MEMORY MAGIC – By Chris Wyllie


Before we begin, you should know that this is a very unique article that will give you an experience. This article has embedded linguistic structures and Neuroplasticity & NLP techniques so that as the read the article you’ll begin to experience mental changes that will improve your memory. The more you read, the more the memory blocks will begin to dissolve in your mind and your thought processes will seamlessly adjust in a way that makes it easier for you to remember the things you want to remember. I don’t just teach you “WHAT” to do, I teach you HOW TO ACTUALLY DO IT.

Now wait what were we talking about? … ohhh yess! How to improve your memory!

Now in order for you to remember better I’ll teach you 7 memory problems, and reasons why your memory doesn’t work as good as it can, now.

People always tell me, “their memory is the thing they forget with”. Interestingly, they always remember that! In fact, you sitting here reading this could probably tell me a list of things you remember you forget. Bit of a paradox isn’t it? In order to know that you don’t have a good memory, you have to use your memory to remember the things you forget. Bottom line, your memory can become way better than you ever thought it could be. Especially as you begin to learn about memory & apply these 7 SIMPLE STEPS. Memory Magic will be yours.

When you say, “I have a memory problem”, the real problem is your memory isn’t working in a way that satisfies you. Perhaps you’re one of those who spends 100s of hours looking for misplaced keys, wallets, cellphones. Which can drive you nuts. And if not you, I know you know someone just like that!

Now perhaps you had school mates, colleagues and friends who seemingly had a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. Think back, did you think that their memory was better than yours? Have you failed to realize how easily you can remember bad things that have happened to you? Things that make you worry, anxious, stressed, or believe you can’t do something. Yea all that yucky mental stuff that clogs up time, energy & produces bad feelings. Now, guess what you’re using to make yourself feel bad? A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. You have to make big bright vivid mental pictures and have mental movies playing in your mind in order for you to feel so bad about these things in the past. Small, unclear, de-focused, cloudy images of the past just won’t cut it. You have to go in there and remember bad things life size, see what you saw when you were, here what you heard, to really soak up those bad feelings. Smart idea? I think not. Waste of time? Absolutely!

WE ALL HAVE A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY!!! The notions of “broken brains” is nonsense. It’s more a catchy marketing ploy than anything experiential. A full-flamed schizophrenic in fact has an ultra precise photographic memory. They’re just not using it wisely and most importantly, have no conscious control over their brain & thought processes. Thats the real problem – its a skill they need to learn.

You see the same photographic memory that you use to get anxious before meetings, where you remember times where you got anxious and froze up in the past and maybe even were embarrassed, I use to remember speeches, books, names, performances, so I can perform at my best.

Its the same memory power, its just with one approach you’re using that memory to remember things that liberate you and with the other wasting it and limiting you. How do you want to use your memory?

You see we’ve all been exposed to vicious hypnotists who’ve put limiting ideas in our heads. Unfortunately we believed them. You got duped. Teachers who told you, “you aren’t good at math” “you aren’t smart” , parents who told you “not to aim to big” or said “you’re worthless” and experiences where maybe you were chosen to read in front of the class and they embarrassed you, when you were 7 years old are things that 50 year grown men come into my office and complain about. BIG FREAKING DEAL. Were any of these people world-class psychics? NO. Did any of these individuals have an uncanny ability to predict the future? NOT AT ALL.
Are you still 7 years old? NO.
Do you believe in evolution? I sure hope so.
So do your past experiences have any relevance to what you can do now and in the future? NO.

You see, what you did back then has nothing to do with what you’re capable of now and in the future. Its time to make that so. Just imagine if babies started thinking that since they’re locked up in that crib, they’re doomed to a sedentary locked up existence for eternity. Luckily their conscious mind isn’t developed and so can’t plan such nonsense.

The problem isn’t that we had these experiences. The problem is that we left those experiences big and bright in our mind. I like to keep them small and far behind me, and bring them up only when I want a good chuckle. How ridiculous it was to fall for that B.S! I actually took it seriously! Now it’s great motivation, and fuel for the fire. And a chance to learn. Look back, what would happen if you were doing the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? What would you look like, sound like, how would you feel? Hmmmmm … Now remembering that bad memory in the old way has got to make you laugh a little bit when you think about it now. A person who’s never invented a mathematical equation or perhaps never solved a mathematical equation in their life telling you you’re bad at math. HAHA! A person who’s never sold a painting in their life telling you you’re bad at art. HAHA! A person making $30,000 per year telling you, you’re not smart!!! Thats some funny stuff when you think about it!

Now an important part about learning to remember more things is the art of remembering to forget things you don’t need – like bad memories, bad experiences, negative post-hypnotic suggestions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had amnesia for your problems? Wouldn’t now be a good time to completely dissolve those things from your mind? You see, I’m even throwing my mental pixie dust through your screen erasing those things from your mind, NOW.

I’ll teach you how to erase such negative suggestions. You could see those bad memories, totally being whited out right now if you wanted to.

So, an important thing about remembering is forgetting. Amnesia is an important thing to remember about. Because the more you remember to forget what it is thats not important, the more you can forget what you don’t need to know and remember what you do. What are those things? Thats a better question. I like times where you got really determined, put your mind to something, and didn’t stop until it was yours. UUUUU give me some of that!!!

I’m just curious, what’s your favourite food? Favourite sport? Favourite hobby? I’m just wondering mentally where do you see the images of your favourite things in your mind? How big is the image? Can you make it bigger, brighter, more vivid? That feeling of desire where do you feel it in your body? Can you double it? Multiply it by 4X?

Wouldn’t it be nice if in the situations in the past where you had difficulty motivating yourself … or where you procrastinated to do something you really want to do … the more you tried to hesitate the stronger that feeling of desire comes alive and propels you like a rocketship. You think of something you want to do and BOOM … you have this irresistible attraction pulling you towards that future you like the strongest magnet ever. Not the old you, the new you. You know, the one who’s already accomplished your biggest dreams and desires. The one who doesn’t care about limitation and just goes and gets the job done. What if that YOU popped right on top of your favourite thing … you think favourite thing … pop up NEW YOU … favourite thing, NEW YOU … favourite thing … NEW YOU … desire determination UUU … desire determination UUUU.

For memory, the first thing you need to know is that all your information memory is, state dependent. Lets get to the specifics.

I will now identify the 7 MAJOR MEMORY PROBLEMS and how to turn the problem into the solution.


Whatever brainwave state you’re in when you’re learning information is the same brainwave state you need to access when you want to recall the information. The problem is not that people don’t have a good memory. In fact they can even remember the things they’re going to forget. I have clients tell me that all the time … “I know I’m going to forget my speech … I’m going to forget their names … I’m going to forget my appointments” … they give me a whole list of the things they remember they forget and can tell me EXACTLY WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE! Strange isn’t it?

Now all you need to do is access the same state of consciousness you were in when you learned the information, which is where people have the biggest memory problem. Its what happens when you go into a test, and suddenly your mind goes blank, and then starts to race … and perhaps you know you know the information and its at the tip of your tongue or the edge of your conscious mind but you just can’t grab a hold of the information … but guess what happens an hour later? Lo and behold you’re walking home after the test and what happens? The answers start popping up in your mind!!!

So the problem wasn’t that you didn’t learn and didn’t know the information. You knew you knew it. Unfortunately the teachers and educational system don’t know that you really know the information, because you couldn’t access that specific brainwave state with which the content was connected to. Thus they’ll mis-judge you as not as smart as you really are. What a shame. The only problem was that you couldn’t get into the same brainwave state in which you learned the information to therefore recall the information connected to it.


Problem: LEARNING – Relaxed State. TEST – Stressed State.
Problem: LEARNING – Stressed State. TEST – Exhausted State.
SOLUTION: LEARNING – Stressed State. TEST – Stressed State.
SOLUTION: LEARNING – Relaxed State. TEST – Relaxed State.

Drugs and medications are powerful brain-state altering chemicals. You must take the same medications you took while studying during the test, otherwise you’ll have difficulties re-accessing information. On the other hand, don’t study for a test in a relaxed state and then drink a huge coffee before the exam. Or don’t study un-medicated and then medicate during an exam. Many students in university pop ritalin pills like they’re skittles. I know this all too well.


1. Smells – this is where essential oils can be applied for great benefit.
2. Physical Touch Anchors – get into desired state. Very precisely & distinctly touch a specific part of your body to anchor state.
3. Auditory Anchors – particular sound &/or mantra.
4. Same Foods, Taste & Aroma.
5. Same Music.

To recap, make sure there’s congruence between your brain learning state and testing state. Obviously anxiety, nerves can get in the way before & during testing. Hence you want to change your brain’s response – the NLP & hypnosis I do are very effective for that.

You’ve now learned that the biggest memory problem people experience is NOT BEING ABLE TO ACCESS same brainwave state.

2: Poor Memory is an ENCODING & FOCUS PROBLEM

People get in to trouble because they actually don’t focus and encode information. If you don’t really encode and represent, you can’t really recall and remember.

Its just like if you’re putting files into a computer and you don’t sort and save it, its going to be hard to find it.

Lack of focus and attention is the main reason why people forget names and daily things like where they put their keys. They were distracted and didn’t encode the information in a way where it would be imprinted distinctly so their brain could easily recall it back. You need to encode information more elaborately.

This is where you want to vivify your sensory representation of information. We all use all the senses, we’re just more conscious of some than others. Some people are more conscious of their mental pictures & visual system, but you can be sure that the auditory is influencing them!

We all use visual, auditory and kinaesthetic sensory systems to represent information. Its just most have never even thought to do it deliberately or consciously. No one out there is talking about HOW we actually think, and the structure of our thinking, and the structure of consciousness. An entire internal mental world has been overlooked. And guess what? That internal mental magic is what influences every ounce of your behaviour!!! Whether you know it or not.

The richer your internal representation of information, the bigger you make it in your mind, the more you turn it into an elaborate mental movie, put very distinct features, and sounds, and locations of sounds in your mind to produce very strong distinct feelings, the easier recalling the memory will be.

In order to remember things, you have to have strongly different feelings about right vs. wrong answers. If everything feels the same … especially if you are very very anxious … that anxiety just overwhelms your entire body … well then you’re going to have difficulty differentiating a right vs. wrong answer kinaesthetically. They should feel remarkably different because they are different. This is huge for kids with math especially!

REMEMBERING NAMES EXERCISE – this is a memory strategy that we teach in seminars to enable you to remember 10-30 people’s names in less than a few minutes. I like to take someone who believes they are the worst at remembering names … and demonstrate how quickly, with these mental strategies, they can become the best. Building an experience where you do something that you didn’t think you could do, is critical.


Making things sexy in your mind lights up the brain and I think you can understand why. Second, making things comical, funny, outrageous stick in the brain. Thirdly, we remember things that are very emotionally rich – this is of course subjective.

This is why I use so much wit and humour in my seminars, it makes them very easy to remember. If you want people forget your seminar, well then do the pre-rehearsed boring rote approach.

Silly, funny, sexy & outrageous all are what register in the brain. Not boring rote information, like most academic education and seminars!

Unfortunately you and your kids weren’t taught HOW to remember, and thus mistakenly think that you’re not smart, when you really are smart. You just weren’t taught how to perform on tests, “specifically in the school system”. I think thats a teaching problem. Not a learning problem.

  • Look at someone. Ask them their name.
  • Make a mental image of their face in your mind.
  • Take ONE FEATURE & make a Caricature of it (cartoon, make the feature outrageous). Make it distinct … if someone has a big nose … see it becoming like pinnochio the more they talk … if they have a beard … turn into a fu machu beard.
  • Look at person and make MENTAL IMAGE POP UP.
  • Spell their name phonetically under the mental image.
  • Keep going back and forth looking at them, then the mental image, until the sight of them automatically pops up the mental image in your mind. See their name spelled below the image. Make it so you see the caricature, their name written as well as hear their name being said when you look at the image.
  • Say to them, is your name __, they say, YES … GET A BIG STRONG GOOD FEELING that tells you you got it right.

Then move onto the next one. Waiters, business people, guys all over the world, you’re welcome!


To build good brain chemistry, adequate brain nutrition and supplementation are key. Stress, EMFs, processed foods and drugs all deplete vital neurochemicals such as dopamine and acetyl-choline which will impair your memory.

For memory, the two neurotransmitters you need to keep at high levels are dopamine and acetylcholine. First, eat lots of choline rich foods, such as raw oysters, sockeye salmon, egg yolks, grass fed beef liver, all of which are loaded with choline. Eating these foods will directly help you focus and remember better.

Secondly, consume ample DHA, the magical fatty acid commonly found in fish and seafood. DHA is a critical component of cell membranes, raises dopamine levels, and importantly reduces stress and inflammation. Stress and inflammation negatively affect the hippocampus, a critical memory & neurogenesis hub.

Not only that, more DHA = more ALPHA brainwave rhythms = Better Learning & Memory. So first focus on wild seafood and wild fish to get ample amounts of DHA. Eat grass-fed meats which are higher in DHA. Grass-fed lamb is actually the land animal with relatively higher DHA content. As well, you can supplement with a HIGH DHA Fish Oil, but I would not rely on this exclusively for DHA.

DHA must be in the SN-2 position to be para-magnetically integrated into the brain. Structure and geometry of biological molecules affect their function. Unfortunately this can potentially create problems with algae oils, as fish consume algae, converting the DHA molecule into the SN-2 position very much in the same way, cows convert vitamin K1 in grass into active vitamin K2 in milk that we can biologically use. In other words, eat the wild seafood to load your brain with DHA. Everything from memory to depression to anxiety call all be markedly improved with simply consuming more DHA!!! Neurochemistry is important.


Sleeps primary function is to promote memory. Many therapists like Freud’s tried to explain dreaming as an unconscious fulfilling of inner wishes. I think dreams were fulfilling wishes … but only FREUDS!!! Who potentially was quite the pervert when you think about these ideas of penis envy, edible complexes etc.

 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108(28), 11650-5. During waking hours, electrical signals travel from dendrites — antenna-like projections at one end of the cell — through the cell body. From the cell body, they then travel the length of the axon, a single long projection at the other end of the cell. This electrical signal stimulates the release of chemicals at the end of the axon, which bind to dendrites on adjacent cells, stimulating these recipient cells to fire electrical signals, and so on. When groups of cells repeatedly fire in this way, the electrical signals increase in intensity. Dr. Bukalo and her team examined electrical signals that traveled in reverse from the cell’s axon, to the cell body and out its many dendrites. The reverse firing, depicted in this diagram, happens during sleep and at rest, appearing to reset the cell and priming it to learn new information.

Truthfully, dreaming is where we rehearse and consolidate information. You learn martial arts during the day and then suddenly your brain practices mentally all night while you’re sleeping. You’re watching sports games during the day, and then at night the sports games continue in your dreams. Thats what our brain does. It learns information. Then it rehearses it. Deep sleep facilities this learning & consolidation process. The kind of sleep we want is REM sleep. Thats where the brain has theta and alpha spikes. Thats where we really re-compute and consolidate information. If you don’t get the REM sleep, you don’t get maximal consolidation.

During sleep, the neuro-pathways that haven’t been used get cleaned out, and the ones that have been used get strengthened. After a good nights sleep, you wake up and remember better.
Thats when you sleep well of course. I’ll be writing an entire article on optimizing sleep.


In school and academia we were never taught HOW to learn & remember and operate our brain. We were simply stuffed with content and told TO DO it! How unfair! That’s like going to a tennis pro to learn tennis who doesn’t even know tennis. Bit of a scam. Then we get thrown into a professional tennis match, and our entire athletic potential for our entire life is based on that one unfair tennis match! Sound familiar?

This is where Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis are very effective. You want to learn strategies, and elicit strategies of geniuses who excel at their craft. Sequences of sub-modalities and all the wonderful, little known, magical properties of NLP are essential to building a MAGIC MEMORY for you. It’s worth the investment

Think of the list of things you remember you forget. Thats precisely where you can put all the things you procrastinate to do, hesitate to do, and get anxious about. In your mind, visually put those things in exactly the same place as the things you remember you forget.

Then you think of something you always remember and actually do, and in that same place in your mind you begin to mentally build & put the desired changes you’d like to make.

Simply, you put things in the right place in your mind to forget and also to remember. Recall, an important thing about the remembering is the art of forgetting. The more you remember to forget what it is you don’t need to know, the more you can forget to remember whats not important and remember what is. That’s improve your memory and now would be a good time.


Throughout the course of our life you’re given bad hypnotic suggestions that, “you’re not good at math” , “you don’t have a good memory”, “you’re not smart”, “you’re not the kind of person who …”.

Weird thing is you’re actually remembering someone telling you you have a bad memory, without thinking, “hey what am I using to remember and carry out this post-hypnotic suggestion?” My memory! So you do have a good memory.

Bad experiences, times of embarrassment, traumatic experiences in order to produce bad feelings in the present, have to be big, vivid and clear in your mind. Take the mental image in your mind, put a border around it and quickly shrink it down to a dot. Then see the dot blinking black and white. Then replace the image with better mental pictures.

I do the full NLP GET RID OF BAD MEMORY EXERCISE in a seminar its very effective. People are very surprised with how easy it is to get rid of the things that have plagued them for years. With just a few simple mental formulas it’s very easy.

Simple Highly Effective GET RID OF BAD MEMORY Exercise I learned from Dr. Richard Bandler:
1. Pull up Bad Memory. In order to make you feel bad, it generally has to be “Life Size” or bigger.
2. Is there a border around the image? Put a thick shiny border around it.
3. Very quickly SHRINK the image … SHHTT to a dot. Blink the Dot Black and White Very Fast
4. Open up the memory to the moment just after the very END. Run the memory backwards, walking backwards, talking backwards, sounding backwards, feeling backwards all the way to the very beginning
5. Take a deep breathe in through your mouth and slowly let it out through your nose.
6. Whats your favourite hobby?
7. Think bad to that bad memory, and try to make yourself feel bad.


The conscious mind and our focus of awareness at any one moment is limited. Hence we can only pay attention to so many things at once. Spending hours in circles looking for misplaced keys, phones and devices is because at the time we left them we were consciously distracted.

Save yourself tons of time and hassle by putting objects in your home in the same place and same location and building routines of sequences of behaviours.

Lets say you have to take out the garbage every Tuesday evening. Now on Tuesday you also workout and do your “Leg Day”. Create the neuro-association. Imagine leg pressing a dump truck, and feel the relief of having that garbage off your hands. Garbage out, clean smelling house. Garbage in, stinky house.

One final thought, isn’t it funny that you always find your keys in the last place you looked?

7. WASTING MEMORY POWER ON CRAPPY CONTENT – Using your photographic memory to remember bad crap, bad experiences, negative suggestions.

With so many people, the problem isn’t a “bad memory” its just that you waste, even if mostly unconscious, so much of your memory power remembering crappy things from the past or creating bad memories for the futures. In other words imagining and planning for bad things to happen in the future. Either option can produce anxiety and depression. By definition, in order to worry, you have to either remember bad things from the past and feel bad, or envision bad things happening in the future and feel bad. Its quite simple folks.

In seminars and with 1 on 1 clients, sometimes I’ll calculate the sheer amount of time people spend worrying. In many cases its more than 5 hours per day remembering some of the worst things that happened to you. YUK.

Clear those pictures away, shrink them down, and if you’re going to remember the past go back and make your biggest successes, biggest accomplishments and times where you felt the best, as big, bright and vivid as possible. Those are the feelings you want to move into the future with. Those are the things you want to leave big and bright in your mind. I will publish an article specifically on PTSD, because the sub-modalities of thought are what create PTSD. Sub-modalities of thought, huh? I know you should come to a Practitioner Training Seminar.

With PTSD & other traumatic experiences, many are shocked to learn that it has very little to do with the content, and everything to do with HOW THE EXPERIENCE IS REPRESENTED IN YOUR BRAIN. I teach you how to perform complete content free therapeutic change work in practitioner seminars. It saves the clients privacy and integrity and allows them to quickly make changes without having to remember bad things that deserve to be long forgotten.

To dive deeper and learn how to clear away – anxiety, worry, hesitation, procrastination, fear, seriousness – apply for my upcoming Licensed NLP Practitioner Training. Trust me there is no NLP, Neuroscience or Self-Development Seminar like it on the planet. Don’t take my word for it, see what the last group of participants had to say about their seminar experience HERE.

This NLP Training course will teach you precisely how the brain works, and the mental formulas to make mental changes such as removing anxiety, getting rid of bad memories, changing beliefs & increasing your memory. The combination of science, practical training, humour & high level skill development is unparalleled.

My seminars are an unforgettable experience. I’d love for you to join me and to share with you these magical, skills, science and techniques that teach you how to make unbelievable changes in your brain & others. Most importantly the kinds of changes that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can also apply for 1 on 1 Memory Enhancement Coaching with me directly. Email: to Apply.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve now learned 7 key principles on how to improve your memory. Apply them. Feel great. And go out in the world in do some amazing things. And perhaps remember where you learned them from 🙂

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