Raising Your Consciousness: Step 1

“This isn’t the Information Age anymore, this is the CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS Age. Having the Brainpower, Creativity and Life Energy to activate your full Imagination and execute your brightest Ideas are the Golden Abilities in today’s world.”

– Chris Wyllie, The Brainpower Breakthrough 

What are some simple steps to building a better brain & raising your consciousness?

Remember: Everything in life works based on “frequency” and “resonance”. The key is to raise your Life Energy to raise your vibration. How?

Step 1:

1. Put higher vibration foods in your body: wheatgrass, cacao, wild berries, wild herbs, DHA rich seafood, and even red wine – preferably Argentine Malbec and Pinot Noir.

Remember the reason why “raw foods” and “live foods” really matter, is because they have more of the sun’s photonic power stored in them. That’s it.

The benefits of Resveratrol, Polyphenols, and Greens like Wheatgrass, and Superfoods like Spirulina are stem from the fact that they store the sun’s photonic power. When you consume these foods you are literally drinking and eating Sunshine.

Everything is based on Light. You are Light. Lighten and Brighten the world my friends.

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