Life Mastery 1 – Energy & Magnetism

The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Becoming an Attractive Magnet for the People, Profits, Opportunity, and Lover you Desire.

“All life is energy and energy is Life” 

– Einstein

The name of the game of life is energy. A human with no energy is called a cadaver. Life ends when your energy is completely gone. But life is lightened, brightened and created from energy. Look at the sun. On the first day God said let there be light. From a Black-Hole, which is complete emptiness, just pure infinite potential energy, Fire and Water, Yin and Yang are created, and thus the stars, planets and all of life is born.

The primary principle of my upcoming books, and all the work I do is Energy and Magnetism. The Magic Potion to creating Miracles and a Magical Life is Life Energy. But, building this Life Energy requires you to follow a Magical Process on a daily basis. The magical process has many different components and there are many different ways to develop this Life Energy. I’ve studied physics and learned about energy and magnetism, but it’s not until I started practicing Qigong & Tai Chi and learning these Ancient Sciences that I realized how powerful Energy and Magnetism truly are and how they apply to everything in this world, including you and me. I studied physics and learned about the planets and the universe, entirely missing how everything applies to us human beings. I had yet to make the connections, and the way science is so specialized, it was certainly to up to myself to see the bigger scheme of things. However, through learning and practicing Qigong and Tai Chi for over the past 2 years, I’ve realized that the two simple secrets to becoming an attractive, magnetic force for People, Opportunities and Desirable Partners are Energy & Magnetism

The Principle of Everything I do & the Principle of Qigong is Building Energy & Magnetism

Let’s make this simple …

Are you not having luck with relationships and attracting your desired type of partner into your life?

The problem isn’t the world and lack of opportunity, the problem is that you haven’t changed and increased your energy to become a magnet for the type of partner you’re seeking. Love is based on magnetism and energy. You attract the type of people who are resonating at the frequencies you are putting out. You synchronize, entrain, resonate and become one with them.  The same thing happens on championship teams in pro sports when a team is completely united and synchronized.

In your relationships, are there certain people that you just love talking to? Are there certain people who you can literally finish their sentences and know what they’re going to say before they say it? Are there certain people that just light you up inside and make you feel warm and fuzzy? Do you wish that your partner would be that person? 

Here is what you need to know: The stronger your energy, the stronger your magnetic field, and the more you will pull similar high-energy, loving, bright, positive people into your life. Equally important, with a strong energy and magnetic field, you’ll repel, negative, low-energy, toxic people away from you. Just like the earth’s atmosphere protects us from solar radiations, while allowing the health-promoting, healing rays of the sun in. So when you’re energy becomes powerful and positive, the people that will remain and be allowed into your life will be your true friends and people that genuinely love you.

So do want to seamlessly attract the type of partner with all the beautiful qualities you desire? 

The most important first step is to elevate your energy to a high-place, activate and send-out to the world the energy of your highest self. Become a person of bounty and beauty, like the Earth, with a stronger protective magnetic field, rather than Mars a lonely, dead red desert, with no magnetic field.

You see, the secret is surprisingly simple: Energy. 

Why is Energy so Important? 

By increasing your life energy, the energy flowing through your cells and the channels in your body, you increase your magnetic field and magnetism. A magnetic field is created at 90 degrees to the energy flows in your body. The more energy that flows through you, the stronger and more powerful the magnetic field that you will create. This magnetic field radiates outwards into the environment. The stronger your magnetic field the more positive, powerful people, with similar magnetic fields, you will attract. Likes attract. At the same time, with a more powerful magnetic field you will repel negative people and negative things away from you. Your magnetic field will protect you from outside influences like Man-Made high-level EMF and protect you from high-UV radiations from the sun and atmosphere, while allowing you to absorb all the sun’s healthy, healing rays. A strong magnetic field will protect you just like the Earth’s Atmosphere protects the Earth.

In fact this is why there is Life on Earth but not on Mars. Mars once may have had life, water and mountains, but over time it cooled and lost it’s magnetic field. Mars has no electro-magnetic field to protect it from solar radiations and external forces. As a result, Mars is a Dead Red Desert. As you can see, every process in the universe is replicated in you. You just haven’t made the connections yet. The human body is a universe in it’s own right. 

So just like a planet, the stronger your magnetic field is, the stronger you will hold onto your outer atmosphere to protect you from external forces. With a strong magnetic field, there won’t be a big donut hole in your atmosphere like there is above the Earth’s Atmosphere in Australia, which would allow negative influences into your life. This is why rates of Cancer and Autoimmunity are much higher in Australia. You want your magnetic field, robust and impervious to negative external influences, to create beauty and bounty in your life. With your magnetic field strong, you’ll have increased protection against the invisible but insidious man-made EMF, which continues to bombard our bodies, and is only going to increase in intensity. As people become sicker, weaker and more stressed, your magnetic field will repel, low-energy, toxic, cancerous people from your life. Your magnetic field will allow the good sun-light to be absorbed into your cells, and block higher UV radiations, just like the Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the sun will quickly become your best friend, not a foe, like mainstream industry has tricked you to believe. In relationships, a strong magnetic field, will quickly repel negative people, and weed away the people who are not truly your friends. In personal relationships, a strong magnetic field will increase your attraction with your lover if your love and connection is sincere, or repel them away if it isn’t. In this way, your energy will save you the drama and trauma that happens in most relationships, giving you immense clarity and certainty as to whether your partner is right for you. And no matter what the case, your strong energy and magnetism will give you the power to act with courage.

When people have low levels of energy and are stressed, they have a very hard time making decisions, and make very poor decisions. I’m sure you’ve had the experience when you’re hurrying, worrying and stressed, making decisions can become overwhelming right? When we’re energy-depleted, we live in our lives in fear and lack the power to change things for the better. When your energy is low, you attract, low energy thoughts, ideas, and people into your life, which continue to make the world look gloomy. You listen to the radio, watch the news, and all your brain can see and remember are the traumas, the suicides, the car accidents and eventually, you’ll be a victim of similar negative events due to the negative people, thoughts, and events that you bring into your life. The biggest tragedy is that so many people, live in this low-energy world, and so repel all the high-energy people and opportunities away from them. Low-Energy people push away all the things that they need and are hoping for. Your mind may be your biggest enemy. And quickly people can live what Einstein called the saddest life possible – One without a Dream. 

If you’re energy depleted and the world does look dark, it looks filled with doom and gloom. This is because in a low-energy state that is all your brain is attracting and can see. But the Ancient law of Yin and Yang or better known as Einsteins’s Relativity, proves that with darkness, comes light.

So what are the Surprisingly Simple Secret Steps to lighten and brighten our lives, to take ourselves out of the darkness to start attracting the positive, powerful, people and opportunities which will every day, bring us closer and closer to our dreams ???

The Simple Secret Formula to attract the People, Power, Profits, Opportunity, and Lover you Desire:

*** These are just a few of the many steps to becoming a Magnetic force. But I’m giving you these simple steps first because they alone with transform you into a force of nature. They alone will bring bounty, beauty and opportunity to your life.


  1. High-Intensity Exercise Intervals with complete relaxation exercises in between. See The Game Changer Workout. 
  2. Qigong & Tai Chi. These are the Optimal Disciplines for Developing Energy & Magnetism. Twisting & turning flush out physical scar tissue, debris, plaque and emotional toxins stored in the body. Yoga is good too.
  3. Meditation – at least 15 minutes a day. Progress to complete emptiness meditation, but use transcendental meditation to firmly seed powerful thoughts in your conscious mind. Form a picture of your dream in your mind at the beginning of your meditation. Then drop into silence. This will get your infinite sub-conscious mind working on finding the solutions for you. You don’t have to consciously do a thing. Ideally meditate in the AM sunlight, barefoot, connected to the ground. Ideally meditate grounded on the earth, before bed.
  4. Super-Sleep – Morning or Afternoon work-out, and meditation before bed will get you sleeping like a baby. Avoid all Blue light technology (computer screens and T.V.) after 8 pm. Wear blue-light blocking glasses if working on a computer in the evening.
  5. TCM Acupuncture – Easy way to develop “Qi” energy, and get energy flowing through body channels. If you’re in Toronto, my Sifu Paul Ng, is the best in North America.
  6. Massage


  1. Brain Training like Neurofeedback or Meditation with Brain-Wave Entrainment, Bioenergetic Entrainment technologies like Iawake. If your meditation practice is advanced, complete emptiness meditation or transcendental meditation on its own is great.
  • High-DHA Seafood and Wild Fish, Healthy Fats & Moderate Protein Diet, with unlimited greens and non-starchy vegetables & seasonal carbohydrates.
  • Unlimited Green Vegetables, Wild Greens, Super-food greens like Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella.
  • Tonic Herbs – in tinctures, powders in Super-Brain Beverages, in soups, and teas.
  • Super-Brain Berries – Goji, Schizandra, Blue-berries, Black-berries, black raspberries, strawberries, Camu Camu berries.
  • Superfoods like Cacao (Chocolate & Maca).
  • At least one Super-Juice a Day (adjust vegetables to time of year & your existing conditions)
  • Wild Spring Water (ideally) or Non-fluoridated Water. Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline water is good.
  • Spice up your Brain with the following Mood & Memory Enhancing, Dopamine-boosting spices: Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper & Basil. Basil, Cilantro, Oregano are fantastic chelating agents (metal removers). I recommend consuming the micro-greens of spices like Basil and Cilantro. Also, for the pure light energy and photonic power of the plants, essential oils are great way to electrify your cells and thus your brain and body.


There are two Ingredients to Life & Power:



The first step of Emotional & Spiritual Mastery is:

Learning and Loving. Learning comes first for a reason.

The opposite of Learning is Fear. People fear and are jealous and envious of things they’re scared of and can’t control. Rather than learning and expanding, most people choose to put up walls and guards around their current beliefs, and spend all their energy defending what they know, rather than seeking to grow.

The opposite of Love is Greed. In relationships, people get greedy and marry for money. People get greedy for sex and lust, and so sacrifice love, connection and the integrity of their relationships. In other ways, people get greedy and indulge in extravagances, liking eating too much food, too much television and brain-busting activities, and neglect to love their bodies.

Fear and Greed are both low-energy states of Dis-ease.

Raise your Energy and Greed and Fear Disappear.

In Qigong, when your Kidney, Jing, Life essence and Hormone power is strong, you don’t get duped into greed, you don’t do evil things to others, you don’t pursue too much sex or sacrifice the love with your partner, by seeking others. You’re genuinely loving and powerful. You are fulfilled with everything you have. You make all actions out of love, because your lower-level needs are fulfilled.

When your “Qi”, Energy is strong you don’t need to eat very much. This is why North Americans eat so much food, especially processed food because they are chronically in a low energy state, and the food they’re eating has little to no, real energy.

Lastly, when your Spirit is strong you don’t need to sleep very much. Raising your Spirit is the real key to Super-Sleep, not much of the “bio-hacking” nonsense on the internet.

Above, I mentioned that Learning comes first before loving for a reason. In fact, love is our eternal, natural state that we are made of. But in our human experience, learning is the key to discovering true, pure love. The learning shapes the love that you see and experience. Some people in the world learn that love is killing and hatred. No one can deny that these people experience love, it’s just that the love they experience is tainted by what they have learned.

We use learning as the tool to discovering and creating pure love in our life – with ourselves, with others and with the world.

Follow the simple steps to Body Mastery, Brain Mastery, Learn and Love, and you will quickly become a magnetic, attractive force. What will follow is more health, wealth and opportunity than you can possibly imagine. Everything I write about, I’ve experience firsthand. I’ve witnessed similar experiences in others who’ve followed this simple secret formula to create the life they desire.

I am opening the door to a universe of constant growth, expansion and elevation in what you can Be, Do, and Become. It’s time for you to step into the game, and start becoming the Attractive Magnet you are designed to be.

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