Proprietary Neuroplasticity Protocols for Total Brain Rejuvenation and Optimization for:

  • Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Autism & Neuro-Developmental Disorders
  • Learning Disorders – ADD / ADHD. Did you know that there are at least 6 different types of ADD, ADHD? Brain-Imaging and Neuro-Cognitive Evaluations can reveal which type you may have.
  • Brain and Cognitive Enhancement
  • Athletic and Physical Performance Mastery

“The System is the Solution” – AT&T

What if you had a Life-Style and Brain-Optimization System in place in your daily life that enabled you to have unlimited energy every day, to never get sick, to never break down and to be extremely happy, youthful and exuberant?

If you are suffering from a brain injury, neuro-immune condition or mental disorder, what if there was a way to synergistically combine different modalities and therapies to accelerate healing?

You see, there isn’t a magical pill, there is a Magical Process.

Clients ask me, is there a Magical Pill?
I’ve seen the movie Limitless, I want to be limitless, do you have that Magic Pill?

My answer to them is always YES. The Magic Pill does exist. However, the infinite power and benefits of the Magic Pill are unleashed in a different way than you think. You see there isn’t a Magical Pill, there is a Magical Process and if you follow the Magical Process, with the fundamental ingredients, foundational approaches and practices and unite different combinations you can activate all the benefits of the Magical Pill.

The Game Changer Proprietary Neuroplasticity Protocols include some of the following:

1. QEEG Brain Mapping (link to page))
2. Brain-Training with one or more of Neurofield (link), NeurOptimal Neurofeedback (link), LORETTA Neurofeedback Training
3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (link)
4. Specific Qigong & Tai Chi movements and practices. (link)
5. Super-Learning and Super-Memory Practices & Technologies
6. Environment & Life-Style Optimization
7. Mind Mastery Strategies
8. More Advanced Brain and Nervous System Optimization Technologies.
9. Individualized Tonic Herbs, Superfoods, Nutraceuticals and Brainpower Nutrition.