HBOT has been shown to be clinically effective in the treatment of:

■ Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion / Stoke

■ Alzheimer’s / Dementia

■ Cerebral Palsy

■ Autism

■ Multiple Sclerosis

■ Diabetes

■ Heart Disease

■ Cancer Prevention / Enhancing Pre-and Post-Cancer Treatments / Repair Chronic Radiation Effects

■ Acute Injury / Surgical Recovery

■ Candida, Infection, Bacteria, Fungal Infections and Leaky Gut

■ Autoimmune Conditions, Arthritis,

■ Chronic Pain/Fatigue

■ Back Problems

■ Performance Enhancement

■ Substance Abuse

■ Chemical Detox

■ Plastic Surgery

■ Diabetic Foot Ulcers


HBOT Corrects Brain Injury




Think of what it would feel like to Re-Claim Your Life. Think of what it would feel like to be the Mother or Father of this Child.



HBOT increases the partial pressure of Oxygen in the Cerebral Cortex. Hypoxia, which is associated with both Brain and Physical Disease Decreases the Magnetic Field and Electrical Current in the brain and bodys cells. HBOT both oxygenates and increase the magnetic field and current of flow in the brain and body.

Can HBOT drastically improve the Brain, Nervous System and Neuro-Immune System of Autistic Kids?  New Research says it can.


Why is HBOT so helpful for Autistic Children?

Your Brain, Heart and Immune System concentrate your bodies mitochondria, which are your cells power plants. HBOT improves the electron current of flow through the mitochondria in the brain and immune system. When Energy increases, Entropy “Disoder, Dysregulation, Chaos, Inflammation” Decreases. These are the Laws of Physics.

Why Does Mediation, Exercise and HBOT are help virtually all human beings?

They all increase oxygen levels, and increase the current of flow in your cells, and thus increase your magnetic sense.

Why is the Neurofield and Neurofeedback so powerful when coupled with HBOT, meditation and exercise?

It coherently organizes all the energy being brought into the system.

Virtually all disease, including obesity and neurological conditions are associated with a deficiency of energy. Increase your cells energies with HBOT and you drop the weight and the mental limitations begin to fall away.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT?

Oxygen is a key element to life and healing. Without oxygen, the brain dies within minutes. A lack of oxygen is associated with all types of diseases. In our current atmosphere we breathe approximately 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen.The body is composed mostly of water, which is 90% oxygen. HBOT delivers pure oxygen in a pressurized environment equivalent to being approximately 60 feet below sea level, flooding the blood, CSF, tissues and cells with oxygen. Under pressure, up to fifteen times the amount of oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma. The greater the oxygen supply, the faster a cell can repair and function. Oxygen is the Body’s Natural Anti-biotic. When is the most electron dense water found on the earth? In the deep oceans, under immense pressure? Have you ever seen a massive King Crab from the deep Arctic Deep Sea? Why is this King Crab so much more robust compared to crabs found in the tropics? The electron density is far greater in the deep cold oceans. With HBOT this is precisely what we are doing: Increasing the electron density and current of flow in your body, making you become much much healthier and more robust.

HBOT Regenerates Your Body by:

        • Potentially Increasing Stem Cell Growth
        • Increasing Angiogenesis: growth of new blood vessels
        • Promoting Neurogenesis: growth of new brain cells
        • Repairing the blood-brain barrier and stabilizing cell membranes; repairing and activating both damaged and dormant neurons; noticeably in areas such as the Hippocampus and Frontal Lobes, associated with Memory and Executive Functions, respectively.
        • Increasing Cerebral Blood Flow.
        • Increasing Magnetic Sense and Electrical Flow in the Brain, as evidenced by increased Voltage of QEEG’s. i.e. making your brain faster and sharper.
        • Eliminating Candida, Parasites, Infections and Leaky Gut Issues
        • Reducing Inflammation, Swelling and Chaos in the cells, increasing energy.
        • Detoxifying your body; increasing Glutathione levels, a powerful antioxidant in the body.

Glutathione is involved in the synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA.  It also assists in recycling antioxidants, Vitamin E and C.  It inhibits free radical damage while enhancing the anti-oxidant activity of Vitamin C.  Glutathione also facilitates the transport of amino acids and plays a critical role in the detoxification of metals and oxidative chemicals.

        • Increasing the ability of white blood cells to stabilize or “clean up” damaged areas, enhancing the body’s ability to fight infection and heal wounds.
        • Increased Protein Synthesis.
        • Deactivating and clearing toxins and metabolic waste products and lactic acid and Regulating the body’s PH

A Breath of Hope …

For Those in Despair…


■ Every Year in the U.S. 2 million head injuries occur

■ 1.8 Million Canadians Diagnosed with Diabetes

■ 1 Million Americans living with Autistic Disorders

■ Every 7 minutes one Canadian dies of Stroke

■ Playing a Role in Hospitals Worldwide: Hyperbaric Oxygen to correct Oxygen Deficiency.

■ Millions of Lives Saved. New Life. New Journey

Note: The Richmond Clinic uses Chambers that reach much higher atmospheric pressures,which is appropriately used in more extreme cases. Of course this increases the risks involved. The majority of risks that you read about on the internet regarding HBOT are associated with these higher pressure chambers. Oxygen, like any other treatment, has a therapeutic range; more is not always better.

What are Doctors Saying?

 “I utilize mild Hyperbaric Therapy (mHBOT) in all stages of cancer; upon detection, as well as pre and post surgery, pre, post and during chemo and radiation. In fact if chemotherapy is used in conjunction with mHBOT, the chemotherapy dose must be reduced. The mHBT will potentate any primary cancer treatment. mHBT is the best cancer prevention and cancer remission therapy out there, bar none.”      

Bergeron, Rhett, MD


“By increasing the oxygen environment to the cancer cells, it makes them less virulent and in many instances destroys them.”

Yutsis, Pavel I., MD, Oxygen to the Rescue


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A remarkable, scientifically proven, natural therapy that creates an environment in the body so that disease CANNOT proliferate – while enabling damaged cells, tissues, joints, brain regions to heal. HBOT increases the strength of your immune system so that your body can naturally cure itself. What’s the Cure to the Common Cold? NO PILL, NO DRUG, NO COUGH SYRUP. Just Your Immune System.

Thousands of Articles & Research Confirm the effectiveness of this therapy not only in killing diseased cells but also in revitalizing and rejuvenating healthy cells, creating vibrant energy and well-being.

This safe, relatively inexpensive, powerful healing modality has been administered by over 15,000 European Doctors to more than 100,000 patients in the past 10 years to treat practically every know disease.

HBOT is an FDA-Approved Therapy that Scientific Research has Shown to be Beneficial for many Additional conditions, including Accelerating the Healing of Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Autism and Virtually All Disease.

Which of the following would you rather entrust your Life to? Check One

  1. Pharmacuetical Drugs that alleviate only symptoms and the pain of diseases, but don’t cure them (often harm)
  2.  Expensive, invasive, time-consuming treatments with conventional medicine.
  3. A simple, highly effective therapy based on natural oxygenation – scientifically proven to prevent and cure nearly all diseases without adverse effects. In 1931 Otto Warburg won a Nobel prize for explaining that oxygen was the enemy of the Cancer Cell. It kills them. Indeed, cancer cells thrive in an environment where oxygen is depleted.

Likewise, Post-Concussion Symptoms are caused by Energy Depletion and Oxygen Deprivation in the Brain.

Why are these Potential Benefits kept Secret?

As Dr. Terry McGrath says, “there’s simply no economic incentive, since it’s an unpatentable” process and provides for no real financial gain. The sad reality is that if these treatments were readily exposed to the public, “98% of all the drugs, testing, and disease related surgery” would be rendered obsolete. Moreover, the large hospitals, pharmaceutical industrialists, and insurance companies would certainly have to deal with a fair number of unprecedented economic problems. This is the future that the world now faces: there are many who are trying to protect against it. The cure has been around for ages. It has been independently reported effective against virtually every disease at one time or another, in thousands of public-domain medical articles, which had never been collected or correlated until recently.

HBOT is a valuable, proven and non-invasive therapy. In Europe, China, the U.K. and Russia, HBOT is widely used as a standard treatment for a variety of neurological and non-neurological diagnoses since the 1970s. However, even now over 30,000 HBO treatments are done a day in the United States alone.

Recently hyperbarics is receiving more media play and consideration. Some of the most renowned Athletes in the sporting community are looking at and using hyperbarics as effective treatment for sport injuries, a powerful training tool and a pre-event performance enhancement aid.

Heal and Optimize Your Brain with HBOT today