LIFE MASTERY 3 – Is Your Brain Busted? The Ultimate Brain-Saving Plan.

Flow, Focus, Light. Infinite Energy

The Ultimate Brain-Saving Plan.

“Don’t be a Healer. Be Light. Be Water. Light equals Extreme Infinite Power. Light is Electromagnetic Radiation, which is the most infinite powerful force in Nature. Water is the key to Life. Water can flow past anything and cut through steel. No Water. No Life. Extreme Light. Extreme Water. Infinite Energy.”

Chris Wyllie, Mastery Manifesto

Life boils down to three key factors. Optimizing each one of these three ingredients is the key to developing infinite energy, and infinite power – just like the universe.

Let’s not waste any time. Let’s get right to it …


What lasts longer your tongue or your teeth? One is hard, one is soft.

What does this mean for your longevity?

Your teeth are the hardest part of your body.

Your tongue is the softest.

Have you ever seen your grandpa’s or grandma’s medicine cabinet? What do they usually keep in their medicine cabinet, which they put in in the morning and take out at night?

Their False Teeth! 

Your tongue lasts longer than your teeth. So what does this mean for you? 

The way to live a long, healthy life is to be soft, to flow like water, to be flexible in your thinking, fluid in your movements, graceful in your response to situations, and soft with your emotional responses and reactions, and physically JUICY like a plump berry. But I should warn you, when you shine, glow and grow, and become extra succulent and sweet, other people might want to take a Bite out of your JUICE-NESS … But you may be cool with that 🙂 

If you’re a guy, you should know that the beautiful women are the one’s who seek out the juicy, plump fruits and veggies in the produce section … and if you’re a woman, you should know that men always seek out those Juicy Tender Steaks … 

What happens when a Juicy Man meets a Juicy Woman … the Juicy Steak meets the Succulent Vegetables???You get a Perfect Brain, Body, Booty meal … 

Yes, consider me your “Love Doctor”.  I got you covered. 

Okay back to business … 

As soon as you stop growing and expanding, you start hardening, contracting, and shrinking. This is what happens in the universe, it expands before it starts to contract and comes to an end.

Let’s think about our current health epidemics:

Hardening of your Heart & Blood Vessels (Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis & Diabetes) Hardening of your Joints (Arthritis) … Hardening of your eyes (Cataracts) … Hard-Headed (stubbornness, rigidity, obsessiveness, compulsiveness) …  Hard Plaque build-up in your Brain (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) … Hard Ripples of Fat on your Behind (Cellulite) …  Hardening of Tissues (Scar Tissue) … and now with the huge number of Concussions and Brain Injuries were seeing a huge hardening of calcium from excito-toxicity in the brain as a result of massive inflammation and calcium efflux (calcium being spewed out of the cells following Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries). It’s quite hard for your brain cells to communicate clearly and for you to focus and remember accurately if your cell membranes are being destroyed. Calcium plays a major role as the cement of the cell membrane. When calcium is being knocked out due to stressors like man-made EMF from technology, this destroys the structure and signalling of brain cells. If you’ve suffered a concussion or any blow to the head and the structure, signalling and energy levels of your brain are already compromised, and then, on top of this, you bombard your brain with blue light and EMF from technology, you are literally frying the crap out of your brain. The result, you will feel grumpy, cranky, achy, tired, and cloudy. You won’t be any fun to be around. Moms, you know what I’m talking about, right? You can attest to what happens to kids after a concussion, right? Overtime you may become depressed as neurotransmitters in the brain are chronically destroyed and your brain’s batteries continue to discharge.

In other cases like epilepsy there’s evidence of similar excito-toxicity and calcification in the temporal lobes, bringing excess glutamate, and chaos which can triggers seizures. Then if you eat excitatory chemicals in processed foods, like aspartame, sucralose, dies, colours, simple sugars, they will be soaked up into these over-excited, energy compromised regions of the brain, making everything worse. Where you’re losing energy the most, is where the neuro-toxic chemicals will accumulate. 

In Autism, ADHD, there is chronic calcium efflux and degradation of cell membrane architecture. Autistic Brain’s have very high amounts of neuro-inflammation and extreme amounts of hyper-coherence, meaning regions of the brain are very locked in. As a result, in the Autistic Brain, once one region of the brain is activated, then the other brain regions are activated and the whole brain gets turned on like a christmas tree, and these brain regions can’t hang up the phone. Not only that, the brain regions are talking to each other at a million miles an hour. 

Guess what people say about Autistic kids? They’re bossy, set in their ways, and rigid. Their brains go at a million miles an hour, and what comes out can often be a garbled mess.

The biggest problem with artificial EMF is that it exposes our brain and body to high frequency electromagnetic radiations which stress and steal energy from our brain. On an EEG we see increased brainwaves in the high beta frequency range associated with anxiety, irritability, and stress.

Man-made artificial EMF directly destroys, depletes and hardens our brain and body.  EMF dehydrates our cells, and causes calcium efflux and thus calcification and plaque formation everywhere in the body. This all happens because high level EMF’s steal energy from our body, which reduces the charge in our blood and makes everything sticky, viscous and hard. Just like micro-waving the crap out of a steak, when you live in the modern world you are constantly microwaving and frying your brain. The result: your Brain loses its juice and voltage. Your Body loses it’s bounty and beauty. You mind becomes rigid, hard, inflexible, and closed to growth. 

What Specifically does this Nerve-Racking, Brain-Busting EMF do to your brain & body?

EMF causes a chronic stress-response across the brain-stem, keeping your neuro-immune system in a constant state of activation. What happens when your brain and immune system are constantly activated? The immune system keeps getting more and more depleted. And when the brain is constantly activated, it cannot heal, consolidate and organize it’s inner business. When the brain is constantly activated it’s always mobilizing and firing, becoming more oxidized and disordered. When brain cells fire they swell become more oxidized. Naturally we are designed to be more oxidized during the day, and have a small amount of blue light to increase wakefulness. The problem becomes when the brain and immune system cannot organize and restore order, and chaos runs rampant. 

Physically this over-activation of the brain stem causes calcium efflux, basically spews calcium out of cell membranes, calcium’s is like the cement in the cell membrane. This not only destroys the cell membrane and it’s ability to transit signals, but also over-excites neighbouring brain cells, leading to a cascade of brain cell death.

Artificial EMF dehydrates the brain, making the brain pseudo-hypoxic. Dehydration = decreased oxygen = decreased energy flows = decreased electrons and decreased negative charge = increased chaos = increased inflammation = excessive positive charge = altered cognition = chaotic behaviour.

High Energy Electromagnetic radiations, whether they be man-made from Wifi, Satellites, and all the EMF Smog, or High Energy Solar Radiations, steal energy from our body. When you are constantly exposed to them your inner environment gets destroyed, just like MARS which is a DEAD RED DESERT. Mars has no Magnetic Field to protect itself from high solar radiations. As a result there is no life on Mars. Everyone is stressed by the EMF smog from man-made technology. But can you develop super-human levels of energy, and magnetism to become near impervious to the effects of the modern world? Sure. But I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the people don’t have what it takes. It’s much easier to change and optimize your environment.

The Electromagnetic Force is the most infinite, and powerful force on the universe. Light, frequencies, oscillations, and vibrations are all electromagnetic radiations. Given the immense, infinite power of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies, they can open the door to heaven or open the door to hell. Our body is designed to be exposed to and entrain to the low frequency EMF from the Earth, called the Schumann resonance. We are designed to be connected to the Earth’s Magnetic Field. The Schumann resonance corresponds to increased alpha waves in the brain. Increased alpha waves are associated with increased relaxation and flow, focus, balance, and clarity. You know how people talk about feeling grounded and balanced after an energy session, but speak about it rather abstractly? Physically what is happening is their brain is synchronizing and functioning at the 7.83 Hertz, the Schulman Resonance which corresponds to increased alpha waves in their brain. People who meditate, and whose energies are synchronized, with themselves and with the world, have increased alpha waves in their brain. People who are connected to the sun’s cycles, and have proper circadian signalling, by rising in the morning when the sun begins to rise, and shutting off all the blue light (T.V., computer screens) at night when the sun goes down, have increased levels of alpha brain waves. Alpha brain-waves are a sign of high brain voltage, high dopamine levels, energy balance and synchronization with the environment. Thus they are associated with health. They are associated with being in the zone and flow of life. It is in the zone where people tap into ideas, connect the dots between different information and ideas, and see things about the universe they normally never consider.

Brain-Saving EMF reduction strategies:

Never put a cell phone by your head – it is bi-directional walkie-talkie, that is micro-waving your brain. Have you ever put a piece of steak in the micro-wave and left it in there for too long? What happened to that piece of steak? It got fried to bits, and became very rough, tough and dehydrated right? The exact same thing happens to your brain when you expose it to EMF.

Don’t have Wifi in your house, use cable connections. If you have an autistic son or daughter this is very important. Do not sleep anywhere near the electrical box in your house, or the furnace. Remove all electrical devices from your room.

Spend as little time in the city, in office buildings, around a lot of people who are using technology. Spend as much time in nature as possible. You cannot get well in the same environment you got sick in. In some extreme cases you actually have to move, the modern environment is too toxic. It all depends are how badly you want to help yourself and your son or daughter. Many autistic kids and people with Neurological conditions have to be removed from the modern, fake environment, so that they can reconnect with nature and balance their brain and body.

“In all autistic kids, there are islands of brilliance and consciousness, and the key is not to medicate and chemically cut these kids off, and dull them down and domesticate them like animals, the key is bring these kids to the environment in which they were designed to grow, develop and become the free-ranging, free-flowing human beings they were meant to be. To thrive we all need be in the environment where our brain and biology will balance and organize. To work best our brain and body need to be connected to the sun, the earth, and the earth’s magnetic field.” 

Chris Wyllie, Mastery Manifesto

4.   Because we don’t sleep on the Earth, something many people need to do, especially if you have a neurological, autoimmune condition or if your kid has a neurological condition, is invest in a Magnetico-Sleep Mattress, which saturates the body with a magnetic field to stimulate sleep, regeneration and condenses everything, reducing the chaos in the body. In the absence of energy from AM sun, optimizing magnetism becomes critical. You need to charge your cell batteries in some way. 

5. Ground yourself as much as possible. Get a grounding pad to put your laptop on. If you have the magnetico sleep mattress you don’t need a grounding sheet. Nothing replaces having your feet, your bum and your body connected to the Earth. 

The best way to smooch with three women with one kiss, is to be on the beach, in the water, in the sun. It would be my Game Changer Game Plan to go for a vacation, one before the holidays and after the holidays for at least 1 week.


You’re supercharging your cell batteries with AM UV sunlight, with photons which energize your electrons.

You’re plugged into the ground, and so receive electrons from the earth, to destroy inflammation, which is a build up of positive charge.

In the ocean water which is loaded with organic minerals, oxygen, and electrons which flow into your body.

All told, this “one move” will score you three women. Or Lovely Ladies, try this strategy on, and watch 3 guys flock to you.

Remember these three fundamental forces of life:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Magnetism.

Everything is created out of light. Water is what enables life to emerge, and allows life to store light energy. This energy creates Magnetism. 

When Water and Fire are in perfect harmony, magical energy is created, new planets form, magnetism develops, and new solar systems emerge and evolve.

Within your human body lies all these key ingredients to orchestrate the same magic, and fully lighten, brighten your mind, and create radiant energy, which will create new planets of possibility, new planets of power, and new solar systems of life. 

The secret is simple: Light, Water, Magnetism. 

Just like a planet requires all three of Light, Water and Magnetism to allow life to emerge, human beings need Light, Water and Magnetism to live and thrive.

All the water in our body is a reservoir of Light. Light is electromagnetic radiation, which manifests in oscillations and vibrations. Want to raise your vibration? Want to raise your awareness? 

Get more light flowing through your cells. And make sure your body is replete with water

We want to maximize the amount of light stored and transmitted in cells (which are water).

We all are beings of Light. We are all mini-suns. There are many ways to increase the light flowing through your cells, and thereby fully electrify the SUPER-ANTENNA that is your Brain. Your Brain is the ultimate receiver and transmitter of light energy. That is how memory, consciousness and awareness arise.

Lighting up your Brain:

The easiest and fastest way to supercharge your cells is through sunlight, particularly AM sunlight. 

Second, eating the highest energy “light-containing foods”. Fundamentally, why is wheatgrass good? Why is cacao good? Why are blueberries and the anthocyanin’s in berries so good? Why is seafood good? Why are the tonic herbs so good? They store massive amounts of photonic power from the sun, as well as huge amounts of electrons in their proteins. When you consume then, you are eating sunshine. 

Lastly, the most powerful way to brighten the light bulbs in each of your cell’s is through Qigong and Tai Chi. No matter what environment you’re in, these practices build your life energy, and turn up the lights on every cell in the body. You are a Sun. The light is in you. Can you shine it? Can you increase it? Even if you are receiving little light from the sun? Yes.  Not only do Qigong and Tai Chi turn you into a Bright Star they increase your ability to transmit energy and focus energy light a Laser. Stop and think about this … 


At their core, a lightbulb and a laser are made of the same thing. But how they are structured completely changes their physical abilities. A Laser Beam is a stream of focused photons that can cut through a diamond. What changes these physical abilities? The Energy and Focus.

Tai Chi and Qigong, turn up the lights, and bring laser-like focus to cut through any non-sense, misinformation or manipulations of others. This laser-like focus enables you to slice and see through problems, road-blocks, challenges, so that you can ascend to highest level of power and ability possible.

Physically, once you develop “Qi” you will feel tremendous warmth, and boiling, this is your mitochondria releasing huge amounts of Infra-red light. As this energy develops you will feel the light flowing throughout your entire body. As a result, the flames of your consciousness and mind will shine more brightly, and radiance and luminance of your light will expand. You will brighten any environment, no matter how dark. This is the essence of radiance and resilience.

Ultimately, when you develop strong Life Energy, you become like water. Water is infinitely soft and infinitely flexible. But water is also infinitely powerful. Water can cut through steel. 

Soft and Hard. The Sun and the Earth. Yin and Yang. Free-Flowing with Laser-Like Focus. These are the key ingredients of Life, and the key ingredients to lighting up your life.



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MIND MASTERY 1: The Simple Secret to Executing your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.


The Simple Secret to Executing Your Brightest Ideas & Dreams.

Are you the type of person who lets their brightest ideas, dull and rot on the shelves in their mind? 

Are you scared about making a change in your life, and fear pursuing your dreams, even though that is truly what you want to do? 

Do you find that incredible ideas enter your mind, but these ideas come and go on the fly and you never seem to be able to execute them? 

When you were a child or even today, do people call you a Dreamer or Crazy? Are you holding fear from failures in the past, and times when you weren’t able to execute your dreams? Are you worrying that maybe those doubters were right? Maybe you were just a Dreamer? Has Life stolen the Creativity, Curiosity and Imagination you once had? 

What’s the difference between the Dreamer who’s ideas never materialize and The Master who executes all their brightest ideas and changes the world?

Ideas are beautiful new realities and possibilities that cross our mind. Through our lives, millions and millions of ideas cross our mind, some good, some bad, some extraordinary, others just ordinary. But the end of the day, these ideas that cross our mind our temporary and fleeting. Very easily they come and go. Ideas are one thing, Execution is another. Ideas are transient and easily rot in our mind. Execution creates a new reality. Execution takes your ideas and multiplies them, sharing them with others, creating change not only in your mind, but in the minds of others. In this way each decision we make, each idea we execute, creates real change, altering the course of our life and the lives of others. In our world, especially in the modern materialistic world, ideas without execution is failure. However, not all ideas are meant to be executed. Sometimes failing to execute an idea is a success, and the best decision. As a result, failure isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s just that some things win and others lose. The key is execution, executing your brightest ideas, and letting the low-energy, negative ideas and thoughts fail. Built into success is failure. Neither is inherently good or bad. It’s just that for certain ideas to succeed others need to fail. What I’m all about, and what my mission is, is how to execute your brightest ideas with the highest level of success possible.

To achieve any goal in your life, all you need to have and all you need to do are two things. First, develop your Dream. What specifically do you want to create? What specifically do you want to bring into your life? In your minds eye, see your dream clearly and vividly, as if it’s in super high definition. Make the picture of what you want crystal clear. You want to make sure the universe knows exactly what your order is and what you want. And the critical part that leads us to the second step to execution, is sticking around for not only the appetizer, but also the main course that life will eventually deliver, and also the dessert which quickly follows. Only after you’ve enjoyed the entire meal, should you judge the quality of the restaurant and how well life has served you.

But let’s think about what most people do? They get the appetizer, which is the initial results they get at the beginning of the process of pursuing their dreams, and if there is anything wrong with the initial results they receive, or anything out-of-the-ordinary or unexpected happens, immediately people come to conclusions and judge the restaurant. At this point, most people leave without seeing what the main meal and entire experience is going to be. Most people, start on a process of pursuing their goals, and as soon as something discouraging happens, fall right off the wagon. The reason why this happens is because people lack the energy, willpower and persistence to stick it out, andso they often quit just before they’re about to receive the main course meal and the results they’ve been waiting for. Little did they know, that the moment you quit is when your success is just around the corner.

This brings us to the second key ingredient to Goal & Dream Execution:  ENERGY

Once you have your dream, you must develop the life energy to get you there. Life Energy creates Power and the ability to bring into your life everything you need to execute your dream. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, your Energy creates the Magnetism to attract the people, opportunities and pathways to your dream. In creating your dream, you don’t need to focus on how you’re going to get there. The How will take care of itself. You just need the target and then the Energy, which will create the power and unique pathways to your dream. Keep your dream, flexible and moving, dreams are always a moving target. What most people find is that the journey they end up travelling, and the dreams they create are often so much more and so much better than what their initial dream started out as.

Why is a Dream so important? 

Visionary Albert Einstein said to his students that the saddest thing in life, is not having a dream. When people call me a “Dreamer”, if I happen to share with them some of my ideas, I laugh inside, because most people have no idea that being a “Dreamer” is exactly what you want to be.

But what’s the difference between the “Dreamer” who stays in the clouds, and whose dreams never materialize, and The MASTER, who executes their dreams and accomplishes everything they ever desired?

One Word: ENERGY. Energy creates the power and execution.

The dreamer has the dream, the idea, but doesn’t develop the energy, which turns into power, which creates the magnetism, which attracts all the different avenues and pathways to fulfilling their dream, in real life, in the real world. The Master, not only moves back and forth between the clouds, the big panoramic vision of their dreams, and being grounded and earthly, seeing how their dream could really work in the real 3-D world, but also commits to developing the life energy and power on a daily basis to enable them to pursue, persist and overcome the inevitable challenges, roadblocks, twist and turns that life will throw at you. The Dreamer has the idea, but not the power and life energy, to protect and fully develop their ideas. However, the Master, each day, when no one is watching, works at building their life energy. Yet, the paradox is, someone is always watching. Your big mind is always watching you, judging you and updating your identity, based on your actions on a daily basis. When you cut the excuses and work each day at building your energy, your Big Mind takes notice, before anyone else. Your Big Mind suddenly says, “Yes! You are a Master!” And each day something new, something magical happens – each day the dream keeps getting better, clearer and more powerful. Each day the Master develops more and more energy, that protects their ideas from the comets, asteroids and negative influences which try to pull down and destroy their ideas. Each day, the Master’s life energy grows stronger, vitalizing them to work longer, harder and continue developing the relationships and opportunities that move them closer and closer to their dream. Each day the energy the Master develops flows into their dream, and their dream becomes more magical, more purposeful, more likely to manifest. The Master, believes in the process, and lives for the journey, each day knowing that they’re getting better and better in every way, travelling faster and faster towards their dreams. Ultimately, the master passes many destinations, that initially they would have been over-joyed to have reached. They travel farther to new universes, new galaxies, new realities that initially they could have never dreamt of.

So do you want to be a Master who takes powerful action every day, or are you the type of person, who sits on their ideas, and who inevitably will come to blame the world for all your great ideas that were left unfulfilled Choose to be a Master. Mastery is available to us all, why not shoot for the stars? Worst case you miss, but you’re still way higher off. Don’t live your life in regret, and let your brightest ideas and these opportunities pass you by:

The Simple Recipe of Success:

The recipe is very simple. All you need to execute your dreams are two things:

  1. Create your Dream
  2. Develop the Life Energy which creates Power & Magnetism to turn your dream into Reality.

Now the question for you is: What is your dream? What is your dream, that gives you that purpose, determination and inspiration to activate your highest abilities? 

If no answers come to you, that’s fine. Your imagination and creativity may have been dulled by the world, which is why I’m giving you the strategies in my books, on this blog, and through all my programs, to turn your creative, imaginative abilities back online. As I said, your dream is a moving target. It will keep getting better and better along your journey. But right now, close your eyes and think about what your dream truly is. Discover that dream that has been lying inside of you your entire life. That dream that completely JUICES you. That get’s you saying “YES” I want that. Perhaps it was a dream you once held in your mind as a child.

I’ve done the work and presented, and will continue to present, many pathways to developing your life energy. All you need to do right now is begin to discover your dream, and then the energy you will develop will open up the doors to the pathways to your unique promise land.

So do you want to be a Master?