Why I’m Crazy for Coconut Oil – The Silky Smooth Smart Food.

Are you looking for sure-fire ways to boost your brain and melt fat off your body?

Are you ready to learn about the super-brain beverages which quantifiably and immediately activate your neurons, increase your brainpower and awaken your highest abilities??? Everything in nutrition boils down to energy.

Can a collective rise in consciousness be initiated simply by collectively putting higher energetic fuel in our body’s? The answer is YES!!!

From helping to rejuvenate and regenerate the brain in cases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Epilepsy, Autism and neurological disorders like ADD, ADHD to supercharging  brainpower, focus, creativity and consciousness, I’m going to show you how to optimally fuel your brain to open the doors to new dimensions of cognition and consciousness.

The foundation of Brainpower Nutrition are healthy fats. If you’ve been tuned into the health industry, you probably already know that the hottest fabulous fat for your brain and body is Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a magical brain-building food that improves health across the board. Coconut oil is literally “JET FUEL” for your Ferrari Brain, raises your metabolism and revs up your fat burning engine, suppresses appetite, increases thermogenesis, lowers blood triglyceride levels and boosts and protects your neurons. The fatty acids in Coconut Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are the favourite fuel of neurons. Not only that, warm creamy, melted coconut oil in your brain-beverages melts the abdominal fat and love handles off your waist. By supplying readily usable jet fuel to cells, coconut oil ignites your fire and fat-burning furnace to burn through both the MCT’s in coconut oil and the visceral fat that may be sticking to your waist like glue. Coconut oil is truly a One-Hit Wonder! 

Not only does research show the power of coconut oil for your brain, instant millisecond to millisecond brain imaging technology reveals how rapidly and effectively Super-Brain Beverages, which contain Superfoods like Coconut Oil and Cacao (raw chocolate), enhance brain function, mood, memory, and cognition. In my practice, I conduct full QEEG Brain Mapping sessions, which measure the electrical activity of every region and network in the brain, and show your brain function like a Map of the world.

As the QEEG Brain Mapping shows, coconut oil is jet fuel for the brain and the brain-enhancing effects of coconut oil can be measured within minutes after consumption. In fact, coconut oil is so powerful when combined with other superfoods that I was able to get a beautiful Italian woman with Alzheimer’s who hadn’t spoken for months, speaking in both Italian and English in just 15 minutes!!! In a recent Brain Mapping session, a family brought the most adorable elderly Italian lady with Alzheimer’s to see me for a Brain Mapping. Here is a video showing a Brain Mapping Session Recording of this lady with Alzheimer’s – SEE minute 15:00 of video for Pre- and Post Brain Map Comparison of her Brain after consuming a Brain Beverage. Coming in, her family was in a major state of panic and fear since this woman hadn’t spoken a word in several weeks. After doing her QEEG Brain Map, and observing that her brain was completely in “lock-down” mode, I gave her a blend of nutraceuticals to raise Dopamine and Acetyl-Choline levels in her brain, in addition to a Super-Brain Beverage, a modified version of Bulletproof Coffee containing Coconut Oil, Organic Ghee, MCT Oil and Organic Coffee. Within minutes of consuming this creamy brain beverage, the lights completely turned on in her brain, and her brain un-locked and lit up. Within moments, this women who hadn’t uttered a word was chatting away in both Italian and English!!! She was in such a state of profound happiness and excitement that she went around hugging everyone and wouldn’t stop grabbing my cheeks and hugging me. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. All because we were able to measure and identify what was wrong with her brain and then design a concoction to balance her neurochemistry.

Coconut oil is not only effective for re-building the brain in neuro-degenerative cases it is also a staple of my nutrition protocols for autistic children. Here is a picture of the cutest Autistic boy in the world, Jesse Bear. Jesse Bear eats lots of coconut oil, on his vegetables, in his smoothies, and on his meats. Coconut Oil is especially important for autistic individuals because they often have rampant systematic gut-immune issues, leaky gut, food sensitivities and problems with Candida. Coconut Oil is a powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial agent that aids in healing the gut.13061992_10156910588360074_2634412162189973325_n-2

Research from the Journal of Neuroscience shows that higher-fat, ketogenic diets, which increase serum ketone levels provide robust protection against a multitude of neurological diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to Autism and ADHD. Ketones, the favourite fuel of neurons, are neuro-protective since they reduce free radical levels in the brain, specifically mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Ketones reduce the excitatory, inflammatory, glutamate-induced free radical formation that is at the root of most neurological diseases by increasing the efficiency of energy production in neurons. So, Coconut Oil and specifically the product of those fatty acids, ketones, are the cleanest-burning JET FUEL for your mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants of your cells.

More than any other organ, your Brain is an energy hog. You have a Ferrari in your head. Your brain constitutes only 2-3% of your body weight, but consumes 25% or more of your body’s total energy consumption. The infant brain consumes a whopping 75% of the energy needs of a child, 300% more than that of an adult. Clearly supplying lot’s of high-octane energy to your brain is extremely important. You wouldn’t put regular fuel in a Ferrari, right??? Likewise your brain requires the highest energetic fuels to have the neuro-flexibility and brainpower you need to perform at your best.

The first thing to shut down when your brain and body are energy-deprived are higher cognitive functions such as decision-making, working memory, planning, focus and attention.  On the flip side, the more energy your brain has, the more better your higher cognitive abilities function. More brain juice, equals better focus, better memory, and better decision-making across the board. Indecision, hesitation, poor focus and “stuckness” are a product of an energy-depleted brain.

In terms of nutrition, everything is an energy game. In essence, all foods are codified energy. At the cellular level, all foods break down to electrons. In fact, the input to your mitochondria, the energy producing power-plants of your cells, is called Electron Chain Transport (ECT). Not fat, carbs or protein transport, Electron Chain Transport. For the physics geeks, the more electrons you supply to your mitochondria, the better quantum tunneling and the more energy produced. The output of mitochondria is water and heat (infrared light). What happens to water when it’s heated??? It shrinks. On flip side, what happens to water when it freezes??? It expands. At a cellular level, when things shrink and get closer together it improves signalling and thus biologic functioning. Anything that improves signalling at a cell level improves health. Signalling and Synchrony are the hallmarks of health and wellness. Synchrony in terms of balanced harmony of left and right brain, and neurochemical balance. There is no better way to activate the full neuro-symphony in your brain than with an alchemy of superfoods which flood your brain with the full cocktail of neurochemicals. See Super-Brain Recipes below.

So what are the most electron dense foods??? Healthy Fats. 

In fact, when people compare fats to carbohydrates, and look at “calories”, they compare fats, 9 calories, versus carbs, 4 calories, and it looks like fats supply just over 2x more energy than carbs. However, when you look at what actually matters and what actually happens at the cell level, you see that fats, in fact, supply over 4X as much energy as carbohydrates. ATP is the fundamental energy currency of the cell, and fatty acids supply 147 ATP via beta oxidation as opposed to 36 ATP produced via glucose metabolism. 147 ATP versus 36 ATP. 147 is bigger and better right??? 

The more energy you supply to cells the better they can work. So not only will more cell energy, improve thinking speed, focus, memory and energy levels, it will also help melt fat off your body and help you lose weight and feel great. 

When it comes to Brainpower Nutrition, the earliest stages of life reveal the secret to optimizing your brain. If you have a son or daughter, I want you to think back and remember the time when they were first born. Your baby was this chubby little thing wasn’t he or she?

Why would nature selectively choose for human babies to be born so fat? 

Are we doomed to a fat death sentence or is there a reason why you and your beautiful baby was born chubby? Of course there’s a reason.

Haven’t you noticed that your baby which was born fat, two years later starts getting thinner and leaner as he or she eventually starts walking and talking? Where did all that Fat Go? All that Fat Fuels Massive Brain Development. 

Science has revealed that ketone bodies, the products of fatty acids are like super fuel for the developing brain. The Brain is 50-70% fat by dry weight, and that subcutaneous fat goes to fuel massive brain development during the first years of life. And the most important implication is that, if we consume those same fats that a baby uses to build its brain, we can build a better brain at any age.

Ketone bodies, which are made from subcutaneous fat, are the brains favourite fuel source during development. Ketones are the primary raw material for building brain lipids, which are vital for optimal brain function as a child develops, and vital for anyone needing to rejuvenate their brain.

How to get those critical brain-building fats into your body??? Here are some Fabulous Fats: Coconut Oil, MCT’s, DHA, and healthy saturated fats like Organic Ghee and Butter.

Fats are the building blocks of myelin sheaths. Myelin is the fatty sheath that insulates nerves and allows nerves to hold a charge, and is thus critical to protect nerves and facilitate proper electrical signalling. Poor myelin, means sparks will fly in your nervous system just as an exposed electrical wire, and so your nervous system won’t signal properly. Optimal myelin is like having a brand new cable for your T.V.


The brain is the ultimate Super-Antenna that receives and transmits energies. When you get into your car, and turn on the radio, the sound just magically appears. And if you turn the dial to a different FM or AM frequency you can tune into a different station with entirely different content, news and information. The exact same process happens in the human brain. And so if you don’t like the channel, the frequency, your brain is tuned and may be locked into, then you’ve got to change the energies you’re exposing and entraining your brain to.

Remember your brain is an antenna just like your radio. Not only that your brain picks up the frequencies and signals from your environment, the Universal WorldWide Web (UWWW), just as a cell phone picks up Wifi signals. The only difference between your brain and a cell phone is that your brain picks up an infinite number of frequencies and energies, way more than a cell phone. Yet, the mechanics are similar. So put higher energetic foods into your body, change your brain, change your channel, and thus change your consciousness.

As a SUPER-ANTENNA, your brain receives and transmits signals throughout the your entire body and to and from the environment. The external signals and energies your brain is exposed to, such as the EMF frequencies in your environment, light frequencies (sun) and food (codified sunlight), what you put into your body, changes your internal signalling. Your brain then transmits all the energy inputs it receives into different energy flows throughout the body, as neurotransmitters, hormones and electrical energies which fuel your consciousness.

Remember, the more biologic stressors you face, the more coconut oil and neuro-protective foods you need to consume. For those who live in cities, your brain is constantly being bombarded by man-made EMF’s and fake lighting which are destructive to nerve sheaths and cell membranes. When nerves can’t receive and transmit signals, the sparks start to fly and the whole system goes caput. Case in point: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy. All my anxiety and panic attacks occurred when I was living in an apartment on the 12 floor in downtown London.

Brainpower Nutrition – Brain-Boosting Recipes using Coconut Oil. 

Here are a few SUPER-BRAIN BEVERAGES, more brain-boosting recipes can be found at The Game Changer Blog, and in my upcoming books, The Brainpower Breakthrough and Mastery Manifesto and specifically in my E-BOOK: Brainpower Nutrition – Coconut Oil – The Silky Smooth Smart Food. 

The Lovin’ Libido Mocha for Happinesses, Hormones, Mood and Memory. Add to and Shrink this Recipe to your desire.


  • 1 – 2 Cups of Pristine Organic, Single Origin Coffee. (Norepinephrine, Dopamine)
  • 1-2 tbsp Raw Chocolate Powder (PEA & Anandamide, Serotonin, Dopamine).
  • 1 Tbsp MCT Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • Opt.1 Tbsp Grass-Fed Butter or Organic Ghee
  • Pinch of Organic Vanilla Power
  • Pinch of Stevia if desired (for a sweetner)


  • 1-2 Cups of Warm Water
  • 1-2 Tbsp Raw Chocolate Powder
  • 1 Tbsp MCT Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • Opt. 1 Tbsp Grass-Fed Butter or Organic Ghee
  • Pinch of Organic Vanilla Power
  • Sweetened with Raw Honey or Organic Stevia.

*For extra Brain & Immune Boosting Powder add in Tonic Herb Medicinal Mushrooms like Cordyceps and Reishi which modulate the brain boosting effects of the Mocha. Coffee is an herb after all!

*All ingredients will soon be available at Brainpower Nutrition on!

For now you can purchase Organic Coffee, Cacao, Ghee, MCT Oil and all the brain-boosting ingredients to make The Lovin’ Libido Mocha Here:


All authors, creators, artists and entrepreneurs confront writer’s block, creativity block or business block, from time to time, and on the other hand, there are some times when you’re writing, you get in a groove and it just pours out of you. During these times, it’s almost like your tapping into the universal being, opening yourself up, and putting your antenna up to receive. The foundation of putting out your antenna to receive and transmit information to access profound altered states is building your neurology. Your nervous system is the antenna. Fact is most drugs, do nothing more than trigger the release of the body’s own endogenous neurochemicals, like Dopamine and LSD. Yes LSD is in your brain already!

Rather than taking drugs, which ultimately down-regulate your brains natural production of neurotransmitters, the question to ask yourself is how can I tap the compound pharmacy in my brain? One of the easiest universal ways to get yourself into a heightened state of awareness and vibration is through Elixir beverages. These beverages, which contain superfoods, like Coconut Oil, increase the ability of your nervous system to receive and transmit information, thereby allowing you “to tune into” new dimensions of energy and information. From memory, learning, and creativity to depression and anxiety, everything is state-dependent. By changing your state of consciousness it changes how you think, perceive, behave and therefore what you can do.

All food is energy. When you supply higher energetic fuel to your brain and body, it raises your energy and vibration, thereby enabling your brain to work in new and better ways.

Your brain is the ultimate planning, targeting machine. The essence of human consciousness is the ability to see, imagine, plan and create. The more you optimize your brain, the more you will begin to leverage the power of your consciousness to see, imagine, plan and create the reality you desire.

From simple science to the deepest spirituality, what you put into your body matters, and now you knowthe health brain-boosting fat which you need to be eating, Coconut Oil. 

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Chris Wyllie, The Game Changer, is The Ultimate Brain & Body Transformation Specialist. Chris is a NEUROPLASTICIAN, LICENSED MASTER PRACTITIONER & TRAINER OF Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotist, AUTHOR, SPEAKER

In his E-BOOK, BRAINPOWER NUTRITON – COCONUT OIL – THE SILKY SMOOTH SMART FOOD  Chris dives deep in the brain, health and longevity enhancing science of coconut oil and how Superfoods can expand your consciousness.


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1. Neuroscience. 2007 Mar 2; 145(1): 256–264.

Published online 2007 Jan 18. doi:  10.1016/j.neuroscience.2006.11.065


I’m getting ready to film the sizzle reel for The SUPERMAN and SUPERWOMAN Programs next week! You’ll see my Shaolin Qigong & Tai Chi, both martial arts and healing practices, in action. I’ll also be showing my Strength Training and Workouts. These programs are for you if you’re seeking to take your brain, body, health and performance TO THE MAX!!! Absolutely Next-Level. GAME CHANGING.

Unlike any other programs on the planet that I’m aware of, I’ll be combining Ancient Qigong, Tai Chi & Traditional Chinese Medicine (actually even better, ancient zen medicine) for both healing, health & performance with cutting edge Neuroscience, Neurotechnologies, Brain Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Brainpower Nutrition and much more to SuperCharge your Brainpower, Focus, Health & Performance. It’s Back to the Future – blending the ancient old with the brand new, to build a new Super-Human You. I may have just found the Delorean ladies and gentlemen!

“There’s not a magical pill, but rather a magical process that unleashes the magic within” 

– The Brainpower Breakthrough

Just finished one of my favourite full-body workouts, which is amazingly simple, amazingly effective, and designed to produce the maximal hormonal response for Fat-Burning, and Lean Body Recomposition. Simple, Efficient, Elegant. Maximum Results. Thats what it’s about.

The workout entails rotating back and forth between full-body “back” exercises and full body “chest” exercises. The sequence is a “Pull” exercise then a “Push” Exercise, a pull then a push, ensuring you’re working and activating all your muscles in a balanced way.

Note: You should always do a back exercise before pumping the bench press for instance, to activate the back muscles to stabilize and support your chest movements. Its mighty easy to tear and destroy your shoulders, without preparing the back muscles such as the rotator cuff. Remember this: The shoulders are GOLD, and Waist, Iron. Gold is much rarer, and so if you destroy your shoulder’s its much harder to regenerate (though still much faster with Qigong – I know I healed both my shoulders which I wrecked pitching & playing baseball). However, point is that it’s much easier to fix and find your Abs, and melt fat off your body than it is to repair your shoulder.

Here’s the basic WORKOUT: warm up (reverse pull ups), rows and bench with no weight (engaging muscles and motor pattern), then lift 10-15 reps of 25% weight you’ll be lifting. Warm Ups should be performing the exact motor pattern of the exercises you’re going to do. If you’re lifting squats, warm ups should be squatting etc. “Stretching” is performed once the joints are lubricated and energy meridians are open, aka after weight lifting. You don’t want to lengthen a muscle, which you then want to contract (lift weight).

Simple GAME CHANGER Workout: 

  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows Style 1,
  • 5 sets of Bench Press
  • 5 sets of Bent-Over Rows with bar vertical Style 2.
  • 5 sets of dumbbell press

        bent over row 2         bent over row

And that’s it! Build up to the weight that you can do 6-8 reps with no assistance and no momentum lifting!

TEMPO: 3-5 secs on decline, EXPLODE on contraction. This will increase your strength, maximize muscle growth and train your nervous system.

FORM: Believe it or not, full body exercises, like squats and rows are the best way to build a super-strong core and ripped abs. For form, before ever lifting any heavy weights makes sure:

  1. Core is Engaged. Flex your Core.
  2. Lower Back Straight, make sure your pelvis isn’t tilting forward
  3. Shoulders Back
  4. Legs Bent, feet rooted into the ground.
  5. Back angled forward, the more you lean forward (ideally around 45 degree angle from horizontal plane), the more you’ll engage your back muscles.
  6. Contract and pull weight right into the waist and contract (squeeze), all back muscles to the max at the top and hold for a moment before letting the weight down.
  7. BREATHING – breathe in on the eccentric, letting weight down, breathe out on the concentric, bringing the weight up. See breathing method below.

Here are some Next-Level GAME CHANGER WORKOUT STRATEGIES: (this is exactly what I do in my workouts 🙂 ).

This is where science meets spirituality. Enlightenment meets raw physical power.

  1. How to BREATHE: When I workout I do the Qigong Lung breathing … making an “xi” sound with teeth touching, and contracting my lungs and diaphragm (called reverse breathing in qigong). Simultaneously while lifting weight, when contracting, I use my mind to send the energy rising up my spine to my brain … Right to my third eye …With practice you will feel the energy rise up your spine and encircle your third eye and feel it open up. When it does the endorphins and energy will pour out like a shower head and you’ll feel euphoric. A super-human state indeed. Here’s an older video that shows the Lung Breathing. See minute 7:30.
  2. Second Game Changer Strategy – SUPER-STATE, Neuro-Association. Before each set place your awareness on your third eye and feel the activation, at the same time repeat the mantra “I am a warrior”.

To build this state, the next time you are in a powerful physical state, perhaps while lifting weight, anchor that state with the mantra and place your focused awareness on your third eye. Once this state is anchored, anytime you repeat the mantra or even place your awareness on your third eye, you’ll be transformed into that same SUPER-STATE. Neurologically, neurochemically, and energetically you’ll be propelled right back to that same state.

This is just a taste of the next level physical, neurological and energetic strategies that I teach individuals to Build, and Access Super States of Performance at Will.

Of course with every workout I bring the qigong into it, and that makes it not only fun but so much more powerful … Quickly you can transform into any superhero you desire. Today I was Super-Man, yesterday during my Sprinting, Qigong & Tai Chi Martial Arts, I was FLASH Gordon.

The SuperMan & SuperWoman Programs are designed and individually tailored to three groups:

  1. Elite Executives and Entrenpreneurs seeking to become Absolute Powerhouses mentally, physically and professionally.
  2. Pro-Level Athletes and those aiming to rise to that level (young adults). Parents you want to get your kids in the pros?
  3. Health Enthusiasts seeking to get fit, happy, healthy, regenerate and optimize their health, happiness and life. And be prepared to get in the game!

To learn more about the SuperMan and SuperWoman Program …

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HOW TO OVERCOME ADDICTIONS – Drugs, Foods, Behaviours.

In this post, I dive into how addictions work, how to overcome them and how to flood your brain with the neuro-chemicals that take you out of mental, emotional and physical pain and drive you to the happy, healthy TARGET of how you want to look, feel, and behave. Rather than being ruled by addiction, and controlled by circumstance, I teach you how to take charge of your brain to get control of your life. I explain the key principles of addictions as it relates to the brain, and how you can actively run your brain to build new choices, new behaviours and new freedom. From addictions to drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Speed, Ecstasy and Amphetamines like ADD medications to food addictions that make you tired, cranky and fat, to addictive self-sabotaging behaviours, I cover it all!!!

Now, right off the batt, I want to congratulate you for your addictions, phobias, fears, anxieties and worries, they are an accomplishment you know!!! It’s an accomplishment for you to learn and remember to have an addiction and then consistently generate that behaviour. Photographic memory! Now, just imagine if you could re-direct that addiction and brain and memory power to master something else – like exercising, eating healthy foods, writing, creating and innovating in your business, making money or attracting the type of partner you desire. Wouldn’t that be great?

So it’s time to Buckle Up! You’re in for a ride, you’re taking control of your brain in 5 4 3 2 1, here we go … 

First and foremost, we all just want to feel good. In fact we all have the need to feel good and our brain will drive us to different behaviours to fulfill this need. For example, some of you exercise every day to feel good, some spend time with best friends, some take drugs, and some binge eat and stuff yourselves with dynamite foods, which give you a short burst and then a crash that knocks you out and numbs you to the pain. And many of you drink alcohol to move away from the bad feelings and get out of your head, while others smoke smoke smoke smoke. In most cases, you are moving away from what you don’t want, as opposed to accelerating towards what you do want. Your brain is not just a feedback machine, though drugs & fake foods do, in fact, destroy feedback mechanisms in the brain, its a targeting machine. Your brain accelerates towards targets and powers you to plan, think, create and move towards what you aim it at – when it’s working well of course. This isn’t the case for the majority. Do you have a food addiction? Drug Addiction? Substance Abuse Problems? Behavioural Addiction? 

When your brain is in trouble, you’re driven to move away from bad feelings so automatically that you don’t think to consciously aim your brain at a big, bright, juicy target of how you want to look, feel and be. If you don’t aim your brain, how can you expect to get there? As a result, your brain will drive you to behaviours that provide the “quick fix” or “short high” and remove the pain as fast as possible. “Hello, marijuana, Hello Alcohol, Hello Lays Potato Chips, Hello Peanut Butter & Chocolate (you’ve got to see the peanut butter cure below!!!)” 

The worse the underlying neuro-chemical deficiency in the brain, the more you’re compelled to high-return behaviours that give you the quick-fix. The brain will always drive you to self-medicate. And clearly Western Society is desperately searching for the quick-fix right? The “magic drug”, “magic weight-loss food” or the “magic diet approach”, all because people have brains that are chronically depleted and so they can’t Think, Plan, and thus Act intelligently. If you’re reading this blog, clearly you want to be in the driver’s seat of your brain.

When your brain is depleted, and all drugs including Amphetamines, ADD meds, Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, and stimulants like excessive caffeine and sugar deplete the brain, neurochemicals like Dopamine which fuel focus, motivation and thinking, plummet. Quickly with substance use and abuse, the neurochemical well in your brain goes dry. The ReGame Changer Transformationsult: you can’t think clearly. Its a vicious cycle. The more you engage in the addictive behaviours, the more depleted your brain becomes, and the poorer you think. The danger is that as your brain goes, so do your morals & ethics. I know from personal experience, my anxiety, panic and addictions, pushed me to the point where I was doing things I would’ve never done in my life. Thankfully I didn’t get in as deep as my friends, who were medical students and neuroscience PHDs, but I still managed too plough through all my savings and was hospitalized, 30 pounds underweight in third year university!!! Weight loss, nutrient depletion, immune system breakdown, mental, emotional, and moral breakdown, out of control behaviour, these are just some of the nasty things that come with addictions. Taking charge of your brain starts by thinking. Here’s a photo of my before and after photo:

6’2 145lbs to 6’3 200lbs Shaolin Qigong Master (yes Qigong transforms your bones, ligaments, tendons and makes you taller! Just wait until I teach Qigong to NBA basketball teams, did you know Bruce Lee taught kareem abdul jabbar?

Here is a video – The Peanut Butter Cure – in which i dive into the thought processes of food addictions and drug addictions. Also watch Master Brain Boosting, and Brain, Beliefs Brilliance – The Game Changer Philosophy videos on Youtube for insights and connections between Drugs & Decisions.

The key point is that when your brain is depleted, and you feel bad and you’re moving away from things, you make poor decisions. It’s simply not the case that you feel like crap, drink, stuff yourself with food or do drugs, self-hate and then make good decisions. Rather the sequence starts by bathing your neurology with good neurochemicals and good feelings, and then making good decisions. Those are the feelings you want to move into the future with right? 

You know that when you’re tired, in pain, stressed and depressed, the world looks darker, every problem feels heavier and you don’t have that same lightness and brightness of mind, right?. When you feel like crap you don’t THINK & PLAN intelligently, and thus fail to see the full consequences of your actions. For example, in terms of drugs, drug addicts in their mind, make short movies and see themselves taking drugs, getting high, feeling good and then BOOM, they stop at that point, as opposed to seeing the full consequences play out, such as all the time they’re going waste having to get the drugs, and then they’ve got to prepare everything, get high, go through an extended crash, and then do it all over again. Not to mention they’ve got to find a way to get the drugs, find the money, and quickly and progressively they becoming more and more dependent and broken down. If you’re a drug addict this downward spiral can continue until one morning you open your eyes and, “Holy Smokes” you’ve lost everything. Or one day you’re walking down the street and get jumped, hit over the head and it’s lights out, “you’re gone”. Or one day you’re sitting with a beer in your hand, watching television bathing yourself in regret, anger and resentment for all the talent, potential and opportunity you wasted. The reason why people make short, crappy movies in their mind as opposed to long full, all-encompassing movies that are empowering and move themselves to how they want to look, feel and behave, is because their brain is so depleted in neurochemicals like Dopamine, that they don’t have the brainpower to think. There’s no gas in the tank. Nor does the engine have the capacity or handling to get them where they want to go.

Remember, your brain is an energy hog. Your highest human abilities, such as your executive function abilities and decision making are the first things to be sacrificed when your brain is energy depleted. With this in mind, one of my primary goal’s is to teach kids how to boost their brain, and get “the high” naturally in order to feel good, while arming them with better learning and decision-making strategies.

Also, I’m sure you’ve all seen drug addicts, ex-drug abusers and people with addictions, how “jumpy” and “racy” they are, and how they constantly “hop” from one thing to the next. You’ve probably also noticed how people with addictions, especially to drugs, have “shakes”, “tremors” and motor dysfunction, similar to parkinson’s right? Thats because a brain that has been fried by addiction is depleted in the neurotransmitter Dopamine. Dopamine is what “locks” our brain on a particular idea, a particular decision, a particular neural pattern. Depletion in dopamine leads to precarious behaviour, indecision, and motor problems. The precarious behaviour and morals going by the way side, are a product of the brain starving for Dopamine. The addict is literally chemically cut off from their higher self.

What does an ADD brain starving for Dopamine Look Like?  Here are two sample examples. Did you know that there are over 6 different forms of ADD? And many different brain patterns can manifest as ADD.

  1. Left is a classic “Blue Brain”, Low Voltage Energy, Dopamine Deficient Brain.
  2. Right is an inflamed hyperactive brain with ADHD. Generalized Inflammation and Hyper-Activity “Red” Across Frontal Lobe.

11698766_10155857262860074_2612055723919906606_o                      Aziz K EO1

So, the first step to making better decisions is to bathe your brain with the neuro-chemicals it’s starving for. The Process is Simple:

Change your brain juice, change your state, change your thinking, change your feelings, and therefore change your behaviour. See MASTER BRAIN BOOSTING VIDEO, BRAINPOWER NUTRITION VIDEO & BRAIN, BELIEFS, BRILLIANCE – GAME CHANGER PHILOSOPHY VIDEO for how to “soup up” your brain juice! Better yet, watch the Super-Brain Speech called Super-WomanOptimizing Female Brain & Healthy Hormones. While given to a group of women its a speech for women and men.

Raise your Brain Juice!!! Jack up your Brain!!! Watch the videos. Now what more do you need to know? 

What you need to know about your brain: 

  1. Your brain is a learning machine that learns rapidly & works perfectly. Bottom Line, your brain is going to get its fix, its going to find a way to do so. In fact, addictions, phobias, fears, anxieties, are an accomplishment. Its an accomplishment for you to learn and to remember to have an addiction and then consistently generate that behaviour. Now the question is: How can we re-engineer the machinery of your mind, and install new strategies and patterns of function so that your addictive tendencies can be aimed at healthy behaviours like working, creating, exercising and learning. PTSD, fears, anxieties, are proof that your brain has a photographic memory. Fact is, you haven’t even begun to open the vault to your super-memory capabilities. While the brain is a learning machine, it can as easily learn garbage as it can the good stuff. Rather than letting your brain flip flop like a fish you need to direct your memory powers to learn and remember what it is you want, not what you don’t want. What you focus on will get hardwired more and more in the brain. Are you often stuck in your head, thinking and worrying, having conversations, arguments with yourself and with others before they even happen???!!! Seems like a great way to think. NOT. If so, you’re planning to be stressed as opposed to planning for the outcome you really want. With communication, be calm, clear, concise and don’t waste time and fool around, go after what you want and get it! Instead of stressing ask yourself, “how quickly and directly can I get this outcome?”  Change your approach, and you’ll save yourself a whole bunch of time, time to perhaps begin enjoying life!!!
  2. Building New Patterns of Behaviour – There is nothing “wrong” with you, you’ve just learned particular patterns of behaviour. If you don’t like what you’re doing, its time to learn “to do” something else. Your brain makes the best decision it can given the options it sees. Up until this point, smoking Dope, or stuffing your head in with chips, and ice cream at night, may have been the best way for your brain to give you the relaxation you need. Rather than self-hating, thank yourself for how you’ve been able to generate relaxation and comfort you need. Now in order to change things you need to build new choices. You can’t make new choices, unless you have them.



Your behaviours are not a function of “who you are” but rather “what you do”. Behaviours are a product of what your brain does and your dominant energetic, neurological patterns. ADHD, ADD, is not something you “have” its something your brain “does.” Its a process, not a thing. Since its a process, it means you can change it and teach your brain something new. Build new neural patterns of function. It’s just like love, happiness, and “reality” these aren’t things, they are “processes”, which are always changing. Bottom Line – you can take change these processes to change your brain & your behaviour.

How to build new Patterns?  We all know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so all the fragments, energies and pieces of everything you’ve ever experienced remain with you, buried deeply in the unconscious mind and limbic brain. The conscious mind is the flashlight of your awareness right now, and the unconscious mind is the full warehouse of all our experiences, emotions, memories and thinking processes which constantly drive our behaviour. So the key is not erasing memories, as memories are just representations of the mind and are not in fact what actually happened, the key is to build new dominant patterns of function that your brain can operate with, which enable you to see everything in a new light. By building new dominant patterns of function, now the particular stimuli and situations (ex: party with drugs) can trigger new responses as opposed to the old ones.


Consciousness is the primary, organizing, unifying force in the universe. Consciousness is the active process that intervenes between stimulus and response. By acting and thinking consciously, we can change how we respond to triggers. Rather than the sight of others smoking, triggering you to smoke, it can trigger freedom, control and enjoyment. So that the more others smoke, the more you see yourself acting with control, doing what you want and the better you feel, and so the more control you begin to have over your life. You can actively, and consciously re-wire your response to anything. This is what all my work and the power of neuroplasticity is about, from the neurotechnologies and brain training, to NLP/Hypnosis,to Qigong, Tai Chi, and the development of Qi and the Subconscious Mind, everything is designed to give you the hyper-awareness, and hyper-ability to change and direct your brain and behaviour to what you want – this is the essence of freedom.

So when working with clients, I’ll ask them, How would you like to feel and behave in these situations???  Depending on what you want and even if you don’t know, I can train your brain to be relaxed and in a heightened state of excitement when others drink, or heightened state of relaxation with a simple thought in your mind. The smoker is just trying to relax and breathe you know??? Just like installing a new program on a computer, I can design and engineer a new behaviour to get you relaxing and feeling better than ever before. I’ve completely re-engineered my brain and you can to.

Anticipation, imagination, creativity, the ability to hallucinate a reality and then plan the steps to create that reality – these are the distinguishing features of human consciousness. It’s time you step into the drivers seat and run your your brain, and think and plan with intention, rather than having your brain just directed and controlled by however the winds of the situation are blowing.

Rather than “moving away” from bad feelings, direct and aim your brain at what you want.

3. MAKING BETTER DECISIONS – Every Bad Decision Accumulates to Disaster.  Every time you put a cigarette in your mouth you’re making a bad decision. Every time you pop a drug, you’re making a bad decision. Eventually the straw breaks the camel’s back, and disaster hits. We all know that smoking, and taking drugs are bad for you, but what does it take to change?  It’s not until a person hits the threshold that they change, either they’re hospitalized and have no choice but to change to continue living or they realize how idiotic their behaviour is and reach the point of “Never Again” “Enough is Enough” “I’m DONE!!!” and finally focus on getting happy and healthy. So it’s not until you’re completely broken down, or you get a perspective, seeing the full consequences of your actions playing out, thinking ahead to you see what your addiction and behaviours are really going to do to you that you realize how stupid they are, and thus change. When you get fed up or laugh at yourself, you free yourself to change.

The brain is binary and so you need to re-direct your brain to want you want. Train your brain “not this, THIS”. You need to have a big JUICY target that your brain can move towards in place. It’s not enough to just remove something, as your brain will just fill that space with more crap. You need to build in something bigger, brighter, better than you can move towards.

When it comes to smoking and drug addictions, withdrawal symptoms, rather than being a stimulus to take more drugs, are in fact a sign that you are doing things correctly. You’re supposed to feel withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the drug. In fact you can train your brain in such a way that these withdrawal symptoms trigger the big juicy, happy, healthy, future that you have ahead of you. An investment in a little short-term pain will free you for huge long-term gain. For your neurology, titrate down with the drugs systematically, bit by bit.

If coming you’re off of Dopamine Drivers like ADD meds, Cocaine, Speed, or excess caffeine, supply your brain with the foundational raw materials to begin re-constructing those neurochemicals on its own. For example, for coming off ADD medications start supplementing with amino acid tyrosine, start getting lots of AM Sunlight which raises dopamine, start eating a higher fat, seafood DHA-rich Brainpower Nutrition Diet, start exercising and moving more. Movement raises Dopamine.

If you smoke a lot of Marijuana “Dope”, and feel like a slow, Dope, your brain is depleted in neurochemicals like Dopamine and Acetylcholine. These neurochemicals modulate “Brain Speed”. If you’re brain’s slow and dopey, learning, memory and processing information suffers. All stimulants, plough through B Vitamins and require a diet rich in foods such as Egg Yolks and wild salmon, to support and maintain the integrity of neurons. Drugs fry your brain. I know I fried my brain!

Food addictions and addictions to sweets, especially at night can be stimulated by excess glutamate and cortisol. As a result, your brain is seeking to cool, relax and calm down and raise GABA and serotonin. Deficiencies in the neurotransmitters serotonin, GABA and Dopamine can predispose people to food addictions. We all got to stimulate our brain somehow! Find better ways of stimulating your brain. The key to behavioural control is to keep your Brain Juice high, and to have go-to strategies to ramp back up your Brain Juice when it gets depleted. Meditation, exercise, herbs, super-brain beverages, and sunlight all are huge go-to strategies to replenish your Brain Juice.

In any case, you can make the transition as smooth as possible while you titrate down, taking less and less medication. 3-6 weeks and Boom you can have your life back. It’s so worth it!!!

Steps to Overcome Addictions:

Principle # 1: We all need to do feel good.

Ramp up your Brain-Juice, and flood your brain with the neuro-chemicals it is hungering for. Watch Master Brain Boosting Video & Brainpower Nutrition to do so.

Principle #2 – Actively Train your Brain to Form New Dominant Patterns of Functioning: 

Rather than “moving away” from bad feelings, direct and aim your brain at what you want. Your brain is a habit forming machine, and loves whats familiar. All the stimuli, the smells of foods and drugs and situations, the sight of foods and drugs and all the contexts trigger conditioned responses. While the brain will gravitate to what’s familiar, it learns through difference. Consciousness is the difference that makes the difference. Actively use your Consciousness to intervene between stimulus and response. Consciousness is what makes us human, and not just some Pavlovian lab dog, stimulus, response. That said, like a dog, our brain needs to be trained.

Here’s how you can train your brain:

Make movies, play out the consequences of your actions, change your perspective, see what your actions are really going to do to you. Drug addicts don’t plan. The Brain in many ways is a binary machine, and you need to train it “not this, THIS!!!”. Pay attention to your thought processes that precede the addictive behaviours – Do you see a big juicy movie of you eating ice cream, do you hear voices in your head that say “ohhh just have one!!!”, do you have a crappy feeling in your body you want to get rid of??? If so, you can begin to change the pictures, and movies in your mind, slow the voices, allow them to drift off in the distance and replace them with something stronger and perhaps sexier, and begin to re-engineer your mind. Hallucination, Thought Experiments, Seeing & Imagining Realities and then building that reality, these are the highest abilities we have as humans. Did you know that Albert Einstein’s Laboratory was his brain? Yes it’s time to start exploring and pimping out your brain. 

In my work, I completely “soup up” and re-engineer your brain and mind by combining Neuro-technologies with NLP, Hypnosis, Qigong for RAPID CHANGE at SUPER SPEED.

Finally, you all have automated programs, which tell you to do things, like not touch a burning stove, and which automatically generate behaviours like language, walking, running to make things easy and unconscious. As it relates to food, you have many automated programs, and its one thing to say “eat good foods, eat healthy”, but what happens when you pass a fast food joint or a ice cream ship and your brain goes, “mmmmhhhhhmmmm” and all your unconscious processes automatically drive you to eat ice cream??? Clearly you need deep brain change to re-direct these compulsions. So it’s time to automate the behaviours you want and make things easy, because things are easy when you work with, not against the way your brain learns best.

So when that jar of peanut butter calls out “ohhh come eat me, I’ll make you feel good” you unconscious mind says, “Bullshit!!!” and you think of how crappy you’ll feel and automatically move towards the sight, sound and feelings you want, which will pull you to a better decision.

There is no better time than right NOW, to learn to control your own life and happiness, because its not just about overcoming an addiction, a silly food craving or a quirky behaviour, its about imposing your will and at any second changing your ability to make a decision and then sticking to it. Over-time competence builds confidence. Creativity creates Courage.

Competence, Creativity, Confidence & Courage. These are the 4C’s to lighting up your Life.

Change the Game Now.