiment & test different products both with scientific measurement tools such as EEGs as well as observations of symptomatic improvements in my clients. No other coconut oil compares to Silkenny when it comes to taste, texture, and brain-enhancing results. Silkenyy is a high vibration coconut oil that is way better than the stuff you get at Costco & other grocery stores. 

Fuel your brain with the best coconut oil today. At The Game Changer, with Brainpower Nutrition I’ve been able to get the very best deals for you on Silkenny Coconut Oil which you can Buy Now. 


Dr. Jack Kruse,

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