MIND MASTERY 1: The Simple Secret to Executing your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.


The Simple Secret to Executing Your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.

Are you the type of person who lets their brightest ideas, dull and rot on the shelves in their mind? 

Are you scared about making a change in your life, and fear pursuing your dreams, even though that is truly what you want to do? 

Do you find that incredible ideas enter your mind, but these ideas come and go on the fly and you never seem to be able to execute them? 

When you were a child or even today, do people call you a Dreamer or Crazy? Are you holding fear from failures in the past, and times when you weren’t able to execute your dreams? Are you worrying that maybe those doubters were right? Maybe you were just a Dreamer? Has Life stolen the Creativity, Curiosity and Imagination you once had? 

What’s the difference between the Dreamer who’s ideas never materialize and The Master who executes all their brightest ideas and changes the world?

Ideas are beautiful new realities and possibilities that cross our mind. Through our lives, millions and millions of ideas cross our mind, some good, some bad, some extraordinary, others just ordinary. But the end of the day, these ideas that cross our mind our temporary and fleeting. Very easily they come and go. Ideas are one thing, Execution is another. Ideas are transient and easily rot in our mind. Execution creates a new reality. Execution takes your ideas and multiplies them, sharing them with others, creating change not only in your mind, but in the minds of others. In this way each decision we make, each idea we execute, creates real change, altering the course of our life and the lives of others. In our world, especially in the modern materialistic world, ideas without execution is failure. However, not all ideas are meant to be executed. Sometimes failing to execute an idea is a success, and the best decision. As a result, failure isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s just that some things win and others lose. The key is execution, executing your brightest ideas, and letting the low-energy, negative ideas and thoughts fail. Built into success is failure. Neither is inherently good or bad. It’s just that for certain ideas to succeed others need to fail. What I’m all about, and what my mission is, is how to execute your brightest ideas with the highest level of success possible.

To achieve any goal in your life, all you need to have and all you need to do are two things. First, develop your Dream. What specifically do you want to create? What specifically do you want to bring into your life? In your minds eye, see your dream clearly and vividly, as if it’s in super high definition. Make the picture of what you want crystal clear. You want to make sure the universe knows exactly what your order is and what you want. And the critical part that leads us to the second step to execution, is sticking around for not only the appetizer, but also the main course that life will eventually deliver, and also the dessert which quickly follows. Only after you’ve enjoyed the entire meal, should you judge the quality of the restaurant and how well life has served you.

But let’s think about what most people do? They get the appetizer, which is the initial results they get at the beginning of the process of pursuing their dreams, and if there is anything wrong with the initial results they receive, or anything out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected happens, immediately people come to conclusions and judge the restaurant. At this point, most people leave without seeing what the main meal and entire experience is going to be. Most people, start on a process of pursuing their goals, and as soon as something discouraging happens, fall right off the wagon. The reason why this happens is because people lack the energy, willpower and persistence to stick it out, andso they often quit just before they’re about to receive the main course meal and the results they’ve been waiting for. Little did they know, that the moment you quit is when your success is just around the corner.

This brings us to the second key ingredient to Goal & Dream Execution:  ENERGY

Once you have your dream, you must develop the life energy to get you there. Life Energy creates Power and the ability to bring into your life everything you need to execute your dream. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, your Energy creates the Magnetism to attract the people, opportunities and pathways to your dream. In creating your dream, you don’t need to focus on how you’re going to get there. The How will take care of itself. You just need the target and then the Energy, which will create the power and unique pathways to your dream. Keep your dream, flexible and moving, dreams are always a moving target. What most people find is that the journey they end up travelling, and the dreams they create are often so much more and so much better than what their initial dream started out as.

Why is a Dream so important? 

Visionary Albert Einstein said to his students that the saddest thing in life, is not having a dream. When people call me a “Dreamer”, if I happen to share with them some of my ideas, I laugh inside, because most people have no idea that being a “Dreamer” is exactly what you want to be.

But what’s the difference between the “Dreamer” who stays in the clouds, and whose dreams never materialize, and The MASTER, who executes their dreams and accomplishes everything they ever desired?

One Word: ENERGY. Energy creates the power and execution.

The dreamer has the dream, the idea, but doesn’t develop the energy, which turns into power, which creates the magnetism, which attracts all the different avenues and pathways to fulfilling their dream, in real life, in the real world. The Master, not only moves back and forth between the clouds, the big panoramic vision of their dreams, and being grounded and earthly, seeing how their dream could really work in the real 3-D world, but also commits to developing the life energy and power on a daily basis to enable them to pursue, persist and overcome the inevitable challenges, roadblocks, twist and turns that life will throw at you. The Dreamer has the idea, but not the power and life energy, to protect and fully develop their ideas. However, the Master, each day, when no one is watching, works at building their life energy. Yet, the paradox is, someone is always watching. Your big mind is always watching you, judging you and updating your identity, based on your actions on a daily basis. When you cut the excuses and work each day at building your energy, your Big Mind takes notice, before anyone else. Your Big Mind suddenly says, “Yes! You are a Master!” And each day something new, something magical happens – each day the dream keeps getting better, clearer and more powerful. Each day the Master develops more and more energy, that protects their ideas from the comets, asteroids and negative influences which try to pull down and destroy their ideas. Each day, the Master’s life energy grows stronger, vitalizing them to work longer, harder and continue developing the relationships and opportunities that move them closer and closer to their dream. Each day the energy the Master develops flows into their dream, and their dream becomes more magical, more purposeful, more likely to manifest. The Master, believes in the process, and lives for the journey, each day knowing that they’re getting better and better in every way, travelling faster and faster towards their dreams. Ultimately, the master passes many destinations, that initially they would have been over-joyed to have reached. They travel farther to new universes, new galaxies, new realities that initially they could have never dreamt of.

So do you want to be a Master who takes powerful action every day, or are you the type of person, who sits on their ideas, and who inevitably will come to blame the world for all your great ideas that were left unfulfilled Choose to be a Master. Mastery is available to us all, why not shoot for the stars? Worst case you miss, but you’re still way higher off. Don’t live your life in regret, and let your brightest ideas and these opportunities pass you by:

The Simple Recipe of Success:

The recipe is very simple. All you need to execute your dreams are two things:

  1. Create your Dream
  2. Develop the Life Energy which creates Power & Magnetism to turn your dream into Reality.

Now the question for you is: What is your dream? What is your dream, that gives you that purpose, determination and inspiration to activate your highest abilities? 

If no answers come to you, that’s fine. Your imagination and creativity may have been dulled by the world, which is why I’m giving you the strategies in my books, on this blog, and through all my programs, to turn your creative, imaginative abilities back online. As I said, your dream is a moving target. It will keep getting better and better along your journey. But right now, close your eyes and think about what your dream truly is. Discover that dream that has been lying inside of you your entire life. That dream that completely JUICES you. That get’s you saying “YES” I want that. Perhaps it was a dream you once held in your mind as a child.

I’ve done the work and presented, and will continue to present, many pathways to developing your life energy. All you need to do right now is begin to discover your dream, and then the energy you will develop will open up the doors to the pathways to your unique promise land.

So do you want to be a Master? 

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  1. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    I find a great place to start in seeking to find that unknown dream is our childhood. We often change much less than we think and by examining our hobbies, interests and dreams from childhood, we may find some big clues to what our true passion or purpose is.

    For example, I used to spend hours mixing together spices and water to make soups when I was a child. In grade school I dreamt of being a barbie. In highschool I wanted to become a psychologist, in university I studied psyc and sociology then became a teacher and life coach. I now am a holistic nutritionist who looks coming up with creative meals, educating others, using the psychosocial knowledge base to empower others to create their dream life, and I model from time to time!

    The strategies you offer are brilliant, and powerful. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding and following your dreams


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