Hello Everyone! Now I Lay You a Book To Sleep  

This article is excerpted from … The Book: SUPER-SLEEPThe “HOW TO” MANUAL to Optimize your Sleep.

Questions answered in this Article: 

  • What is the the #1 Ingredient for Long-Term Brain Health? 
  • We know sleep enhances learning but how? Magical Sleep Discovery.
  • Neuroscience of Sleep 101
  • #1 Brain Buster sleeping your sleep. What is it?
  • Mental Techniques to Optimize Sleep 
  • You’ve been Duped – Naughty Nursery Rhymes
  • Sleep Optimization vs. Sleep Hacking 

“Hush little baby don’t you cry … Chris is gonna teach you a lullaby … when you read this chapter … you will sleep better.” 

“Now I lay you a book to sleep … pray your brain & soul to keep … if you study it while awake, I pray the Lord your success to make.” 

“Twinkle, twinkle, your brain,

How I wonder what its sayin’.

Up above your thoughts to see,

I want the best for you and me.”

“Rock-a-bye problems, in your brain not

when my techniques blow, your brain will rock 

when bad habits break, your problems will fall 

and up will come your spirit hopes 

and all”

SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP Better Now … don’t you need to? Don’t you want to? Wouldn’t it be nice to? When would tonight be the perfect time to get a goodnights sleep? 

Because sleeping really is so important isn’t? How important? Very very important. Let me tell you. 

What do you think is the most important factor to keeping your brain healthy and preventing neuro-degeneration? 

Yup you guessed it, SLEEP. My clinicians & astute observers, whats the first thing that goes in the toilet with neuro-degeneration & dementia? SLEEP. Poor sleep is the atomic bomb that destroys subsequent cognitive abilities. In lighter terms, poor sleep will drastically accelerate brain problems.

You’re going to learn some wildly fascinating facts about the brain and what the brain does during sleep.

Now lets say you’re a hot shot athlete and you’re not too concerned with losing your marbles, you just want to maximize what your brain can give you. Now whats the critical variable to accelerate your mastery and skill development? Yes, SLEEPING deeply, efficiently & seamlessly. Now.

How about recovery and healing? Yup Deep SLEEP.   

“Self-Help” guys talk about sleep like its a waste of time. I think nature is a little smarter than that. And so are you. 

Let me point out something for all of you. When does a human sleep the most? When we’re BABIES. What simultaneously is happening during this time period? THE BRAIN IS EXPLODING IN GROWTH. What else is happening? Well, can a baby walk talk and perform precise motor movements upon birth? No they can’t. Why not? The brain is not yet myelinated. Myelin is what coats nerves and enhances nerve cell transmission. 

So the period of greatest sleep duration is correlated with the most explosive brain growth and learning. Just a correlation? Hmmmm you’ll find out.

So you’re into bio-hacking or god forbid you’re a professional athlete, do you really want to be messing around with your sleep? Do you really want to be playing around with “gimmicks” and little hacks so you can sleep a few hours less? … Maybe not. In this HOW-TO manual, I differentiate “sleep optimization” and “sleep hacking”. I also identify for whom each strategy is appropriate. 

Now let me get to the hard truth of the situation. The aggravating stuff. You know, the stuff that happens way too frequently. A little reality check here. 

Don’t you hate it, when you plan to get a good nights sleep, you get to sleep early so you can wake up early, but then you go to bed and you’re just lying there … you can’t get to sleep and your brain just won’t shut off? That drives me absolutely nuts. What a pain. What a waste of time. 

Has this ever been you?

I’m also sure you’ve even had times where you worked so hard, and you were just so exhausted  and actually were too exhausted to even sleep. That ever happened to you? Hows that even possible? To exhausted to sleep? 

*Don’t worry I have very specific brain exercises for you to fix these issues.

QEEG Brain Map

Then you got the people who are sleeping, but they’re not really sleeping. Their brain doesn’t really shut off. Then you come to an actual brain practitioner like me, and I actually measure your brainwaves and we see your brain is not getting to that deep delta-wave sleep. Even worse you do have delta brainwave activity but its most prevalent during the day. In other words, your brain is asleep during the day and awake at night. Your brain activity is flip-flopped! Uh oh. Talk about your brain playing tricks on you!

Then there’s the people who can fall asleep, but can’t stay asleep. 

For the person who gets to sleep, but can’t stay asleep. I’ll tell you the problem in two lines. To fall asleep, their brain accesses a particular state (with particular brainwaves), and maintains this for a period of time.Then at some point the brain comes out of that state into another state (with different brainwaves). This is actually a fairly easy problem to fix. If your brain can access a state for an hour, then it can repeat the 1 hour eight times and do it for 8 hours. With a little savvy brain re-programming work of course.

Check this out. I know people that when they can’t sleep, they get up and watch T.V.! Absolutely ludicrous! Talk about the ultimate brain & mind screwing! Not only is it bad enough that you can’t sleep, now you got to mess your brain up even more!!! As you’ll learn blue light at night is a top brain buster. Turn it off. Keep it off. Do you really want to be telling your brain its the middle of the day in the middle of the night? The brain doesn’t have theories. All it senses are the electrical input & frequency it receives. Frequency is the language of the brain. 

The single dumbest thing you could do to mess up your brain.

And of course I have the clients who come in and tell me they’re taking sleeping pills and they still can’t sleep. So I ask them, are you sure they’re really sleeping pills? You sure they’re not caffeine? They go, “ohh yes I’m sure.” I go, well if you’re taking sleeping pills, and you’re not sleeping, perhaps they’re not doing their job.

As you’ll learn we have both the mental and neurological components functioning simultaneously. You can take a neuro-active substance (med, pills, drugs), and it’ll change your neurochemistry. This can take some of the “edge” off. However, if you don’t address the mental thought patterns, a person can take a drug, run the same mental thought patterns and make it so they can’t sleep while taking sleeping pills. This is exactly what happened to the person above. 

When you were a child, sleeping was something you did naturally and totally unconsciously. You didn’t have to think about it. You didn’t have to worry about it. You didn’t have to take pills for it. You were naturally wired to sleep easily.  Over time you developed problems that have stolen your sleep. We’ll clean those up. 

We’re going to need to consciously program your brain, so that sleep once again becomes an automated, unconscious process. Enter NLP & Neuroplasticity techniques

We’re going to do some anchoring. You see your pillow should be an immediate anchor for dropping into the most pleasant restorative sleep you’ve ever had. Not only that, your brain should have “OFF” buttons and “HOLD” buttons. Do you know how many problems would be fixed by just installing an “OFF” Button? Anxiety, worry, depression, OCD, insomnia, you name it! Go even further schizophrenia, paranoia etc. 

NATURE ALLOWED FOR HUGE NEURO-PLASTICITY. She made the brain an open slate primed to be wired and to adapt its wiring based on the environmental conditions it faces. 


You see, guys like Sigmund Freud, had all these cute theories about sleep. One of Freud’s theories is that sleep is a form of wish fulfillment, whereby dreams about snakes were somehow connected to issues with your fathers penis and so on. I believe that if dreams are fulfilling anyones wishes, they’re Freuds!!! The brain is literal, not metaphorical.

The brain will rehash and rehearse any bit and any part of the stimuli you’re exposed to. You could see a snake in a commercial on Monday and have a dream with snakes in it on Wednesday. If you’re interested in your dreams, what I’d look for is PREDICTIVE POWER. Test the information’s PREDICTIVE POWER. If you get information in your dreams that allows you to reliably and consistently make predictions about whats going to happen, then its useful. If not, then its just theories and psychological mumbo-jumbo. 

“The simplest answer is the content of your dreams is irrelevant unless it has predictive power.”


As you enter sleep, your brain reduces its production of beta waves which promote vigilance and conscious thought. The brain’s brainwave dominance shifts down to Alpha and Theta brainwaves as you enter the “hypnogogic” state. The hypnogogic state is something you’ve all experienced before. Its the state in which your thoughts become more lucid & mental imagery is enhanced. You know the state I’m talking about right? This can be measured on EEGs. Next, your brain drops down into deeper slower wave delta states which promotes deep sleep and physical restoration. Ideally of course! As your brainwaves change your unconscious and neurology begins to be no longer inhibited by your conscious mind. 

The above sleep stages are Non Rapid Eye Movement (non-REM) patterns. Very little dreaming occurs in these non-REM stages. In this third stage of Deep Sleep, this is where sleepwalking, enuresis, night terrors and para-somnias occur. Next we have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep accounts for about 25% of our sleep. This is where we dream. In fact, REM sleep is characterized by paralysis. Interesting isn’t it? This could be why its hard to “run” or “move” during sleep and why we feel like we’re moving in slow motion in our dreams. This can feel quite dreadful while you’re in the dream! Or at the very least this paralysis stops us from acting out our dreams, which can be a very good thing! 

What happens is during the day you learn activities, motor movements, thought patterns and are exposed to millions of stimuli. During sleep these networks are re-activated, and the neuronal firing occurs in reverse to re-set the neuron to fire even better the next day. This reverse neuronal firing during sleep was a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Bukalo and her team. I discuss it in the Brain Mechanisms of Sleep below. 

My theory is that during dreams many individual networks are re-activated and re-primed in this learning process, whereby neuronal networks that were used are strengthened and ones that weren’t are pruned away. Each of these neural networks is connected to particular fragments of information. During sleep these fragments are activated non-linearly and randomly, and somehow are weaved together into dreams. 


Dreaming is more literal than metaphorical. Think about it. You learn a new sport like tennis. During the day you hit 1000 foreheads. What’s going to happen while you’re sleeping at night? Don’t you go home and practice forehands all night during sleep? 

One of the martial arts I’ve learned is Wing Chun. When I first learned Wing Chun, that night I dreamed about Wing Chun and practiced my moves over and over again. There was no “hidden meaning” or wish fulfillment – other than wanting to be a white boy Bruce Lee of course! So theoretically you could say it was a form of wish fulfillment for my wishes at the time! My brain was literally re-processing what I learned during the day. 

More recently, I’ve focused on how naturally big and strong I can get. Its something I’ve never pursued. So I worked out and squatted. I hit some PRs (personal records). That night I worked out and squatted over and over again in my dreams. The weeks when I’m teaching seminars, such as an NLP Practitioner Seminar, each night when I go to sleep, I’ll be speaking and teaching in my sleep. Some times I come up with great new ideas too! 

I’ll be doing NLP demonstrations in my sleep. I’ll be hypnotizing people in my sleep. I’ll be generating new jokes in my sleep, new insights, you name it! There’s no hidden meaning about it. My pal, my unconscious, is getting some extra practice in to make me better, while my head is on the pillow. Thats what your brain is meant to do!!! Your brain learns patterns and then rehearses those patterns during sleep to make you better at them. Thats when you properly aim your brain and give it the chance of course! 

Not sleeping properly or trying to solve everything with your conscious mind or getting up in the middle of the night to watch T.V. or check your phone, thats when you’re cutting yourself off from the magic your brain can give you. 

Now lets say you watch a T.V. show. The T.V. show had aliens in it. Then you have a dream about aliens. Is there some hidden meaning about your “contact” with aliens, or was your brain simply re-processing a piece of information you were exposed to during the day? The most plausible explanation is the latter. 

For the most part, the content of our dreams is connected to what we were exposed to during the day. Thats it. Our brain is a learning processing machine. Our brain will chew on information in all kinds of random ways. In sleep time, dis-inhibited by conscious thought, our brain has a tendency to put things together in random, non-linear ways. 



From infancy to adulthood, we have been bombarded with sayings, cliche’s & rhymes loaded with vicious embedded suggestions in them. And we didn’t even realize it! No wonder fear is such a powerful driver for behaviour. Our only two natural fears are of loud noises and falling. But with the help of some bed time nursery rhymes we can install a whole lot more! Check out the kinds of things you were told as a child! Parents look at the embedded suggestions you may have given to your kids. But don’t worry, its not your fault. The same suggestions were given to you. 

“Sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite poem” …. Muhahahha!!! 

Whats the presupposition? That there’s Bed Bugs and they bite!!! 

(Parent putting kid to bed) … parent looks in the closet and says, “No monsters in here” … then looks under the bed and says, “no monsters under here”. 

“No Monsters Under Here!”

Whats the presupposition? That there are monsters! What a cruel idea to put in a child’s head. 

Why do we do it to our kids? Because it was done to us! 

A teacher gets up at the start of class and says, “okay now kids, this is going to be a very difficult lesson today … but we’re going to get through it … because Calculus isn’t easy I tell you”? Yes when you teach it like that it isn’t!!! Why does the teacher do it? Because its how they were taught. Now back to the lullabies.  

Think about this Lullaby: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” 

What a great bed time embedded command to give yourself … “If I die before I wake”  …NOT!!!. Unfortunately, that suggestion just slips right into their brain. 

Lets look at this Nursery Rhyme one more time: 

“Good night, sleep tight

Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

But if they do, then take your shoe and

Hit them till they’re black and blue” 

Not only do we have to avoid these little creatures, when we encounter them, we got to take a dirty shoe to bed and then fight their ass! Great way to teach kids how to deal with conflict! 

However I do understand the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Lullaby. That got me thinking cosmologically at 2 years old. My fellow 2 year olds we’re focused on their next diaper change & sucking on female mammary glands, I was contemplating the etymology of the stars and the universe … hence why I always persuaded my mom to feed me outside so I could look up at the stars, and just wonder how they are … 

Hush Little Baby … check this lullaby out … now this is an expensive one for daddy I tell you!!! Must have been created by a woman! Look at this poem: 

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.

Daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird won’t sing,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

And if that diamond ring turns brass,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a looking glass.

And if that looking glass gets broke,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a billy goat.

And if that billy goat won’t pull,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a cart and bull.

And if that cart and bull turn over,

Daddy’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

And if that dog named Rover won’t bark

Daddy’s gonna buy you a horse and cart.

And if that horse and cart fall down,

You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

Of course true to form, it wouldn’t be a good nursery rhyme without some violence and getting hurt … embedded command “horse and cart fall down”. Ohh but just wait and see what they do to the baby in the cradle! 

It gets even better ladies and gentlemen! Rock-a-Bye Baby hasta la vista little fella. 

“Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop 

when the wind blows 

the cradle will rock 

when the bough breaks 

the cradle will fall 

and down will come the baby

cradle and all” 

What cruel psychotic individual thought this one up? 

This is more my style. 

Rock-me baby, in the sweet spot 

when good feelings blow 

your brain will rock 

when bad habits break

the problems will fall 

and up will come your spirt hopes 

and all” 

“Now I lay you this book to sleep … use it wisely and so you’ll keep … sleeping deeply, sleeping well … sleeping beautifully, it’s so easy to tell” 


You can think about sleeping as a trance induction. There’s a state that when your brain enters it you fall asleep. Consciousness seamlessly fades away. Consciously you probably don’t know how or when that state occurs. So what you do is train your mind to induce that state and then you’ll fall asleep. I’ve provided a simple anchoring exercise below, to access that “lights out” state for consistently superb sleep. 


The hypnogogic state or “hypnotic state” is a state you enter into just before you fall asleep. This occurs while your brain slows down its faster wave, “beta wave” production and increases the production of slower waves, theta & alpha. So if you were wondering whether you’ve been in a hypnotic state before, the answer is YOU HAVE!!! Many times. This is a stark example! Hypnotic states are a naturally occurring phenomenon. You have driving trances, reading trances, day-dreaming trances, you name it. The hypnogogic pre-sleep state is perhaps the most common and important trance. 

As you enter the hypnogogic state, you’ll notice your thoughts become more lucid and vivid. In this state, mental imagery is enhanced and suddenly you may find yourself remembering past memories, or things you learned during the day in vivid detail. This state is like a jet stream to the programming of your unconscious mind. These alpha & theta states enhance memory which is why reviewing your school notes or important things you want to remember just before bed is a great idea. The hippocampus, the major memory hub for short to long-term memory conversion, has a natural resonance of 4-8Hz, which is the theta band. This is why children are such sponges for information – their brains’ produce tons of theta.


Whatever you learned and were exposed to during the day, your brain will chew on all night. One of the worst mistakes you can do is think of something “heavy” or something that bothers you before bed. I’m guilty of this myself. In my mind, I open up a topic I know is bothering me, and I get a terrible nights sleep because my brain keeps consciously and unconsciously processing it. Save it for when you can deal with it. 

Look, from time to time, bad things will creep into your head. This is where you want to visually and or auditorily, shrink down, white out or minimize those thoughts. I’m not talking metaphorically, I’m talking literally. You visually take this pictures, shrink them down and white them out. Don’t indulge it. You learned about the NLP Swish Patternwhich is much more sophisticated than you’ll read about online. The Swish Pattern is meant to be customized. You can create many different variations of Swish Patterns. How to know what to do? Well thats where the real skill comes in. Attend a Game Changer NLP Practitioner Seminar and/or Advanced NLP Training Course, to learn “the real mechanics of the Swish Pattern” and actually master them. 

That said, a simple sample of the SWISH PATTERN can do wonders before bed – especially if your brain has a tendency to “race”. That is unwanted thoughts keep popping up in your head. Wouldn’t it be nice if the things that popped up in your head were creative solutions, not thoughts keep you from sleeping? 


1. Pull up image of “Unwanted thought”. See it. Got it? 

2. Make an image of a “Desired Thought” to replace it. Think of a skill or new behaviour, something you want your brain focused on to practice all night long. 

3. PERFORM THIS NEXT STEP VERY QUICKLY – Pull up the unwanted thought & send it flying off into the distance, very fast. Shrink it in size the further it goes into the distance. All the way until its a tiny dot far away. Then see the Desired Thought flying on in, expanding and getting bigger the closer it gets until it pops up into the exact same location up big and close in your mind. DO THIS 3X VERY FAST. 

4. Random Question, What’s your favourite hobby? 

5. Deliberately think of the unwanted thought and notice what happens. 

“To Change a Habit you Mentally Create a Void & Replace it with something better”. Thats why drugs and medications only work for a period of time. They only “lessen” the unwanted mental activity, which over time can build back up. This is the case for sleep and sleeping pills. 


I remember Dr. Bandler saying that every brain should have an “ON” and “OFF” Button. Now unfortunately our brain doesn’t come with one. Its always running. Nor does our brain come with an “operators manual”. Also, every brain should have a “hold button”. Right so you got a multitude of things you need to do, the others should be on “HOLD” while you’re completing those tasks one at a time. Thats if you want to focus efficiently of course. When it comes time to sleep the task you’re completing is sleeping. 

Can you imagine how rich you would be as a practitioner, coach and/or therapist, if you could mentally install an “OFF BUTTON” in someones mind? Literally make it so they could shut off their mind whenever they needed to? Really thats all an insomniac needs. Thats what an anxious ant needs. AN OFF BUTTON. INSTALL AN OFF BUTTON. BOOM. SLEEP FIXED!!! ANXIETY FIXED! WORRY FIXED. Stress down, Well-Being Up. 


During sleep, information is consolidated and organized. More importantly the neuronal networks you’ve fired and stimulated are electrically re-primed. This is why whenever you’re studying or doing a project, I always recommend you get some sleep afterwards. It solidifies the neural connections and allows the brain to fire better after that period of rest. The result: your memory for that information will be sharper and your thinking clearer

If you get poor sleep, your thinking will be cloudy because the neural networks haven’t been fully reset. 

Glial cells are the ones that perform the brain’s housekeeping. During sleep, astrocytes, a subtype of glial cells, clean out worn out cells and debris. Without sufficient sleep you don’t get a proper glial cell cleaning. Over time, this could enhance your risk of mis-shapen proteins and other issues seen in for example, Alzheimer’s Disease. What happens is with “junk debris” still in the brain, it messes up the feedback provided to healthy neurons. 

If you don’t take out the garbage its going to rot in your brain. Makes sense, right? Astrocytes also help prune away un-necessary synapses thereby providing more cortical real-estate for stimulated synapses to be strengthened. 

At night, the brain enters these altered states which activate these physiologic processes to clear away the toxic byproducts of neural activity left behind during the day. These supportive glial cells are often called “the glue” of the nervous system. During the day, neurons “swell” and fire, and in the process become “oxidized”. At night, Dr. Bukalo and her team have shown that neuronal firing happens in reverse to “chemically reduce” brain cells.

Glial Cells “The Glue” of the Nervous System

As noted, astrocytes prune unnecessary synapses in the brain to refresh and reshape its wiring. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can send this astrocyte activity into over-drive, causing the brain to literally eat itself. 

Consistently burning out the midnight oil will burn out your brain. If the research is any indication, over time sleep deprivation will catch up to you. Thats obvious. 


  1. Neuronal Activity Fires in Reverse to Re-prime Neurons – During day firing occurs from cell body through axon to dendrite. At night this firing happens in reverse. 
  2. The Polarity of the brain reverses. Energy flows from Hind-brain (+) to Cerebral Cortex (-). During sleep this polarity reverses. Anesthetics & Strong Magnets work by reversing the polarity of the brain and hence “knocking you out”. 
  3. Astrocytes prune away un-necessary synapses 
  4. Micro-glial cells clear away toxic byproducts left behind from neural activity during day. 
  5. Brainwave production moves from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta across sleep states. 
  6. Brain enters both non-REM & REM (rapid eye movement) sleep states. REM sleep is when dreaming occurs. 
  7. Physical Paralysis during REM sleep. 


Its been a burning question, we know sleep is important, but why? We know sleep improves learning, but how? 

Brain researchers recently made an incredible discovery – during sleep and at rest the neuronal firing happens in reverse. This appears to reset the neuron and prime it learn new information

“During waking hours, electrical signals travel from dendrites — antenna-like projections at one end of the cell — through the cell body. From the cell body, they then travel the length of the axon, a single long projection at the other end of the cell. This electrical signal stimulates the release of chemicals at the end of the axon, which bind to dendrites on adjacent cells, stimulating these recipient cells to fire electrical signals, and so on. When groups of cells repeatedly fire in this way, the electrical signals increase in intensity. Dr. Bukalo and her team examined electrical signals that traveled in reverse from the cell’s axon, to the cell body and out its many dendrites. The reverse firing, depicted in this diagram, happens during sleep and at rest, appearing to reset the cell and priming it to learn new information” 

Neurosurgeon, Dr Jack Kruse, Energy and Epigenetics 9: Quantum Sleep

I know I’ve had the experience of speaking at a seminar all day long, and as the end of the day approached, I literally began to feel my neurons running out of electrical “juice”. That is I used up all their electrical charge and they didn’t have any left to fire. Now we know “how” and “when” the brain re-boots its electrical charge. During sleep and rest. 

Have you ever had an experience where your neurons rans out of juice? Many say that mental exhaustion is worse than physical exhaustion. Now haven’t you also had the experience of being exhausted then taking a catnap or little sleep and when you woke up you felt surprisingly rebooted? Neurologically you now know why this is the case. 

Based on this research what would the brain doc prescribe? After any intense learning period or training session, a period of sleep and/or brain rest so your neurons can be electrically re-primed to fire again. Makes sense right? I showed this paper to one of my mentors, it blew his mind!

This is why cat-naps, a 15 minute meditation or a mind-less walk in the park after hours of work is a great productivity booster. To mentally function at your highest level your neurons need to be electrically re-primed to fire. Thats why I never understood those people who studied for 10 straight hours in the library or pulled all nighters. Thats remarkably in-efficient. 

Now you know – be it before a test or a competition, you need some sleep. Even if its just one sleep cycle (90 minutes) or two sleep cycles (3 hours). You need to give your neurones a chance to reset so they can re-fire. No neuron juice, no mental performance. 

  This is in fact how general anaesthetics work, they reverse the polarity of the brain. This facilitates sleep. 

What else facilitates this polarity reversal of the brain, and thus sleep? THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD. An increased magnetic field promotes sleep. As you learned, Dr. Robert O. Becker put a large magnet by a salamander’s head and it put the salamander to sleep. This is why humans sleep so well out in nature. 

If you have high level man-made EMFs interfering with the Earths natural EMF your sleep will be poor. Just think of when two waves collide on a beach, it breaks them up. The same happens with EMF frequencies. 



Most people’s problem is that they don’t exert physically exert themselves enough during the day. You see when you do even just 30 minutes of all out exercise, that mobilization of kinetic energy is going to promote a rebound effect whereby the body will be driven to restore that energy. How does the body do that? Via sleep. Intense physical exercise will promote deep stage sleep. I can’t wait to sleep after a big squat and leg days. The sleep is extra deep. 




If there was a MAGIC PILL for AUTISM this is it: THE BEACH



Timing is key. Morning sunlight exposure on the skin helps to synchronize dopamine and neuro-hormone release and promotes melatonin production at night. What do cells use to time their activity? Light. 

Both the presence and absence of light at the appropriate times are the key modulators for sleep. Light is the biological clock that tells our body what time it is. A metronome if you will. 

In the morning you want to get the sun on your skin. Sun-gazing is an ancient technique. You want to tell your brain its “Day-time” to promote neuro-hormone release. In the evening you want the absence of blue light to allow melatonin to be released in the pineal gland to promote sleep. 


COLD + GOOD DEEP SLEEP is the #1 Weight Loss Method 

During winter many animals such as bears hibernate. While hibernating these animals are in essence intermittent fasting, in a cold environment, while grounded and in deep sleep states. And guess what? In the spring, these animals emerge physically lean and sexually vigorous. During this hibernation immense mitochondrial and cellular repair occurs. 

During sleep growth hormone is released that helps you stay young and keep your body lean. During sleep your body is meant to be in a fasted state, burning off fatty acids, and repairing your mitochondria to keep your body lean. When you’re burning the mid-night oil and your circadian rhythms are off, you’re not going to get proper growth hormone release. Hence, if you’re trying to lose weight, your body will hold onto fat. If you’re an athlete, your body won’t maximize strength and muscular gains.



Research has shown, the EMFs stimulate the brain stem and keep it activated. Specifically, EMFs activate calcium-gated voltage channels. The hindbrain, cerebellum, is loaded with such receptors. Hence, environments high in man-made EMFs can keep the brain and body chronically activated and create “excito-toxicity”. The symptoms associated with such chronic hyper-activation include anxiety, insomnia, adrenal fatigue & exhaustion over time. 

So lets say you’re reading this and you live in an apartment in downtown Toronto or New York. Most likely you’re not going to get up and move, so how can you mitigate your risk? Note, if you have a son or daughter with autism and/or some kind of neurological condition, you absolutely should get them to a lower EMF environment. 

So how can you mitigate your risk? 

1. Magnetico-Sleep Mattress –  If you’re cut off from the earth’s magnetic field, you need to replace it in some way. A magnetico sleep mattress is something you can  put on top of your mattress, containing magnets, which will help your brain get into sleep states.  

2. COLD THERMOGENESIS – if your risk factors are high, in that you are electro- sensitive, then cold thermogenesis is a necessary addition. EMFs will hyper- stimulate neurons and cells, thus oxidizing them. Cold is the best way to dissipate and counteract this excessive entropy. 

3. High DHA, High Fat Diet – DHA is a fundamental component of cell membranes that promotes brain cell signalling. DHA also increases brain Dopamine levels. In a high EMF environment, dopamine levels will be lower. Hence you will be a slave to every little dopamine-booster, such as notifications on your phone and junk food. High DHA consumption both via seafood and supplementation is necessary in a more toxic environment. DHA will also improve alpha rhythms in the brain. Alpha promotes relaxed focus and well-being. Man-made EMFs destroy alpha rhythms in the brain. Hence the development of so many stress-related mental problems in the workplace. 

Moreover, you’ll need to consume tons of healthy fats which are loaded with electrons to keep dopamine levels adequate. Dopamine levels are a reflection of energy balance. Whenever energy levels are off, dopamine levels will be off and thus your focus, motivation and productivity will suffer. 

4. Find Nature – Even if its for only 20 minutes at lunch, get out in nature. Ideally ground your feet. This will help dissipate any excess EMFs your system has been exposed to. 

5. If you live in TORONTO or NEW YORK – embrace the cold. In a city you are in a even higher EMF environment. Many of my clients who’ve sustained Concussions and live in the city report that they’re headaches are worse when they’re in the city versus outside of it. This excite-toxicity can be mitigated. 

Just like a super-computer the “chaos” that builds up in the brain must be dissipated. Leverage the Fournier Effect in the Winter. To reduce brain inflammation, you cover your body up and leave your head exposed to the cold. This will increase energy flow to the brain. For example, go for a walk outside with your body bundled up and your head exposed to the cold. See Below. 

6. Brain Protection Supplements – We want to counteract the excito-toxicity and neuro-inflammation associated with EMFs. If you live in a city, Magnesium, Curcumin, and DHA, are fundamental brain supplements you should probably be taking. If you live in a city and suffer from headaches or a brain injury, these supplements are a needed bridge until you are back to 100%. 



I like to test Melatonin-Cortisol levels. Most people’s are flip-flopped. That is they have low cortisol in the morning, when they need it to get up and get motivated to go to work, and high cortisol in the evening, when they want to go to sleep. Either their body really doesn’t like them or their circadian rhythms are off. Its the latter. 

Off kilt circadian rhythms is why people are slaves to the coffee man. Its why people have to drag themselves out of bed. Low morning cortisol. The best way to fix that is synchronizing your sleep-wake cycle with the rise and fall of the sun. Of course as reasonably and realistically as possible. If you’re a night-shift worker and you’re thinking … “ohhh crap.” My response, “get a new job!” Or get a much much higher paying night job, so you only need to do it once or twice a week! 


Magnesium is an important mineral, that daily stress, caffeinated drinks and so on depletes. Magnesium is a co-factor in the production of GABA. Magnesium is very important for both relaxing and protecting your nerves. You can consume magnesium orally as a supplement. You can consume it via food – Cacao, pumpkin seeds, green-leafy vegetables (green leafy vegetables are loaded with chorophyll, which has a magnesium backbone). I recommend Epsom Salt baths which contain magnesium, for anyone with an over-stimulated nervous system. One of the reasons why Isolation Tanks are beneficial is that the water is loaded with minerals and magnesium. 




  • Stimulates the HindBrain 
  • Activates Calcium-Gated Voltage Channels 
  • Dehydrates the Brain & depletes magnesium levels 
  • Increases the leakiness of the BBB “Blood Brain Barrier”, allowing environmental toxins to take hold in the brain 
  • Problems with Man-made EMFS interacting with D-Shell Electrons in Transition Metals 
  • Change in Brainwaves – See below. 

What happens to a piece of steak when you leave it in the micro-wave? It becomes a piece of rubber.

A cell phone is a bi-directional EMF device. I never put it by my head. Nor should you. I’ve actually performed EEGs and Brain Maps, measuring baseline brain activity and then brain activity while a “live” cell phone is placed next to the head. In the subjects underlying brain regions I noticed an immediate increase in Beta & High Beta activity and decrease in slower-waves alpha & theta. Whats going to happen to you mentally when there’s increased fast-wave production in the temporal lobes? You’re going to feel emotionally stressed and anxious. Your Sleep will suffer.





For 5 years, I meditated every day, including before bed. I discovered some very fascinating and effective brain-wave and bio-energetic entrainment tracks. Tracks with the signature frequencies of herbs, nootropics, different colours of light all embedded and distilled into sound frequencies. Get some high-powered headphones, put them on, play the track, and you are showered with super-brain entrainment. 

The language of the brain is FREQUENCY. In learning about Neuroplasticity, I learned about the Tomatis Effect. That is the Inner Ear, energizes the brain. Particular frequencies, and ranging from high and low frequencies has a tremendous effect on energizing the brain. 

You’ll even notice that most buddhist and other practices involve chanting. Most ceremonies involve some form of music. This music is designed to “entrain” the brain and lead it into an altered state. Mozart, with its combination of high and low frequencies, is widely known to enhance intelligence. This is via the Tomatis effect. 

DIRECT ENTRAINMENT – Before bed “theta” and “delta” meditations are terrific. Delta meditations are fantastic for silencing your mind and leading you into deep rejuvenative unconscious states. Your brain will try to get there naturally. Give it some help. In deep delta states you’ll achieve “complete” mental emptiness or absence of thought in the moment. Your conscious mind disappearing if you will. Similar to a deep sleep state. 

Melatonin Supplements? 


Dopamine Dominance During the Day, Serotonin in the Evening To Relax the Night Away. CARBS to raise serotonin levels. 

During the day I recommend eating more ketogenic to enhance mental focus. That is eating only protein, fat and greens. In the late afternoon / evening, thats when I’d recommend eating whatever carbohydrates you like. The carbohydrates will raise serotonin levels by promoting amino acid absorption, raising relative tryptophan levels in the blood. This will raise serotonin levels. 

Did you know Serotonin is the precursor to Melatonin? 


Serotonin is the “good mood” “stress-vaporizing” neurotransmitter. Serotonin boosts feelings of optimism, self-esteem, security, relaxation, and peacefulness. Adequate levels of serotonin in the occipital lobes are necessary for delta deep wave sleep. Also, the more serotonin you have, generally the less sensitive to pain you’ll be.

Direct Melatonin Supplementation is Un-Intelligent. There are much better ways to raise melatonin levels.

Serotonin converts into melatonin. Raise serotonin in the evening and you’re likely going to increase melatonin. Conversion of serotonin to melatonin depends on SAMe, which your body synthesizes from methionine, requiring adequate vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12.


Blue Dot Meditation.  

I remember Dr. Bandler telling me about a meditation he learned for sleep. He had difficulty falling asleep on planes. A lot of people have difficulty sleeping on planes, trains, cars etc. Then on one flight he watched a guy go “lights out” asleep the second the plane took off. So Dr. Bandler asked him, “how do you go to sleep light that?. He said, “well I see a blue ball in my mind, I look at it and then I step inside it. Then when I step inside it I fall alseep”. Hmmm seems pretty simple! 

Interestingly in my own qigong experience training directly with the Shaolin Monk, and and Qigong master, Sifu Paul Ng, blue light meditations were known to be very calming. 

I know I just lambasted blue light above from technology!!! This is about internal visualization processes of blue light! Give this simple technique a try! 


When we were born into this world we were born with the natural wiring to sleep perfectly. Sleeping was a natural process we “just did”. No need to think, worry or plan for it. In fact in your life there’s probably been hundreds if not thousands of times where you were tired and naturally drifted off to sleep. Especially when you were much younger. Just think back to car rides after long days at the beach, or getting home after a big game or after a long summer day, as soon as your head hit the pillow you were out like a light. It may be in the distant past, or quite recently, but we’ve all experienced deep restful sleep. If you’ve experienced it once, you can surely experience it again. Your brain knows what it feels like. 

Now in your mind, I’d like you to go inside and go back to a time where “you slept like a baby”. I mean really, slept like a baby. Maybe a time when that “sleep pressure” … you know that drive to fall asleep was built up so much and you just couldn’t wait to get to bed. Ease your way back to a memory like that. Pull it up in your mind. Make the image of the memory big, clear and life size so you can remember the nuances of that memory …  and then step all the way inside it – see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how you felt in that memory … nowgo through the memory, play it forward until the moment just before you dropped into a deep sleep. When you were right on the edge of a very restful, deep desired sleep. 

As soon as re-experience that moment, just before falling into a deep sleep, ANCHOR that state. Do it AUDITORILY – with a mantra … S L E E E P.  Really say it in such a slow Sleepy voice … Then go back to that moment, double that sleepy feeling ….  and say… S L E E E P. 

Ahhh isn’t that wonderful? 

… Now go to a second memory where you “slept like a log” or “were out like a light” whatever you’d call your deepest sleep now  … and go to the moment just before you slipped into that sleep. Step inside the memory, go to that moment, feel exactly how you felt … notice the nuances of how your body felt, your chest, your breathing, your legs, all at the edge of dropping into a deep sleep … feel that feeling, deepen that feeling … and here that matching voice … S L E E P ….

  Go to a third magic memory in your mind, a time where you fell “fast asleep” and “slept like a baby” … you know another time when you slept beautifully and seamlessly. Go to that moment just before you zonked out, feel the feeling, deepen that feeling and then connect it altogether the best nuances of each of the three sleepy feelings with your  … S L E E P voice.  



  1. Eat Primarily Ketogenic – Eat primarily fat and protein & raw vegetables to keep you in a ketogenic high-dopamine state. 1 mol of fatty acid yields 147 ATP vs. 1 mol of carbohydrate yielding 36 ATP. We want as much energy to the mitochondria as possible. The brain houses more mitochondria, energy producing power-plants, than any other organ in the body. You will feel mentally clearer, lighter and brighter sticking to fats and protein during the day while you complete your work. The main reason why I eat carbohydrates is for physical performance enhancement. That is I eat carbohydrates to help increase the size of my muscles. But hey, Arnold said the secret to success is to have 22 inch biceps right? So I eat carbohydrates to get bigger and stronger. I don’t eat them before I want to do my best mental work – writing, speaking etc. For optimal mental performance I haven’t found carbohydrates to be necessary. If anything they “slow you down”. I also recommend lots of raw vegetables and salads which are loaded with sunshine energy, contain live enzymes and have a relatively low digestive load. Think greens juices and organic salads with healthy fats like avocado. Anything thats going to divert too much energy to digestion, such as eating a whole bunch of complex carbs is going to slow you down. Don’t take my word for it, go eat a big bowl of oatmeal and notice what happens to your state. In that fat-burning state, eating lots of amino acids, dopamine levels will be higher. This will boost your focus, vigilance and mental energy levels. As soon as you eat some carbohydrates, the body will release insulin which will promote amino acid absorption and leave tryptophan in the blood. This will raise serotonin levels. There’s a see-saw balance of Dopamine Dominance vs. Serotonin Dominance. I prefer Dopamine Dominance when its time to be razor-sharp and focused during the day, and increase Serotonin levels in the evening when its time to recover and relax the night away. 

2. INTERMITTENT FASTING – intermittent fasting liberates immense energy. This promotes mental focus, raises catecholamine levels, and saves your body the energetic drain of having to digest and process food. Plus, not eating is a big time saver and allows you to work more. I enjoy consuming coffee and/or tea with some healthy fats like Organic Coconut Oil and MCT Oil, to supply energy for your brain to fuel mental performance. Especially while writing, seeing clients, or performing any important mental work.

3. Eat lots of HIGH FREQUENCY FOODS – This includes super-food greens like Wheatgrass, Chlorella, which are loaded with Cholorphyll. Chlorophyll is liquid sunshine. The more energy you consume from the sun, the more energy you’ll have to work. Pretty simple. Get those cells of yours vibrating! I also love Chinese herbs such as Cordyceps, Goji & Schizandra, & Ginseng to supply tons of free energy to the brain and body. I mentioned that organic raw salad and greens in #1. These are also high vibration. Some organic salad greens are so good you can actually feel the difference. Thats the best test of the energetic state of the food you eat. Are your energy levels elevated after eating it? 

4. KEEP INFLAMMATION AS LOW AS POSSIBLE – During the day neurons swell and fire. This builds up inflammation which necessitates sleep to dissipate the inflammation and electrically re-prime the brain. Thus the less inflammation in your body, the less your body will need sleep. My favourite anti-inflammatory brain supplements are Curcumin (which is derived from Tumeric) and DHA (the magical fatty acid in seafood). Take both as supplements, especially if you are reducing your sleep. 

5. MAINTAIN A CALM, ZEN FOCUSED DEMEANOUR – People waste incredible amounts of energy worrying, responding emotionally, and getting angry. The more Yang, and fired up you get, the more your body will require the equal and opposite, Yin, to restore your body’s energy levels. The more you stay cool and calm, the longer you’ll be able to work and maintain your energy levels each and every day. This is where the NLP & plasticity brain work to train your brain to access these super-states & teach you how to maintain it comes in. 

6. MITOCHONDRIAL BOOSTING SUPPLEMENTS – sleep helps to repair and restore your mitochondria. With less sleep, you’ll receive less of this necessary process. Thus your mental energy levels may dip, and your brain may seem “foggier” etc. You can consume mitochondrial boosting supplements to increase your mitochondrial function.  

Chris’ Magical Mitochondrial Boosters Include: Magnesium Threonate, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Taurine, D-Ribose, CoQ10 (ubiquinol) & PQQ. These six consumed in unison will give you a major mitochondrial energy boost.


Drink clean Spring Water. Cut out all processed foods. When you eat, make it fresh raw fruits and vegetables and healthy meats and seafood. All the other stuff will slow down your system. Avoid foods or products that contain food additives, which are extremely neuro-toxic. This includes, Aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and artificial colourings. As a general rule of thumb, if it comes in a plastic package, its probably not a good idea

8. BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT – DELTA Before Bed to Get Right to Deep Sleep. When bio-hacking your sleep there are two key sleep stages you absolutely need. First, you want to get deep stage sleep for physical body rejuvenation. Second, you want some REM sleep for learning, memory & neuro-cortical organization. 


Perform Short Effective Meditations to keep Brain Entropy “Chaos” Low. 

Potentially Consume Nootropics – ideally natural nootropics to supply more brain energy. I.e. Gingko, Rhodiola, American Ginseng.

Grounding, Sunlight, Water all are natural sources of free energy. Use them. 

10. Maintain your Wake-Sleep Schedule like Clock-Work. Let your brain and body habituate and get used to it. Sleeping 5 hours a night with random fluctuating sleep times will be more taxing on your system then sleeping 5 hours a night on the same sleep timing. 

11. BRAIN TRAINING – Neurofeedback, NLP & Neuroplasticity Work to get your brain as balanced & coherent as possible. 

12. Make sure when you DO SLEEP – Your are Reaching Ideal Sleep States as per above.  

13. Keep Oxygen Levels High. 

Excited to learn more? Want to learn the nitty gritty to build the best sleep possible? I’ve given an incredible amount of information. However, there are some very precise practices & mental techniques to optimize your sleep that are only available in my book – SUPER-SLEEP.

Learn Everything you Need to Know to Optimize your Sleep. 

Learn Precisely why you are not sleeping as well as you could be. 

Learn how to Sleep Like a Baby Once Again.

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