PREDICTIONS FOR 2017!!! Whats in store for you this year? 

An Insightful and Incredible Evening with a Magical Master and one of my greatest Teachers, Sifu Paul Ng, in which Sifu shared his Predictions for 2017.

Paul Ng is a internationally Renowned Feng Shui Geomancy Master, Teacher, Philosopher, Qigong and Tai Chi Master, Poet, Musician and Composer and so much more. I’ve been lucky to have learned the Science, Philosophy and Art of Qigong and Tai Chi under Sifu Paul for the past four years.

What I love most about Paul Ng is how he takes a systematic scientific approach to explaining, exploring and using Ancient Arts and Science like Feng Shui, Geomancy, Qigong and Tai Chi. Philosophically the same questions and curiosities I’ve always had growing up, Sifu Paul Ng has shared as well. Like Sifu, I’ve always wondered and sought out the magical “code” to unlock the secrets and full abilities of human beings. I share more on Sifu’s History below.
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2017 is Year of the “Fire Rooster”, “Water Tiger” and “Metal Rooster” day “Metal Rat” hour.

This Year Favours elements of “Metal, Water, Wood” but not “Fire, Earth”. Hence Precious Metals will appreciate, and favourable businesses tend to be mobility sector.

There will be lots of mobility and changes. Water Problems but also Breakthroughs in Water Technologies. Record year for travel.

INTERESTINGLY: THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE NUMBER “1” – NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW CHANGES. There will be new beginnings for you Professionally and Personally – be open, decisive, capitalize!

  • The World will experience much Setbacks, Arguments, Controversies this year
  • Theme for this year: “Most things start with difficulties before they turn easier.”
  • Business – mental – gold copper and precious metals will appreciate. Demand for metals will increase.
  • Wood – Chinese Medicine will boom (Qigong Tai Chi TCM 😉 😉 😉 )
  • Earth – New innovations and controversies in Western Medicine. Controversies about the side effects of drugs, medications and marijuana. Overall for Medical many new discoveries and breakthroughs, but also controversies and lawsuits.
  • Real Estate – cities like Toronto New York Boston in the North will continue to appreciate. Compared to New York, Sydney and other major cities Toronto Real Estate remains much cheaper and will continue to rise.
  • Energy – Oil and Gas will remain low.
  • Electronics & Technology – Cut-Throat Competition, best get better, worst get worse.
  • Automobile sales will climb
  • Banking – stable, cost cutting by cutting staff


  • Toronto is the Joy and Money Centre of Canada.
    Scarborough and East, Pickering, Oshawa will have surprising increases in value.
  • Maple Kleinberg King City are all the Real Estate Centers.
  • Markham – The Planning and Learning Centre. YES! Thats where The Game Changer HEADQUARTERS is – always learning & optimizing!
  • GTA – real estate will remain strong Richmond Hill Aurora Newmarket continuing to increase in value.
  • Money and Stocks should go up. Economies will do better.



ROOSTER– Money and Deals should do well for you. Plenty of Romance. Education, Business Training, Healing is Super for you.

DOG – Guess who the most FAMOUS Dog on the planet is? He’s a “HOT DOG”! TRUMP!!!!
Dogs will have lots of Controversies. If you’re a lawyer or a judge you’ll do marvellous!

PIG – number one travel sign – successful mobility, more travel more money!

RAT – “Break” Year for you. Strong Learning Sign. Be careful with people relations.

OX – #3 best sign. Increased Opportunities and Promotions. Potential Problems with Bowels watch what you eat.

TIGER – Power, Management, Authority. Be careful may be accident prone. Surgeon, Butcher you will do well.

RABBIT– opposite to rooster. Don’t gamble, speculate, don’t think about marriage. Be Mobile, Travel is good.

DRAGON – Plenty of Luck and Help! This is a year for you to move ahead.

SNAKE – Powerful Year for you for opportunities and money. However independence is key.

HORSE – controversies and conflicts. Plenty of romance to counteract negativity.

SHEEP – TRAVEL. More Mobile, More Money.

MONKEY – improved income, though illness sign. Promotions in Business.



Most Romantic – Horse.

Promotions: Monkey and Tigers

2018 – YEAR OF FIRE!!!! Very Exciting New Possibilities. Hmmm Maybe 2018 is when Learning, Education and Fire takes over – I’m a Fire Guy!
For more detailed information on your 2017 predictions contact Sifu Paul Ng at 647 688 2216

SIFU Paul Ng – The Story of A Magical Master

Sifu was born in the 1940s and was always interested in finding out the meaning of life and the universe. “I think that humans have a lot of secrets. There has to be a code – a the code must be hidden somewhere” – says Sifu Paul.

Why are some people rich and some people poor? Why do some people live such a short life and why do some people live a longer life? Were all questions he had. For me the questions have always been, How Healthy can we be? How can we Extend our Human Capabilities? What are the Magic Codes to unleashing Super-Human Health, Brainpower and Abilities?

Now according to Paul, when it comes to Feng Shui, part of this code is buried in our birthdate, time and place of birth.

Paul attended the University of Ottawa for electrical engineering in 1968, and in 1969 he transferred to university of Waterloo’s computer science program which he graduated in 1972. Later that year he completed an MBA at University of Toronto.

From a young age, Paul was very intuitive and made predictions that came true, and on several occasions looked at someone and predicted the exact day they would pass away. On one occasion Paul went into a co-worker’s house and noticed that something wasn’t quite right. He took a look at the bedroom and noticed that the bed was placed in a way that would lead to the marriage dissolving. Coincidentally, his co-worker said that her husband had left her one week prior.

In 1993, Paul ran for Member of Parliament and discovered that his satisfaction and happiness are among the people. While he didn’t win the election, it was like a flip and everything changed. At the time Paul was an IT director at a large corporation and without a second thought he resigned and became a full time geomancer.

Feng Shui is full of Math. According to Paul, “…teachers only teach you the basics; whether or not you can do it is up to you.” Paul not only is very intuitive his background in computer science and systems thinking helps him tremendously.

What I love most about Paul is that he thinks like a Computer Scientist “If A … then B …” Not only having the knowledge and experience but SEEING THINGS TO THEIR FULL END RESULT. In the same way, I love changing the inputs, whether it be practicing Qigong, Energy, Brain-Hacking and exploring the full extent of how the results change.

As Paul says, Feng Shui requires three things: 1. Reading 2. Gaining Experience 3. Following through on Experience. The FOLLOWING THROUGH ON EXPERIENCE, and exploring the extents of your knowledge, and abilities is precisely what I LOVE TO DO, and where most people fall short. In learning Qigong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui or any discipline, you will read, gain experience under a master and then it is up to you TO EXPLORE AND FOLLOW THROUGH ON THAT EXPERIENCE!!!

Paul views Feng Shui as a way to untangle the mysteries of life and the universe. Clearly he is onto something: Ng is the leading Feng Shui master in North America, with clients spanning 66 countries and all walks of life.

In 1974, paul was diagnosed with bone cancer. Ng returned to Hong Kong towers later and sought out qigong masters from the Shaolin Temple, and was accepted as a disciple under the Shaolin Temple, and surprised his teachers with his perpetual need to figure things out.

“Its like a puzzle: a lot of the pieces are already there … once you talk about it, I can” – Ng said. Paul has practiced Qigong for 37 years now and Tai Chi for 47 years.

Sifu Paul Ng teaches both Qigong and Tai Chi, and has accepted a limited number of disciples who learn the secrets passed down from generations of Shaolin Temple Masters.
Ng’s public classes are held at First Markham Place once a week Sunday morning at 9am. He teaches Yang-Style tai chi while practicing Chen-Style himself. Yang-style tai chi is incredible for health, longevity, vibrance and internal power.

In addition, Sifu Paul teaches Qigong friday nights at 9am at his home in Richmond Hill.

Paul is always on the go travelling from country to country, and is chief geomancer to many different corporations.

I am so grateful to have learned from a Master who, like me, is a system’s thinker and is always trying to Connect the Dots and discover more about the “MAGIC CODE” that allows us to tap into more of ourselves and more of life.

“No one person has just one side to himself or herself, and discovering the hidden sides of himself has brought another dimension to Paul’s life.”

You need to be decisive. Catch the Moment.” – Paul Ng

To Contact Sifu Paul Ng directly and Learn More Call:
647 868 8332

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The Next-Level of Brain & Body Optimization

Hello Game Changers,

In 2017 I have plans of going to Shaolin to train, compete and immerse myself in the culture. I’ve learned from several Shaolin Masters and Monks and in addition to over a decade of Strength, Fitness and Conditioning Coaching, I’m now combining the best of all disciplines to transform my Brain, my Body and my Performance – and plan to do the same for you if you want to be the best Super-Human you can be.

Here’s 5 minutes from yesterday’s 4 hours of training. This is 2 hours in. The Qi took over completely at the 1 hour mark. I do hundreds of each fundamental moves.
0 – 1:20 – Fundamental Kicks and Punches
1:20 – Shaolin Qigong, Punches, & Chen Style Tai Chi
4:00 – Stretching

“I fear not the man who has practice 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practice one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

There’s something magical about Shaolin Qigong and the Ancient Martial Arts. They activate such incredible energy and power and through practice transform your mind, body and consciousness. The Super-Human powers and abilities you develop through practice is beyond description – you become a different, better person. Confident, Courageous, Joyful & Fearless.

I intend on going to Shaolin and training with the monks to truly test myself and immerse myself in the culture medicine and practice. If you think you’re up for the challenge I welcome you to train with me for the next 6 months.

For the next 6 months I will be training at an even higher level of intensity, pushing the limits of my speed, strength, endurance, pain threshold, you name it… but this isn’t anything new :). And I got to do it in like 1/3 of the time a monk would have to practice … Cuz during the day I optimize people’s brains.

As you’ll see I’m working on mastering front side kicks, and a few fundamental punches. Keep things simple and deadly fast.

Also in the new year I will begin training a small group of individuals integrating Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Strength & Fitness Training for complete Game Changer Physical Transformation.



Contact me directly at if you want to apply to be one of a few Game Changers who I will train full out with!

Also, if you’re into Tai Chi, Qigong, longevity and optimizing your health I will be doing workshops and trainings across the globe.


Chris “Beast-Lee” Wyllie 


I’m getting ready to film the sizzle reel for The SUPERMAN and SUPERWOMAN Programs next week! You’ll see my Shaolin Qigong & Tai Chi, both martial arts and healing practices, in action. I’ll also be showing my Strength Training and Workouts. These programs are for you if you’re seeking to take your brain, body, health and performance TO THE MAX!!! Absolutely Next-Level. GAME CHANGING.

Unlike any other programs on the planet that I’m aware of, I’ll be combining Ancient Qigong, Tai Chi & Traditional Chinese Medicine (actually even better, ancient zen medicine) for both healing, health & performance with cutting edge Neuroscience, Neurotechnologies, Brain Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Brainpower Nutrition and much more to SuperCharge your Brainpower, Focus, Health & Performance. It’s Back to the Future – blending the ancient old with the brand new, to build a new Super-Human You. I may have just found the Delorean ladies and gentlemen!

“There’s not a magical pill, but rather a magical process that unleashes the magic within” 

– The Brainpower Breakthrough

Just finished one of my favourite full-body workouts, which is amazingly simple, amazingly effective, and designed to produce the maximal hormonal response for Fat-Burning, and Lean Body Recomposition. Simple, Efficient, Elegant. Maximum Results. Thats what it’s about.

The workout entails rotating back and forth between full-body “back” exercises and full body “chest” exercises. The sequence is a “Pull” exercise then a “Push” Exercise, a pull then a push, ensuring you’re working and activating all your muscles in a balanced way.

Note: You should always do a back exercise before pumping the bench press for instance, to activate the back muscles to stabilize and support your chest movements. Its mighty easy to tear and destroy your shoulders, without preparing the back muscles such as the rotator cuff. Remember this: The shoulders are GOLD, and Waist, Iron. Gold is much rarer, and so if you destroy your shoulder’s its much harder to regenerate (though still much faster with Qigong – I know I healed both my shoulders which I wrecked pitching & playing baseball). However, point is that it’s much easier to fix and find your Abs, and melt fat off your body than it is to repair your shoulder.

Here’s the basic WORKOUT: warm up (reverse pull ups), rows and bench with no weight (engaging muscles and motor pattern), then lift 10-15 reps of 25% weight you’ll be lifting. Warm Ups should be performing the exact motor pattern of the exercises you’re going to do. If you’re lifting squats, warm ups should be squatting etc. “Stretching” is performed once the joints are lubricated and energy meridians are open, aka after weight lifting. You don’t want to lengthen a muscle, which you then want to contract (lift weight).

Simple GAME CHANGER Workout: 

  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows Style 1,
  • 5 sets of Bench Press
  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows with bar vertical Style 2.
  • 5 sets of dumbbell press

        bent over row 2         bent over row

And that’s it! Build up to the weight that you can do 6-8 reps with no assistance and no momentum lifting!

TEMPO: 3-5 secs on decline, EXPLODE on contraction. This will increase your strength, maximize muscle growth and train your nervous system.

FORM: Believe it or not, full body exercises, like squats and rows are the best way to build a super-strong core and ripped abs. For form, before ever lifting any heavy weights makes sure:

  1. Core is Engaged. Flex your Core.
  2. Lower Back Straight, make sure your pelvis isn’t tilting forward
  3. Shoulders Back
  4. Legs Bent, feet rooted into the ground.
  5. Back angled forward, the more you lean forward (ideally around 45 degree angle from horizontal plane), the more you’ll engage your back muscles.
  6. Contract and pull weight right into the waist and contract (squeeze), all back muscles to the max at the top and hold for a moment before letting the weight down.
  7. BREATHING – breathe in on the eccentric, letting weight down, breathe out on the concentric, bringing the weight up. See breathing method below.

Here are some Next-Level GAME CHANGER WORKOUT STRATEGIES: (this is exactly what I do in my workouts 🙂 ).

This is where science meets spirituality. Enlightenment meets raw physical power.

  1. How to BREATHE: When I workout I do the Qigong Lung breathing … making an “xi” sound with teeth touching, and contracting my lungs and diaphragm (called reverse breathing in qigong). Simultaneously while lifting weight, when contracting, I use my mind to send the energy rising up my spine to my brain … Right to my third eye …With practice you will feel the energy rise up your spine and encircle your third eye and feel it open up. When it does the endorphins and energy will pour out like a shower head and you’ll feel euphoric. A super-human state indeed. Here’s an older video that shows the Lung Breathing. See minute 7:30.
  2. Second Game Changer Strategy – SUPER-STATE, Neuro-Association. Before each set place your awareness on your third eye and feel the activation, at the same time repeat the mantra “I am a warrior”.

To build this state, the next time you are in a powerful physical state, perhaps while lifting weight, anchor that state with the mantra and place your focused awareness on your third eye. Once this state is anchored, anytime you repeat the mantra or even place your awareness on your third eye, you’ll be transformed into that same SUPER-STATE. Neurologically, neurochemically, and energetically you’ll be propelled right back to that same state.

This is just a taste of the next level physical, neurological and energetic strategies that I teach individuals to Build, and Access Super States of Performance at Will.

Of course with every workout I bring the qigong into it, and that makes it not only fun but so much more powerful … Quickly you can transform into any superhero you desire. Today I was Super-Man, yesterday during my Sprinting, Qigong & Tai Chi Martial Arts, I was FLASH Gordon.

The SuperMan & SuperWoman Programs are designed and individually tailored to three groups:

  1. Elite Executives and Entrenpreneurs seeking to become Absolute Powerhouses mentally, physically and professionally.
  2. Pro-Level Athletes and those aiming to rise to that level (young adults). Parents you want to get your kids in the pros?
  3. Health Enthusiasts seeking to get fit, happy, healthy, regenerate and optimize their health, happiness and life. And be prepared to get in the game!

To learn more about the SuperMan and SuperWoman Program …

Ohhh yea you can bet I’m writing two books one for men and one for women titled SuperMan and Superwoman … Fill out the

Application at The Game Changer

Website –

Before you do email me directly at

By applying for the Super-Man Program before August 31st, 2016 you will be eligible for both Bonus Services, and Early Bird Pricing.

SUPER-BRAIN. The First Step to Optimizing Your Brain.

Have you been battling mental, emotional, and neurological problems, such as Anxiety, Depression, a Mood Disorder, Memory, Focus, Executive Function issues or more extreme brain degeneration like Concussion, Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Chemo-Brain? Is your Brain Foggy, Slow & Sluggish??? If so you’ve probably spent tons of time, effort and money searching for answers as to what the underlying causes are in the brain. You may even be thinking, “Geezzzz, wouldn’t someone tell me what the heck is actually going on in my brain for goodness sake???” If you knew what was going on in your brain it would be a whole lot easier to change it, right???  Right now you may feel like you’ve tried “everything”, but yet you’re still stuck. Of course you haven’t tried everything, there is always something better, especially when you change the game, and upgrade your approach.

If you’re like most you may have gotten, some or no benefit, from conventional approaches, perhaps a particular diet, or nutrition program has helped some, but still you’re hungry for much much more – far more powerful, lasting results. You may now be at the stage where, “Enough is Enough!!!” and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to Transform your Brain and Health.” If so, congratulations!!! You have one incredibly exciting journey ahead! Transforming your brain will open up a world of new possibilities for your mind, your health, your life.

But what is the first step to optimizing your brain? What is THE ONE MOST CRITICAL FACTOR to most effectively re-wiring your brain and, in the broader scheme of things, what is the most critical factor to becoming a Super-Learner & taking yourself to the next level in your discipline, sport or business? 

Science is always moving to new and better ways of understanding the world, and thus so should you be moving to new and better ways of protecting & optimizing your brain. Remember inventors like Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he found that right combination that turned on the lights!!! Turn on the lights in your brain! YES!!! Everything you’ve tried up until now, the time, the effort, the money, the failures and things that have worked and those that haven’t, have simply been FEEDBACK, feedback that has led you to this moment to discover and do something new, something better, something more systematic and complete to fundamentally re-wire your brain. Total Brain Transformation, that is what The Game Changer Brain & Beyond Neuroplasticity is designed to do. That is what I’m about, Total Transformation. But what’s the first step to changing your brain?

 The first step, the first key to unlocking and unleashing your brain is FEEDBACK. What’s actually going on in your brain??? You’ve got to find out what’s actually going on in your brain. How can you know unless your look? It’s time to stop guessing, and relying on what people believe, thats a dangerous game that costs money, time, your health & your life. The Solution is simple. See for yourself what the evidence shows is going on in your Brain. Get a picture of your Brain and go from there. Advances in technology now allow you to find out what’s actually going on in your brain – not for $10,000+ as typically charged in the U.S. but for only a few hundred dollars. A few hundred dollars for a complete, clear picture of your Brain. A picture says a thousand words right? Stop guessing and start guiding yourself to results by Mapping your Brain. 

Feedback is the key to success, to rapid results, to finding what will work best for you. Feedback on how your brain is really functioning and your brain’s state of health is critical. You see, your brain is involved in everything you do, your nervous system’s functioning and state of health, radically alters your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours. Feelings don’t just come from no where, they are mediated by your enteric nervous system, which connect hollow and solid organs and are linked to your neocortex and thus your mind. When your brain is imbalanced, your mind and behaviour is imbalanced. You feel off”, “You’re off your Game”, “Off balance and stressed”. What people describe is literally happening in their brain. Listen to yourself. Do you find yourself saying, “I wish I had more time?”  If so, timing is off in your brain and your brain is running slow – it’s lagging“Things are a mess right now, I’m overwhelmed?” If so, then things are a mess in your brain, and the chaos, disorder, de-coherence and imbalances may have brought you to a place of stress and overwhelm.

Quite simply, when your brain is slow, sluggish, tired, rigid, your mind and body are slow, sluggish, and rigid, and STRESS accumulates big time. Eventually you’ll break-down unless you change your brain. Also, when your Brain loses its JUICE you lose your enthusiasm, mood and motivation. “Feeling Dull? Does the world seem dim?” If so, the voltage and electricity in your brain is dimmed and reduced. TURN UP THE LIGHTS IN YOUR BRAIN & LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE!!! 

In our society we are so quickly labeled and diagnosed with particular conditions at the slightest opportunity. Not only that, we are constantly attaching labels onto ourselves. However the Truth is, how can you truly know what’s going on in your brain unless you look??? You get up every morning and check yourself out in the mirror – fix your hair, do your make up etc. However, you can’t just look in a mirror and check out your brain to see how its doing. You need to get an image of your brain to see what it’s doing, see what’s actually going on between those two ears, not what someone just “tells” you. You need clear, visible, quantifiable evidence of where and what the problems may be in your brain, and thus know what to do to fix them. Seems to make sense right?

So, would you like to finally see a conclusive picture of what’s actually going on in your brain? 

“Measuring and Quantifying the Brain is the key to Optimizing the brain.”

This is True for both:

1. Peak Performance – Maximize Learning Abilities, Memory, Cognitive & Athletic Performance, Speaking, Creativity & Innovation.

2. Transforming Neurological Conditions & Learning Disorders

Here is a video in which i use QEEG Brain Mapping to show the changes in my brain function over the course of executing my own personal Neuroplasticity Brain Optimization Game Plan, which included Neurofeedback, Neuroplasticity Brain Training Exercises, Qigong/Tai Chi, Brainpower Nutrition and some other brain-enhancing modalities.

Each person’s brain is unique, and so the approach to balancing and optimizing the brain is unique for each person. Quantification and Tracking Results, getting FEEDBACK, is the key to see if what you are doing is working – everything should be Results Driven. When you start Focusing on Results, and start doing more and more of what works, and stop doing what doesn’t, you start accelerating to success, FAST. 

Jumping into Drugs, Nutraceuticals, and Interventions before knowing where your Brain is at, is like trying to drive your car across the country, without having any idea of where you’re starting from. Having no idea of where you’re at how do you know which direction to drive? Do you drive East or do you drive West to get to the same destination?

We all want to get to the same destination – Energized, Focused, Balanced Peak Cognition – so that all our talents and abilities flow. However, the path that you need to drive to get there is completely dependent on where you’re starting from! You need to see where you’re brain is starting from. This is why you must get an image of your Brain, such as a QEEG Brain Map.

Did you know that there are up to 6 different types of ADD/ADHD patterns in the brain if not more? Did you know that each form of ADD/ADHD, has different brain-wave patterns, different levels of brain voltage and different connectivity issues between brain regions? 

You may have a low voltage brain, a Blue Brain, as seen on a QEEG Brain Map, which is completely different than a Hyper-Active Brain with Hyper-Connectivity between some brain regions and disconnection between others – but both would be diagnosed as ADD. But obviously since the brain imbalances are completely different, the approaches should be different. A “one-size fits all” is harmful and doesn’t work, considering how diverse the brain’s are of individuals with the same conditions really are.

Why is Autism called a Spectrum disorder? Because the altered neurological development varies across an entire diverse spectrum, all depending on the different mix of factors that have altered the brain, which affect each individual brain in a unique way.

Not only is Brain Mapping and Brain Imaging critical to healing and re-wiring the brain, Quantification and Measurement is critical to Optimization & Peak Performance in sports, in school, in business.

Many Brilliant kids and students in education are blocked and prevented from fully expressing their abilities due to little bottlenecks in their brain. You can be the most brilliant person in the world, but if in high-stress situations your Brain locks up & Anxiety networks run wild all your higher cognitive abilities will be high-jacked. I know, it happened to me my entire life !!! Many of my clients are high school students, who are absolute geniuses, but suffer from the same things I did – Anxiety, Tension and Panic – all of which severely hold them back, limit full expression of their cognitive & intellectual abilities. This is especially true of brilliant kids on the Spectrum. I work with kids who are remarkably talented in math, science and have incredible abilities to learn, but in social situations, such as interacting with other children, and high pressure situations, big tests, they completely freeze up.

On QEEG Brain Maps, we can see which specific networks of the brain, such as the anxiety networks, negativity and fear centres, are over-activated. And so we can train, and re-wire the brain, specifically those networks, to move from frozen in fear, to completely LETTING GO and LETTING FLOW, anxiety vaporize, creativity optimized. Knowing the precise hiccups in a person’s brain allows for far greater precision and faster results with brain training. The brain map facilities much greater precision in terms of the Mind Mastery techniques like Mental Qigong Practices, NLP, Hypnosis, Super-Learning Strategies and other Neuroplasticity Exercises and the Entire Brain & Beyond Neuroplasticity Protocol that is recommended for a client.

Thinking of Peak Performance in Sports and Athletics, what’s the difference between a talented Athlete and an Olympic Athlete? The Brain is the difference that makes the difference. How fast can your neurology fire? how electric is your energy? How fast can you activate your body and move at lightening speed? How silent, still & thus thunderously powerful is your mind? How powerful is your ability to visualize, see, and create neurological patterns in your brain that re-wire and enhance performance? Differences in these Neurological Abilities are The Difference that makes THE DIFFERENCE. Your Brain is THE GAME CHANGER.  

All the magical abilities, such as SUPER-PERFORMANCE STATES, time distortion, pain control, resilience and relentless persistence are all mediated and controlled by your Brain.

Seeing where your Brain is at, and then most effectively and efficiently optimizing your neurology is the key to going from good to great, great to legendary, student to master, smart to genius, Juniors to the Pros, million dollar business to one-hundred million dollar business, you name it!!! Bottom Line, your Brain is your Number one Resource to taking your Career and your Life to the Next Level. It’s time that you check in to see how your brain is actually doing, don’t you agree?



Quantify & Image your Brain Now. The Brain Mapping provides a complete picture of your brain like a map of the world, revealing the functioning of each individual brain region across the entire frequency spectrum. The Brain Mapping also reveals the functioning of deeper brain networks, like memory and emotional networks, executive function networks, sleep networks, pain and pleasure networks. The Brain Map specifically shows:

  1. The speed of communication between brain regions
  2. How “connected” brain regions are. Ex: Poor connection across executive function networks in the frontal lobes will result in Brain Fog, ADD, In-decision, Procrastination etc.
  3. Your Dominant Frequency – what your brain’s idling speed is. Thus showing predispositions to anxiety, hyper-activity on the one hand, or tendencies towards ADD, brain fog, lethargy, suppressed mood, motivation on the other.
  4. Complete Comparison of your Brain matched up against normative database of people of same, age, sex, and personal characteristics – showing how you compare to the norm.
  5. Identify the functioning of each brain region across the entire spectrum – for example, showing the function of every brain region across BETA – a frequency associated with vigilance, attention and information processing. In cases of ADD and Focus Issues, the frontal lobes actually shut down, are under-active in beta, when a person tries to focus. So, this is why you or your kids may have such difficulty working and learning – the harder you try, the more your brain shuts down and fails you. You need to re-wire your brain and get those frontal lobes working right!!! It starts with the Brain Mapping. Map your Brain. 

Now that you have an idea of what the brain mapping will show and reveal …

Here is the Full Brain Mapping Process.

1. Come in for Full Initial Baseline Brain Map

Notable Details.

A. Ideally no neurologically active drugs should be consumed before-hand unless necessary.

B. Have a small, to moderate breakfast – protein (eggs), fat (coconut oil), and perhaps some berries. Nothing too heavy. Drink lot’s of water beforehand

C. Be prepared for a bad-hair day! A QEEG Cap, with gel will be used to get a good connection on the scalp to measure actual brain activity not your hair! Powder room, brush and hair-dryer is provided for the ladies and gentleman if desired!

2. Full Video & Audio Recorded Analysis, Interpretation of the Entire Brain Mapping Session – clients are provided these full recordings at the conclusion of the session.

3. INTERVENTION – depending on the brain mapping, we’ll do some form of intervention to improve your brain right away, to get immediate feedback to see how your brain responds to specific treatments/protocols which are recommended based on your brain map.

The Intervention may be one or more of:

  1. Neurofield or Neurofeedback Brain Training Session – personally tailored to balancing your brain.
  2. SUPER-BRAIN BEVERAGE – High Octane Brain Fuel consisting of Superfoods, Tonic Herbs, High Octane fats for the Brain.
  3. Specific cocktail of nutraceuticals and supplements for your brain.
  4. Hypnosis, NLP, Mind Mastery Meditation Session with The Game Changer or other Master Brain Trainers.
  5. Set of Qigong / Tai Chi Exercises.

Plus many other endless array of combinations and interventions with the treatments and practices we do at The Game Changer.

4. Post-Baseline Brain Map and Full-Analysis to see how your Brain responds to Intervention/Treatment.

This is the essence science. You have a set of data, the initial brain map, from which you form a hypothesis, having a good grasp on whats going on in your brain, and then design some intervention to immediately test the hypothesis, and see the results that you get.  And so as part of this Complete Brain Optimization Brain Mapping Experience, not only do you get a complete Image & Analysis of your brain, you also get to learn and see how your brain responds to treatment, receiving valuable feedback. You can even bring whatever medications, supplements or nutraceuticals you’ve been taking or have been told to take, and we can test to see whether they are helping or hurting your brain.

As you can see, The Brain Mapping is a major piece of the Game Changer Full NEURO-ASSESSMENT, which altogether provides a panoramic picture of where your brain and health is at right now.

The Brain Mapping allows us to design specific tailored brain training protocols with the Neuro-technologies like the Neurofield and Neurofeedback to balance & optimize your brain. The Brain Mapping also will tell us which Neuroplasticity Exercises will be the best for you, what types of physical exercise and Brainpower Nutrition, Tonic Herbs, Super-foods and Super-Beverages and nutraceuticals which are optimal for you.

Remember, Measuring and Quantifying the Brain is the key to Optimizing the brain.

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The Brain Mapping is a key part of the entire Neuro-Assessment, from which we can design the fastest, most efficient Neuro-Plasticity Brain Optimization Protocol for you.



1. Neuro-Technologies: Specifically tailored protocols with Neuro-technologies that re-wire the brain, including Neurofeedback and more advanced technologies that use PEMF that specifically activate, entrain and form new connections between individual regions to heighten abiltiies like Focus, Executive Function, Memory and get the entire brain balanced.

2. Super-Learning & MIND MASTERY Brain Training – including many different brain training exercises, mind mastery techniques including NLP, Hypnosis and many techniques that use the processes of the mind to re-wire the brain.

3. Shaolin Qigong, Tai Chi, Chen-Style, Yang Style – As a disciple of the Shaolin Temple, I seamlessly weave in the purest Ancient tried-and true strategies and practices to re-wire & re-build the brain, master the mind, and heal the body and specific organs.

4. Brainpower Nutrition, Tonic Herbs, and Individualized Nutritional Game Plans to provide the fundamental raw materials to build the brain, and highest energy foods to elevate and enlighten the mind.

5. Complete MASTERMIND Life-style game-plans which integrate every profound strategy to optimize Health and Performance you can imagine. I design complete Game Plans – basically when, what and how to do certain things to get you the results you want.

Plus many more advanced next-level technologies, strategies, practices and protocols for Profound Total Brain Transformation.


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